5 Companies That Excel at Video Marketing

Facebook Newsroom have recently reported that people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. From news corporations to fashion and beauty brands -- social marketers that are harnessing raw, un-staged, accessible video are experiencing more engagement and interaction with Facebook users than ever before.

Here are five brands who have picked up Facebook Live, and are running with it.

1. Harper Collins Publishing.

Harper Collins Publishing was quick to harness the power of video the minute Facebook Live launched, with their immediate offering of a daily Facebook Live program giving their readers direct access to their authors.

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Through real-time video and written questions throughout, authors are able to expand their reach beyond the traditional bookshop signing events. It is such a simple but magical platform that enables authors to film themselves using the Facebook app on their smartphones and receive instant real-time feedback and questions from their readers without simply signing reader’s copies from long book shop queues.

2. Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World has completely embraced Facebook Live. Just recently Steven Spielberg streamed a little synopsis of the upcoming Disney movie "The BFG" from the spinning chair in his office.

Even more recently the touring cast of "Newsies" performed the song "Santa Fe" live from Santa Fe and this was all streamed on Facebook Live. In fact, Disney Interactive Media have established a production team exclusively dedicated to producing broadcast-quality live video and this recent streaming of a musical production on social media has never been done before.

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Disney realized that video marketing is hot and are even paying select partners and celebrities to produce content around Disney, for Facebook Live. They appreciate the power and capability of the platform for the future.

Airbnb’s campaign "Live There," partnered with Disney on "The Jungle Book" and used Facebook Live very well. Airbnb built a tree house on the red carpet for the premier and they used Facebook Live to live stream the tree house interviews from the event.

3. Burberry.

Digital has always been an integral part of the Burberry strategy. They were early adopters of digital back in 2009 with their "The Art of the Trench" campaign (a microsite that ran user-generated content of people wearing Burberry’s signature trench coat) and since then have been among the first luxury brands to dive into social media platforms and developments eagerly jumping on Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram video ads and Twitter buy buttons. For Burberry it means treating customers the same way whether they are online, in-store or on mobile. For customers, it means giving them access to the brand in a completely new and transparent way, unlike ever before in the luxury brand market.

Even back in 2010, Burberry was live streaming, being the first fashion brand to live stream the Spring/Summer 2010 fashion shows, for the first time giving anyone access to the exclusive front row.

4. Dunkin’ Donuts.

The idea of video marketing is to give your brand a personality. One reason why users follow brands on social media is the illusion of transparency. People believe that they are getting to know what your brand really is and what it stands for. Taking viewers behind the scenes is always a great way to bring them in and this is exactly what Dunkin’ Donuts used Facebook Live for.

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They shot a tour of the Dunkin’ Donuts test kitchen and then concluded with the construction of a donut wedding cake all streamed live.

During their first Facebook Live session, they managed to achieve thousands of views, comments and likes in a matter of minutes and within 13 minutes, they had 21,000 viewers. Dunkin’ Donuts realize the stickiness of live video and plan to incorporate it a lot more in their future marketing strategy.

5. Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit Cosmetics have successfully added value to their brand by including Facebook Live on their marketing schedule. They host a series called "Tipsy Tricks" every Thursday at 4:15 p.m. To make things even "looser" and more spontaneous, the presenters sip wine throughout, hence "Tipsy."

To fully include the audience, they ask viewers to let them know which products they would most like them to feature in the video and respond in real time to viewers comments. Not only does this keep the viewers on their toes but it also cleverly indicates to Benefit HQ, which products their consumers are interested in.

Benefit do not waste the comments either. They use digital marketing to the fullest by asking consumers to ‘like’ a comment regarding a particular upcoming feature, if they are interested in said feature being added to the Tipsy Tricks schedule. Simple but genius at the same time!

Including Video Marketing needn’t be expensive, it can literally be done using your smartphone and the Facebook app. There are a few things to consider, though -- such as the lighting, audio and composition but the idea of someone talking to their audience in a relaxed conversation means that you don’t need a huge video marketing budget to be successful in this area. Follow the rules and get creative and the platform is all yours.