Q: What’s the best way to produce an effective press release?

A: Conrad Egusa, founder and CEO of Publicize, a Westport, Conn.-based PR firm that serves primarily tech startups, offers this approach.

Lead with the big story. Don’t just tell the world your news—tout the ramifications and your overall aspirations. When Egusa and a partner opened Espacio, a co-working space and incubator in Medellín, Colombia, he announced that it was part of a bigger mission—to turn the former drug capital into the Silicon Valley of Latin America. It worked. Espacio got coverage from the BBC and Financial Times.

Define your company in terms of the problems it solves. “Describe how your product or service serves the needs of the market in ways that the market doesn’t.”

Use supporting data. When you announce that your new app will serve a big market, be sure to define big. Egusa suggests citing how much the market will be worth in three or five years. “It’s really important to provide data points, because they provide connectivity.”