In the midst of change, I reflect on the power of transitions as launching pads for a better, next phase of life. They can be the kind that are unexpected and get thrown at us (perhaps experiencing a major loss or gaining an opportunity that requires a major move), or the kind we need to force because we need not to settle, but to be stretched (maybe a relationship, habit or job you should have let go a long time ago or an investment you’ve been procrastinating on).

When it comes to big change, humans tend to give too much power to fear, worrying about all the things they are giving up, letting go of the familiar, or contemplating all the “what if's” that can go wrong. Here’s the thing: just as seasons change and we rid dead leaves and branches for new plants to bloom, we must let go of old things to gain new, better things…destruction must occur in order for creation to emerge. And here’s the best part: Transitions can actually be guaranteed opportunities for growth and gain, if we stay 100 percent focused on the positive surplus ahead, instead of what we’re leaving behind.

Here are three steps to maximize the success of your transitions:

1. Define and Feel the Gains.

Write down all the things you can possibly gain with this transition and stay focused on them. Does the opportunity bring new leadership skills, experiences, relationships, financial well-being? Where do you want it to lead? Becoming a better leader or parent, living your passion more? Visualize this reality and what it feels and tastes like…bottle it up and make it your source of power to journey through your new phase. This exercise will not necessarily guarantee your exact vision but it will give you the positive attitude and energy required to guide and optimize your destiny.

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2. Give NO Energy to Negativity.

Achieving greatness requires all your energy and emotions. You cannot afford to invest it in doubt or fear so when the negative “what if's” arise, catch yourself and replace them with positive “what if's” and re-direct your energy towards the actions required to achieve those positives.

3. Trust this Transition is Your Destiny.

Life is not a straight, safe line–we are meant to take many turns, get stuck at traffic lights…we eventually cruise again, but then turns and twists occur again. That is the path of life to our destiny and purpose and we must see the shifting of gears and changes as signs that we are ready for the next level. Our destiny believes we are ready to be stretched out of our comfort zone, but it is up to us to take advantage of and act on them.

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