Are you maximizing the power of collaboration? We talk to a range of entrepreneurs about how to leverage partnerships to spur your vision to greatness -- and what every great partnership must have.

Cassey Ho, founder of Blogilates, says a strategic partner, rather than an outsourced hire, can make or break a business project. For these relationships, passion can be the most powerful ingredient.

Aligned vision is equally important for smaller companies teaming up with corporate giants, says Lev Glazman, co-founder of Fresh. LVMH Group gained a majority stake in the cosmetics brand in 2000. Through this experience, he discovered the importance of a partnership that allows you to maintain brand autonomy,

And these associations should help you stand apart from the pack. Salon entrepreneur Julien Farel describes why he chose to carve his own niche at the U.S. Open with a signature pop-up salon, rather than continue to align himself with fashion shows where he was just one salon among many.

For more tips, watch this short video.

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