2 soldiers reported missing from Fort Bliss since Dec. 19

Two 20-year-old soldiers who were best buddies left an Army base in Texas in a Camaro almost two weeks ago and haven’t been heard from since.

The families of Jake Obad-Mathis and Melvin Jones have tried to contact them without success. Carin Obad told FoxNews.com Sunday that her son’s disappearance from Fort Bliss in El Paso has been a “gut-wrenching” ordeal.

“It’s completely out of character for him,” she said.


Obad-Mathis and Jones were members of the same company at Fort Bliss following their enlistments in 2015. They were last seen on the base on Dec. 19 in a black 2013 Camaro that belonged to Jones.

Obad, 50, said she found out they were missing two days later. A sergeant called her to say her son had been declared AWOL after failing to report for duty on Dec. 19 and the following day.

Obad-Mathis was supposed to spend Christmas with his commanding sergeant, KTSM-TV reported Saturday.

Jones was supposed to attend Friday's Sun Bowl football game in El Paso with his father Duane Jones, the station reported.

“When I got off the plane and looking for him and not having him looking for me, yea that was the hardest,” the father told another station, KVIA-TV.

According to the station's report Friday, Jones said he would speak to his son weekly which is why he’s so worried.

Jones told the station he still texts his son every day.

“Hoping that one time he would reply so I haven't changed my routine, hoping that he would actually reply,” he said.

His son has not been declared AWOL because he had been granted leave for the holidays.

Obad told FoxNews.com that she was angry the Army had not addressed the disappearance of her son and Jones with more urgency.

She said she has been told a soldier has to be AWOL 30 days before a search is conducted.

“It’s been 12 days of not taking any action,” she said.

Obad said she can’t go to the El Paso police because they consider Fort Bliss missing person cases a military matter.