2 men who pleaded guilty to terrorism in Conn. say shoe bomb plotter has motive to lie

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Two British citizens who pleaded guilty in Connecticut to supporting terrorists say a witness against them has an incentive to lie.

Prosecutors want the man to testify at the sentencing of Babar Ahmad (BAH'-bar AH'-mahd) and Syed Talha Ahsan (seye-EED' TAL-huh AH'-sahn). He is expected to say Ahmad sent him to Afghanistan to train for violent jihad and that he was later trained by al-Qaida for a 2001 shoe bomb plot.

Prosecutors want the man to testify from Britain by videotaped deposition, saying he fears arrest in the United States. They say false testimony would violate his cooperation agreement.

But Ahmad and Ahsan say he benefits from that agreement, so he has reason to lie. They say he should testify in person or the government should bring them to the deposition.