2 llamas on the lam lassoed after running amok in Phoenix suburb

Two leery llamas on the lam led police on a high speed chase through the suburbs of Phoenix Thursday, captivating the Internet as they raced through lawns and across roadways before finally being captured.

A white llama and a smaller, black llama were shown darting through the streets of Sun City during the busy lunch hour, stopping cars and golf carts in their tracks and thwarting numerous attempts by Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies to round them up.

It was not immediately clear where they came from but they clearly had no intention of going back as they galloped through manicured yards, golf courses and along street medians and sidewalks.

Numerous attempts were made to thwart their getaway, but bystanders and lassoes initially weren’t enough to stop them from romping at will.

The smaller black llama was eventually lassoed but the larger, white one posed a more difficult challenge.

Eventually, thanks to a pickup truck and three men with lassoes, the white llama finally was taken into custody.