2 bull sharks caught in Potomac River, report says

Two bull sharks, which are considered among the deadliest, were caught Tuesday morning in the lower Potomac River off the coast of Point Lookout State Park.

The Washington Post reports that the commercial fisherman caught the pair in nets and the fish were both over eight feet long.

"He can still snap his jaws, which he was still doing. We saw all those rows of teeth he had that were razor sharp," Greg Dean, one of the fishermen, told the paper. "This is one of the most deadliest creatures on Earth, and we had him just a few inches away from us."

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Bull sharks can tolerate fresh water, the report said.

"It was a good adrenaline rush, I would say," Dean said. "It was a little scary, but then at the same time, it was very exciting. We really just don’t think at that point. We just keep pulling it in and try to see what it was."