$160G worth of cheese stolen in Wisconsin

Someone might be stocking up for the Super Bowl.

Wisconsin police said a semi-trailer packed with $70,000 worth of cheese product was stolen early Friday morning, less than a week after a similar cheese theft.

The Germantown Police Department said on its Facebook page that the trailer was found about 10 hours after it disappeared – but the cheese was gone.

“We have recovered the trailer, minus the cheese,” Lt. Todd Grenier told WTMJ. “This was not a one- or two-person job.”

A week earlier, another cheese heist occurred less than 200 miles away.

“Approximately $90,000 worth of parmesan cheese was missing from a logistics or storage facility here in Marshfield,” Marshfield Police Lt. Darren Larson told CBS58.

Unless the thieves eat it, however, it appears the $160,000 worth of cheese is likely to go to waste.

The cheese was sealed inside the truck, and when the bandits opened the truck, they broke the seal, rendering the cheese unlawful for sale, according to federal law, CBS58 reported.