$13G in taxpayer dollars spent on sign telling drivers to avoid rear-ending cars

“Don’t hit the car in front of you.”

That’s a rule of the road to live by, and apparently knowledge that’s worth $13,000 of your taxpayer dollars.

The message has been displayed on an electronic billboard outside Washington, D.C., for about two months, according to The Blaze, and the Arlington County Police department defended the cost of the purchase on Friday.

“Almost 100 percent of the accidents at this location are rear-end collisions,” Lt. David Green Jr. said, adding that the billboard’s message can be changed for other purposes.

Paul-Martin Foss, an area resident, said the sign is a distraction.

“Money is being spent on patronizing signs that state the obvious and cause the distracted driving they’re ostensibly intended to prevent,” he told The Blaze.

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