For most, the depths of the ocean are shrouded in mystery.

Few often venture below the surface of the deep blue sea, and even fewer have explored its far-reaching corners.
Slideshow: 11 Totally Unique Underwater Adventures Around the World

Heck, according to the National Ocean Service, in all of the research and exploration scientists have accomplished up to this point, still we’ve covered less than five percent of the entire ocean.

In other words, to say there’s lots more exploring and discovering to be done is an enormous understatement.

Luckily, though, even for the general public, there are lots of different ways to explore the underwater world.

Whether in your own personal submarine or even a freestanding underwater oxygen bar (OK, so it's not the ocean, but hey, it sure sounds fun) here’s a look at some of the most unique and exciting ways you can embark on an underwater adventure.

1. Cave Diving the Tulum Cenotes of Mexico


(Courtesy of diviac.travel)

Sandro Lonardi, a former dive instructor and current team member at diviac.travel says Mexico’s cenotes (or natural swimming holes that result from collapsed limestone bedrock) are “like a heaven for cave diving.” “[There are] kilometers and kilometers of underwater tunnels with incredible clear fresh water,” he said.

2. Museum of Subaqautic Art (MUSA) in Cancun, Mexico


(Jason deCaires Taylor)

Featuring hundreds of statues that serve as a reef home for fish and other underwater creatures, the Museum of Subaquatic Art (MUSA) is the world’s biggest underwater museum and a must-see for divers and snorkelers — and especially those who love art. The collection of sculptures was designed as a way to offset the overwhelming amount of tourists visiting the area’natural reefs and now serves as an exciting excursion that seamlessly combines underwater exploration and art.

3. Laucala Island DeepFlight Super Falcon Submarine in Fiji


(Courtesy of Laucala Island)

Guests of Laucala Island, a private island resort in Fiji, are invited to explore the deep blue sea in their very own submarines. The DeepFlight Super Falcon, a two-person, winged submarine, allows underwater explorers to navigate the depths of the South Pacific Ocean without ever getting wet. he adventure boasts unbelievable views of majestic coral reefs and vibrant tropical fish, and thanks to Super Falcon’s state of the art technology, divers are said to experience a sensation described as “flying through the ocean” with extraordinary speed, range and agility.

4. Ray of Hope Expeditions


(Ralph Wolf, courtesy of Andrea Marshall, Marine Megafauna Foundation)

Every year the Marine Megafauna Foundation launches international expeditions to some of the most notable manta ray aggregation sites in order to conduct field research. As a result of demand from her supporters and a need to fund her research, Dr. Andrea Marshall created Ray of Hope Expeditions, which allows guest divers to explore new aggregation sites, encounter mantas in remote destinations, participate in research activities, investigate manta ray fisheries and receive lectures from world-class biologists. The main mission of each trip is different, but each is designed to engage participants and produce high-quality science.

5. Clear Lounge Oxygen Bar in Cozumel, Mexico


(Courtesy of Sub Sea Systems, Inc.)

Can you imagine playing Jenga under water? That’s just one of the many unique activities you can partake in while submerged in the Clear Lounge Underwater Oxygen Bar. The experience involves Sea TREK helmet diving technology, which allows participants to immerse in a freestanding aquarium stocked with games and even an underwater photobooth. While submerged you’ll breathe concentrated oxygen mixed with aromatherapy scents, like citrus or peppermint, which is said to help reduce stress and increase energy levels. Currently, the world’s only Clear Lounge is located in Cozumel, Mexico at Carnival Cruise Lines' port — Puerta Maya — which is open to the public.

More of unique aquatic adventures around the globe.

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