Staying at a hotel is all about getting away. While some hotels make you feel like you’re in a different location, others go a step beyond and transport you to another era.  Oyster.com has put together images of some of the the coolest futuristic hotels. With everything from funky lighting, to pod-like bedrooms, these hotels are ready for the 22nd Century.

The Hotel: nhow Berlin
Why We Love It: The nhow Berlin is an offbeat, creative hotel overlooking the River Spree. This futuristic property has a music theme and offers rare amenities like Gibson guitar room service and two recording studios on-site. Bright colors, psychedelic patterns, and funky-shaped furniture have high visual impact in the lobby, bar, and restaurant. The wild decor is somewhat muted in the rooms, though there’s still plenty of pink, and quirky furniture, as well as amenities such as iPod docks and TVs embedded in mirrors.
Fave Futuristic feature:
What’s not to love about the pink UFO-like sculpture in the lobby?

The Hotel: Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas
Why We Love It: A 4,004-room mega-resort, Aria stands as the shiny centerpiece of the $11 billion City Center, opened in December 2009. Everything at Aria is done on a grand scale, from the soaring ceilings to the 16 restaurants, and not at the expense of good service, either. And the design — while whimsical with a new-age tilt — aims for refinement and class rather than Vegas kitsch, creating a lovely luxury hotel; and one that’s still affordable.
Fave Futuristic Feature: We love the pink glow and candy-colored chairs at Sweet Chill — it’s the perfect look for a gelato shop.
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The Hotel: UNA Hotel Vittoria — Florence
Why We Love It: The understated exterior of the UNA Hotel Vittoria belies the funky, ultra-modern decor found inside this 84-room property. The hotel’s eclectic style is hard to peg: Plastic furniture can be found in common areas, while Renaissance-style paintings adorn dark, atmospheric hallways — but the design has an overarching space-age vibe, with funky lighting and elements of surprise.
Fave Futuristic Feature: The mix-match of old and new makes the futuristic decor here seem even funkier; but best of all we love the modern sculptures, such as the one topped with a funky glowstick chandelier.

The Hotel: Hotel Silken Puerta America — Madrid
Why We Love It: Hotel Silken Puerta America is known for its over-the-top design, from the colorful facade of the hotel to the rooms. Each of the 12 floors was executed by a different designer, and range from futuristic, space-like decor to sexy style with “levitating beds” and bold colors. Hotel features include a hip on-site restaurant and a top floor bar with expansive views.
Fave Futuristic Feature: A levitating bed? Yes, please!
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The Hotel: Dream Downtown — New York City
Why We Love It: The Dream Downtown is an aggressively modern hotel in Chelsea. The hotel blends public spaces together in a unique way (for example, the fitness center has portholes overlooking the pool), and the hotel’s scene is decidedly hip, especially at PH-D lounge (a popular celeb haunt). With stunning, sweeping views of Manhattan, PH-D is easily one of the best parts of the hotel. Gold King rooms have portholes surrounding the bed with killer views.
Fave Futuristic Feature: The pool’s glass bottom means that swimmers can get a peek at guests in the lobby, and vice versa.
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