Central California is one of the top fruit producers in the country, and that means each spring hundreds of acres of blossoming trees. The 25th annual Fresno Blossom Trail is a sight that can rival the cherry blossoms in our nation's capital.

From mid-February through March, white and pink petals blanket hundreds of acres of fruit and nut trees throughout Fresno County. Visitors can drive, walk and bike to see local farmer's crops blossom.

"Being able to run or ride next to blossoms is really just beautiful. It's a gorgeous chance to get outside and enjoy what the Central Valley has to offer," said Jenny Phillips.

Fifth generation farmer, Matt Efird owns almond orchards in Fresno and enjoys this time of year.

"There's nothing better than taking an afternoon and strolling through the orchards with the blossoms and the trees and seem them start following you around," Efird said.

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And a big full bloom helps the growing season. Last year Fresno County's combined value of blossom trees were worth more than $1.24 billion, including almonds, apricots, nectarines, pears and plums.

Efird says bees play a huge role to get those trees to blossom and will help with his business.

"Bees are the lifeblood of the almond industry without bees we don't get our cross-pollination and without cross-pollination we don't get crops," he said.

For some, nothing can beat the scenery of the Central Valley.

"Because there is just so many of them, just groves and groves with the Sierra Nevada backdrop, it's just unbeatable. I definitely recommend people to come here this time of year is the best," said visitor Anne Phillips.