Passengers have to put up with a lot on flights — having bare feet in your face shouldn’t be one of them.

But one woman travelling on a plane in China put her feet up on tray table and then refused to take them back down when a flight attendant asked her to.

A video taken by another passenger shows the woman and another female passenger who had their feet up on the tray tables, one with socks and one without.

She argues with the flight attendant when they come to ask her to remove her feet from the table.

The flight in question was from Nanning to Harbin on Sunday on China Southern.

The man who filmed the incident wrote on Chinese social network Weibo that the woman and her friend claimed they had to put their feet up “had injured their feet during ballet practice.”

User Haidelan_BH wrote, “After the people in front of the two aunties complained, they had the audacity to put their feet on their armrests.

“They even accused other passengers of lacking empathy and compassion.

“The plane is a public place, you can't do whatever you want and cause suffering to other people.”

This isn't the first display of feet on a plane and passengers were left shocked than a woman was spotted giving herself a pedicure on a plane earlier this month.

An unnamed airline passenger was recorded using a foot file to grate her foot while sitting in the seat next to the window.

The video, which was shared to the Instagram page “Passenger Shaming” earlier this week, and has since been viewed more than 150,000 times, received immediate reactions from people disgusted by the passenger’s shameless grooming.

One person commented: “How is (she) even allowed to do that! Disgusting and I would have raised hell if I were sitting next (to) her. YUCK!!”

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