Is a ‘robotic suitcase’ the next must-have carry-on of the future?

Forget backaches and schelping of luggage.  Now there's a suitcase that you don't have to carry at all.  

Enter the "Hop!"-- robotic luggage that uses the bluetooth technology on your smart phone to allow your bag to follow behind you like a loyal puppy.

Sadly, the case isn't ready for the retail market just yet. Invented by Spanish native Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Hop! has been entered for the James Dyson Award, an international student design contest.  Prizes are to be announced later this month, reports the Daily Mail.

But video posted on YouTube shows how the prototype works.

The phone signal is received by three sensors in the luggage, a microprocessor driving two caterpillar tracks that power the suitcase along. If the signal is lost, the bag vibrate its owner's phone and locks to make itself secure.

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Now if it could just pre-board and stow itself.