Iceland unveils world's first $1 million music festival ticket

Iceland stays in the headlines again this week. After reaping the benefits of being accidentally featured in a tourism campaign for Rhode Island last week, this week, the country is grabbing everyone's attention by offering the most expensive festival ticket in the world.

For $1 million dollars, some incredible perks await those looking to attend the Secret Solstice Festival.

Last year, the festival made headlines when it offered a $200,000 ticket for two people with some pretty incredible added-value benefits. At the time, this was the most expensive ticket in the world for a festival so, with their $1 million offering, they are really only upping the ante on themselves.

If you pony up the cash, you won’t be disappointed.

There are, of course, private jet transfers to “anywhere on the planet” for you and five other guests. You will have access to two private, luxury cars, including drivers and security, for a week in Iceland, helicopter transfers, access to the main Secret Solstice 2016 event, a private aerial tour of Iceland, tickets to the world’s first concert inside the dormant magma chamber of a volcano (a sold-out event), access to the world’s only party inside a glacier, a private trip to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon reserved for only your travel party and there’s more.

The lucky ticket-holder will also receive two private performances by two different prominent Icelandic acts. Although both artists’ names are yet to be announced, one will entail an intimate show at the Reykjavík residence in which the ticket-holders are staying and the other is a special show in the middle of an Icelandic lava field – helicopter transfers included, of course.

Other included features that may entice buyers are:

• Luxury six-room villa for seven nights in the center of Reykjavík during the Secret Solstice 2016 festival week

• Private viewing areas for all major acts at Secret Solstice 2016, where possible

• Access to the private VIP artists’ bar on the festival site, only accessible by main stage artists and super-VIP guests

• The Secret Lagoon party in a more-than-120-year-old geothermal lagoon (Iceland’s oldest), including helicopter transfers from Reykjavík

• Passes to the Secret Solstice 2016’s Midnight Sun Boat Party

• A private half-day Icelandic nature helicopter tour to experience Iceland’s incredible natural sights from the air with a champagne lunch at a geothermal hotspot

• A personal engraved and framed memorial ticket for each guest, made from Icelandic lava rock

• A personal assistant during your stay

• A private Icelandic dining experience with a prominent Icelandic chef at your holiday residence on a chosen night during your stay

• Introductions where possible to Secret Solstice 2016 artists

• All food/drinks at Secret Solstice 2016

• A private whale- and dolphin-watching tour

• A private airplane day tour over Iceland’s south coast, including Vatnajökull glacier and the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

• A midnight sun glacier walk on top of a glacier in Iceland with the sun still up after midnight, including helicopter transfers from Reykjavík, and a private glacier snowmobile experience

• Private tours of any additional Icelandic holiday/tourist experiences where possible, with time permitting

How anyone would fit all of this into seven days is unimaginable, but you will certainly be getting your money’s worth. The event features some of the most prominent acts from around the globe such as Radiohead, Of Monsters and Men, Deftones, St. Germain, Afrika Bambaataa and more.

And for us mere mortals, tickets to the festival can be purchased for just around $202 – y’know, in case you are having trouble accessing your million-dollar festival war chest at the moment.

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