Hot swimsuits for the 2012 season

Spring has barely begun, but make no mistake, swimsuit season is upon us.

With temperatures soaring into the 70s and even 80s around the country, it's time to put those winter wools away and focus on the what fashionistas say will be the hot trends on the beaches this season.

Ranging from animal and tribal prints to the monokini, there’s a wide variety of hot trends for what to wear when traveling to beach destinations around the world.

“Anything goes for swimwear this year, from tribal prints to nautical-themed suits, there’s something for every woman,” said Marie Kojitani, the style editor for  “If you’re a brave fashionista, try a tribal print one-piece or an animal print bikini.

If you’re a little hesitant to try these bold trends, go with a nautical-themed one-piece - think stripes, navy, red and white. This trend is here stay and will be on-point every summer, so don’t be afraid to invest in a great nautical swimsuit.”

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Kojitani suggests trying a suit with a deep cut to show off a little more skin - even if you were usually hesitant.

“In regards to swim silhouettes, the monokini is still making a strong statement this season,” Kojitani said. “It’s a more daring take on the classic one-piece suit.”

Buttoned Up Style fashion expert and personal stylist, Natalie Holloway, says wear almost anything, except black.

“Some major trends right now are cut-away details, vintage-inspired, one-shoulder, bright colors, and prints, particularly scarf prints and vintage-inspired prints,” Holloway said.

Both fashion experts say check out the styles and trends. Then, find the right swimsuit to flatter your body type and accentuate your assets.

Holloway says luckily for women who aren’t in beach-body shape with a flat stomach, designers are offering slimming swimsuits this season that will hide softness beach goers wish wasn’t there.

“Ruching is your best friend,” Holloway said. “Use it around the tummy area to camouflage your trouble area. Also, for bikinis, make sure the bottom doesn’t bisect your stomach area and cause the dreaded ‘muffin top.’ Patterns with diagonal and vertical lines are slimming, as well.”

Kojitani says transforming your body doesn’t have to require hitting the gym - though that could obviously help.  She says spending money on the right suit can do the trick. She gives a couple of tips for how to give your body a quick makeover without doing a sit-up.

“Shirring is the key to giving the illusion of a flat belly, and the gathered detailing hides your imperfections,”  Kojitani said.

For those with an athletic body type, consider suits with feminine details - like ruffles or bows.

“This will add volume to your slim figure, giving the illusion of curves,” Kojitani said. “If you’re smaller chested, try a tie-back triangle top to give yourself a little bit of cleavage.”

Holloway suggests prints and embellishments on top could also benefit women with a smaller bust. “Bandeau tops create the illusion of more width,” Holloway said.“Polka dot or horizontal prints also enhance a small bust.”

If you are more blessed up top, don’t neglect the fact: support is key- especially on the beach.

“Avoid string bikini tops, and look for underwire, soft cups, and thicker straps,” Holloway said. “V-necks are ideal, as are halter necklines, which will emphasize your shoulders and minimize your chest.”

Full hips is a feature many women want to minimize in swimwear. Holloway says find a bikini or one-piece that brings the eye upward.

“Make sure you have a higher cut bottom,” Holloway said. “Avoid boy-shorts or anything that draws attention to that area. Another tip is to wear a solid bottom paired with a print, ruffle, or other embellishment top to draw attention upward and balance out your proportions.”

And don’t forget about picking up a great cover-up as well. The experts say bright colors, sheer and bold prints are sure to help you get looks as you walk on and off the beach - allowing you to not waste a minute while on vacation.

“This is the easiest way to transition your look from day to dinner,” Kojitani said.

Letting you keep the party going all day and night long - without even having to go back to your hotel room to change.