Hong Kong skyline banner provides tourists ideal backdrop, ignores pollution

Pollution problems ruining your city’s iconic skyline? No worries. Hong Kong's bureau of tourism has an instant solution.

In Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, where smog and other airborne pollutants now cloud the view of the city, tourists can pose with a large banner that displays a bright, fake city skyline behind them.

Digital technology company and business news site, NetEase, reported that the banner appeared during the severe haze that covered Hong Kong during the third week of August.

So in an attempt to appease disappointed tourists who were unable to photograph the skyline through the haze, the city erected a giant banner along its harbor-front walkway, with an idyllic landscape for them to pose beside.

The Hong Kong harbor is one of the busiest ports in the world. It also one of the most polluted.

According to a 2013 AFP report, Hong Kong permits the docking of ships that burn fuel with up to 3.5 percent sulfur content, while Europe and North America restrict fuels to 1 percent or less sulfur content.

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This has led to an alarming rise in air pollution.

"Ships are now producing a lot more pollutants than we had anticipated,” Simon Ng, of the Civic Exchange, a Hong Kong think-tank, told AFP. “It is becoming a major problem that we need to address."

Until then, there’s always the banner solution, just as long as the city can built it high enough.