EU court reaffirms that airlines have to pay passenger compensations for flight delays

The European Union Court of Justice reaffirmed today that travelers who face delays of more than three hours should be compensated by the airlines, Reuters reports

The court confirmed its 2009 decision that says that you may receive somewhere between 250 euros and 600 euros if you are on a delayed or cancelled flight that begins or ends in one of the 27 EU countries. It still holds true that you lose this compensation eligibility if the airline can prove that the delay occurred because of something that was out of its control

The court ruling was in response to two different cases: one regarding German carrier Lufthansa and another involving the International Air Transport Association (IATA), British Airways, TUI Travel and easyJet. Passengers in the Lufthansa case sued the airline after a delay that lasted more than 24 hours. In the second case, IATA, British Airways, TUI Travel and easyJet challenged the UK Civil Aviation Authority after it rejected their requested exemption from paying the compensation.

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