Days Inn employee fired for directing 'deeply troubling' comments at guest: 'It was 100 percent racism'

An employee at a Days Inn in Norfolk, Va., was fired after he was filmed directing “deeply troubling” comments at a guest, the hotel confirmed on Monday.

The worker’s actions came to light after the guest shared his footage to Instagram, which shows the employee calling him a “street punk,” a “prison boy” and making several other comments about the guest and his appearance.

“Come on, prison boy… Good old prison boy, here. Look at prison boy! Look at that little f---ing dumba-- haircut he’s got, looks like a f---ing mop,” the worker was seen saying to the guest, before then referring to the guest’s tattoos as “sh—“ on his face.


“I think you better leave before you get yourself in trouble, son,” the employee adds after the guest informs him he’s been staying at the Days Inn for two nights already.

WARNING: Footage contains graphic and offensive language.

The employee later claims he does not care if he gets fired, and at one point even says, “I ain’t going to lose my job over you.”


The guest, Boston-based singer and musician Joshua October, who was in town to perform at a club, shared the video to Instagram over the weekend with a caption reading “Racism and discrimination needs to stop!!”

In the caption, October alleges that the altercation began after the employee saw him taking what October thought was a complimentary yogurt from the guest breakfast area. October says he had done the same thing the previous day, and was not told otherwise.

“As soon as I grabbed the yogurt, he came, [stood] in front of the doorway and he just started yelling at me, telling me to put it back,” October told WTKR.

According to the outlet, the hotel management only allows guests to take yogurt from 6 and 9 a.m., but October claims there was no sign informing guests of the policy.

"It was so judgmental, it's 100 percent discrimination, it was 100 percent racism behind that because just the day before I grabbed three yogurts," October told WAVY.


A representative for Days Inn or Wyndham Worldwide, which owns the Days Inn brand, was not immediately available to comment for Fox News, though the hotel released a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle confirming the employee’s termination, and apologizing to October.

“The comments made by this individual are deeply troubling and are in no way reflective of our brand values or our expectations of franchisees,” wrote Wyndham. “Upon learning of this incident, we immediately reached out to the hotel's owner, who has since informed us that the individual in question is no longer an employee of the hotel.

“We extend our sincere apologies to this guest, who will be receiving a full refund from the hotel along with additional compensation as a goodwill gesture on behalf of the brand.”