Corgi comforts man at airport who lost his dog the night before

A therapy dog in training sought out a man at the airport who’d lost his own pet the day before.

Cora the Corgi was traveling with her owner, Madison Palm, from Idaho to Alaska. On a layover in Seattle, Cora wandered away from her owner and sat in front of a man sitting alone.

“Before I could even call her, she was already at his feet being loved on,” Palm told Today. “I asked him if she was bothering him, and with a somber face and watery eyes he said, 'No, no. I lost my dog last night.'"


Palm said Cora stayed at the man’s feet while he petted her, scratched her ears and whispered how cute she was. He also snapped a photo of her, which she sat perfectly still for.

Palm shared the heartwarming encounter in the Facebook group, Disapproving Corgis, along with images of Cora comforting the man.

“I’ve never had a doubt that Cora can sense those who are hurting and those who need companionship and love. She is a natural born therapy dog in every way,” Palm wrote on the post. “I am so blessed to call her my dog.”

Palm told Today she rescued Cora when she was seven years old from a home where she’d been neglected. Cora’s teeth were rotted, her ears were infected and she was so dirty, the bath water turned black. However Palm says Cora is a sweet and loving dog, despite her troubled past.

“She just wants to be loved on and held all day long," Palm told Today. "She is always right next to me and always keeps a close eye if she’s not. If I’m not available she’ll pick the next closest lap to sit in."

Cora is currently training to be a support dog through the American Kennel Club and helps to comfort Palm when she’s dealing with anxiety.


"I am blown away by her on a daily basis. Who knew a dog who was unloved for seven-and-a-half years could have so much love to give?" Palm told Today. "I can’t change her past but I’m doing everything I can to make up for it."