Airline passenger uses laptop to catch seat neighbor reading his messages

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If you’ve ever had the sneaking suspicion that someone is looking over your shoulder while you're on your computer mid-flight, take note—they probably are. But it can be pretty difficult to catch someone in the act.

One airline passenger was online during a recent flight, minding his own business, when he noticed his seat partner glancing his way.

“I was on the Internet chatting with friends on Facebook,” writes YouTuber James Grande. “And THIS guy would not STOP being nosey.

Grande says that every time he slightly turned his head, the snooper would quickly turn away, pretending to gaze out the window.

Instead of confronting the man directly, Grande decided to use the Mac application Photobooth, which allows users to record video in real time from a laptop camera. Leaving the app hidden, Grande continues to chat with friends and browse, capturing the fellow passenger shamelessly gazing at his laptop screen-- not just once but three times.

“I hope you find this as funny as I do,” the YouTuber writes in his clip, which is cleverly edited with imaginary thought bubbles.

So did the snooper ever stop staring? Halfway through the video, it appears he actually puts on glasses for a better look. But the YouTuber finally gets the last laugh after exposing the overly curious seatmate.

Check out the full clip for a laugh at 30,000 feet.