7 ways to celebrate James Bond's 'Spectre' around the world

James Bond goes all “Spectre” in U.S. theaters starting Nov. 6. However, the super spy fun doesn’t have to stop there.

While munching popcorn and trying to yank on a Red Vine while making minimal noise in a crowded theater is entertaining enough, there are several ways you can enjoy the 24th iteration of Bond.

And each is right in your traveling wheelhouse, offering up accommodations or attractions that will demand your attention as you prepare for your next holiday visit.

Fly Like Bond:

OK, you might not be flying like James Bond, which would mean a private jet, some clever chatter with a henchman and an in-flight battle.

However, Interjet is giving you the opportunity to fly in one Spectre-tacular airplane.

Live Like Bond:

London’s May Fair Hotel is offering one luxurious James Bond package, which includes, among other things, a ride to and from the airport in a Jaguar XJL.

Become James Bond:

Hotel Direct’s sweepstakes offers up a pretty spectacular prize, one garnered by simply tweeting out its hashtag of #007foraDay.

You have until Nov. 6 to claim the winnings, which would include a Climb the O2 excursion and drinks at BYOC Camden.

Pore Over VisitBritain:

VisitBritain is understandably flipping out over the new movie starring Daniel Craig. To that end, it has launched a Bond is GREAT campaign that includes billboards, behind the scenes videos and social media treats.

Bond On Wax:

Or, if you are into inanimate awesome adventures, Madame Tussauds in London is corralling a bunch of wax to form a Bond boy band of sorts.

Villainous Travels:

Thanks to Just the Flight, we have an infographic that displays 18 locations around the world that have featured in a Bond movie.

These locations, by the way, served as headquarters for some of the most diabolical fiends in movie history.

Bond In Motion:

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Possibly the most immersive experience remains at the London Film Museum, where you can get a close look at the “largest official collection of original James Bond vehicles.”

If you are equal parts gearhead and movie buff, this is for you.

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