Would Democrats Dump Obama?

What if Democrats who've been turning on President Obama go one step further? What if they dump him? Don't think it can happen? Look at Australia.

Unlike here, the economy's been humming there; but that didn't stop the prime minister's own party from dumping him because he was creating a firestorm over wanting to tax mining profits, which is a very big deal there.

So listen to what happened next there: A coup. Kevin Rudd out, his deputy, Julia Gillard, in; because the ruling Labor Party there figured their long-term prospects looked better with Julia than John. So now Julia's the prime minister and, to legitimize her claim to the title, she's called for an election next month.

Here's where the parallels to us get eerie: The opposition party is calling the ruling party tax-and-spenders. To quote one ad, "More Labor. More waste. More debt. More taxes." To which, Julia has countered, these conservative knuckleheads... more of the same. They love the biz guys, do squat for the little guys.

And now it's conservatives who are on the defensive. They're trailing Labor and Julia looks almost like a shoe-in — can't say for sure. Here's what I can say: Without Kevin Rudd at the helm, Labor's looking better.

Makes you wonder if Democrats, after a potential bludgeoning this November, will be thinking the same about their leader at their helm here for the next election — g'day on 'ya, mate.

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