Will Democratic leaders address violent rhetoric?

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: And I am Laura Ingraham. This is "The Ingraham Angle" coming to you from Washington tonight. The mainstream media really wants you to think that what you see right here is not a mob. I wonder what they said about the Tea Party? We'll remind you. 

Also President Trump promised a border wall and House majority leader Kevin McCarthy is trying to make it happen. Well, they better do it. He joins me later in the show on what he saw at the border just today. And Raymond Arroyo has, you know, he got a lot of attention for last Friday's fall -- seen around the world -- even from some Hollywood heavyweights. Was it an accident or was it staged? We'll explain in "Seen and Unseen." 

Plus, the devastating aftermath left in a Hurricane Michael's wake. We are going to monitor that throughout the hour and bring you any important updates so keep it right here. But first, what they are teaching our children. That's a focus of tonight's "Angle." 

Remember the old Graham Nash song? 


GRAHAM NASH: Teach your children well as their father's hell did slowly go by. 


INGRAHAM: Beautiful song released in 1970. It kind of became one of the unofficial anthems for the anti-Vietnam war movement. And Nash has even updated the song for a new time to cover the Women's March, anti-gun marches and President Trump. 


NASH: Teach your parents well, the children's hell will slowly go by. 


INGRAHAM: Oh, isn't that sweet. Kids, that's what you're supposed to think of the president. So what are the kids actually learning lately from the current band of protesters? Well, one of my sons stopped to look at the TV on Saturday. We're all watching the Kavanaugh vote, and he saw the live feed of some of the chaos outside of the Supreme Court. 

Like, what's that, he asked. And are they even supposed to be doing that? He was reacting later to scenes like this and video of senators being cornered in elevators. So, I tried to give an explanation that I thought was appropriate for a 10-year-old and said something like, those people, Dimitri, are angry about the Supreme Court and the man -- a friend of mommy's -- President Trump chose as the next justice. 

And he kind of said, oh, he scrunched up his little nose and said, can't we watch something else? But it made me think a lot about this. The Kavanaugh battle has brought out the worst in the Democrats and our kids are watching. Rather than re-examine their tactics following the seismic defeat, liberals have a decided to go even lower. 

And by the way, it's not happening just in Washington. In Minneapolis, a special education teacher identified in reports as Samantha Ness was placed on administrative leave for tweeting the following -- "So whose going to take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?" Wait, the first offense is that the teacher doesn't know the difference between the possessive and contraction for who is. 

The genius followed up with this, "Brett Kavanaugh will be dealing with death threats for the rest of his life being on the Supreme Court. I doubt my mid-west ass is a real threat." This is someone interested to shape young minds? Well, she has since resigned. 

But I wonder how many others are like her out there. Maybe they're not tweeting but doing other things. And how about this marquee outside of a south Charlotte middle school in North Carolina the other day? It read -- you can see it there, kind of -- "F" Kavanaugh. It was apparently created by some leftist vandal. But what an uplifting message for the children to absorb while being dropped off at school. Totally disgraceful. 

Something has changed since the Kavanaugh nomination. There is a desperate, far more unhinged nastiness on the left that we have seen as well spill into the classroom setting. Remember, universities excused class absences for Cancel Kavanaugh rallies. 

And that was preceded over the past year by marauding bands of frenzied leftists who are out there vandalizing and destroying historical statutes, well, just because they could and because they suddenly found the statutes offensive. And of course we have the celebrities feeling totally free to threaten the life of the president. 


MADONNA, ARTIST: I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. 

JOHNNY DEPP, ACTOR: When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? 


INGRAHAM: And if a celebrity who dares to give voice to a different political viewpoint, like Kanye West, he is ridiculed with words that would get any conservative on television either boycott it or, most likely, fired. 


DON LEMON, CNN SHOW HOST: Kanye West is what happens when negroes don't read. And we have this now and now Donald Trump is going to use it and pervert it and he's going to have somebody who can stand with him and take pictures. 


INGRAHAM: It's hilarious. No, it's disgusting. Doesn't the left realize that our children, they are watching this. That they are teaching them that the cruder you are, the more violent you are, the further you will advance your agenda, the more attention you will get. The cooler you will be considered. 

The sad thing is, these vicious liberals not only don't care about kids they use them in an attempt to score pathetic political points. I had almost forgotten somehow about this campaign during Trump's immigration policies. Let's watch. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- screaming, "Get out of my country," Republicans use offensive words. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now here's a few of our own. 


If you don't like our constitution and what it stands for? Get the (BLEEP) out of my country. 


INGRAHAM: Now, some have faulted the president for his, you know, the lines at rallies promising to knock the hell out of a country or telling a protester to get the hell out of here. I get, that's fine. Criticize him for that. But does that really have the visual power of something like this? 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE/FEMALE: We believe that we will win! We believe that we will win! We believe that we will win! 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And we will not forget! 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE/FEMALE: And we will not forget! 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We will not go back! 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE/FEMALE: We will not go back! 






INGRAHAM: And that could just be the beginning. Democratic leaders from Maxine Waters to Cory Booker have advocated more harassment and aggressive, get-in-their-face tactics over the recent days. And now former attorney general and Democratic presidential hopeful perhaps, Eric Holder is adding his voice to the hateful chorus. 


ERIC HOLDER, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL: When they go low, we go high. No. When they go low, we kick them. 


That's what this new Democratic Party is about. 


INGRAHAM: Well, I agree with him. That is the new Democratic Party. And I fear that this language and this persistent anger factory we are seeing, the chaos on the left, it's going to get someone killed. It almost killed Steve Scalise last year. 

On my radio show today, Senator Chuck Grassley, of course the chairman of the judiciary committee had a message for Democrats. 


SEN. CHUCK GRASSLEY, R—IOWA: Public officials, and I'm not a perfect public official, but I think we all ought to set an example of civility. They got a responsibility to renounce it. 


INGRAHAM: I'll say. And by not renouncing it and by not denouncing the mobs, the methods and the mayhem, the Democratic leadership is tacitly encouraging more of the harassment and more of the intimidation. Remember all of those anti-bullying PSA the Obama White House did? Well now the Democrats are the worst bullies around. 

Children don't listen as closely as they watch. So, what would they take away from scenes like this? 


INGRAHAM: Yes. Look at it. Doesn't even look like it's -- it could be somewhere in the Middle East during some terrorist event. And while the heat of this political moment will pass, if we really want to teach our children well, we all better get back to the basics. That means values like respect, decorum and a civil discourse. And that's THE ANGLE. 

Joining me now is Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent and author of the new book, "Spygate." And also joining me is Rochelle Ritchie, former press secretary for the House Democrats. Rochelle, let's start with you. What will the Democratic response be if something horrific happens because of the anger and the frenzy, both congresswomen, senators and others are either tacitly encouraging or actually encouraging with their words? 

ROCHELLE RITCHIE, FORMER HOUSE DEMOCRAT PRESS SECRETARY: Well, Laura, you know, you mentioned that someone might be killed as a result of what we're hearing coming from the left, but I want to say that someone already has been killed as a result of what's coming from the right and that's Heather Heyer. 

And really the hypocrisy that we're seeing coming from Republicans right now is killing objective thinking. The inability of the GOP to think objectively and to hold themselves to the same accord as they hold everyone else is literally like a plague that is spreading throughout our politics. If we think that people that banging on the doors of the Supreme Court aimlessly, you know, it was kind of ridiculous I will admit, but if we think those people are a mob then we should also think that people that -- 

INGRAHAM: Do you encourage that, Rochelle? Is that -- was that what you actually consider to be civil protest or what we saw with Antifa in Portland? Preventing a car or harassing an elderly American holding up a go -- 

RITCHIE: I don't claim Antifa, and like I just said a second ago, I thought banging on the doors of the Supreme Court aimlessly was a little bit ridiculous. But also, keep in mind that Congressman Cleaver was actually spat on during the Tea Party Movement from people who were angry about ObamaCare. So that -- 

INGRAHAM: Well who was encouraging that? Yes, who was encouraging that? No one was encouraging that. No Republicans said get in their faces, go out and harass them, go to restaurants. Dan Bongino, let's get you in on this. 

RITCHIE: Well, you had -- 

INGRAHAM: We weren't encouraging people to do that. That never happened. Dan Bongino, go ahead. 

RITCHIE: There were -- there were -- there were, but -- yes there were. We'll get to it. 

DAN BONGINO, FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT: Yes. I just want to note that what Rochelle just did is really gross and I want to call her out for that immediately. What happened to Ms. Heyer in Charlottesville -- I didn't interrupt you. I'd appreciate it if you let me speak. It's the right thing to do. We are trying to be civil, correct. OK, thank you. 

RITCHIE: Now we are. 

BONGINO: What you did was grotesque. What you did was quite gross. The Republicans, Donald Trump and conservatives have absolutely nothing to do with a deranged murdering maniac who runs a woman over in Charlottesville. That is gross. President Trump denounced that immediately and you bringing that up in the context of this is disgusting. 

RITCHIE: He said there were good and bad people on both sides. 

BONGINO: All right, Rochelle, why don't you just take over the debate? Go ahead. 

RITCHIE: No, you can go ahead. 

BONGINO: Go ahead. Thank you. I'm allowed to speak now. 

RITCHIE: Yes, and I'm allowed to respond. 

BONGINO: OK, thank you. I appreciate your permission then. 

INGRAHAM: Let him say something and then you can respond, Rochelle. That will be fine. 


BONGINO: The point is what you're doing is you didn't answer the question. You distracted everybody by going to Charlottesville, which the Republicans denounced. And then you had to fabricate another one, that Cleaver was spit on. He was not spit on, you are making that up. 

Those stories about what happened during the ObamaCare debates are completely fabricated. Those are nonsense events. You are asked a simple question about if you should denounce violence on the left and you made it about something else other than answer the question which frequently liberals do. 

INGRAHAM: Rochelle? 

RITCHIE: Well, I'm just going to respond by saying this. First of all that story is completely true. I would encourage -- 


INGRAHAM: By going back into Cleaver and the spit, let's try to keep it because we have limited time. Let's keep it focused to what's happening right now because I think we all do care about what kids take away from this. Whether it's kids in an immigration video saying "F" the president, putting up their middle finger or whether it's people going up to individuals with their children or their family, their wives, their husbands in a restaurant and screaming them out of a restaurant. 

It is incumbent upon both Republicans and Democrats -- 

RITCHIE: Agreed. 

INGRAHAM: -- to stand up and say, no, you will not do this. We don't (inaudible). And when Eric Holder is out there saying, we will kick them. I mean, Michelle Obama actually said, when they go low, we will go high. And apparently Eric Holder like no, we're not going to go -- we are going to actually kick them and they'd be even worse, who knows. 

RITCHIE: Well I think it should be -- 

INGRAHAM: You can't be for that Rochelle. 

RITCHIE: Oh, absolutely not. I definitely don't think that you should assault anyone but I also think that we have to remember -- and if people go back and look at what Eric Holder said, he followed that statement up with saying, "I don't think that we should not do anything illegal or inappropriate. So, I'm taking this kick them as kick them out of the House and kick them out of the Senate come November. 

INGRAHAM: But is that how things are shared, Dan, on social media, going back to the way young people consume media? What are they going to consume, Dan? 

BONGINO: You know, Laura, I just can't understand why the left just can't simply admit their people make mistakes and say really dumb things. Now Eric Holder was talking about kicking them out of the house -- that is not what he said. I mean -- 

RITCHIE: No, I said…

BONGINO: I was like -- you know what, take over the whole debate. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. 

INGRAHAM: I want to play something really quickly. This is from Rand Paul's wife, Kelly, after of course a lot of this chaos out there. She said this back on October 8th just a couple of days ago. Let's watch. 


KELLY PAUL, RAND PAUL's WIFE: There are so many frankly unhinged people and unstable people out there, and when they hear someone on their side telling them, get up in their face, they take that literally. Because of the violence that Rand has experience in the last year, it does scare me that there is going to be somebody that is really unstable that takes that message a step further. We've updated all of our security systems at home. I sleep with a loaded gun by my bed. 


INGRAHAM: Dan, final thoughts? 

BONGINO: Yes. I mean, he was attacked. He had broken ribs. He apparently is coming down with frequent cases of pneumonia now. I mean, these are real cases. These aren't fabricated cases like the Sarah Palin Pact with the bull's eye pictogram to raise money. These are real cases of leftist violence. I just wish the left would step up and say, hey, this is all wrong. We condemn it. Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, tone it down, it's not right. 

INGRAHAM: Both of you, thank you so much. We'll have you both back. Fantastic segment. In the type of nonviolence we've been seeing from the left, it's nothing new. In fact, this has been around since Ronald Reagan was governor of California in the 1960's, and he had his own way though of dealing with the problem. 

Joining us now with insight, it's important to get some, Reagan biographer presidential historian Craig Shirley. Craig, I've been dying to talk to you. As the temperature is rising now, you get the sense especially social media, that's a big difference between now and back in 1969. People are able to coalesce in a place really fast and assault people I public places, you know, verbally or otherwise. But how did Reagan deal with it and how might we learn from that? 

CRAIG SHIRLEY, PRESIDENTIAL HISTORIAN: Laura, he dealt with it with a lot of wit and grace. I remember one time during the Vietnam War, he was confronted by a smelly, malodorous, dirty disheveled hippie. It may have been Bill Clinton probably now, but the hippie was carrying a sign that said, "Make Love, Not War." Reagan looked at the hippie and he looked at the sign and he turned to an aide and says, "You know, from the looks of him, I don't think he would do either." 


SHIRLEY: So, he had a way of -- one time he was in his limo in Berkeley. Again, there was a group of unruly students out there, anti-war protesters and they were making a scene and making themselves obnoxious. Reagan got a piece of paper, wrote on the piece of paper and put it up the windshield and it said, "I'm selling my bonds." 

INGRAHAM: Oh my god. Yes. 

SHIRLEY: He had a way of dealing with these things by turning humor to his advantage, which can be a great asset in American politics. 

INGRAHAM: Yes, I mean, you've seen Trump in recent days of his rallies. He's actually been extremely funny, but at the same time -- 

SHIRLEY: He's been very good. 

INGRAHAM: -- but at the same time it's a different environment media-wise. The media was against Reagan. They hated Reagan was president, but there is something different about the way the clips on social media are shared. But I do want to play something for you. This is from 1969 and this is in a public meeting with the Berkeley administration during all of the chaos on campus. Let's watch. 


RONALD REAGAN, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: And all of it began the first time some of you who know better and are old enough to know better, let young people think that they have the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest. 


INGRAHAM: Boy, is that appropriate for today's time? I mean, what are we teaching the kids. You can trash something and pull down a statue because you don't like it. Give the middle finger to the president because, you know, someone gave you the lines to say? 

SHIRELY: He broke it down to its elements, to its components and he revealed what was really going on there which it was not about social justice. So it's about creating injustice. Look, this is the essential difference between the Tea Party of some years ago and the protesters of today. The Tea Party was defending institutions. The protesters of today are trying to tear down institutions and that's the essential difference between the two. 

INGRAHAM: Yes, I think you've heard from some of the individuals who have gotten in the faces of the senators, and they say they want to take it all down. There was a piece in the "Huffington Post" today by one of them. They want to take it down. It's not about winning a particular point or even a Supreme Court seat. It's about taking down the entire framework which is just fomenting injustice against various minority groups in their view. 

SHIRLEY: We are witnessing the 21st version of the French revolution. The French revolution as you recall was about tearing down all institutions in France, destroying everything, marriage, contracts, money, government, property, everything, in order to achieve what they call at the time social justice. And that is what the modern left anti-protesters, Antifa protesters are about. It's about destroying all fabric of society in order to start over and everybody supposedly starts out on an even playing field. 

INGRAHAM: OK. I'm hoping we hide all the guillotines at this point. Craig Shirley, thanks so much for joining us. And when it comes to what constitutes a mob, well the media, they have a simple formulation. As Craig just alluded to, GOP Tea Party protests in 2009, a mob. Antifa like tactics from the left now? Not a mob. The video evidence, when we return. 


INGRAHAM: Only the media can tell you the American people when a mob is or isn't an actual mob. 


LEMON: I will answer your question that you asked of her. Is it mob behavior? No it's not mob behavior. 




LEMON: It's people who are upset and they are angry with the way the country is going. 

It is Thursday the 6th of August and here are the top stories right here in the "CNN Newsroom." Democracy at work or is it mob rule? Angry protesters disrupt healthcare town hall. 


INGRAHAM: And here is Chris Matthews of MSNBC performing the very same time warp trip. 


CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: -- the president's Republican allies tried to channel their supporters outrage and were protesting to a winning issue by casting Democrats is an angry mob. 

Townhall meetings on healthcare are turning into mob scenes, noisy, angry and vengeful crowds are shutting down members of Congress. 


INGRAHAM: Well, the clear message is when a GOP crowd shows up -- it's definitely a mob, even if they are wearing like period garb. But when liberal activist accost senators in elevators and scream folks out of restaurants, they are just voicing their opinion very forcefully. I see. It's really easy. 

Joining me now, my friend Richard Goodstein, Democratic strategist and former aide to the Clintons, and Byron York, Fox News contributor and correspondent at "The Washington Examiner." Richard, let's start with you. Do you at least admit this is a massive double standard? 


INGRAHAM: Yes, Laura, I do. 

GOODSTEIN: What was happening around the Tea Party was people, we heard about the spitting incident, whether it happened or not, they were objecting to having more people get healthcare. And now what people are objecting to -- 

INGRAHAM: No, that's not true. 

GOODSTEIN: -- is babies in cages. They're objecting to the fact that women were being degraded by the president in his own rally, degrading somebody who came forward who said that she was, you know, kind of assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. Somebody standing up for their First Amendment rights of speech and assembly. 

And, you know, I guess the question is I think people get into public life senators. I don't think their skin is as thin as you're suggesting they are, but when people get in their face, they can handle it. They have seen worse. They've been local officials most of them. I don't think this is something that was novel. 

BYRON YORK, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It's almost as if, now that President Trump is using the word, it has now become a forbidden word in some places of the media. I think you need to separate different kinds of actions. There are big protests in Washington all the time and they are not -- 

INGRAHAM: You know, the March for our Lives was just, you know, there was no problem there. There was a lot of people that showed up and no problem with it. 

YORK: If you have a group of people who are trying to intimidate certain people, who are trying to shut down a public building like the - - 

INGRAHAM: Get in their faces. 

YORK: They were banging on the doors of the Supreme Court or who were stopping people like Ted Cruz or Kirstjen Nielsen from having dinner in a restaurant, I think that is mob-like behavior and it just is, and the fact that so many now are denying and it's not just CNN and MSNBC. You're seeing it in newspapers as well. It's just not true. 

INGRAHAM: Well, hold on, the words not allowed or it's looked at in a different way today. I think you're right about that. Let's watch another series of examples of how the word was used back in 2009 at the height of the Tea Party. Let's watch. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Desperate Republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs. This mob activity is straight from the playbook of high-level Republican political operatives. They have no plan for moving our country forward so they've called out the mob. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Different lobbying groups are doing their part, they are turning out the mobs -- mob scenes at town hall Tea Party events. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are we free or are we slaves under conservative mob law? 


GOODSTEIN: So, let's see how -- 

INGRAHAM: Can't you see -- 


GOODSTEIN: Here's how successful that was. All this mob talk, right, had Barack Obama lose 63 seats in 2010, right. 

INGRAHAM: Yes, we're not arguing that. 

GOODSTEIN: And I'm just saying is what Donald Trump and his supporters are trying to do is, it's MS-13, it's Maxine Waters, it's Hillary -- lock her up (inaudible) so everybody around Trump is going to be put in jail. And somehow the mob now, it's the mob -- 

INGRAHAM: Richard, see, when you say something like that -- you're such a smart person, everyone around Trump is getting locked up. That's not true. That's like the classic pundit overstatement that we'll just kind of -- 

GOODSTEIN: Fine. OK, it's a lot of people. My point is -- 

INGRAHAM: A lot of people? 

GOODSTEIN: My point is that this whole mob thing is now the enemy. That's the other, right. And I don't think we are going to ride that. I don't think you and your supporters are going to ride that Election Day. 

INGRAHAM: Oh, we're going to ride -- no. 

GOODSTEIN: I think the mob that Donald Trump has to worry about, the mobs of Democrats showing up to vote. That's the mob he has to worry about. 

INGRAHAM: That's a nice turn of phrase but it kind of avoids the point we are saying. I think the point that a lot of conservatives are concerned about and maybe independents given the reaction to Kavanaugh. Is that if they are going to do things like they've done to Joe Manchin, take his money away, even others who are not supportive in their own party, what are they going to do if they get power back? 

I mean, what type of punishment will be levied against others who don't agree or who don't agree with the social construct they want to foist upon America? 

YORK: Well, they might try to remove Brett Kavanaugh from Supreme Court. I think there is -- Republicans have gotten onto something here and it's because of what we saw in the Kavanaugh battle and they are -- how many times have you heard Democrats in the past describe Republicans as extremists? And now look at what's happening? President Trump is talking about the Democrats being extremist. There are mob actions. They're going to take your Medicare for goodness sake. So, Republicans think that they have found a new theme to use 27 days before the election. 

INGRAHAM: I think it's all about turnout, Richard is right about that, turning people out and I think the Democrats are very good. They have a lot of money to turn out people to vote. Hollywood is helping out with that ultimately. 

But they had a lot of anti-Trump mojo. The Republicans needed that unity. They didn't have it before they have it now. I want to play something that was released from the Melania Trump interview with ABC about women and survivors and who needs to be heard. Let's watch. 


MELANIA TRUMP, FIRST LADY: I support the women and they need to be heard of. We need to support them. And, you know, also men not just women. We need to show the evidence. You cannot just say it to somebody, I was, you know, sexually assaulted or you did that to me, or because sometimes the media goes too far and the way they portray some stories. It's not correct. It's not right. 


INGRAHAM: I thought a lion was going to emerge in the backdrop there in Kenya. It's like a very visual set. She's been like filleted by mostly the left for saying that because like, this tweet response by Page Pate, University of Georgia law professor, "Victim's testimony is legally sufficient evidence by itself to convict someone with sexual assault. No other evidence is required." 

Richard, she was obviously saying, making a reference without getting into Brett Kavanaugh, 36 years later, no corroboration contemporaneous. But she gets treated so differently than Michelle Obama in similar settings. Michelle Obama could say anything. It was like, oh, my God, the queen has spoken, which is fine. People were like, she's a great mom, she was a great first lady. A lot of people loved her. But she is just getting hammered for this type of statement. Do you think that is fair? 

GOODSTEIN: I think she represented the country beautifully in Africa. Honestly it brought tears to my eyes, the way that she was -- 





GOODSTEIN: -- if you are married to Donald Trump you would have to excuse away that kind of behavior because of the dozens of people who have come forward with accusations against him, many of whom are actually litigating him. So of course, if you married to him, of course you'd have to act like, well, it doesn't really count, because otherwise you'd leave him. 

INGRAHAM: I'm sure that's how Hillary would have reacted, given all the allegations? 

YORK: I think many Americans would just agree with the simple statement is, yes, you should listen to someone who is pressing an accusation, but there should be some evidence to support it, too. I think that's just self-evident. 

INGRAHAM: When people say, my truth needs to be heard, there is objective truth that sometimes we have to think about what is objective truth. Gentlemen, thank you so much. 

And coming up, this is what a CNN commentator said about Kanye West just last night. 


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He's an attention whore like the president. He's all of a sudden now the model spokesperson, he's the token negro of the Trump administration? This is ridiculous. 


INGRAHAM: Candace Owens will join us later in the show with her reaction to that. You don't want to miss it. But next, "Seen and Unseen" with Raymond Arroyo. We'll unveil the reality behind this moment from last week. Accident, or comedic gag? Stay there. 


INGRAHAM: It's now time for our "Seen and Unseen" segment where we explore some of the big cultural stories the day. 

Now, in a moment we'll dive into a political American music awards. But first, last Friday's segment with Raymond Arroyo went viral, made international headlines. We call it fall-gate. It became a social media debate. Was it an accident or is it a comedy bit? For answers we're joined by Raymond Arroyo, Fox News contributor and "New York Times" bestselling author of the "Will Wilder" series. Raymond, this is ridiculous. We are talking about ambulance chaser lawyers out there. 

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I'm glad I have this moment because I want people to know the reality and the truth. Tens of millions of people watched this viral video, they saw what happened. Those two gentlemen over there that you haven't met, that's Mr. Biddle and Mr. Billingsworth, those are my attorneys. You will meet them after the show. I'm going to show the audience the video of what happened last week. Now, I want you to keep your eye on Laura Ingraham's right hand, watch what happens. Roll the tape. 



ARROYO: Do we have it? 

INGRAHAM: Go to the edge. Go to the edge. 

The ACLU used to care about the rights of accused. 


ARROYO: You threw me down in such a cruel fashion, heartless. 

INGRAHAM: My hand slipped a little bit. 

ARROYO: You pushed me with great vigor. I saw it. I'm going to slap you with -- God, this arm. 

INGRAHAM: What is the plaintiff's firm? What did they take, 40 percent? 

ARROYO: They're going to take 50 percent. Your kids will be paying my personal injury claim when I'm done. 

Everybody saw this, including James Corden who tweeted out "I can't stop watching this." Members of the audience, they saw it all, too. One said, oh, my God, are you OK? INGRAHAM ANGLE, someone let us know, please. Then another viewer "Oh, my God, I freaked out and laughed. I'm sorry, but it was funny. And at the same time I was going holy -- I hope it was fake." Now we can tell the truth, Laura. 

INGRAHAM: How long have you been cooking up this? 


INGRAHAM: First of all, that brace, you bought that at like CVS an hour ago. And we are not expecting that, either. 

ARROYO: This was not fake, but it was staged. If people were watching the segment, we had the segment on, dangerous selfies. And these beer protests at the beginning. We were just entertaining. 

INGRAHAM: Here's the problem. People like, oh Laura, you are so cold. 


INGRAHAM: I was trying to stop myself from laughing. 

ARROYO: But you did see the video evidence. 

INGRAHAM: Are you OK? 

ARROYO: I'm getting better. 

The America Music Awards were on last night, Laura, but it isn't the music people are talking about today. After Taylor Swift's weekend Instagram where she announced her support for Democrats in Tennessee, the whole industry is now getting in on the act. This is Billy Eichner. Watch. 


BILL EICHNER, COMEDIAN: Tonight is the final night to register in 20 states in this country. Please grab your friends and tell them to vote. If you believe in equality for women -- 


EICHNER: That's right. For people of color, for the LGBTQ community. You can go to Vote.gov like Taylor Swift told you to. And go vote right now. 



ARROYO: Now they are all political pundits. Everybody has a political act to grind. 

INGRAHAM: I don't even know who that is. 

ARROYO: He's Billy on the street. 

INGRAHAM: I thought it was Billy Idol. It's like a little more interesting. 


INGRAHAM: That would have been cool. 

ARROYO: He's got a show in Vegas. We'll go see him. 

INGRAHAM: OK, good. 

ARROYO: But my problem is the conjoining of entertainment with politics, people don't tune into these music awards ceremonies for politics. Taylor Swift also had to jump in and she had to give her two cents when she received her award. 


TAYLOR SWIFT, MUSICIAN: This award and every single award given out tonight were was voted on by the people. And you know what else was voted on by the people -- 


SWIFT: -- is the midterm elections on November 6th. Get out a vote. 


INGRAHAM: Taylor, shake it off, shake it off, shake it off. 

ARROYO: Again, she keeps beating the drum. 

INGRAHAM: If I hear that song one more time. OK, before we go, I think what you need, Raymond, is an emotional support animal to get through this difficult time. Apparently, a woman on Frontier Airlines got booted from the plane because she brought an emotional support -- 

ARROYO: Squirrel. I was sorry she didn't bring the tree along with the squirrel, but they threw her off the plane, threw everybody off the plane and brought the Orlando police in. They ended up delaying the thing by two hours. And Laura, because of the trauma I endured here last week, I did bring an animal emotional support animal. I don't know if you can see this. 


ARROYO: It is a rodent. 

INGRAHAM: It's a rat. 

ARROYO: I'm going to leave it for you. 

INGRAHAM: Thank you. Thank you. The problem with that is the acorns really gunk up the engines on the plane. 

ARROYO: Why would you bring rodent on a plane? I don't even like the dogs on the plane. 

INGRAHAM: I used to call the squirrels and gray-gray when I was little and give them little Ritz crackers and peanut butter, and they would come up to me when I was little. Gray-gray. 

ARROYO: I don't want to hear -- 

INGRAHAM: I'd rather sit next to a squirrel then some of the people I saw flying this past weekend with their underwear on. 

ARROYO: I will have my lawyers check in with you. 

INGRAHAM: We'll knock you off next time harder. 

Trump voters have been wanting this since he was elected. It's now being introduced in a new bill. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is here next on the border wall proposal that he has for us you do not want to miss. Stay there. 


INGRAHAM: Could this be the breakthrough Trump voters have been wanting? House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy introduced a bill earlier this week that would fund President Trump's wall on the southern border, but it's got to move fast. If this bill passes the House it would have to go through the Senate with 60 votes to avoid a filibuster before January. Could that possibly happen? The congressman joins us on that and his trip to the border today. All right, Congressman McCarthy, great to see you. If this were to pass the House, and that's a big if, how does the Senate have any stomach or the votes for this? 

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY, R—CALIF., HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER: I don't think the question is if it will pass the House. The name of this bill is Build the Wall, Enforce the Law. So it fully funds the wall $25 billion, but it even does more. Kate's law, which we passed, is a part of this. Stop sanctuary cities. It keeps children safe because it removes the MS-13 gang members. And it denounces this movement like in San Francisco that allows illegals to vote in our election. 

But I watched what McConnell just said today. He said we're going to have a vigorous fight over the wall in December. And watching what this Senate was able to do with Kavanaugh, I believe this gives them the opportunity and the time to get this done once and for all. 

INGRAHAM: I keep thinking, given how great it was to have the party unified for the Supreme Court seat, if the party had been as unified in that first year of the Trump administration of this issue, which was one of his seminal issues on the campaign trail, half of that wall or maybe a quarter of that wall would have been built already. So it's frustrating to a lot of us who pushed that so hard, Congressman, and I applaud you for getting to this now. But we're frustrated. A story today, I think I just saw today in Arizona, you probably saw it, a detention facility there was so full of all these people still streaming across the border, can't separate families. It's so full, they just had to do a mass release. And that shouldn't be happening, not with this president. He doesn't want this stuff. 

MCCARTHY: No. And the battle when it came to Kavanaugh was the rule of law. It's one of the things that makes America the strongest. It breaks down our society. Our communities will not be safe if you can't secure your own borders. Think of the amount of fentanyl or the human trafficking that comes across, modern day slavery. 

INGRAHAM: They don't care. Congressman, they do not care. They care more about their liberal social construct being foisted on America, open borders, open markets, redefining gender fluidity, whatever, throw it into the mix, whatever it is, it's not about the kids or the rule of law. They don't care about that. It's about redefining America as a borderless place that no better than any other place on earth. That's what it's about. 

MCCARTHY: You are correct Laura, and that's what this election is about. This is the ability to build the wall and enforce the law, or have the border with no border whatsoever. With allowing what they've done in San Francisco today, allowing illegals to vote in our elections. Or when they want to eliminate ICE. I would wish every American would spend one day with the border patrol agent. I was down in El Paso. This was the first place of the border control began. They call it where the legend all began. If they spent one day with them, I don't think there would be any question about building this wall and keeping our community -- 

INGRAHAM: This is why we have you there, and this is why Fox News reports on these -- we had this horrible example of illegal immigrant crime, a woman raped in New York. No coverage of this for the most part in the mainstream media, zero. And again, they care about women, but we have a woman raped at the hands of an illegal alien and it's just like it never even happened. 

Congressman, I have got to get you to react to this ever-increasing, rapid, moblike atmosphere among a very strong, virulent strain of the Democrat Party. Maxine Water reacted to the mob question. Let's watch. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are people who hear that and they think what you are calling for his physical intimidation, things that fray at the social fabric. 

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D—CALIF.: That is absolutely untrue. If they would like to take and redefine somehow protest and call it something else, they will try to do that. Yes, we are shouting out, we have signs, we are saying what we think. We'll get to the public, and we are not saying that we are going to kill anybody, we're going to hit anybody or we're going to cause anybody any harm. That's a lie in the way that they are trying to redefine protest. 


INGRAHAM: Congressman, we are out of time, but she said get in their faces. What does that all mean? 

MCCARTHY: That means if they were to win the majority she would be the chair of financial services, one who asked people to actually cause problems to other individuals. It's the opposite of what we expect from our elected officials. That's why this November is so important to make a fundamental difference and not let the Democrats take over. 

INGRAHAM: Everyone has got to get out to vote. Thank you so much, Congressman. 

CNN spent last night leveling atrociously offensive phrases at Kanye West just because he supports President Trump. Candace Owens is up next. 


INGRAHAM: Imagine this flying anywhere else. Last night Don Lemon thought it was hilarious when guests on his show mocked Kanye West's intelligence ahead of the rapper's meeting with President Trump Thursday, tomorrow. And it was done in the most offensive way possible. Watch. 


LEMON: Kanye West is what happens when negros don't read, and we have this now, and now Donald Trump is going to use it and pervert it, and he's going to have somebody who can stand with him and take pictures. 


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And he is an attention whore like the president. He's all of a sudden the model spokesperson, he is the token negro of the Trump administration. This is ridiculous. No one should be taking Kanye West seriously. He clearly has issues. He's already been hospitalized. 


INGRAHAM: Joining me with reaction is Candace Owens, communications director for Turning Point USA. Candace, it really turns out that they cannot accept anyone who disagrees with them, who has any affinity for or any agreement with President Trump. Who is the intolerant one now, Candace? 

CANDACE OWENS, TURNING POINT USA: They are absolutely intolerant. But I'll say this, most especially, to add to your statement, most especially black people. The Democrats rely on our vote. If they secured 85 percent of our vote, they would lose. They need to achieve more than 85 percent of the black vote to sustain their party. So they have gone to great lengths to smear Kanye West. And what they said last night was not only racist, it was absolutely despicable. I cannot believe that it would be allowed on any network, least of all having a host of laughing as if it's funny. 

INGRAHAM: The entire panel kind of just went on with that. Imagine if a conservative host had a guest on that said something like that and laughed? There would be calls for boycotts. I got in trouble with poor old LeBron James, I was just teasing him. They were like, you can't say -- it's like you can't joke, but they can say the most horrific things possible, and you are shut down. 

What does this mean, though, for the Democratic Party? I think they are worried, are they not, Candace? You've broken through in your own way in politics. You just kind of come onto the scene with Turning Point USA. There are others coming forward saying, the demonization of Donald Trump and the Republicans, the economy is doing really well -- the market is down today, but this kind of thing happens. But stuff is going pretty well and these people seem really angry all the time. It kind of doesn't compute at some point. 

OWENS: The anger is masking their insecurity, they are terrified. They were not predicting this. They had no idea that there was any chance that conservatives might come after the cultural war. They won the cultural wore a long time ago. So for Kanye West to stand up and to say that I support Donald Trump, that terrifies them. So they are going to say whatever they can to smear him to make sure that no other black people wake up and understand that it has been the left that has harmed our community. It has been Democrat policies that have rendered our communities in the shape that they are in today when we talk about Chicago and Philadelphia, and all the major cities that they have run down. Black people are having a mass awakening, and Kanye West is a big part of the reason why. 

INGRAHAM: You've met with Kanye West, I guess you're going to meet him tomorrow before his lunch with President Trump. You guys struck up something of a friendship. What is it with him and Trump? Is it just they're pals? Is there a path towards criminal justice reform, prison reform, other work they might do to get kids out of gangs? What's the collaboration there?

OWENS: I don't want to speak for him, but I will tell you my assessment of it after having several conversations with him. First and foremost, Kanye is very educated about the Democrat Party and the history of the Democrat Party. Beyond that, Kanye West really does believe in uniting both sides and going forward. We know the left, they want to make sure everybody is separate. They want to keep the themes of racism alive. They like fearmongering. 

Kanye West is not about any of those things. He really wants to see a world that is better than the world that we were in yesterday. He sees a unique opportunity in Donald Trump because he sees that our president is courageous. He's willing to say the things that need to be said. And we haven't had that, certainly for the last eight years while Barack Obama was in office. 

INGRAHAM: I think they are terrified of Kanye West. Like, he's crazy, he belongs in an insane asylum. They don't want to actually argue about the thing, which is the failures of the Democrat Party, Candace. All right, Candace, give us an update after your meeting tomorrow with Kanye. It's good to see that happening. 

OWENS: Thank you. 

INGRAHAM: And coming up, an inspiring last bite that you will not want to miss. 


INGRAHAM: It's time for the last bite. 

Amidst all the hyper political fights, we thought it best to end tonight on an uplifting note. Fresh off becoming the NFL's all-time leader in yards passing, Drew Brees shared this beautiful moment with his children. 


DREW BREES, NFL PLAYER: How about that? How about that? I love you guys so much. I love you boys. I love you. 


INGRAHAM: I'm trying to get over the Redskins loss. Right? But it doesn't mean I wouldn't cry. I'm crying over the Redskins loss. Now, that was really cute. What a moment. And that's all the time we have tonight. Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team. Take it from here, Shannon. 

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