What to expect from Gen. Kelly's White House

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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello everybody. I'm Jesse Watters along with Lisa Boothe, Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It's 9:00 in New York City and this is "The Five."

Another night of big breaking news in Washington. A White House shake-up after reports of major infighting in recent days. President Trump is ousted his chief of staff Reince Priebus and replaced him with Homeland Security Chief General John Kelly. The announcement comes a week after the President appointed a new communications director Anthony Scaramucci who accused Priebus of trying to keep him out of the West Wing in a fiery interview.

Here was the President on his decision earlier.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Reince is a good man. John Kelly will do a fantastic job. General Kelly has been a star, done an incredible job thus far, respected by everybody. A great, great American. Reince Priebus is a good man. Thank you very much.


WATTERS: More details now from chief national correspondent Ed Henry.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Jesse, Reince Priebus gets some credit for helping to elect President Trump providing critical ground game for the campaign. But has not had anywhere near those kinds of a result. In terms of major legislation and it's worth noting, he's out mere hours after a major failure on health care. In some ways, the President has never fully in sync with the chief-of-staff dating back to Priebus' days as chairman of the RNC.

When he urged the GOP nominee in October to get out of the race because of that Access Hollywood tape. The President sometimes tweet to Priebus about that in private and the attention only grew after the arrival of Anthony Scaramucci one week ago today. Over the strong objections of Priebus and his RNC loyalist Sean Spicer who quickly resigned.

Interesting if Priebus did not see the handwriting on the wall then it was written in giant letters last night where we learned of that Scaramucci interview with the New Yorker magazine in which he savaged Priebus by calling him among other things, a bleeping paranoid schizophrenic.

Awkward then that Priebus and Scaramucci run Air Force One together today before this was revealed. And where the news broke as the President was getting off the plane, Priebus' vehicle suddenly left the motorcade. Got a bit awkward. Priebus is now saying, he secretly resigned yesterday and tonight, he put out a statement that said that it was one of the greatest honors of his life to serve under the President. And then he told our own Sean Hannity this.


REINCE PRIEBUS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF: I think actually going a different direction, hitting a reset button is a good thing. And the President did that and so, I think he's happy. I got to tell you, I think it's always a little mixed when things like this happen. I generally feel pretty good.


HENRY: He will be preceded by General John Kelly who at Washington experienced before serving in this cabinet. He ran legislative affairs for the marine commandant. And he was a senior military aide to two secretaries of defense. Kelly saying, quote, "I have been fortunate to have served my country for more than 45 years, first as a marine and then as a secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. I'm honored to be asked to serve as the chief of staff to the President of the United States."

The key is we're being told tonight that General Kelly has been empowered to control the flow of people in paper in and out of the Oval Office. He starts Monday when there will be a cabinet meeting as well to reboot things in the administration. Jesse, guys.

WATTERS: Ed, thanks very much. So, Ed touches on something interesting. Reince did a fantastic job leading the RNC. I mean, really brought them back from oblivion where there's a ton of money, help get Donald Trump elected. But as chief of staff, didn't really deliver on ObamaCare repeal, couldn't stop the leaks, was involved in helping Mueller. The special prosecutor. Do you believe he deserves to be ousted?

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I think on the other hand it's funny because just last week as the White House entered into its six months anniversary or mark, they were basically beating the drum saying, look at how great we've done. This is, the President has done more than any president in the history of the United States. And look at all of these amazing things.

So, I mean, I think that if you are Reince Priebus, you could look at it both ways. Right? And I do think that the ObamaCare thing is probably something right.


PERINO: And even apparently he even said that that was kind of an internal marker for him.


PERINO: The fact that he did not have the full backing of the President nor did he have then, because of that, the full confidence of the staff --


PERINO: -- nor the cabinet, I would imagine, then he was basically not able to function and do his job in the best thing I guess for everybody is for him to move on. I think this selection of General Kohn Kelly is really good. For all sorts of reasons that we can talk about here, the chain of command, public servant, he has the respect of the President but also this is a White House that is about to -- that is facing but will increasingly face a very hostile regimes.

North Korea today testing another missile, possibly an ICBM. You have Iran and all of these, the idea, this possibility that they sent up a satellite into space. I just knew. And also he used to be southern command and knows a lot about things in South America and Venezuela is hitting up. So, now that he names another National Security adviser, but the fact that the chief of staff now has a great command of those issues is really good.

WATTERS: It seems like everybody believes that Kelly is an excellent choice. Greg, Trump is firing more people at the White House than he did on "The Apprentice."


WATTERS: That may have worked on "The Apprentice." Works in real estate, it's definitely worked in the primaries in the general election. A lot of people loose. Is it working now at this point?

GUTFELD: Well, the good news is Spicer and Reince can now do "Dancing with the Stars" as a pair.



GUTFELD: I think that's beautiful. And I think it's -- can I switch on this kind of firing is that Hannity now does all of the exit interviews which is really good. I do think, you know, Donald Trump does remind of some, but he reminds me of President Obama, he had five chiefs of staffs. He had three chief of staffs in under three years. The point is, I looked that up on Wikipedia. Because I don't really remember. I don't remember his chief of staffs. I don't even remember --

WATTERS: I just remember one.

GUTFELD: Yes. I remember --

WATTERS: He spoke like Scaramucci.


GUTFELD: And he was a ballet dancer. But I mean, you know --

WATTERS: Well, did you look at the Wikipedia for that though?

GUTFELD: I always do. But my point is, people talking about White House staffing changes are like, guys talking about fantasy football trades. If you're not that in to it, and we do this for a living --


GUTFELD: So, we have to be -- into it. But I don't think anybody is going to care about this. This is a guy who, you know, treats staffing the way he always does. He uses you until he uses you. He is a difficult boss. And difficult bosses are hard to read until they decide that they don't want you around. And then he does this thing where it's like he doesn't fire you. It's like a guy in a relationship who wants to get out of it, so we prefer if you dump him. So, he just stops talking to you.

WATTERS: He's a total jerk.

GUTFELD: Yes. The thing is, it's normal. And the happiest person in DC is Scaramucci. Because, you know, his language was saltier than a sweaty pretzel. And if all we were talking about and now we're talking about this.

WATTERS: Now I'm hungry.


WATTERS: Juan, what do the Democrats think of Kelly coming in, because he's really going to institute a lot more discipline, as a lot more authority. He's going to control the access of the President. How do you guys take this?

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I don't know. I'm not speaking for Democrats.

WATTERS: Well, tonight you will.

WILLIAMS: But I will tell you how I feel. I mean, to me, I don't think it makes much difference. Because I think President Trump is in charge and he seems to enjoy the chaos. And don't forget, a lot of this. The things that you were talking about Jesse like who is controlling the flow of people into the Oval Office. How are you going to tell his son, the President's son-in-law you can't go in there? How are you going to tell his daughter?

WATTERS: They have open access.

WILLIAMS: They have open access. You can't fire them. So, they are operating in their own sphere even though they are in the White House.


WILLIAMS: And then, and I think Greg, this is the big news to me. I mean, there's a reason it's not just like any other president switching as chief of staff, this has been a week of seismic, feuding, I mean, to the point of dysfunction in the White House.


WILLIAMS: I mean, and think about the consequences of it. I think this business about, oh, health care fails and Priebus is out. You must have missed all that happened the rest of the time because it's been fireworks. I mean, just this week, Sessions has said, I am not leaving. If you want to fire me, this goes back to what Greg said. If you want to fire me, fire me. But I am not going anywhere despite all of your tweets.

You think about the Pentagon saying to him on the transgender front, we'll do a study here, but we're not banning transgender people like you want. And then of course you have the whole business with the Boy Scouts and the Boy Scouts having to put out an apology. It's been a terrifically turbulent week.

BOOTHE: You forgot there's a new press secretary too.


WILLIAMS: And the Scaramucci stuff, it was out of control. I wish Greg had been here for that.

GUTFELD: I was spirited.

WILLIAMS: Spirited.

BOOTHE: Oh, I'm actually disappointed that Secretary Kelly is leaving that post. I just thought he was such a perfect pick for Homeland Security secretary. As Dana mentioned, former command of the southern command, having served in Central America as well as South America. Also having served in Iraq. He's so perfect for that job. So, I'm actually really disappointed for him to leave that post.

And what I do worry about as Greg mentioned the turnover that we saw under President Obama, we've seen a lot of turnover under President Trump and I certainly hope that doesn't happen to someone who has so dutifully serve this country for 45 years. But look, I mean, I think the writing was on the wall for Priebus with Scaramucci being brought in and Sean Spicer being pushed put.

I think President Trump felt like the establishment wing of the Republican Party was never with him, I think he associates Priebus and Spicer, with that wing of the party, so I would be surprised if we see some more firings in the weeks to come.

WATTERS: Let's listen to what Reince said about the exit. Roll the tape.


PRIEBUS: I'm going to be on team Trump all of the time. I'll always be out there trying to help the President advance his goal. Support him as a friend too. And that's the other part of the job that people don't realize. You actually become friends, you know, when you go through thick and thin together, you get to know people really well. And he is a good man. And I was honored to be able to serve him.


WATTERS: Reince is definitely taking a classy way out there and you can see that full interview 10 p.m. Eastern on Hannity. Lisa touched on this for a little bit. So Trump seems to be clearing out the political people, the RNC people. He's bringing in military people, he is bringing in the money men. He feels very comfortable around the brass, around the billionaires or the millionaires. What do you think that says about Trump?

PERINO: I'm not sure.

WATTERS: And there is a new direction.

PERINO: Well, I think that they still have plenty of competition for ideas in the White House.

WATTERS: Yes. That's good.

PERINO: Because you have National Economic Council that is in one area.
You have Steve Bannon's shop. Kellyanne Conway working on to fulfill her duties. And then you've got McMaster and those guys at the National Security Council. I think what's really interesting is what's about to happen. I'm going to go out and say this. I think that this was all set up for a few weeks because the President has been so upset about Jeff Sessions and his recusal in the Russian investigation that the Republicans and conservatives that came to Jeff Sessions defense this week all said but he's doing the best on the issue we care about the most and that is immigration. Where can Jeff Sessions do even more on immigration, as the secretary of Homeland Security?


PERINO: So, I think that what they're going to try to do is --


PERINO: -- Sessions over to DNC and then how can the conservatives complain? And then you have a new AG he thinks can then fire Mueller.

GUTFELD: So, wait, wait, wait, Trump is playing Yahtzee and everybody else is playing boggle.

PERINO: Hungry hippos.

GUTFELD: Can I ask, you ask what you ask, I think that there's also something about Donald Trump past that plays a role in this president. And that is that he went to a New York Military Academy.


GUTFELD: Because he was getting into some fights and some scrapes, and what changed him was a military academy.

WATTERS: That is absurd.

GUTFELD: So, I think that a major influence in his life is a general, is somebody that gives you order, and discipline and routine. And hopefully that maybe that will work. Because it won't hurt him to have a little bit more control over some of the things. I just don't know if that's possible.

BOOTHE: And I also think -- what's also interesting too because one of the big knocks against President Trump during the election is that he wouldn't take advice of counsel, that he wouldn't listen to his advisors. But what we have seen as you mentioned, he has surrounded himself with a lot of brass. Whether people who are CEOs of Exxon or generals. People that have served, people that have run and ran something successfully.

And so, I find that to be very interesting. Because it actually turned out to be the exact opposite in terms of him surrounding himself with people that are very accomplished that can do the job on their own and to some degree allowed them to do that role. Last word.

WILLIAMS: I just want to pick up on what Dana was talking about, with the possible shuffling of cheers because I don't think the bloodletting is over. There is every indication coming out of Washington that Rex Tillerson is not happy at state. And look in the other way. And not only that that HR McMaster, the National Security advisor was not plugged in to this business about what was going to be a ban on transgender individuals and questions about how this National Security shop is functioning.

You take that with the idea that Steve Bannon is just kind of drifting in the wind. Because gosh, Scaramucci really said awful things about physically impossible acts that he was committing.

GUTFELD: It's not physically impossible.

WILLIAMS: Well, I'll leave that to you my friend. But I will say this. That Bannon can't be in a good place with Scaramucci there. And what you see now with Kelly coming in to run the shop. But I will say this about Kelly being there. I think there is a great deal of worry right now in the intelligence community in this country. As to what happens in the crisis is the White House dysfunction, meaning that we really won't be able to handle it and hopefully Kelly will reassure some --

WATTERS: And there could be a crisis around the corner with North Korea.

All right. President Trump has a lot of praise on his new chief of staff. We'll discuss his administration's effort to combat MS-13, the violent street gang he is vowing to destroy, up next.


PERINO: Today, President Trump addressed an audience of law enforcement officers about his administration's efforts to combat the violent gang MS- 13. He delivered the remarks in line I'm in New York where the trans-national gang has a strong --


TRUMP: We are going to destroy the vile criminal cartel MS-13 and many other gangs. But MS-13 is particularly violent. They don't like shooting people because it is too quick, it's too fast. They kidnap, they extort, they rape and they rob. They prey on children. They shouldn't be here. I have a simple message today for every gang member and criminal alien that are threatening so violently our people. We will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you and we will deport you.


PERINO: Earlier tonight, Martha MacCallum on the story interviewed -- Evelyn Rodriguez who was the mother of a 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas who was killed by MS-13. And she and the father were willing to come in and share part of their story. And I think that this is important because it gives voice to what President Trump is talking about. Let's take a listen.


EVELYN RODRIGUEZ, MOTHER OF KAYLA CUEVAS: I knew they existed. I knew they were within the school, I just didn't know how bad it was. Me and my daughter had an open relationship. She told me everything. When there was a problem I really contacted her school, had a meeting. With that, again they would take care of it and it wasn't.


PERINO: And so then you have a 16-year-old girl, and many, many others all across the country and particular Long Island, Jesse. You probably a little bit more familiar with this than any of us. This is a gang, it's not just a lark that the President is on it, this is like a very serious stuff and it's spreading.

WATTERS: Yes. It's a vicious gang. He is going up to the bad hombres first like he said he would. ISIS actually arrested over 3,000 gang members just in six months alone. That's almost as much as President Obama arrested in the whole year under his ICE administration. What they do is they go into these communities, a lot of times Hispanic communities and they threaten teen Hispanics that don't speak a lot of English, into coming into their gangs. They traffic in narcotics, they traffic in humans, they uses machetes, they are very violent and they are very gory. And that's what drawing a lot of national media attention here. I think destroying MS-13 is pro-Hispanic. Because a lot of the victims are Hispanics.


WATTERS: So, when the President comes out and makes a grand statement like this, and it forces Democrats to say, you know what? We're going to vote for more resources for ICE. We're going to vote for more immigration judges. We're going to vote for more ICE agents because if we don't, there is going to be mayhem. We do a story on Watters' World on Saturday night at 8:00 this week, where there is a guy who was a Mexican national, he was deported 20 times --

BOOTH: Oh my gosh!

WATTERS: -- and now he's back in Portland which is a sanctuary city and now he is charged with raping two women at knife point. But the local sheriff won't even say anything to ICE because there are sanctuary cities, Kate's Law, would have protected these rape victims. The wall would have protected these two rape victims. So, when you highlight victims like this like what you just saw on Martha's show, it really resonates with the rest of the country. You say, there are victims, this is real and we need to get tough.

PERINO: Lisa, you want to say something?

BOOTHE: Well, and what's interesting too is President Trump is actually doing what the Democratic Party does really well, which is giving a personal voice to issues.


BOOTHE: And he's lent a voice to victims of illegal immigrants which is something that we never saw under President Obama. And what President Trump said that he was going to cracked down on illegal immigration and he absolutely has done that that. His administration ran a six weeks operation, 1300 gang members were detained which is the most we have ever seen in history. And look, I look around the Northern Virginia area and there's a big problem with MS-13 in that area. If you look at Montgomery County, Maryland, they've seen 16 gang related homicides from MS-13 in just two weeks or two year period alone. So, this is a big problem for people in the country and I'm certainly glad to see him cracking down on it.

PERINO: So, he said Juan, that he would be at the law and order president and I think one of the other things he did today was, they basically try to give the police there his sort of bluffing, like go after them and be tough and some of the Democrats took offense to that when he said that he was okay with that.

WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, basically what he says is get rough with suspects. I don't know why the President of the United States would be saying that to the police. I mean, we have a reality, a real problem on the streets between people and police getting a little bit out of hand and I don't think it helps. You know, but I want to talk about what Jesse was saying. Jesse was suggesting, whoa, wait a second, Latino community in fact feels threatened by MS-13 which is a fact as you just heard from Lisa. Lisa and I both live in the DC area. We know this is a reality.

But the problem Jesse is there's greater fear of mass deportation in families being broken apart and people picked up who were not involved in any crime but just being swept up by this kind of anti-immigrant rhetoric that's coming from President Trump. And you see this, and you know, it's like he's promoting fear of all illegal immigrants in order to justify and to play to the political crowd that wants to blame illegal immigrants for every stand in the country.

And one last point, I thought it was stunning today that you have Attorney General Sessions in El Salvador, fighting MS-13 and he doesn't get one shot out, not one mentioned from the President when he is talking about fighting MS-13. Talked about a political signal.

PERINO: That might have been an oversight but you're right that is obviously something that should have been mentioned. Greg, do you think that what President Trump is trying to do is just to fulfill a campaign promise that says, I am going to try to return this order and MS-13 as his main target.

GUTFELD: I want to mention, I want to respond to what Juan said, this is a perfect example of the Trump presidency in this media atmosphere in the nutshell. In six weeks, they kneaded 14 illegals over thousand were gang members, that's a big deal. But what is Juan do, he focuses on the two lines about the police. Or he talks about the facts he didn't mention Sessions. So, the media attention is always about the periphery issues. But there is a bigger issue.

I've always said this before with Donald Trump, the bigger issue obliterates the littler issues. You don't have to like him. You don't like to have the fact that he forgets about things or the fact that he doesn't see a child, he doesn't shake the hands and you think that's awful. You come up with all of the stupid stuff. When in fact if you look at the bigger issue, the bigger issue matters. And this is my advice for Democrats.

Listen, the fact is he took law enforcement care border, wrapped it into this cocoon of National Security and he beat the pants off of you. Because of this very issue. And what he did with law enforcement is, he made it okay to appreciate law enforcement again. Most of America appreciated from the first place. But now you can do it openly. Because we had media for the past six years that painted the law enforcement as the problem. Police brutality was exaggerated. I believe it's exaggerated and now this pendulum is swinging back to the point where we can say, we are proud of what you do.

WILLIAMS: Let me tell you, if you're black or brown in America, please --

GUTFELD: I saw that response coming.

WILLIAMS: And you know what else? You know what else? I like this. In fact you sent me something that was so impressed with, which was this podcast and had two people, a Trump supporter and a Trump opponent.

GUTFELD: Sam Harris and Scott Adams.

WILLIAMS: Right. And I was touting because what you saw the argument for Scott Adams was Trump managers to be persuasive by rolling things, sort of, beyond the factual basis. But here Greg in this case, there is no question. He's playing a fear card that appeals to people. Emotionally so, those immigrants, illegal immigrants --

GUTFELD: No, no, no.

WATTERS: I fear MS-13 too, Juan. I don't know where they're getting their heads off with machetes.

BOOTHE: And I think when 75 percent of the illegal immigrants that they have contained have been convicted criminals of things like assault, homicide --

WILLIAMS: Nobody is arguing.

BOOTHE: -- rape, drug related crimes. I hope your argument --

WILLIAMS: That's fine. But what we are arguing, the reality is, you have more to fear from people who are American citizens in terms of being killed or --

GUTFELD: That's fine. Okay. But you can hold two competing thoughts. You can dislike American criminals and dislike illegal immigrant criminals. What you're doing wrong Juan is you're conflating a dislike for illegal immigrants with immigrants. Trump is an anti-immigrant, he is anti-illegal immigrant.


GUTFELD: That is the difference.

WILLIAMS: No, there is a difference with Trump because actually he's trying to cut back on all kinds of immigration although he broke his own word the other day and issued more visas for --

WATTERS: So, you should like that.

GUTFELD: There you go.


PERINO: There you go. All right. The GOP's skinny ObamaCare repeal effort failed overnight after John McCain has done his part. It was a deciding no vote. So, what now? We'll tell you. Next.


WILLIAMS: Breaking news, we are getting word tonight that President Trump intent to sign the Russian sanctions bill that he reviewed and it is now in final version. Meanwhile, it was a bleak morning for Republicans in D.C. Their latest attempt to repeal ObamaCare failed overnight after John McCain that killed his party's effort, it as the President's reaction earlier.


TRUMP: They should have approved health care last night. But we can have everything. We've been working on that for seven years, can you believe that? The swamp, but we will get it done. I said from the beginning, let ObamaCare implode and then we will do it. It turned out to be right. Let ObamaCare implode.



WILLIAMS: Wow. Jesse, looking forward, Tom Price the secretary of Health and Human Services have some options he could in fact sabotage, and he could do thing like not promote further and he could pull some of the subsidies, he could not enforce the mandate of the individuals, is that the way to go? Do you agree?

WATTERS: Or Trump could fire Price. That is always a possibility. He actually threaten it the other day, he was kidding, but knows anymore? I think both parties failed the American people. The Democrats failed them by jacking up premiums and Republicans failed them by not lowering them.

There are a few lessons here. Republicans don't have the policy chops that they've been bragging about for all this years. I don't even know if anything they put out there would lower premiums. There are a lot of Republicans that are now so-called Republicans that shows big government over small government. Once you put a lot of these Senators on federal funding, very hard to take away. Mitch McConnell is not the master of the senate that everybody thought that he would be. Pence weren't able to twist McCain arms. Speaking of McCain, I believe put the interests of his own constituents, and sacrifices it against the altar of the mysterious bipartisanship that never even existed. Premiums are out of control in Arizona. And he voted against repealing ObamaCare. It doesn't make any sense. The only thing you can do or say at this point is term limits.

WILLIAMS: You are mad if you are Republican. One of the dynamics that took place was McCain had a promise from Speaker Paul Ryan that if this bill was passed, they wouldn't negotiate. McCain said that is not enough.

PERINO: Right and they found that promise. This is something that I don't understand if you voted on the motion to proceed, why not then to vote into conference. If you don't like it then, then don't you can vote against it? I think stopping the process then doesn't make a lot of sense. What is interesting to me maybe at one bright spot the Republicans miss is that McCain let his choice be known early on. All the rest of the Republicans stuck with McConnell to vote on it. There's some sense of unity there. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi the minority leader has sent a letter to majority leader McConnell and speaker Ryan saying we the Democrats are willing to work with you on the version that you had put forth. The Democrats were willing to come to the table at the time and now they want to do it. The thing is it is not possible that they can move on and talk about something else anymore, because every decision going forward has some part of ObamaCare in it. When you talk about tax reform, any sort of budget issues, ObamaCare is stuck inside.

WILLIAMS: Greg just quickly, one of the big, big changes that we have seen during this period is that the polls now have most Americans supporting ObamaCare and this includes most Republicans.

GUTFELD: It is seen as a free thing and it's hard to take a free thing away. Look, I would've voted no on this just by the name, skinny repeal. There's nothing good in life that begins with the word skinny.


BOOTHE: Skinny margaritas, that is all good.

GUTFELD: You prove my point.


GUTFELD: Skinny margaritas are the worst thing on the planet. This should have been a morbidly obese repeal. It should have had something with substance. Let me finish, I have been gone for weeks, give me chance here. I think McCain might have been given some people cover for doing it. I think a lot of people didn't like this and they were too scared to say it. So we gave them some cover. ObamaCare is a big bucket of manure. This was a spoon that started around a little bit. The two percent change in this bill, it was so small what they were effecting. They still act like you are committing murder. And this is an education for young Americans who aren't sure what party you belong to or what side you are on to, this is an education. If you touch an entitlement, you are worse than ISIS and Hitler combined. They will call you a murderer and call you evil. They also planned it because they knew they were going to win. There was no plan for this because no one thought that Trump is going to win. That would have been like last year writing a book called why Trump won, but instead writing a book that said why Hillary is going to be president.

BOOTHE: To Greg's point, how skinny could this possibly be, right? I mean this is an embarrassment for the Republican Party. They have been begging the American people for chance. The Democratic Party has egg on their face as well. They should have focused on issues that help the middle class. And now Americans are stuck and trapped with a health care system that doesn't work. We have an estimated 44 percent of counties are going to have zero to no insurers by 2018. We have seen premiums increased on average by 105 percent. Since 2013, so everyone has egg on their face.

GUTFELD: That is high in cholesterol.



GUTFELD: It is such a lie.

BOOTHE: It is true, why do you not believe that?

GUTFELD: Because it is disgusting.

WILLIAMS: let me just say, I think there's room for Republicans and Democrats to work on health care. And get the best possible plan for Americans.

GUTFELD: That is never happening.

WILLIAMS: Anyway, Republicans calling for a new special counsel, but not to replace Robert Mueller. You have to hear this, details straight ahead.


BOOTHE: Robert Mueller continues to investigate members of the Trump team and their possible tie to Russia, Republican are calling for second special counsel to look into Hillary Clinton and mishandling of her email investigation by Jim Comey and Loretta Lynch, Greg, what do you think?

GUTFELD: I think it is a great test for media bias. If you look at this latest stuff, Russia is playing both sides apparently. If the media only focuses on one side, not just the other one, you have to ask yourself and you know the answer because your side lost. So you are going after them.

BOOTHE: Jesse, what do you think?

WATTERS: The GOP is learning to fight fire with fire. If you are going to investigate us, we will investigate you. Let's see who is more guilty, my money's on the Democrats. It is not just that they want this investigate, Loretta Lynch, they want it investigated. The immunity deals given to the Clinton Associates, Clinton foundation, Clinton's dealing with Ukraine, the DNC server, illegal surveillance, the fake dossier, illegal leaks on unmasking the Comey leaks. There's a whole host of things that they can look into. You know what? There's a lot of meat on that bone and people are hungry.

BOOTHE: Dana, is this a good idea?

PERINO: I guess, I mean, but I think one of the problems is all of the things that Jesse just listed, it looks like a scattered brain, and it doesn't look focus.

WATTERS: You look really Trumptious.


BOOTHE: Juan, the Democratic Party is concerned with obstruction justice. Would Loretta Lynch be a good place to look?

WILLIAMS: Yes this is the funny thing. This is payback and an eye for an eye. There is a serious investigation that is absolutely bogging down the Trump White House. You get some freedom caucus guys, we got a hell of an idea, let's go after them. That is out of the Trump playbook. But I think most Americans are thinking this is petty and small.

BOOTHE: You don't the former Attorney General instructing the FBI Director to use the word matter instead of investigation is cause for concern?

WILLIAMS: I think this is like comparing a mask murder to a pimple.

BOOTHE: I don't know about that.


All right, stay right there because Facebook Friday is coming up next.


GUTFELD: That is called rap music Dana.


All right Facebook Friday, let's get started. This is Kathy R. question one, when was your first TV appearance on TV -- redundant-- and how nervous were you, Juan?

WILLIAMS: I will say this. I think I was playing basketball in upstate New York and we won big championship title.

GUTFELD: So you are interviewed after?

WILLIAMS: Yes, it is like the whole team kind of jump in.

GUTFELD: That is kind of exciting. What about you Jesse?

WATTERS: They caught up with me at a shoe store in Philly during the Milli Vanilli scandal and asked me what I thought about it and that night they put my face underneath an old woman voice. I was spooked the first time I was on television.

WILLIAMS: That was great.

GUTFELD: What about you Lisa?

BOOTHE: I was working on a senate race out of Wisconsin. I made sure the campaign manager knew I haven't done TV before, gave him an out and ended up doing it and really enjoyed it and now I'm doing this.


PERINO: College, I worked for the Public television Station, PBS affiliate in Colorado. It was called capital journal.

GUTFELD: Nice. That sounds very wanky. I was the original Chuck in Happy Days. I can't remember I was drunk on my first time. I was always drinking when I was doing TV.

WATTERS: Are you drunk now?

GUTFELD: No, I am just tired. Question two, this is from Donna P. what is the one thing you always wanted to do but haven't and why haven't you, Dana? Keep it clean.


PERINO: I don't know, I've never been asked. You have to take time off. It's getting kind of hot in here. I've never been to Venice.

GUTFELD: Venice beach California, Jesse?

WATTERS: I want to go to South America and I never want to come back.


GUTFELD: Just do something on the show that will make you go wait.

WILLIAMS: This is out of control Greg.

GUTFELD: Juan anything you haven't done that you wanted too?

WILLIAMS: I want to take my family on safari.

GUTFELD: I don't like safari, I don't want to be around animals, Lisa?

BOOTHE: I think I want to go skydiving.

WATTERS: Indoor skydiving.

BOOTHE: It is just like air blowing and it is not very scary.

GUTFELD: There's nothing I want to do because I don't like anything so I have no desire. Everything that everyone mentions involves some kind of elevated risk. If I could I would just stay in my apartment and eat the same cheese sandwich every day until I die under the weight of the cheese sandwich wrappers. One of you will come and get me, because I haven't showed up on work and the whole place smells.

PERINO: I nominate Jesse.

WATTERS: You most of it and vacation.

GUTFELD: I'm never going away again, one more thing coming up.


WATTERS: It's time now for one more thing. Greg.

GUTFELD: All right, tomorrow night 10 pm, got a great show. Saturday, 10 pm, it's going to be a lot of stuff. As you know, I went away. And it is time for Greg's vacation pictures. You are going to love this. I went to Greece and to Italy. Here's my first picture. I don't know if you can tell. Apparently it's my foot. I think I'm walking to the terminal. Let's go to my next picture. Just sitting there, a picture of my thigh, I was waiting at the gate. And then here I was trying to take a picture of a building but I forgot to put the reverse in selfie mode, so it's just a picture of me.

BOOTHE: You got to take some lessons from Juan on that.


WATTERS: All right, Dana.

PERINO: All right, I've got a great one I've said for you. Chicago fire fighter found a creative way to give back to his community. He knows that kids near the engine, they're skipping class. And it's like why are you skipping class? I want you to stay in school. So he started a thing. If you bring your good report cards in, I'm going to give you a bicycle. And all the sudden, they all started coming in. Attendance increased 45 percent and within a year went up to 92 percent from an initial 20 percent. So this guy is an amazing work, flowers are tied from the police department last month and they are looking to pass the torch and searching for someone to take over the bike program. So if you have anybody in mind.

WATTERS: That is an excellent program.


WATTERS: Juan Williams?

WILLIAMS: Sad news tonight. British baby Charlie Garr passed away today only a week before his first birthday. Little Charlie was diagnosed with a weird genetic illness, he couldn't breathe on his own, he couldn't see, he couldn't move. British Medical System said there was no hope that his parents held out hope for a cure. Even tried to bring him to the U.S. at one point, his battle became a symbol for the ethical debate on right to life and right to patient and doctors to analyze. This is tough stuff. Pope Francis tweeted today, "I entrust little Charlie to the father and pray for his parents and all those who love him."

WATTERS: poor baby Charlie. All right I'm up next. Do people know anything about Russia or Putin or Trump? We went out to the streets to find out.


WATTERS: Do you believe that Russia interfered in the election to help Trump?


WATTERS: how do they do that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have no idea.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Trump should resign.

WATTERS: Is that your girlfriend?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes my girlfriend.

WATTERS: Lucky you.


WATTERS: All right. So you'll see this whole thing Saturday night at 8:00 Eastern.

Lisa Boothe?

BOOTHE: Touching and emotional moment out of Michigan where hundreds of people showed their final respects to Tina a Marine Veteran bomb dog. Corporal Jessie Young serve alongside Tina in Afghanistan and adopted her shortly after she credits her with helping him through his post-traumatic stress disorder after serving and it really underscores the connection between service members and the animals that serve alongside of them.

WATTERS: Did you again get Dana's permission?

BOOTHE: I am on the board of companions for heroes and they do this type of thing and helping this guys and it actually really does work. And there are lots of these organizations, if you can support them. If you match up a rescue dog, you can save a lot of lives and bring a lot of joy

WATTERS: But did you feel upstaged?

BOOTHE: No. I am proud of her. And I'm glad it wasn't a bobcat eating a dog.


WATTERS: DVR and never miss an episode of The Five. Have a great weekend, everybody, Hannity up next.


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