Watergate figure John Dean testifies at Mueller report hearing

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I'm Greg Gutfeld with Dagen McDowell, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and she plays Leap Frog with an actual frog, Dana Perino -- "The Five."

In a normal world when you do something that works like making progress on the border people might say "hey dude, good job." But this isn't a normal world.


BERNIE SANDERS (D-VT), DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You can't have a trade policy based on tweets.

BETO O'ROURKE (D-TX), DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I think the president has completely overblown what he purports to have achieved.

JON MEACHAM, PRESIDENTIAL BIOGRAPHER: I continue to think that foreign leaders must look at this presidency in the way we used to look at particularly unstable regimes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's a pattern we have seen repeatedly with this president. He sort of creates a crisis, has some sort of a fairly general resolution to it that's lacking any details and then declares victory.


GUTFELD: Yes. Beto calling something overblown, that's like de Blasio calling you unpopular. Face it, if Trump discovered a cure for death they would accuse him of putting gravediggers out of business. It's weird when someone looks at something productive and calls it counterproductive.

I guess a belt is counterproductive to keeping your pants up. Exercise is counterproductive to weight loss and border enforcement is counterproductive to a strong border. But you can't trust people if they can't admit obvious results. It means that all the responses are emotional delusions.

Take me. I was a critic of Trump for a long time and man, I hated tariffs but now I got to admit, there is something to them that I missed and it's ushering in a new way to solve problems. Meanwhile, there are people who still see military solutions as superior to financial ones.

When in fact, every time Trump threatens a tariff and means it, maybe that's one less problem solved by violence. Trump wages war with mathematics, not men. Shouldn't lefties love that? Isn't that progress, which is two parts of that word "progressive"?

You know, according to the Council on Foreign Relations, the west is now free of conflict not including the drug war. To quote humanprogress.org, "no person alive can remember our western hemisphere to be as peaceful as it is today." And that's amazing.

So what do you say, Democrats in media? That is a great direction. Why not keep it going? All right, Juan. Why can't you just admit it works when we shake hands and move on to the next segment?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: I think it's a beautiful day, you know, let's have fun in the neighborhood and let's just not talk politics, let's just shut up and because I was wondering when you were showing the clips, Greg, I thought, you know, it's pretty clear he manufactured this deal. I mean, you know --

GUTFELD: Yes, he did.

WILLIAMS: OK. And then it seems to me he says without getting Mexico to agree that they're going to keep the asylum people, right, he says, oh, we got a deal and there is some secret to it, then the Mexicans come out and say, "no secret."

So, at some point, I think maybe Greg is seeing something I'm not seeing. I hope this is not just, you know, sort of tribal (ph) "I back Trump, you don't" but I mean, I just don't see that there's anything that Mexico concede. So in a way, it looks like Trump got rolled.


JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: I strongly disagree with that Juan because they agreed to send 500 troops to their southern border with Guatemala --

WILLIAMS: Yes, and what do you agree for that?

GUTFELD: (Inaudible) verbally.

WATTERS:  -- and now 6,000 troops to the southern border, and they're going to institute to Mexico protocols which says that if you're seeking asylum you stay in Mexico. And that's good and that's progress, Juan.

And the media has lied about this because they want to try to sabotage any victory he has. If there is no new deal then why did the president of Mexico say we have a new deal on Saturday?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because he gets it.

WATTERS: It doesn't make any sense so --

WILLIAMS: Thank you.

WATTERS: -- we shouldn't have to negotiate with a foreign power in order to fix our immigration system, but the Democrats have left us no choice. Nancy Pelosi could solve the asylum grab in a heartbeat but she doesn't because she wants to secure political power instead of securing the country.

The Dems like to call this bullying. How is flexing American economic muscle to get what you want bullying? That's just America first and the Democrats don't like that. And usually the media, when there is a deal like we have seen, NAFTA or Paris or Iran or Bergdahl, they praise these bad deals.

And every time we lose money, we loose power and we loose face, but this is a great deal and the media, they don't like it because it's good for America.

GUTFELD: You know, Dana, there is this argument that they already agreed to it, but they -- I think the tariffs pushed them faster to the agreement.


GUTFELD: I think that's what the threat got them on board.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Maybe initially, but I mean, I was also kind of kicking myself because Kirstjen Nielsen, the former secretary who was fired, resigned, you know, back then, she had actually in January, she had orchestrated this deal with the Mexicans in order to send the National Guard troops and make them keep more people in Mexico and maybe the details weren't finalized, whatever.

I find it hard to imagine that the president was actually ever going to go forward with 25 percent tariffs heading into an election year when the economy is his strongest point of view. But I think there might be some five -- what is it called? Three-dimensional underwater chess going on --


PERINO: -- because you know what's happened?


PERINO: Democrats are now saying tariffs are bad.

GUTFELD: Yes, I know. I know.

PERINO: Now, Democrats are saying, wait, tariffs are a tax on consumers --


PERINO: -- and businesses and this is wrong and we can't have that. And I think wow, now we've really got them.

GUTFELD: Yes, we've flipped the script. All right, Dagen, you are the business person here. I was thinking that maybe that Trump sees -- Trump I don't think is in to war. I think he's kind of -- I think from a financial standpoint, he thinks it's a waste of blood, treasure and just time. I think he sees trade wars as the replacement for war and why should, I mean, should that -- isn't that progress?

DAGEN MCDOWELL, CO-HOST: I will choose tariffs over violence any day.


MCDOWELL: I think any of us would make that, but there has to be some middle ground and I will put on my tariff face which is --


MCDOWELL: That's my tariff face.


MCDOWELL: What he's doing is because he uses these border taxes to push back on Mexico and then leaves them up in the air like, you know what, if you don't play ball I'm bringing them back. That does create a lot of business uncertainty about investment and growth.

You have manufacturing in this country looking really soft this year and businesses -- Deere, General Motors, 3M, are pulling back on investment, they're not hiring. They're even potentially laying off people, so it introduces that uncertainty.

He's called himself tariff man and you have take him at his word. He likes using tariffs. I think about it like a preteen boy using nunchucks --


MCDOWELL: -- where he's whacking on them and he gets you to backup initially, but then he eventually smacks himself in the face potentially. That's maybe where this goes. He needs to focus on the economy. It could hurt.

GUTFELD: Yes, on the other hand you might see China go, well, he really means it and this is, I mean, this could be progress. Speaking of progress, I passed my driver's test.

WATTERS: Thank you.

PERINO: Everyone has been wanting to know all day long.

GUTFELD: I only got one thing wrong. I --

WILLIAMS: Who died? Who died when you got it wrong?

GUTFELD: I didn't see her crossing the street. It was quite a mess. No, I did like -- I scored perfectly except for one thing.

PERINO: Did he give you a gold star on your chart?

GUTFELD: No, but there were -- I want to do a shout out to Don Scardino who was my little instructor who drove me around the city.

WATTERS: What was the one thing he nails you on?

GUTFELD: He was the instructor but they have the tester.

WATTERS: What happened? What did you get wrong?

GUTFELD: There was a street that was -- you had to do a complete stop on, but there was a street coming down here from the side that was weird so I want -- and there were cars so I wanted to like get out a little further and you are not supposed to get out a little further. You should stop.

WATTERS: Because you're too short to see over.

GUTFELD: Yes, that wasn't necessary. You should let me bask in my moment.

WATTERS: OK, sorry. Congratulations.

GUTFELD: You know, you're just like Bernie and the rest.

PERINO: How did you picture turn out on your driver's license?

GUTFELD: I look a little older than my last one.

WATTERS: Let's see it. Here we go.

PERINO: All right, we've got to find it. We've got to find it.

WATTERS: This is live T.V. so --

GUTFELD: Wait, this has my address on it.


PERINO: We just want to see the picture.

MCDOWELL: Show your social security number.

GUTFELD: Do you see that.

WILLIAMS: You're under arrest.


WATTERS: Let me see. Oh, the glasses. So when you take this off it's a disguise.

GUTFELD: Exactly. There I am. Yes, you get to see my beautiful fingers. My producer just said I look creepy.

PERINO: Let me see. I just want to see --



WILLIAMS: You know, everybody like, you know, it's like a passport.

GUTFELD: I look creepy.  PERINO: No, I was looking at the height.

WATTERS: What does it say for the height? What does it say?

PERINO: Let's keep that private.

WATTERS: You know what, it's private.

GUTFELD: This is over.

MCDOWELL: I'm not here every day. I'm saying nothing.

GUTFELD: Yes, really.

PERINO: My height is -- there is a mistake on mine.

GUTFELD: Oh, that's right.

PERINO: And not because I, you know, sort of --

WATTERS: Did they add inches or --

PERINO: -- exaggerated. There is a typo.

WATTERS: A typo.

PERINO: And it's pretty funny.


GUTFELD: I told you about my voter's --

WILLIAMS: How long does it last?

GUTFELD: I don't know. Is it five years? 10? Oh, that's great.

WILLIAMS: That's great.

GUTFELD: I can't wait to drive.

WILLIAMS: Do you have to have glasses?

GUTFELD: I've got to get that phone book out.

WILLIAMS: Do you have to have glasses?

GUTFELD: Yes, I wear glasses. All right, enough of me, more for you. Democrats flocking to Iowa to campaign and also take shots at two of their biggest rivals. The attacks, next.


PERINO: Democratic 2020 contenders descending on Iowa this weekend, meeting with supporters and attempting to pull in some new ones. They spoke at the annual Democratic Hall of Fame celebration where they took time out of the five minutes they were given to attack President Trump. Watch this.


SANDERS: The American people do not want a president who is a liar, a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a religious bigot and someone who believes that he is above the law.

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA), DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We've got a president of the United States who made a lot of promises and betrayed the American people. What did we get? A lot of broken promises.

GOV. JOHN HICKENLOOPER (D-CO), DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Donald Trump is the worst president in the history of America.


GUTFELD: Hickenlooper.

PERINO: But their critiques weren't just for their Republican rival. They also took aim at Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden. He was a no-show at the event.


SANDERS: I understand that there are some well-intentioned Democrats and candidates who believe that the best way forward is a middle-ground strategy. It is a failed political strategy that I feel could end up with the re-election of Donald Trump.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, (D-MA) DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm not spending my time with high-dollar donors and with corporate lobbyists. I'm spending my time with you.

SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND (D-NY) DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I do not think there is room in our party for a Democratic candidate who does not support women's full reproductive freedom.


PERINO: And to add insult to injury, Biden also being mocked for posting a photo of a friendship bracelet -- so embarrassing -- with the names Joe and Barack in celebration of National Best Friends Day. Jesse, do you think that the friendship bracelet, if we could just focus on that for a minute. I've been obsessed all weekend. Do you think that we just don't get it like that younger people think that's cool?

WATTERS: Well, men don't wear friendship bracelets. Guys just don't do that so I don't get that. And then why does he have Barack's friendship bracelet? Shouldn't Barack have that with him? It doesn't make any sense. He is riding the coat tails of this guy again.

He plucked him out of obscurity, made him the V.P. and now he's just coasting on that. And I don't people really buy it. I think he could lose Iowa. A lot of frontrunners lose Iowa because they overlook it/

And I don't think Biden has the enthusiasm and the energy and the persuasiveness on the ground since it's a caucus to organize and deliver on caucus day and he, an upset and surprise, but you'll never know because all of the anti-Biden vote could get split so you don't see an insurgent come up.

PERINO: We should point out the reason, Dagen, that he didn't make -- that Biden didn't go to this Iowa event, is that his granddaughter graduated from high school and he will be in Iowa tomorrow, the same day that President Trump would.

Do you think he is risking the caucus-goers from supporting him while he basically tries to run a general-election candidacy against President Trump?

MCDOWELL: Not yet but what's going to happen is, and I've talked to a lot of people about Joe Biden, that about 10 to 15 percentage points of his lead, and he's -- in the national polls right now it's a 16.6 point lead over Bernie Sanders -- about 10 to 15 percentage points of that is soft.

It's only with Joe Biden because he looks like the best person to take on President Trump and the pair of Soviets, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But the when you start to have these candidates dropping by the wayside as the summer moves on, you got potentially 25 percentage points in play that could move away from Biden.

But Biden apparently has had a descent fund-raising campaign during the second quarter along with Pete Buttigieg. So right now all he has to do is step back and just say Barack Obama and wear a "Hope" t-shirt.

PERINO: What do you hear out there, Juan?

WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, I think everybody is kind of puzzled to the fact that he's slipping a little, but you know, we were initially shocked that he actually stabilized at such a high level around 30 percent, Dana.

But now he's down around 25 and people are thinking, well, is that an indication that he's kind of like a balloon losing air on the way down or is it the case that he's running too much as if he's got it in the bag and that that's a huge mistake and that would be a repeat of Hillary Clinton's errors?

But the reality is as Dagen said, his fund-raising numbers are good. He's got a substantial lead and we know -- here is the other thought I had about this weekend. When you think about a frontrunner in the primaries, he's going to get attacked and actually I don't think they have exactly bared the fangs and the claws on Joe Biden. I just don't see that. I n fact --

PERINO: In fact, they're testing the waters to see how it feels to go after him.

WILLIAMS: Yes. And if you went back to '16, it was much rougher among the Republicans.

PERINO: Yes, that was fun. Did you watch any of it this weekend?

GUTFELD: Yes. I have actually have friendship bracelets but they're actually handcuffs.


GUTFELD: So, anyway, my favorite part from the whole weekend is, you know, -- what's the guy's name? Swalwell.

PERINO: Swalwell. Eric Swalwell.

GUTFELD: What's his first name?


GUTFELD: Eric Swalwell had a great moment that must have been playing in his head expecting some kind of response that turned out differently -- it was as though he was waiting for a standing ovation that didn't come. Watch him make this statement and watch the response.






PERINO: What did he -- wait, I don't --

GUTFELD: I think he thought that that was going to land and (inaudible) just killed it, but he's such a cheese ball. I just want him to be on a plate surrounded by Triscuits.

WATTERS: That's happened to me on THE FIVE before. And you think you got some great line then crickets. But you know, one of the reasons also is for the Democrats are being hesitant is because if he is the nominee, you don't want to be too rough because then you know, going to be in the V.P. conversation or if he's the president, no cabinet position. So they have to play cool.

PERINO: What about this idea or this phrase, Juan, that you heard Bernie Sanders use, but almost all Democrats use it when they have an opportunity in a front of a crowd or if they are on television, and that is that President Trump thinks he's above the law.

I feel like there was some conference room discussion where they did some message testing and that "above the law" must be the thing that really gets them --

GUTFELD: Good Steven Segal movie.

WILLIAMS: Well, you know to me, it resonates because I think that there is such concern about the idea that he seems almost like teflon. He gets away with everything and so to his critics, especially to people who find him, you know, everything from the obstruction, the Mueller report, it looks like, wow, some people in the world just --

PERINO: Thinks they're above the law.

WILLIAMS: -- and they get away with it. You think, well, how does that guy get --

WATTERS: It's that way about the Clintons, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Well, maybe so. But one other thing I would say with regard before we finish up, is just five of the 23 Democrats right now are over 2 percent, and so that comes back to what Dagen is saying. There is a lot of numbers, there is a lot of support out there not established. This thing has not jelled.

PERINO: The debates are only 2.5 weeks away.

MCDOWELL: And I can't wait to see who breaks out in a flop sweat in Miami in late June with the sweat all down the shirt, Jesse.

PERINO: It's going to be -- all right, House Democrats are trying to find something on the president starting new obstruction hearings today. Stay with us.


WILLIAMS: Democrats continue to go after President Trump on the Russia investigation. In what they're calling lessons from the Mueller report, the House Judiciary Committee starting a series of hearings today trying to prove that Trump sought to obstruct a federal investigation.

Former Nixon White House counsel and a key figure in the Watergate scandal, John Dean, was up first. Here's Republican congressman, Doug Collins, pressing Dean who tried to explain the importance of this hearing.


REP. DOUG COLLINS (R-GA): Where we're headed with this is the concern that I have.

What does this committee have that Robert Mueller didn't have?

JOHN DEAN, FORMER NIXON WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL: This committee does have a role and it is adding something that the Special Counsel could not and that's public education. This report has not been widely read in the United States. It's not even been widely read in the Congress in some of my conversations, but I think it's a very important function that the committee is serving by bringing these matters to public attention.


WILLIAMS: The president blasting these hearings as well as Dean and the Democrats tweeting, "Can't believe they're bringing in John Dean, the disgraced Nixon White House counsel who is a paid CNN contributor. No collusion. No Obstruction. Democrats just want a do-over which they'll never get." They'll never get it, Dana?

PERINO: Another Mueller report?

WILLIAMS: No, he said a do-over. He says this is a do-over.

PERINO: Right, well, not but that's -- right so, no, they're not going to get it. I think that one of the best things that happened to Democrats today is there was an unfortunate, very unfortunate incident in New York City with the helicopter that crashed or crash landed -- I don't have all the details and we don't know exactly what happened, but that took over the cable news networks for three hours.

Nobody saw the Democrat hearing and it's probably good for Democrats even though they might not think so, but just trust me. It's probably better for you not to have this hearing be the one that you lead off with in June.

John Dean is somebody who served time. He knows a lot about obstruction. He also has begun -- been a fierce critic of Republicans, of Reagan, George W. Bush, President Trump. And if you looked at this hearing today, they just didn't have any meat.

It is true that John Dean doesn't have any other information than you or I do. He does have experience in obstruction, himself, but he doesn't have any other information so it was a political stunt and I think it will backfire on them.

WILLIAMS: All right, so Jesse, the other news today was that the Justice Department apparently has cut a deal with Jerry Nadler, head of the House Judiciary Committee, to release some of the underlying documents in the Mueller probe. What's the significance of that?

WATTERS: Well, I guess it slows down any sort of contempt action which is probably good for Nancy because she doesn't want it. She's going to do some things symbolic in the next couple of days, but she's just trying to appease her base.

And back to John Dean who they're calling the star witness. He's not a star. He's not a witness to anything. If you go outside and ask 10 people who John Dean is, no one knows who he is. He is a CNN contributor which makes perfect sense that a CNN guy is a witness in their fake Russia collusion story.

He witnessed something almost 50 years ago so I don't know what that adds. Every time the media wants to talk about impeachment or compare something to Watergate, they send the town car over to John's house. They bring him into the studio. He says this is worse than Watergate. The anchor nods and they send his town car back to his house.

That's all his used for, again, like Dana said, it's a stunt just like the bucket of chicken, just like the other felon they had out there. It's not going to change anything. The Democrats are just trying to resuscitate this Mueller report because they don't have anything else.

WILLIAMS: All right, so Dagen, do you agree on this because I think the Democrats' argument would be there was some underlying crime. We mentioned this in the previous segment. But I mean, the idea would be obstruction as lying, financial wrongdoing and that Mueller didn't clear Trump on obstruction.

MCDOWELL: He didn't but if they got, you know, what downtown they would just bring impeachment proceedings. If they think President Trump obstructed justice, bring it but again, they've got their finger in the air trying to take or figure out which way the wind is blowing and trying to change the American perception about President Trump.

And it's not happening because the economy is still in good shape. I'll say this, I was watching John Dean and I thought, you know what, I was wearing a matching striped Health-tex skirt suit with white vinyl boots when this man was last on stage. That's how relevant he is in this day and age. It's a pathetic attempt. And by the way--

GUTFELD: I was wearing that too.

MCDOWELL: I bet you were. If they want somebody to explain obstruction, why don't they call President Bill Clinton. He might have a more modern feel for what it's like to be found for obstruction of justice and an impeachment proceeding.  WILLIAMS: So, Greg, what if you were a Democrat and you're thinking, you know what, I think John Dean is going to remind the American people of scandal.  GUTFELD: Here's what I think if I were a Democrat, crap, there is just so much damn good news that there is no new programming, TV programming for the summer. So, we've got to do the collusion reruns. I've said this before. This is really like what happens in the TV networks, where you've gone through your primary season. This is just a rerun of the previous thing, because there is just too much good news to go around. So, let's plug it in.

To your point, he's a CNN contributor.


GUTFELD: The Democrats are incapable of stepping out of their own bubble, because it's the media that keeps him locked into this bubble. The media is like a kidnapper, who addicts the hostage to heroin, so he won't leave. You don't have to tie up a guy who is a junkie. The media has their IV collusion on high, so they have the high. The Dems have the high that only they can feel, the rest of America is like, come on, man, this is stupid. The Bachelorette premiering next week.  WILLIAMS: All right.

GUTFELD: That's tonight actually.

WILLIAMS: Tonight.

GUTFELD: It might be tonight.

MCDOWELL: Also, a basketball game.

WATTERS: Watch Fox.

GUTFELD: Bachelorette, basketball game, you know where I'm going.

WILLIAMS: All right. More chaos in the Caribbean as we're now learning of another death of an American in the Dominican Republic. Those details are next for you on THE FIVE.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK)  MCDOWELL: The investigation deepening into a string of American tourists who died while vacationing at resorts in the Dominican Republic. We are now learning of a fourth U.S. tourist who died after having a drink from a mini bar in Punta Cana resort hotel. His death occurring about a month before three others also died in their rooms. Want to know you've been following this. And then of course the shooting of David Ortiz over the weekend as well. Would you go to the Dominican Republic at this point?  WILLIAMS: Sure, I'd go, but I mean you've got to be cautious. I mean something is going on, it's a pattern. Once you start to see a pin (ph), you think, hey, I don't want to get in the way the next pin that falls and David Ortiz, I mean he lives there. The famous baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, Jesse and I were talking about this. He was shot in the back at a bar, which was populated with natives, no tourists. So, I mean I don't know what's going on. I don't know if this is drugs. I don't know if its drug related. I don't think so.

And then of course, you've just got to wonder are people doing things that are risky in terms of risky behavior on vacation. But the way the pattern is being established Dagen is that people go to the mini bar in their room, take something out, have a drink and then get terribly sick. And last week I was saying, I thought it could be pesticides, could it be things that our bodies as Americans are - I don't know.  MCDOWELL: But you've got - Greg, you've got the CDC is looking into it. The FBI is providing local technical assistance. You even have the State Department involved in this. And what I found strange was that couple, of the engaged couple, who died in late May, because they weren't even close in age and they were found, I believe they died in their room at one of these resorts.  GUTFELD: Yes. After we did this last segment, a friend of mine who travels a lot just wrote, bad booze or tainted booze in the mini bar, because he said, that's always a problem with you always have to check to see with the bottles if they've been opened, you should see that they're sealed before you ever use a bottle in there, because they'll empty them out. I mean I used to do that, when I didn't want to pay for like - I used to - when I was broke, I would open up the mini bar and then fill them up with water after I drank them. When you're young that's the kind of thing you did--

PERINO: Can't do that anymore.

GUTFELD: I apologize.

PERINO: Now you have technology.

GUTFELD: Yes. But I mean I don't know enough about this, the guy that just died was 67 and I mean so, it could have been something else, who knows.

WATTERS: He must have been pretty broke.

GUTFELD: Yes, I was.

PERINO: Mini bar, that's one thing. Don't buy things from the mini bar. That's too expensive.  WILLIAMS: Yes, I agree with you.

GUTFELD: You know what's funny for me and mini bar is just a normal bar.

PERINO: Saddle up to the mini bar.

GUTFELD: I also stay away from clubs in foreign countries because no matter who you are you will stand out, whether you're a tourist or a celebrity like Mr. Ortiz. People will assume that tourists has money on them. And I just stick to small bars and restaurants and my room.

MCDOWELL: Well, Dana--

WATTERS: So much fun.

GUTFELD: I know I'm miserable.  MCDOWELL: I'm always curious to read these travel advisories that the State Department puts out. This is even before these reported deaths coming out of the Dominican Republic. Here's what the travel advisory said in mid- April, violent crime including armed robbery, homicide and sexual assault is a concern throughout the Dominican Republic, the wide availability of weapons they use, and trade of illicit drugs and a weak criminal justice system contributes at a high level--

PERINO: But I think that could be in so many countries. In fact, who knows- -

GUTFELD: And some cities in America.

PERINO: In foreign capitals they might say, when you go to New York, you want to be careful, such and such.

GUTFELD: A terrible Mayor.

PERINO: I do think though that when you go to one of these resorts, these are pretty well named places that you expect that there'll be security and you are fine. I do worry them from a crisis communications standpoint. This looks pretty bad. And I worry for the people there - there is a lot of people that work in tourism. That's how they feed their families. And so hopefully they can get a handle on this, figure out what the problem is and fix it before the tourism industry there really takes a hit.  MCDOWELL: Jesse. I asked Juan, if he would go, would you go?  WATTERS: I have gone, and I'll never go back. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. And this is why I'm calling for a full 100 percent tourism boycott of the island, of the Dominican Republic.


WATTERS: I cannot enforce it. But it is a personal boycott. And if anybody wants to take part that is fine. That place is now--

GUTFELD: I thought you were against boycotts.

WATTERS: It is a personal tourism boycott. There are other islands in the Caribbean that are much safer, and people are not dying. Four people are dying. Other people have died and the authorities and the people that run the resorts are not giving the information to the families and the victims in a responsible way. Everybody is in the dark about it. No one knows anything and there is no infrastructure or government there to make anybody accountable.

GUTFELD: Did you ever boycott Aruba.

WATTERS: No, I'm actually going to go there this winter. Why do you ask?

GUTFELD: Just asking.


WILLIAMS: But wait a second, what happened to you?

WATTERS: What do you mean?

WILLIAMS: In the Dominican Republic.

WATTERS: I told you, I had $300 cash stolen from my room--

WILLIAMS: All right.

WATTERS: We know who did it. It was the maid service. But I can't identify that person. But that's just a small price to pay. People are dying, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Right.  MCDOWELL: We're going to go. Justin Bieber challenging Tom Cruise to a fight, sunburn tattoos are apparently a thing and the Tony's get political. All up next in Fastest 7.  (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

WATTERS: They don't like the music. Welcome back. Time for the Fastest 7. First off, don't adjust your TVs, this new body modification trend apparently is a real thing. They're called sunburn tattoos, where people put stencils on their exposed skin and then bake in the sun and when they remove the stencil, they have a tattoo like these for example, that's the Batman logo and then there is the dream catcher. And for some overachievers, you have The Mona Lisa. Greg?

GUTFELD: Well, like I said, the only tan lines I like are the ones waiting outside my beach house. I don't even know what to say here. I think this is one of those trend stories that people in TV like, because you can use like puns like this trend is heating up. Or if you don't have money to burn for a real tattoo, try using the sun instead.

WATTERS: You got any more of those?

GUTFELD: No, only two.  WATTERS: That's good.

GUTFELD: Thank you.

PERINO: Take it from me. On Fan Mail Friday sometimes we get ask, what would you tell your younger self?


PERINO: And I would always tell my younger self to wear more sunscreen.

GUTFELD: I disagree.

PERINO: I don't disagree. And I would say, don't want wrinkles and skin cancer and I know that you need Vitamin D and stuff like that. But this is - that's extreme. You shouldn't do that. Everything is moderation.

WATTERS: Extreme tanning, Juan. Do you have any tattoos that we don't know about?  WILLIAMS: No, but I must say you know I get burned and it I'm having trouble as I get older because sometimes the burns don't go away like you know and--

WATTERS: I use aloe, Williams, aloe.

WILLIAMS: Is that what the key is?

WATTERS: Two applications.

WILLIAMS: Thanks, Jesse.

WATTERS: Multiple--

GUTFELD: Because you're in the Dominican Republic.

WILLIAMS: My personal guru. But I agree with Dana. I just think that it's bad for your skin. Greg says, he disagrees. I don't know how you disagree; sun is not good for your--

GUTFELD: The SPF's are causing it.

WILLIAMS: Extreme,


WILLIAMS: Extreme burning.

GUTFELD: People are using SPF too much and it's reducing your Vitamin D, which plays a risk in other health ailments later in life.

WATTERS: You're anti-suntan lotion?

GUTFELD: No, I'm anti-SPF, I'm anti-sunscreen.

WATTERS: You're anti - so you want people no sunscreen.

GUTFELD: I didn't say that. I'm just saying--

WATTERS: Roasted.

GUTFELD: That skin cancer is dangerous. But the percentage of fatalities is far less than some of the diseases that are linked to Vitamin D deficiency.

WATTERS: This reminds me of your opioid messaging. Go ahead, Dana.  PERINO: He's right.

GUTFELD: Yes, I'm right.

WATTERS: Wait a second, you just said use sunscreen.

PERINO: I said, everything in moderation.

GUTFELD: And by the way, I've got this information from an amazing piece in Outside magazine that everybody should read on sunscreen.  WATTERS: Inside magazine is much better.

WILLIAMS: People don't wear sunscreen every day. It's like you go to the beach and you burn yourself intentionally, Greg.  MCDOWELL: No, you know when you need to wear sunscreen, when you're drinking.


MCDOWELL: When you're drinking alcohol.

GUTFELD: So true.

MCDOWELL: In the sun, because I've had one of these by accident where you fall asleep with your hand on your face--

GUTFELD: It was your hand.

MCDOWELL: Like a hand friend on your face or your stomach.  WATTERS: All right.

MCDOWELL: It's not good.

WATTERS: Bring that picture the next time.


WATTERS: Up next, pop star Justin Bieber may be on an impossible mission. Good one guys. The 25-year-old singing sensation challenging 56-year-old Tom Cruise to a UFC cage fight. The Bieb's tweeting this. I want to challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom, if you don't take this fight, you're scared, and you will never live it down. I have a feeling he's promoting an album. I could be wrong.  GUTFELD: You know, remember that fight in Bridget Jones Diary between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. This fight will make that look like Ali Frazier.

WATTERS: You really think Tom Cruise can't throw hands. I think the guys trained.

PERINO: But are they - do they not like each other.

GUTFELD: This is all for - Jesse's right. It's for promoting something.  WATTERS: It's a publicity stunt. Who do you think would win, Juan, if this was a real deal?

WILLIAMS: If it was - wait, there's no reality here. This one guy's mission impossible, the other guys is a music star. I've got to pick mission impossible.

WATTERS: You're going with Tom Cruise, even though he has the age disadvantage, the probable height disadvantage, the reach disadvantage? I'm playing devil's advocate; I think Cruise would smoke this kid. But I'm just saying, I'm just saying.

WILLIAMS: Yes, that was my impression too and also, I just - Bieber looks to me like a twit. I mean I don't get it.

WATTERS: Oh! Man, the beliebers are going to come after you.


WATTERS: Don't check your social media. Dagen?  MCDOWELL: This fight comes down to who can pull the other's hair pieces. I don't know if they wear hair pieces, but you know they kind of look fake. Little glue on the ones that stay on in the water, I don't know.

WATTERS: One of those money for this fight, I would. I'd pay over $120. And finally, the Tony Awards last night and amongst the glitz glamor and performances, there was also of course a jab at President Trump. Here's actor Bryan Cranston who won best actor for playing a journalist in the Broadway adaptation of 1976 movie, Network.


BRYAN CRANSTON, ACTOR: I would like to dedicate this to all the real journalists around the world both in the press and the print media and also broadcast media, who actually are in the line of fire with their pursuit of the truth. The media is not the enemy of the people. Demagoguery is the enemy of the people.

(END VIDEO CLIP)  WATTERS: So, brave, Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: OK, the hypocrisy here is that the media and entertainment has never been more vocal under Trump. Trump has actually got them to do their job again, even though it's poorly done. But we have to - we can't forget one thing, he is in a play based on network, which was an indictment on network news. It was about a guy who threatened to commit - an anchor who was about to lose his job, so he decides that he's going to threaten to commit suicide that spikes the ratings, then the network producers hire a terrorist group called The Mao Tse Tung, it was called the Mao Tse Tung hour. And then at the end, they assassinate the guy on TV. And the moral of Network was that television news and TV and media are indifferent to your suffering. So, he - I mean it's kind of weird, what he's in is a condemnation of media, not a politician who stood up to him.  WILLIAMS: Wait a second, I think you said in fact. Let me start again. He didn't mention Trump you know, he never said Trump's name.

GUTFELD: Oh! Come on.

WILLIAMS: I think people--

WATTERS: Who is he talking about on 11th.

WILLIAMS: He's talking about demagogues--

GUTFELD: Chris Cuomo.

WILLIAMS: The people and he is right; demagoguery is the enemy of the people.

GUTFELD: No, no. The media is.

WATTERS: Fake news.

WILLIAMS: But as you said to get back to my earlier point, didn't the media promote Donald Trump, your favorite demagogue.

GUTFELD: MSNBC and CNN got him elected.  WILLIAMS: OK. So, I mean that's the point.

WATTERS: All right, listen guys. Dana White, if you're watching UFC. Bieber and star of Mission Impossible got to happen. Everybody wants it, it's a win-win, make it happen. Up next, One More Thing.  (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

GUTFELD: Hello, One More Thing. Let's go to this. People keep asking me if there was any footage of me driving and I believe I did have some producers filming me. There is me and my driving test. Running around.

MCDOWELL: Nice instructor.

GUTFELD: Exactly. I brought some friends along. We had a great time. Look at that picture. And I passed it again with flying colors. The lesson is, even if you are experienced, pretend you're a beginner, because taking a test is different than real life. A little memo.

PERINO: Wow, that was wise.

WATTERS: A little--

GUTFELD: All right. Dana?  PERINO: All right. So, last week, we asked you to share your best shut up about politics videos. I never thought I'd hear one of these. This is an acoustic version, very serious from 12-year-old, Brendan. He's from Tampa, Florida. He can really play guitar too. Watch this.

All right.

WATTERS: He's good.

PERINO: I'm now listening, because he's so good and very cute. Brendan, you're amazing and also, if you come to New York, you can give Greg some lessons, you can download the song anywhere. Shut Up About Politics.

GUTFELD: I was really good.

PERINO: All proceeds to Folds of Honor.


WILLIAMS: Hats off to that guy. He did great.


WILLIAMS: All right. An inspiring weekend for people in wheelchairs. Take a look at this emotional video. Bradley Gignac graduated from Blackstone Melville Regional High School on Friday. His Massachusetts classmates had never seen him out of a wheelchair.


WILLIAMS: He was just three when a Jet Ski ride with his dad turned fatal, his dad was killed. Bradley suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was his right side paralyzed. He set a goal of walking to receive his high school diploma. And as you can see, he did it. The words on his cap said, every adventure begins with a first step. Bradley, you took a huge step. What a great guy. God bless.

PERINO: Wow. Congratulations. Amazing.

GUTFELD: All right. Where am I? Jesse?

WATTERS: All right. Sophie Elliot and I went trapezing over the weekend. Would you guys like to see some guys trapeze footage there.


WATTERS: There I am putting it - there I go.


WATTERS: Wow. And then I stick to landing. Hey guys, do you want to see a backflip?


WATTERS: OK. This is a struggle. I was mad for not having - and the form that other people had, I thought I was doing just fine.

PERINO: It's a momentum here.  WATTERS: Watch how I kicked the legs and stick to landing. There it is.

PERINO: That was so fun. I've got to go do that.

GUTFELD: One of those in my basement. Dagen.

MCDOWELL: No, unit hard. Disappointment. I won North Carolina teenager; her prom got off to a bad start. Her name's Devin Bennett and her date pulled out the week before the prom. Well, she stopped. She was driving to take pictures with her friends, needed some gas, started to fill it up. Sheetz gas station. And she heard a woman say, no way, honey, Cinderella shouldn't have to pump around gas. There you go. A professional photographer is Bennett's aunt and she was following another car, stopped and take these pictures. And guess what, executives at Sheetz say it carefully people, gave them each a gift card for $2500.

PERINO: $2500.


PERINO: Sheetz is great.

MCDOWELL: And that dress is great too.

WATTERS: Greg is going to have to pump his own gas now.

GUTFELD: I have somebody do that for me. Obviously, Lou Dobbs.


All right set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of "The Five." "Special Report" is up next. Hey, Bret.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Lou Dobbs pumps your gas?


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