'The Five' on White House's China call, US crime wave

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JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Judge Jeanine Pirro along with Jessica Tarlov, Jesse Watters, Dagen McDowell, and Greg Gutfeld. It's five o'clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.

Vladimir Putin putting on a propaganda show for the Russian people as he brings more death and destruction to Ukraine. The unhinged dictator holding a rally in a Moscow stadium boasting about the success of his invasion in Ukraine despite a massive loss of Russian troops. Putin claiming it was justified.


VLADIMIR PUTIN, RUSSIAN PRESIDENT (through translator): This is what genocide is all about. It is precisely to save people from this suffering, from this genocide that is the main reason for the convincing motive and goal of the military operation that we launched in the Donbas and Ukraine.


PIRRO: Mike Tobin is in Lviv, Ukraine with the latest there. Mike?

MIKE TOBIN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, Judge, the relative peace of the western part of this country was shattered this morning as the sirens whaled and four cruise missiles slammed down perilously close to NATO's eastern flank, the target of these air strikes was the Lviv state aircraft repair which customizes MiG-29 so they could be used by the Ukrainian air force.

Maksym Kozytskyy who is the regional administrator of Lviv says six cruise missiles were launched over the Black Sea by long range bombers. Two of them were intercepted, four of them made their way to their target. The Ukrainian air force says that Russian X555s with a price tag around $1 million apiece.

It's a desperate situation down south in the town of Mariupol where the Donetsk regional drama theater was being used as a bomb shelter. It was clearly marked that there were children inside. It was still hit by Russian aircraft anyway. As many as a thousand people were inside on both the first floor and in the basement. We got reports yesterday that some people got out.

Today we are hearing from a politician down there that the rescuers who are attempting to free the people trap in the rubble are being fired upon by the Russian forces and cannot even get to the wreckage to get people out or determine the extent of the casualties.

Mariupol itself has become an apocalyptic scene with 80 percent of the housing there destroyed. The people there are resorting to mass graves simply because they cannot handle the logistics of how many dead they have on their hands.

The people in that town are leaving. But the humanitarian corridors, they say, are not holding together. The people are desperate enough that they are fleeing under fire, quite literally, running for their lives. Judge?

PIRRO: Mike, thanks so much. All right, guys, you know the juxtaposition of the mass graves and the killing of children and the inability of people, you know, to even wait in line without getting, in a bread line without getting shot, it's just amazing.

So, you've got all we've heard about Putin hiding. Now he's out with about 2,000 people in and around that stadium. And you kind of wonder, is he copying Zelenskyy now, or did he think he needed to shore up support? Is his country -- does he need to let them know they're in charge?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: There was the anniversary of the Crimea invasion. So, you have to held a big rally. It was a fake rally. The BBC had a team of reporters inside and said most of these people were public sector employees that were forced to go there by their employer.

A bunch of the younger people were told they didn't even know where they were going. They said we're going to send you to a concert. And we'll let you go to the concert if you can have off for the day. So, they went and they found out it was a Putin rally.

One guy gave a quote to the BBC, he said I'll be here for a while and then I'll leave. I think most people here don't support the war, I don't. And the BBC said most people felt ashamed and embarrassed to be there.

So, I do feel bad for the Russian people. It's like having your father be a career criminal. It's humiliating and there's nothing you can do about it. And now he's going out there and acting like it's 1945 and just lying his way through a war in 2022.

You can't do that. You can't lie about a war in this day and age. It's just impossible. And how humiliating must it be for Vladimir Putin to have to tell all the people around him, these are the lies that we're going to tell and you have to taste my food because I'm so paranoid, you all hate me, I think you're going to kill me. That is an insane way to run a country. He must be a complete psychopath to rule a nation in this day and age like that.

PIRRO: Well, anyone who says they're going to demilitarize a country because of Naziism when the president is Jewish, I mean, he's not so, to begin with.

WATTERS: Preposterous.

PIRRO: But, Dagen, I want to ask you this. When he was speaking to that crowd, he quoted the bible. He talked about Russia prevailing. And, you know, against a nation without Naziism. And he stirs up this Russian nationalism. Does this suggest that he is in all the way to the end? That there's no way -- he's not stopping. And that it's a fight to the finish?

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: The only way this ends quickly is if something happens to Putin. Like a brain aneurysm. I'm not -- I'm not joking and I'm not going to talk about -- well, I'm going to use the word assassination but that's the only way that it ends.

And by the way, since the annexation of Crimea, the ruble has fallen because of the sanctions. It hasn't come back. Russians are poor since then, there's visa restrictions. There's less prosperity in the country. But you still -- their fidelity to Putin, particularly among older Russians, has not completely been shaken because Russia, since Putin took over, it was a kleptocracy after the fall of the Soviet Union. It was ruled by criminals. You would get shot in the streets.

So, Russia is in better shape than it was. And there is this deep nationalism. And a willingness to endure and suffer. Again, Starbucks closing is not a hardship in Russia. In terms of -- I don't want to get too off track. But the Russian people are in part cut off from information because of our technology grades, Google and Apple.

They caved to Putin last fall. They were wildly ignorant of what he was capable of. And they, Google and Apple got threats from Putin's -- his strong men. And they took down an app that was designed to get Russians to register protest votes against Putin that was backed back opposition leader Alexi Navalny.

Apple started configuring iPhones to make it easier to promote Kremlin- backed social media com -- companies. And also in Russia, you still don't have access to this Apple security tool. It's a feature designed to make internet undetectable. Apple won't offer that to Russia. And so, they are essentially doing Putin's bidding and again, so much for the freedom of this technology grade.

PIRRO: All right, Greg, one person who has gotten outside of that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I want you to take a listen.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: I never heard of him.


FMR. GOV. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (R-CA): Ukraine did not start this war? Neither did nationalists or Nazis. Those in power in the Kremlin started this war. This is not the Russian people's war. This is an illegal war. Your lives, your limbs, your futures are being sacrificed for a senseless war condemned by the entire world.


PIRRO: Go ahead, Greg.

GUTFELD: Best work since Conan, I think. I'm not -- I'm actually not kidding. This is, you know, I thought it was pretty impressive. It was very persuasive. It was incredibly well written. And it was also -- we've been talking about this idea of face saving and status preservation. And that's what he did for nine minutes when he was talking to the Russians and talking to Putin because Putin follows him on Twitter.

PIRRO: Right.

GUTFELD: He has 22 people in one of them. So, the -- when you have to talk -- when you're talking to this country with a deep history, you have to talk about you're a great people. I love you. He was so polite, so polite and he also referenced his own flaws. Dad's a Nazi, woops.


GUTFELD: He kind of -- he went overboard on January 6, but he did that -- not for us. He did it for Russia to say, hey, look, we have our problems too. And I'm going to call out January 6, but I'm going to call out this as well.

So, I thought it was persuasive. So, I go and text Alana, my wife. She's in Warsaw. I go, hey, what did you think of that. She said it was great. It was -- the thing that she loved about it was it was polite because it made her cry in a way but to see -- how in a weird way naive we are to think it would actually matter.

And I go like, I go, you don't think it would move the needle or have an impact. And she just responded with a number of laughing emojis and a capitalized no. And I thought to myself, I go, like, you know what, this kind of thing, we believe as Americans has an impact. That's the best celebrity video you're ever going to get when you think about it.

But it's like, but Russia -- they didn't grow up with freedom of speech. They don't -- they don't have -- that's the thing that's not in their blood. So, whether this has an impact on them and persuades them, I don't know. The people it does persuade are already there. Young people who have access to the internet, social media in the city.

PIRRO: Right.

GUTFELD: They already get it. But in terms of everybody else? I don't know. But I still thought -- I mean, I have friends of mine who think it's going to have a big impact. But the Russians who are, to use your phrase -- what did you write? Ashamed and embarrassed? They are all ashamed and embarrassed. And they're so pessimistic. You know, I go, this is great. They're going, Greg, it's -- it's -- it's too late. You know? For our country. They were like, so -- they're sickened.

PIRRO: All right, Jessica. If the west is serious about stopping Putin and, you know, his so-called stopping of genocide in the Ukraine and the celebration of taking Crimea, how can they do it?

JESSICA TARLOV, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it seems that they are making pretty good headway here. I mean, everything that you hear out of this, not out of Putin's mouth, but everyone else's mouth, so U.S. intelligence officials, U.K. intelligence officials, the Poles, what you hear from the Ukrainians, Zelenskyy and his team, is that, they are holding Russians at bay. They have lost thousands of people. He has committed war crimes. Those are huge travesties.

But if you think back to how petrified we were about that convoy. Remember that was outside of Kyiv.


TARLOV: And it was nine miles longer, 13 miles long. And now it's nothing, right? We don't hear about that anymore. What happened in Mariupol, which I hope I pronounced correctly. Huge tragedy. I'd love to see that the prime minister, he said we're rebuilding that hospital because that's where the largest amount of Greeks are in Ukraine.

When you see the three prime ministers coming from other NATO countries and sitting there with Zelensky in Kyiv, that's important. And when I watch the Putin speech, what I saw was just a man alone. He has no allies to come and stand next to him. There are four or five countries, right, to back him up.

He couldn't even get the Chechnyan leader to show up to stand there with him. And he couldn't get people from the former USSR.

WATTERS: Scheduling conflict.

TARLOV: And, I -- I don't want to say I feel good about democracy's chances here. But it really does feel like it is the entire world against this man. And what we have to do and why the rhetoric of the video like what Arnold Schwarzenegger made I think could matter is decoupling nationalism for Russians from Putin is the important rhetorical trick here.

Because he is not representing national interest. These are people who have been oppressed from the get-go. And we have to turn the tide on that. And every little bit. If someone sees that video and they pass it to their moms and activates those moms -- I mean, the Russian mothers have played a hugely important role in keeping Russia on a good path. And now that they are getting a chance to face time their kids who have been sent over to Ukraine not knowing where they're going, I hope to see more of that kind of activity.

PIRRO: Yes, you know what, I think --


MCDOWELL: But we need to decouple Putin from the money that's funding the war. And when you have --


TARLOV: These sanctions are hugely effective. I know we can do more.

MCDOWELL: -- two-third -- two-thirds of Russia's economy is not sanctioned, Jessica. Not any energy transactions.

PIRRO: You know what, guys --


MCDOWELL: And that's on Europe. That's on Europe.

PIRRO: One -- one of the things that I think is important is something that you mentioned. And that is, with the -- we've got three NATO leaders who were with Zelenskyy right now in Kyiv. If we were able to have those three NATO leaders, just more leaders every day along with the patriarch from the Russian orthodox religious community, from the Greek orthodox religious community, stand there with Zelenskyy, with all of NATO, all the religious leaders, that would have a profound effect on the world in terms of this is diplomacy, you're going to bomb us, you're going to bomb the churches and you're going to bomb the leaders of NATO. We dare you.

TARLOV: And then you're going to get your nuclear war.

PIRRO: Well, we'll see. I don't know.

TARLOV: If that --


PIRRO: Anyway, coming up, President Biden talking tough about Russia in a meeting with China. But will the commis (Ph) actually listens?


GUTFELD: President Biden threatening consequences before his big phone call with China's president today, warning the communist country against helping out Russia's invasion. But now that the call is over, the White House says President Biden did not make any specific requests of China. But, instead, laid out his assessment of the situation. Great.


UNKNOWN: President Biden wasn't making specific requests of China. Why not? I mean, given the stakes here.

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Because China has to make a decision for themselves about where they want to stand and how they want the history books to look at them and view their actions. And that is a decision for President Xi and the Chinese to make.

UNKNOWN: Can you offer any explanation for why the U.S. still has concerns after this call?

PSAKI: Because we'll continue to watch until we see what actions they take or don't take.


GUTFELD: Jesse, in scientific terms, that is called a garbage answer. I mean, are they not taking this seriously? There's a two-hour phone call and they didn't talk about how to influence Putin, but just make an assessment. What the hell is going on? I mean, what a waste of time.

WATTERS: I can't believe she said, the Chinese have to decide --


WATTERS: -- how they want the history books -- China writes their own history books. It's not like a world history. Come on, Jen. I'm like, that seems to be like the pressure point. That's what they say about Putin. That's what they say about Cuba. The history books. The history books. What about right now?


WATTERS: I don't know how well Joe did on that call. But I don't think he did very well. They give him notes and he looks and -- he's not a commanding presence. So that made me nervous.

He has a pretty easy task. China screwed up. They hitched their wagon to a loser. There's no way Russia wins this thing. And China looks really bad now. Xi is screwed. He prestige on the line for Putin. He's supposed to be this big statesman, right? This big, you know, rising power.

And now everyone is disgusted with his boy, they're disgusted with him and he's got to try to like slowly back out of the jam that he's in. And he gets on the horn with Biden. Biden probably let him off of the hook. He should have been much tougher. I'm sure he wasn't tough. I wasn't there. But I'm surmising, he wasn't tough enough. You got to separate these two weasels, the Russians from the Chinese and you do that with tough talk and threats and you do it with economic threats. And I don't think Biden played that card.

GUTFELD: No. Dagen, we worry that, you know, Russia is going to be tethered to China. But doesn't China need America and Europe more than it needs Russia? I mean, we buy so much from them. Russia doesn't buy much of anything.

MCDOWELL: China knows that we're suckers and we're soft. Not all Americans, but that we are dependent on their cheap imported goods. And the Wall Street Journal phrased it as, because this is not just China and Russia. This is China and Russia and India and even Saudi Arabia that is trying to move away from a western-dominated world. In terms of power, in terms of economic heft.

I call it the -- on your show on Monday the rapid-fire realignment of world power. It is the Journal described it, the editorial page as a union of a nations that are hostile to democracy, economic freedom, and U.S. leadership. And even China is lining up with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia won't take Joe Biden's calls, but Saudi Arabia might agree to China paying for its oil in -- the yuan.

China gets natural resources from Russia, period. And it will be a huge engine for China's growth. And in terms of our softness -- we run up our debt so much, 130 percent debt to GDP, we don't have the money to take on China at this point.

We're so soft that the Democrats in California are sending $400 checks to people to offset the high gas prices and people who don't even have cars or drive get them. We're not able to stand and cut off supplies from China. We're --

WATTERS: I would have done something -- I'm sorry. I would have said, listen, Xi, or however you say his name, I would have said, you're not getting any more visas. No more Chinese are going to come to this country and steal our secrets and rip off our intellectual property.


WATTERS: And if you just supply arms to the Kremlin, that's what happens. Because that's their whole economy. That's the only way they survive.

GUTFELD: What do you think, Jessica?

TARLOV: I think Jesse stole time from me and the judge.

GUTFELD: You will get it back in the second half.

TARLOV: I will get it back.

WATTERS: In the Hunter segment.


GUTFELD: You get the talk all during Biden.

TARLOV: All right. This is more of this feeling. OK. So, from the readout that we got, it does say that President Biden described the implications and consequences if China supplies material support to Russia. It also said that President Xi says that a war in Ukraine is in no one's interest, he supports peace. That this is developed to, quote, "such a point that China doesn't want to see it."

Now, he is still more Russia's friend than our friend. But that's pretty clear. He doesn't like it. He doesn't want it. But he says it's on the U.S. and NATO to broker this deal.


TARLOV: So, but that makes sense.

WATTERS: He said that?


GUTFELD: I should have read it.

WATTERS: He put that on us?

TARLOV: It is --


GUTFELD: How dare he.

TARLOV: He put it on us. Because --

WATTERS: Let me see this. He said that?

TARLOV: Are you kidding me?

WATTERS: How dare he.

TARLOV: He said that because fundamentally for Putin, this is about Ukraine wanting to be part of our system, and not part of Putin's system. So, that seems like a pretty good call. I know you would have done better, but it seems good to me.

WATTERS: Could have done --

GUTFELD: Judge, can we play alternate -- alternate history? If Trump was president. First of all, Putin won't invade.


PIRRO: First of all, let me say this, if Trump were president, we wouldn't have had that meeting.


PIRRO: Where everybody just repeated their own talking points. This was nothing more than a face-to-face photo op. That's all it was. Biden got nothing out of it. He didn't get Xi to say, gee, you're right, Joe, I'm with you, I'm with you on all of this. All they said, all China said was, look, you know, we just, we don't like confrontation. We don't believe in war.

But do they condemn Ukraine -- do they condemn Russia for attacking Ukraine? Absolutely not. And then, then they say China tells us. They make it very clear. They say China wants the U.S. to promise -- and this is in the readout too, that there will be no conflict if they take Taiwan, which is their strategic objective.

And that's a problem for us. Because 85 percent of our chips are made in Taiwan and we rely on them. So, you know, the Chinese are blaming us for Russia invading Ukraine because -- and now it's -- Jessica is right. That it's the United States and NATO that have to go to Putin and tell him to stop.

And by the way, consequences, according to Joe Biden, to China is if they provide material support to Russia. What is material? Is it economic? Is it financial? And by the way, Joe, if you want to disconnect the United States from China, why don't you stop American companies that are going over there and manufacturing all kinds of American goods in China? Why don't you make it a negative for them to do that? Why are our medicines being made in China? Why don't you come up with something if you back America so we that can manufacture in the United States?

MCDOWELL: We haven't gotten answers as to why the Wuhan flu --


PIRRO: All right. So that's it.

MCDOWELL: -- was released by -- was unleased on the world and we still don't have answers about the origins.

GUTFELD: All right. Up next, Dr. Doom and gloom is back. Fauci with a new warning on COVID lockdowns.


TARLOV: Dr. Anthony Fauci is back and warning America could face more COVID lockdowns as the new Omicron sub-variant spreads. Fauci admitting the variant is less serious than Omicron but could bring back mandates.


Dr. ANTHONY FAUCI, CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISER TO THE PRESIDENT: We need to be flexible. And if in fact, we do see a turnaround and a resurgence, we have to be able to pivot and go back to any degree of mitigation that is commensurate with what the situation is. So, we can't just say we're done. Now we're going to move on.


TARLOV: So, Dagan, I want to come to you first about this. We aren't done. We still have 30,000 new cases a day and close to 970,000 Americans have died. Is he that off base by saying that?

MCDOWELL: Count on the odious hack master to say something outrageous and you and talk about this for attention, because it's so cold being so irrelevant now. He's a power-hungry pipsqueak. But I'm actually happy that he's still around because when it -- if you know, if COVID comes back, if there's a rising cases, we don't trust this clown. And so, we will ignore what he says.

It's better having this bozo still in a position of power rather than having somebody new who we might actually have to work through learning not to trust. By the way send Fauci over to figure out the origins of COVID that have killed a million Americans almost and six million people worldwide. Maybe he can get on the case for us since he helped funnel money to the lab in Wuhan.

PIRRO: Exactly. Exactly.

TARLOV: So, I know how Dagon feels about this.

PIRRO: I'm exactly -- I'm exactly with Dagen. I'll tell you why. He ought to be able to solve it. He's the one who sent the money over there to make sure that they had that money. But here's the thing. This guy is all about being relevant. This guy also is about drama and politics and money and not in equal in science. And that's what Fauci is all about.

He's got to be on every TV show. It must have been killing him for the last three weeks -- four weeks he hasn't been on television. And I don't understand, even the World Health Organization says it's not necessary to mask kids under five, and now they still want to mask kids under five. And kids dying are less than -- what is that, 0.001 percent under five, and we can't rule out anything. Keep scaring the American public. Keep controlling them.

Look, it's less serious than Omicron, OK. And if it's less serious than Omicron, what are we worried about? It's cold at this point.

TARLOV: I had it two weeks ago. It felt like more than a cold but --

PIRRO: Well, you're here.

TARLOV: I am alive. I am -- yes. That's on national television. Jesse?

WATTERS: You know when you break up with someone and they won't stop calling and calling and calling. That's Fauci. We are done, dude. We are done. And he's like, no, you need me. You need me.

PIRRO: It's over.

WATTERS: I do not need you. We are good. He is annoying. I'm with you. He seems kind of disappointed that the pandemic is over. Remember how jocular he used to get and giddy during these interviews during the pandemic, making jokes and being the center of attention. And after Putin invaded, he seems sad. He actually seemed sad.

Three weeks ago, they asked him, when you're going to take off these masks mandates, what's going to happen, Fauc? And he goes, oh, it's risky. It's going to be risky. I don't think we should do it. After he said that, cases dropped about 70 percent. The guy is so wrong.

And he goes on Tapper show. And Tapper is supposed to be a big-time journalist and he says yes, you know what, if things turn south, we might have to go back to lockdowns. Lockdowns? That's been discredited. How didn't Tapper not say, Fauc, that was dumb. You were wrong. How do you not have Fauci on at this stage of the pandemic and just shred him limb from limb?

MCDOWELL: Not literally.

WATTERS: Not literally, on everything he's been wrong about. The guy's batting average is like close to zero?


GUTFELD: Well, I don't know what to say now because -- you know, I think --

TARLOV: Maybe that you're happy I'm alive.


PIRRO: Yes, we are.

GUTFELD: All these lies. I think he's a great man.


GUTFELD: Yes, yes, yes. No, he's -- he was prom king for two years and now he's just a chaperone and he's got to live with that. But I want to touch on what the Judge said about the masking the kids because there's a lot of new research out that shows that, you know, among the very liberal contingent, they're embracing permanent masking, which is now -- what we're seeing is we're flipping the typical script of left and right where the left generally were the risk takers, right, and it was the right that was, "more conservative." That's how -- that's in all studies.

Right now, the infatuation with government intrusion has overridden their love for risk. It's really kind of fascinating to see people that like to think that they're edgy and cool wearing two masks and a faceguard while they're alone in their car with their, you know, visualized world peace on the bumper sticker, right? It's like, what happened to you people?

So, now it's part of a kind of a global identity, liberal identity that you got to be pro-choice, you got to be a climate extremist, you got to be an anti-gun rights, pro identity politics. Now masking is part of it. If that's not part of it, it's so interesting. We have a new part of this constellation, and it's not ever going to go away.

WATTERS: Greg, you have to be anti-gun here, but we can send every single weapon to the Ukraine.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's true.

WATTERS: Right? Light them up.

GUTFELD: Exactly. Yes, hawks.

TARLOV: We got to go. I just want to be on record and saying that I respect Dr. Fauci.

PIRRO: You were on time.

TARLOV: And I am on time.

PIRRO: You respect Fauci? Is that what you said?

WATTERS: Oh, there you go.

TARLOV: It is what I said out loud, and I'd say it again. I respect Fauci. Straight ahead, a blue city mayor blaming right-wing media for growing concerns about crime.

PIRRO: I respect science.


WATTERS: Liberal cities are getting rocked by violent crime. But one mayor is saying fears are being completely overblown and the right-wing media, they're to blame.



LONDON BREED, MAYOR, SAN FRANCISCO: You know, there's a lot of noise about what's happening in our city. You see it in the headlines often in the right-wing media. They love to talk about San Francisco, don't they? You see it on social media. You see one video take off as if it's telling the whole truth about who we are.


PIRRO: Oh, you're not.

WATTERS: Would you like to begin, Judge?

PIRRO: I really didn't intend to say that. I thought -- well, you know what? She's not. I'm telling you right now, she's not, OK. She's the one who said how many months ago, it's time to reign the criminals who are destroying our city. It's time for that to come to an end. And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement.

Is she schizo? You know, at one point, it was like Black Lives Matter, we got to make sure, you know, they have social justice, then it's like the reign of criminals has to end, then it's the right-wing media's fault. No, it's not. Read the statistics. That's all I have to say.

And you know what? I was in San Francisco not that long ago and I was -- I was afraid. And in the tenderloin district, people are dying all the time because they're doing cocaine. Not the cocaine kills them, but because of the fentanyl that they're putting in the cocaine that's coming from China in an undeclared war that has come to the border of with the Mexican cartel. That's all I have to say.

WATTERS: I'm glad we went to you first, Judge. But you're right about that comment she made. I forgot about that. That was a great point. What would you like to say in response to the judge passionate commentary?

TARLOV: I'm mostly in agreement. And I think that, yes, it happens. And I would say also, that a lot of liberal leadership is in agreement. We talk about we're all here in New York City. We have a mayor that got elected running on a tougher on crime agenda with a criminal justice reform component to it, which I think is basically where everybody wants to be, certainly in the post-George Floyd murder era.

And I think that what Gascon is saying in L.A. and what London Breed is saying in that particular statement is a bit of an outlier. And the Biden administration has been clear, you know, from the beginning, we're not talking about defunding the police, we don't think that this rhetoric is helpful. And if you look at the people in leadership with Clyburn, Biden, obviously, Kamala Harris, they're all saying this is not how we see things. So --

WATTERS: Why did London Breed talk about the right-wing media?

MCDOWELL: Because she's grasping for straws. Is it gasping? Gasping is for air and grasping for straws?

WATTERS: Sure, both.

MCDOWELL: Both Biden and Kamala Harris ran on getting rid of cash bail. So, that's the central problem here in New York City. So, let's not dismiss. Oh, and by the way, they couldn't stand up and say, riots are bad, stop burning our cities until the poll numbers turned against them. It went on for months until they stood up and denounced the violence it was happening in major cities across the country.

I want to point out real quick. George Gascon was actually the police chief in San Francisco before he toddled on down to L.A. appointed by --

WATTERS: He was?

MCDOWELL: Appointed by Gavin Newsom. And then he was appointed by Gavin Newsom, then the mayor, to be the District Attorney of San Francisco. So, this dangerous liberalism, the pro-criminal anti-victim stance is like general herpes. It spreads and you can't see it and you can catch it. It winds up in your city and there's really no treatment for it. There's no -- there's no --

TARLOV: Gascon was elected, by the way.

WATTERS: Someone --

MCDOWELL: Not in -- not in San Francisco, he wasn't.


WATTERS: Someone besides Greg referenced this.

MCDOWELL: Do we have Valtrex for this kind of liberalism?

WATTERS: Go ahead, Greg.

GUTFELD: Gascon, I thought he was very helpful when he was offering tips to avoid being a victim of crime. He said, lock your doors.

PIRRO: Brilliant.

WATTERS: Oh. I'm going to write that down.

GUTFELD: Yes. Here's another tip, avoid getting shot. Don't stand in front of an incoming bullet. I thought that was helpful. I find that -- I've said it before, but it bears repeating. Progressives deny the brutality and suffering of crime because they don't see it as a human problem. They see it as a political issue that they must indulge to placate their base. So, they talked about criminal justice reform rather than let's help the victims, right?

Their base sees victims as a reckoning for 400 years of oppression. Although the last time I checked, elderly Asian women didn't own slaves or support Jim Crow, so I don't know why they're so silent about other minorities being destroyed in the streets. I don't want to get gross, but I will.

There's a dude that just attacked a woman in the subway by smothering her with his human feces on her face. He boasted that he was going to get out. He got out before she got her treatment. He was out laughing about it. How was that not like assault with a deadly weapon with the bacteria?

WATTERS: Is that it right there?

GUTFELD: It's a chemical attack. It's an act -- I mean, it's like -- but this is the state of society right now. A man can walk up to your mother, your grandmother, take a bag of crap shove it in her face. Her eyes were burning. It was in her nose. And he laughed and he walked out how can you stand for this S-H?

WATTERS: You know what Fauci said about this?


WATTERS: The woman should have been wearing a mask.

GUTFELD: Mask, there you go. She should have double mask or she wore the plastic.

WATTERS: Or the face shield. All right coming up, the White House scrambling after the liberal media finally admits Hunter Biden's laptop is real.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hunter Biden, this laptop, Russian disinformation.

WOLF BLITZER, ANCHOR, CNN: Ongoing Russian disinformation efforts.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ongoing Russian disinformation effort.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ongoing Russian disinformation campaign.

BRIAN STELTER, ANCHOR, CNN: If the New York Post tells you your mom loves you, you should check it out. We are not talking about fully reliable sources here.


PIRRO: Go to him first.



MCDOWELL: Boy, they surely look stupid. More than a year after the election, the liberal New York Times finally admitting Hunter Biden's laptop is real and not Russian disinformation. Greg?

GUTFELD: Well, they don't -- they don't look stupid because it worked. I mean, Trump lost, Biden won. You know, they look -- they don't look stupid, they look corrupt because they are corrupt. There has to be accountability. The 50 or so former Intel officers who claimed it was Russian disinformation which was then fed to all of these bozos that we just watched.

They need to be hauled into a committee and they need to be -- they need to be interrogated beyond belief, because they knowingly helped change an election by helping to shut down a legitimate news story in which the media colluded with them. So, from now on, this is positively Putin-esque. Never take a lecture, never trust anyone in the media again.

This is -- this is a great testament to tell you what they can pull out. They swayed in election. We -- you know what, we might not even have the -- we might not even have had this war.

WATTERS: Greg, they didn't sway it, they rigged it. I think that you can say it was rigged. Look at the definition of rigged in the dictionary. It's exactly what they did. We're not talking about machines and voting, we're talking about covering up a huge story. Big tech conspired with the Democrat party with the CIA to snuff out a major scandal that would have changed the results of the election.

They did the survey and they said like, you know, 10 percent of Biden voters, if they had known about the laptop situation, wouldn't have voted for Joe Biden in an election which was based on what, 49,000 votes over a couple swing states. That's the deal, man. So, you can now say it's rigged. You can say it.

And here's how stupid the media is, Dagen. The media takes the word of the CIA and politicians. Think about how dumb you are to believe the CIA and the politician is telling you the truth.

GUTFELD: It's great watching Stelter questioning the New York Post and given the state of CNN.


GUTFELD: What a mess.

MCDOWELL: Right. And the New York Post story was censored by Twitter where individuals could not even share it. That's how corrupt the big media is and big tech.

TARLOV: I do remember that. I also am relieved that I never said Russian disinformation. I just said I really don't think that this matters because people are not voting for Hunter Biden. And you can throw your pen, Judge. She threw her pen, by the way.

PIRRO: No, I dropped it.

TARLOV: I really find it very hard to believe. And I saw that survey as well that people who were Biden voters, and I believe they were motivated by the fact that they thought that Trump was fundamentally corrupt, and too unhinged, do the job --

GUTFELD: And look who turned out to be corrupt.

TARLOV: But show evidence that Joe Biden turned out to be the --

GUTFELD: It's in the laptop, the big guy. He's the big guy.

TARLOV: Where is the evidence that there was any money transferred that Joe Biden personally pocketed on it?

WATTERS: They commingle the accounts. They had joint bank accounts, they had a credit card. One of Hunter's boys did Joe's taxes.

TARLOV: Are you really -- OK, are we going to play the children who commingle finances gains because --

GUTFELD: Oh, here we go. Putting up with Trump.

WATTERS: It's not dirty money.


TARLOV: It's not dirty money?

WATTERS: It's not dirty money. He's under investigation for money laundering and tax fraud.

PIRRO: It's my turn now.

GUTFELD: This should have been the A block.

PIRRO: First of all, he wasn't a child commingling money, OK. He was an adult who got $1.1 billion from China, who got $83,000 a month from Ukraine, got $3 million for the widow of a Russian mayor, OK. So, now, we've got a kid who's sharing his money with his father who's complaining about the fact that he has to pay for everything for the family. Tony Bobulinski comes out and testifies against his own self-interest that Joe was in a meeting.

This isn't just talk. This is circumstantial evidence for which you can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. There's one thing I want to say. I want every one of those people from Mike Morell, to Leon Panetta -- Leon Panetta, to Clapper, to Brennan, to all of them to testify under oath as to why they said it was what it was.

And you know what I knew Leon Panetta was a liar when he started saying we couldn't get to Benghazi in 2012 within 13 hours from the -- from the tip of Italy to the top of Northern Africa. Mike Morell says they were just extremists. They weren't Muslim extremist. What were they, Irish extremist?

These are political operatives. So, what you have now is not just Democrats who care about power, they care about power and the money it brings in the Biden family is part of that trough -- pigs at the trough. And that's all I have to say.

GUTFELD: And that's all you have to say.

PIRRO: And I dint throw my pen, I dropped it.



PIRRO: It's not time for ONE MORE THING. Jessica?

TARLOV: So, I had a baby, which is very exciting. And I had this great baby shower here thrown -- oh, it's not showing up.


TARLOV: OK. Anyway, yes. So, you guys throw me a great baby shower, the whole crew. Greg gave me this amazing picture of himself. He said it had to go in the crib. I want him to know that I did. Put it in the crib.

WATTERS: In the crib.

GUTFELD: Yes, there you go.

TARLOV: Yes. So, that's baby Cleo with Greg. She's amazing. We've had the best time with her so far. I can't believe she's already three months old. That's her, very tiny.

PIRRO: She looks beautiful.

TARLOV: Thank you. That was her one month birthday. That's a little Cleo cake.

PIRRO: You were feeding her cake? Oh, my God.

TARLOV: She didn't. She's smiling now and all the drooling and that's what my mom --

WATTERS: Look at the hair.

TARLOV: Yes. She's got Brian's hair.

WATTERS: Major hair.


TARLOV: That's her three months picture.

WATTERS: A lot of hair.


PIRRO: She's big.

TARLOV: You say that every time.

WATTERS: What are you feeding her? What are your feeding her?

TARLOV: I'm feeding her formula. Anyway, she's fantastic and I love her a lot.

PIRRO: She's beautiful. Congrats.

WATTERS: Wow. Look at that hair.

GUTFELD: All right, all right, I got to plug the show.

PIRRO: All right, Greg, go.

GUTFELD: That's a beautiful baby. OK, tomorrow night, I'm going to be in Phoenix, Arizona at the Arizona Federal Theater. There are still tickets available ggutfeld.com. And tonight a great "GUTFELD!" We got Kennedy, Rob Long, Carley Shimkus, Kat Timpf. See, I'm quick.

PIRRO: And that's it for us.

WATTERS: You are quick.

PIRRO: We'll see you back here on Monday. "SPECIAL REPORT" is up next.

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