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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening, and welcome to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” One thing you can say about the left, they do get high marks for message discipline. Some functionary in the propaganda department comes up with a talking point and immediately, the entire heard from senior Democrats in the United States Senate to weekend anchors on MSNBC and everyone in between, all of them shamelessly repeat in verbatim, like it's an original thought.

You've heard a lot of lines like that. One of them we've heard a lot recently is about Donald Trump and the law. The President, Democrats will tell you again and again, believes he is quote, "above the law."


REP. JERROLD NADLER, D-N.Y.: We have a President who believes he is above the law.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The American people do not want a President who believes that he is above the law.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: In the United States of America, no one is above the law.

JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: An American President who has no respect for the rule of law.

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., HOUSE SPEAKER: No one is above the law.

PETE BUTTIGIEG, D-IND., MAYOR, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: What I will say is that no one ought to be above the law.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: No one is above the law, not even the President of the United States.


CARLSON: "No one is above the law," they thunder except of course for the more than 20 million foreign nationals currently living in our country illegally, all under the care and the protection of the Democratic Party. They are by definition above the law.

We can't punish them, Democrats tell us -- that would be racist. Drug dealers, too, they are suddenly above the law as well according to the left, so are people who defecate on sidewalks and people who spray paint overpasses, people who shoot up in subway stations and leave dirty needles in parks.

All crimes are no longer allowed to acknowledge as crimes. Huge new classes of people who are literally above the law. And this category is growing, thanks to the activists left.

Just last night in the State of Virginia, prosecutors backed by George Soros unseated incumbents in two large counties outside Washington, D.C. Both candidates have pledged to roll back criminal enforcement in a massive way. They will, among other things, abolish cash bail, stop enforcing drug laws, put more criminals back on the street. This kind of thing is happening all over the country getting very little coverage.

In Philadelphia, the murder rate is the highest it has been in a decade. Why is that? Well, a Soros-backed prosecutor called Larry Krasner stopped enforcing the law. Meanwhile, a left-wing DA in Dallas announced he will stop prosecuting people for most kinds of theft. In Dallas, thieves are now above the law.

Beto O'Rourke approves of this trend, not only should we legalize marijuana, Beto says, we ought to retroactively expunge the criminal records of everyone who broke the law while it existed.


BETO O'ROURKE, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We absolutely need criminal justice reform and an end to the war on drugs and an end of the prohibition on marijuana and an expungement of the arrest record of everyone caught for possession of marijuana.


CARLSON: How much would you bet that by next year, Beto, will be telling us that drug dealers deserve reparations from the rest of us? Actually, we're not just guessing about that, some on the left are already demanding reparations for drug dealers.

Democrats are so eager to reorder our justice system that you might imagine that criminals are driving the agenda. And of course, that's part of the plan, too, literally. Bernie Sanders says it's time to let violent felons vote from prison.


SANDERS: When we talked about the right to vote, that right should exist to people who are currently in jail.

That is a right we must protect because we know the history of this country. We know that women didn't have the right to vote. We know that African-Americans didn't have the right to vote.


CARLSON: So unless murderers and rapists can elect politicians from behind bars, we're back to slavery, that's what Bernie is telling us.

It's hard to know how to respond to an argument that stupid. It's a craven attempt to win votes, of course, but it's more than that, unfortunately.

What you're watching from the left is really an attack on society itself. The basic bargain in any society is straightforward. People who follow the rules get rewarded, people who don't get punished. If you get rid of that standard, then everything inverts.

Suddenly, power flows to the worst people in your society, the most ruthless and aggressive. Decent law-abiding people, meanwhile, are mocked. They're just suckers who can be exploited by everyone else.

That's where you get, that's where we're heading, by the way and fast. It's pretty obvious when you look around. The threads are framed. It's coming apart. Hundreds of years of hard work and self-discipline designed to create what we used to call civilization before the term civilization was deemed racist.

The people doing this to us won't have to live with the consequences of it. That's their guess. They are decadent morons who've never lived in a tough neighborhood. Unfortunately, they're now in charge of an entire political party. So we have no choice but to live under their rule.

David Tafuri is a former adviser to Barack Obama's presidential campaigns. He joins us tonight. David, thanks a lot for coming on.


CARLSON: So I'm interested in what is clearly a broad theme where the Democratic Party which for generations, of course, represented normal people, the working class now represents the most decadent in our society, and has really kind of taken an aggressive posture against the rule of law. Where do you think that winds up over time? Where does that get us?

TAFURI: Well, some of the proposals that Democrats are making, particularly in some states, like in California and in New York have gone too far, clearly, and you've highlighted some of them.

Some of them actually are reasonable though, criminal justice reform is actually something that has support in both parties. Of course, President Trump signed a law that just reformed the criminal justice system, so there is some support for that.

But some of the more unreasonable things are like trying to grant voting rights to felons. I think there's some arguments that if a felon demonstrates that he has changed, that he is reformed, and he replies for voting rights some number of years after he serves his sentence, there might be an argument there, but to immediately give felons the right to vote, I don't agree with that.

And to allow felons who are in jail, which some people propose to vote, that is something I certainly don't agree with.

CARLSON: So how about decriminalizing theft? What do you think of that, which is happening all over the country?

TAFURI: That makes no sense? I don't see any good policy reasons for decriminalizing theft. I mean, theft has always been a crime, I think since the beginning of our nation. There are good reasons for it to be a crime. We need to protect our property, we need to protect lawfulness. That's certainly an aspect of rule of law.

You can't decriminalize theft. I don't know anyone reasonable who supports that. And certainly I don't expect any states are going to pass any laws that allow that anytime soon.

CARLSON: Well, it's happening. It's happening all over the country. It's happening in Massachusetts, it is happening in Texas. The great Republican State of Texas, we just noted in Dallas, Texas. Well, it's a proposal that says they are not crimes.

TAFURI: But it hasn't passed.

CARLSON: No, no. No, but it doesn't need to pass. See, that's the diabolical genius of what Soros is doing. That's how he is reordering our society in the least Democratic possible way. Nothing moves through our legislators, they don't vote on anything.

If you elect prosecutors who are committed to not enforcing the law, then you've changed the law. The law is inoperative if you see what I'm saying.

TAFURI: But prosecutors always have some prosecutorial discretion whether to charge a crime or not charge a crime, and then the people can vote that prosecutor out in the next election cycle if they don't like it. And that's certainly I think, what would happen if any prosecutor actually refused to prosecute any theft at all?

CARLSON: Yes, well, that's I mean -- and we've talked fairly extensively in the show, that has happened in a bunch of different places. But thematically I'm wondering, like, what is the point of all this? I can't remember the last time I heard a Democratic politician stand up for like a normal person with a job, who is married and has kids.

And it's just like, the people who built the country, actually, of all races and ethnic groups. It's not a racial question. It's a question behavior, people who kind of buy into the system and try their hardest. Those people don't seem to have any representation at all in the Democratic Party.

TAFURI: Well, I don't understand the point of some of these proposals. They don't make any sense. Certainly, some of it is pandering to voters trying to create new areas of voters, new people who might vote for you. You know, I hate to be cynical like that. But I think that's definitely part of it.

And then part of it like decriminalizing marijuana, there is a trend towards decriminalizing marijuana. Many states across the country have already decriminalized marijuana. So there's also an effort to then say that people who were prosecuted in the past and convicted of marijuana charges should have those cleared from their record.

There's some policy argument for that. I personally don't support that. It was illegal then, if you got convicted, it should stay on your record. But I see some reasonableness to that argument.

Some of the things that are less reasonable, like getting rid of theft, that doesn't make any sense at all, letting many people who are not citizens to vote. That doesn't make any sense at all to me, either.

CARLSON: Well, that's where your party is moving at high speed unfortunately.

TAFURI: Not everyone in my party.

CARLSON: It sounds like you're not -- you're not with them. David Tafuri, great to see you tonight. Thank you.

TAFURI: Thank you.

CARLSON: Well, Stacey Abrams has never held a job higher than a state legislator in the minority in the state legislature in Georgia. And yet today, she spends her time promoting the conspiracy theory that she in fact, the real governor of Georgia. It's not an impressive performance at all, and yet democrats love Stacey Abrams.

Joe Biden has all but promised that he will pick her for Vice President if he wins the Democratic nomination. Instead of being grateful for that, because it's kind of quite a promotion, Abrams says that she's insulted.

Abrams told "The Guardian," quote, "I think it is deeply problematic ..." We should note parenthetically, she went to Yale Law School, that's how they talked -- deeply problematic -- " ... that there will be discussion of relegating any woman to the role of second when the primary has yet to fully take shape. I think it's a reflection again of this notion of what leadership looks like." In other words, it's racist.

Stacey Abrams is calling Joe Biden racist for offering her in effect the Vice Presidency, and not immediately handing her the Presidency itself. But if Biden isn't going to make her President, Abrams is hinting that she will run for it herself.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The next election that's coming up 2020.



ABRAMS: okay.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Will you be running for anything in that election?

ABRAMS: It's entirely possible.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why is it -- what would it be?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What would it be, yes?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you had to rank them by probability.

ABRAMS: It would be probability it would be an office.


CARLSON: Howie Carr is a radio host, and he joins us tonight. Howie, so I'm sure like me, you've been unemployed at various points in your life, as Stacey Abrams is now unemployed. She lost -- she had a low ranking job. Now she has no job. And she has all but offered the role as Vice President on the party's ticket and she is offended. Would you be offended if when you were unemployed, someone said, "Hey, come run as Vice President with me."

HOWIE CARR, RADIO HOST: I don't think so, Tucker. You know, there was a Hollywood studio mogul in the golden days of Hollywood and he had instructions to his producers, writers directors that he told them, self- pity is not good box office. And I don't think Stacey Abrams got the got the memo here.

I mean, you know, she lost by 50,000 plus votes. I mean, this was not a cliffhanger. There were no missing chads here. You know, she was defeated. And you know, another old saying is close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And she can't seem to get over the fact that she lost.

I know, Tucker that Abraham Lincoln was defeated for statewide office in 1858. They came back and won the presidency in 1860. But I don't see lightning striking twice again for Stacey Abrams.

Didn't she write an op-ed piece or something last year when she was running but she owed over 200,000 bucks in student loans, credit card and back taxes? I mean, shouldn't should be paying off some of these debts? I mean, you know, stop complaining and get something done.

CARLSON: It's racist to offer her the vice presidency. Unbelievable. But lest you think she is the most unimpressive figure in the 2020 political landscape, think again.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was struggling to qualify for the Democratic debates. So just like Abrams, he is throwing a temper tantrum. Not letting him on the debate stage, he says, and this is my favorite line of the year, "is an attack on America's greatest strength, diversity."


MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO, D-N.Y., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: A lot of candidates and a lot of people are concerned about those September rules.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, the September rules, they double the number of donors to 120,000 --

DE BLASIO: Which is a huge number, and look, I appreciate the impulse. But I think we have to ask the question, is this going to limit debate and limit the diversity of the field and limit the options for voters in a way that's unhelpful?

We have to be careful going forward because this is the most diverse field in every sense we've ever had in the history of the Democrat Party. That's a beautiful thing.


CARLSON: Howie, would keeping Bill de Blasio out of the debates, reduce their quote, "diversity"?

CARR: Tucker, some people need to realize how lucky they are. If Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger doesn't start sexting in the summer of 2013, Bill de Blasio is unemployed. That's the only way he won the race for mayor. He was an also ran candidate. He is nothing.

He was a glorified city councilor in New York who grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And now he think he is this, you know, great statesman. I mean, the whole city has fallen apart. I was in New York on Friday, and I took an Uber and I got stuck with a $35.00 congestion fee, from 26th Street to LaGuardia, Tucker.

This is the kind of new taxes he is imposing on everybody to save the planet. And you know, he could be the worst Mayor I've ever seen in New York City.

I've been around, you know, in New England, my whole life reading -- I think he is worse than Dinkins. He is worse than Beame. He may be even worse than John V. Lindsay, back in the 60s and 70s.

And you think he'd be just trying to, you know, get out from under that burden of being the worst Mayor ever, but no, he is running around Iowa making a fool out of himself appearing in front of zero crowds.

CARLSON: I don't think it bothers him. I think he is shielded by his own low IQ. He doesn't even know what's happening. It must be nice. He is content in the way your dog is.

CARR: And he lives in Gracie Mansion, too. He lives in Gracie Mansion and he has a police escort over to work out in the gym in Brooklyn every morning. That's it.


CARR: And then any blows off 9/11 commemoration ceremonies.

CARLSON: Marijuana smoker --

CARR: Right. And he blames his -- when he misses these meetings, he blames his staff. He is a real piece of work.

CARLSON: The Great Howie Carr. He certainly is. Great to see you tonight, Howie. Thank you.

CARR: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, tonight, our investigation into what exactly is going on in the Dominican Republic continues. The third night in a row of Americans being killed there. Now a "Shark Tank" star says a member of her family also died in the Dominican Republic under similar and mysterious circumstances. Exclusive report from that country after the break.


CARLSON: Yet another mystery out of the Dominican Republic tonight. Now, "Shark Tank," the show "Shark Tank" investor Barbara Corcoran says that her brother passed away in the DR in weirdly similar circumstances to the other recent deaths.

In an exclusive joint investigation with our partners at "Fox and Friends," we sent Griff Jenkins to the DR to dig deeper into what is happening there. And he's back with us live tonight -- Griff.

GRIFF JENKINS, REPORTER AND PRODUCER: Tucker, just when you thought it couldn't get worse, another mysterious death. There were six Americans in the last 12 months. They've died mysteriously. Now the seventh, Barbara called John Corcoran, one of her favorite brothers. The family issuing this statement acknowledging the passing quote, "John Corcoran passed away at the end of April in the DR from what is believed to be natural causes. He loved and frequently visited the Dominican Republic."

The hotel where he was staying is unknown at this point. The State Department also confirming it. We, Tucker, are in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic here at the U.S. Embassy. We came to talk to them about this string of deaths. They're unable to get on camera because of the ongoing investigation by Dominican officials that the U.S. is assisting including the FBI.

But they wanted to stress that their highest priority is the safety and security of Americans. But really since we've been here, we've got a look at what we've seen and it's much to give pause to Americans considering visiting here.

The dangers include first the robbery that happened just minutes after we landed here on Sunday of slugger David Ortiz, a legend and hero not only in Boston, but here in the Dominican Republic. He was shot at the El Dial Bar and Lounge just 15 kilometers from where I stand.

Right now up to six people have been taken into custody in this investigation. There have been robberies here, including one member of our team fortunately not hurt, just some valuables. But we're told that is far too common on the streets of the Dominican Republic.

And of course these mysterious deaths and the coincidences that we found. Three of the now seven deaths reportedly directly linked to the minibar. We took you inside that Hard Rock Cafe in Punta Cana, where Robert Bell Wallace in April, reportedly took a drink of scotch from the minibar just similar to the one you're looking at here on the screen. His niece, Chloe saying that he died shortly thereafter. And then another across about an hour away in La Romana.

But here's the bottom line. Where does things stand? And we were told that the Dominican officials' investigation could take up to 30 days and they're asking for patience. They are pleading for patience as they worry about their tourism taking a hard hit.

But the Dominican officials, as you saw wouldn't talk to us. We'll have to wait and see what those results are. We will stay on top of it. We're told one key thing to pay attention to, Tucker, is the toxicology results - - Tucker.

CARLSON: Without question Griff Jenkins, thanks a lot for that update. Appreciate it.

Well, yesterday alleged presidential contender Beto O'Rourke promise that if the apocalypse comes and he is somehow elected President of the United States, one of the first things he will do will be to reverse the ban on transgender soldiers serving in the military.

O'Rourke's plan to do this is close to a thousand words long. But here's one thing that it lacks. Beto never explains how transgender soldiers will make America's military stronger. And we mean that word literally not the way your children's public school is stronger when half the kids don't speak English, but actually stronger.

It's not an idle question. Americans days as the world's only superpower are waning fast. China is rising, it will soon be a direct rival to this country. Our forces have been battered and stretched by costly commitments in a number of countries -- Afghanistan, Syria, Korea and others. Our military is not a toy. It's not a social experiment.

The military exists for only one reason -- protecting the United States and its people. That's it. Every decision the military makes must be framed in those terms. Does it protect the United States and its people from foreign threats? That's it.

But for Beto O'Rourke and the rest of his party, the military is an abstraction. It's not meant to win wars, only meant to win votes and to confer virtue on people who tamper with it.

Planned Parenthood claims to support, quote, "choice," but their latest lawsuit seeks to force pro-life doctors to perform abortions, amazingly. That's true. Details after the break.


CARLSON: Whatever your personal views on abortion and euthanasia, it seems obvious -- and all decent people would understand -- that doctors and nurses shouldn't be forced to perform any procedure they view as immoral or murder.

But a conscience clause like that, this kind of nuance is no longer acceptable on the activists left. Abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide cannot be questioned by anybody under any circumstances. Example, A, this week Planned Parenthood and the ACLU sued the administration over conscience protections that protect healthcare workers from having to provide abortions.

The lawsuit argues that these protections are sexist and somehow racist. Dr. Marc Siegel is a Fox medical contributor and he joins us tonight. Doctor, thanks for coming on.


CARLSON: So what would it look like if the United States government forced physicians and nurses to participate in procedures they believe were immoral?

SIEGEL: I think it would be extremely disconcerting and uncomfortable because, first of all, my role as a physician is to save lives or to relieve suffering. So if I'm in an emergency room and somebody is dying, and I have to do whatever I can to save their life, I should do whatever I can and that that isn't compromised, that should not be compromised.

But when it comes to elective procedures, morality is involved and my personal morality, having witnessed and participated and assisted in abortions early in my training, I am morally opposed to them.

The idea of a clause that that prevents anyone from coercing me or penalizing me, or forcing me to perform an abortion, sterilization, or assisted suicide, forcing me to is against everything that this country stands for, and everything that being a physician stands for, this cannot stand. It's absolutely abhorrent.

CARLSON: I don't understand the purpose of it. I mean, there are tons of abortion clinics and lots of physicians who are willing to commit abortion, that, you know, that's between them and their conscience or whatever. But it's not like there's a shortage of physicians willing to do this. So why force pro-life doctors to violate their own conscience? I don't understand.

SIEGEL: Well, you know, you're making a really great point there. I was going to say that I'm not forcing my morality onto doctors that are comfortable doing abortions. I'm not doing that, and it should not be forced on to me.

Now, obviously, this is a big political battle, but it's violating a basic principle. Tucker, this is not something new to the Trump administration. This goes all the way back to the Church Amendments of the 1970s when you couldn't penalize a hospital or clinic for refusing to perform abortions.

This is becoming absolutely something that is not going to work because it's ultimately an attempt to participate in this war for Roe v. Wade versus people that want to repeal Roe v. Wade, and it's not medical, it's not a medical situation.

Doctors get right now choose based on our ethics, what we're comfortable doing. I am not comfortable performing abortions. Nobody can tell me to do them. I'm not comfortable performing sterilizations. If I had that training by the way, I wouldn't do them and I don't present -- I don't participate in euthanasia either or assisted suicide which is illegal in most rates.

CARLSON: Right. It makes sense.

SIEGEL: The idea that somebody can impose it on me is not conscionable and this should stand. This lawsuit will be thrown out, but it really shows you where Planned Parenthood is coming from here.

CARLSON: It's disgusting. And you put it so nicely. Thank you, doctor. Good to see tonight.

SIEGEL: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: One employee at the tech company, Pinterest has been fired after going public with claims to the company censored the pro-life group, Live Action. Former engineer Eric Cochrane leaked documents to James O'Keefe's "Project Veritas." These documents show that Live Action was classified as a porn website so that users would be unable to link to the group.

YouTube, by the way, took down O'Keefe's video about this. Here's the punch line. They took it down on privacy grounds. Google caring about privacy, hilarious. In a statement to this program. Pinterest disagreed. They said they actually blocked Live Action for spreading conspiracy theories. The porn label they said was only an internal one since the company's first blacklist only targeted porn sites.

Whatever the reason, they still fired Eric Cochran, for bringing the truth to the public, now, he joins us for his first on-the-record interview. Eric Cochran, thanks a lot for coming on tonight. Why did you do this?

ERIC COCHRAN, FORMER PINTEREST ENGINEER: Thank you, Tucker. I did this because I saw wrongdoing and the normalization of censorship within big tech companies right now is downright un-American.

And I saw this as the fight for abortion. I saw a big tech company saying quietly, saying behind closed doors that they believe that Live Action shouldn't have a platform to speak.

And the big thing is, I want them to have to say this explicitly. They need to say this publicly instead of behind closed doors.

CARLSON: Right. Well, there is a kind of passive aggressive, weasel-ly quality to all of these tech companies responses, every single time, "Oh, it was a mistake," or it was, you know, "Classified the wrong category." You worked at one of these companies. Confirm what we suspect, they're lying.

COCHRAN: Yes. And this is big, because this is one of the first stories that shows the definitive proof. A lot of times people might chalk things up to, "Oh, it's just a fluke. I can't post at Live Action." But this is the definitive proof. And now they're in full cover up mode as they're trying to protect their pro-abortion stances.

CARLSON: What did they say to you when they fired you?

COCHRAN: So security came up and found me and I asked them, "Hey, what's wrong? Did I do something wrong?" They had no answers and they escorted me out of the building.

CARLSON: Wow. What do you have to say to other potential whistleblowers, or I presume a lot of people at these companies who aren't for censorship? How should they respond?

COCHRAN: This is the watershed moment, Tucker. This is about abortion. You're seeing now with YouTube doing Pinterest bidding by removing the "Project Veritas" video, you're saying that they're going to do whatever it takes. They are 100% in to protect the abortion lobby, and pro-lifers who exists within big tech companies, there is a lot of us, they need to come to "Project Veritas." And they need to expose what's going on.

They need to make these tech companies like I have explicitly say that, "We are on the side of the abortion lobby," because then at least we know where we stand, we at least know what's going to happen.

And what we're seeing right now with Live Action is that this isn't just Pinterest because now that Pinterest does this, now Facebook -- there's a hive mind. Now Facebook, now Google, they're all going to win this hive mind, cite this is an example of Live Action spreading dangerous misinformation. And they're going to cite that as an example to censor all pro-life content.

So this is the watershed moment. This is the spark for the pro-life movement, pro-lifers within these tech companies, come to "Project Veritas," expose what's really going on in big tech.

CARLSON: Yes. Tell the truth.

COCHRAN: Yes, tell the truth.

CARLSON: You're a brave man, Eric, thanks for joining us tonight.

COCHRAN: Thank you.

CARLSON: Good to see.

COCHRAN: Good to see you.

CARLSON: Well, last week, Joe Biden was flip-flopping on abortion. Now, he is flip-flopping on China. Is he actually ready to treat China like the threat that it is? Marco Rubio joins us in just a moment to discuss.


CARLSON: Carter Page to this day has never been charged with anything, any crime. In spite that, the FBI told a FISA Court that Page could be a foreign spy and they got permission to spy on him, and then even though no credible evidence was ever found against him of any kind, government agents smeared Page with leaks to the media. It was an attack on Page's basic rights.

Americans deserve know how it happened; if it happened to him, it could happen to you. Fox chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge with yet another exclusive primetime report tonight.


CATHERINE HERRIDGE, CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Former FBI and Justice Department officials tell Fox that Carter Page's FISA warrant had the potential to sweep up the communications of other Trump campaign aides using what's known in Intelligence circles as hops.

TOM DUPREE, FORMER DEPUTY ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL: Once you get that first warrant; that in turn will alert you to other people beyond your target. You can then sometimes get their communication.

HERRIDGE (voice over): Granted by the National Security Court, believed to operate from this Washington courthouse, a FISA warrant allows the collection of an American citizen's e-mails, phone calls, and text messages. Think of it like a web of communications with Carter Page at the center.

DUPREE: Once you get the foot in the door, it can give you a basis to then conduct much broader surveillance.

HERRIDGE (voice over): In some cases, agents can search a target's historical data.

DUPREE: If you can persuade a judge that there are communications that are out there that are relevant to what you're doing and that are readily accessible and again linked to the purpose of the surveillance, you can go back.

JIM MAXWELL, FORMER FBI AGENT: The assembly of the document, the sculpting of the document is not a one man operation.

HERRIDGE (voice over): Jim Maxwell is familiar with the FISA process from his three decades at the FBI.

MAXWELL: We need to know ahead of time whether or not the information in the document is reliable, and it's constantly tested and challenged.

HERRIDGE (voice over): One month before the presidential election, the Page application was filed and with three renewals lasted 11 months. This heavily redacted version shows it relied on the Democrat-funded unverified dossier compiled by former British spy, Christopher Steele; buried in a footnote the application suggests the dossier was a political document.

DUPREE: Ideally, you would acknowledge in the text of the application to say, look, here's the information. We're not 100 percent sure it's reliable, but we think it's enough, and here's our concerns. If you put it in a footnote, the risk is that like any human being, a judge would blow past it.

MAXWELL: I have the utmost faith in Director Wray and the Attorney General that they will review this matter and take the proper action.


HERRIDGE (on camera): Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz is expected to release his FISA review and then testify before the House and Senate Committees. Senator Lindsey Graham recently told Fox that he believes surveillance reform is possible even likely, Tucker.

CARLSON: Catherine Herridge, thanks for that. Well, for many years, the threat from China to the United States has been growing and for as many years, Joe Biden has been ignoring threat. Now, Biden suddenly has a new position. Biden is deeply worried about China, he says.


BIDEN: China is going to eat our lunch. Come on, man. They're not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They're not a competition for us.

While Trump is tweeting, China is making massive investments in new technologies, in artificial intelligence. You bet I'm worried about China.

When it comes to taking on China, first, let's invest in America. Let's build a united front of our allies to challenge Chinese abusive behavior.

We need to rally half the world's economy, hold China accountable for their cheating.


CARLSON: So yes, that is a dramatic reversal. Indeed a flip flop. At least, unlike topics like abortion and immigration, Biden is this time flip flopping in the correct direction. But naturally, he is blaming the President for China's rise and not his four decades of negligence while holding high office.

Senator Marco Rubio has been raising the alarm about China in Congress for a long time now, and he joins us tonight to assess. Senator, thanks a lot for coming on. What do you make of the former Vice President's change of heart on China?

SEN. MARCO RUBIO, R-FLA.: Well, I think first he began in sort of what's a default position in the Democratic Party that's largely been taken over at least in their base by these radical progressives. And that default position is no matter what's going on wrong in the world, it's Donald Trump's fault.

So you also see that in some of the coverage, by the way, it's almost like coverage that you read in some of these newspapers that is rooting for the U.S. to lose, or blames the U.S. for a lot of what China's doing and so forth. So that's what was embedded there at the front end of the first time he spoke about it.

The rest of that clip, it goes on to say, but we're doing all the wrong things and Trump is doing this wrong and that wrong. This is the first administration, the first administration in a quarter century that's been willing to confront China. And frankly, we've had to take dramatic steps because it's taken so long to do anything that the challenge before us is dramatic.

CARLSON: So I don't want to be crass about it. But I think it's true. And I think, you know, having been in Washington a long time that it is true, that a lot of people have benefited greatly from sucking up to China, have become in fact rich, from kowtowing to China. Do you think that's part of it?

RUBIO: Yes. But it's not crass. It's accurate. It's the way it is. I mean, look, if you are a company, let's say you're the CEO or a major shareholder in a multinational, you want access to that market, because you're going to make a lot of money in that over the next three to four years.

And you're not even thinking or care about what it means to that company, not to mention the United States 20 years from now. And they used to march down here, -- I'm telling you, they used to march down here, right to the White House to Treasury to Congress, and they would say, "Don't do this to China, we can work this out, there's a different way, let's go to the WTO. Let's send them a really strongly worded letter telling them not to do this anymore." Because they were making money over there. And they wanted market access.

They didn't care about what happened to America 10 years from now, they don't even care what happened to their company 10 years from now. They wouldn't be there. They wanted to maximize their shares and their profits right away even if it meant doing something that was against American national interest and our future.

CARLSON: Do you think that the rest of the Democratic candidates, the entire field, almost all of them have been pretty aggressively pro-China, some very aggressively pro-China. Can they maintain that? Or will they have to follow Biden's lead now and change?

RUBIO: You know, I don't know if they can maintain it. I would imagine that basically, there's a lot of people in American politics today that has gotten so crazy. There's a lot of people that basically say if Trump is forward, it's got to be a bad thing.

And so obviously this -- now look, I do think that taking on China, we have a lot of allies in the Senate that are Democrats that are for it. But I'm talking about the political class, the activist class, whatever Trump is for, they are against, and that includes taking on China. You read it in the commentary.

I read a commentary last week, not just on China, on Mexico. There was a commentary that came out on Friday night in The "Washington Post" saying that Trump was about to mess up the 25 or 33 decades of hard work with Mexico. And then about an hour later, the news comes out that Mexico has agreed to do all sorts of important things. That is the kind of derangement that has set in and it's really not giving the American people an honest assessment of these challenges that are before us.

CARLSON: No, that's an understatement. And nicely put. Senator, thank you very much for that. I appreciate it.

RUBIO: Thank you.

CARLSON: A lot of concern particularly among young people about where the country is going. Into that anxiety steps Bernie Sanders. He gave a speech today saying socialism is the answer. We will tell you what he said and whether it makes sense. After the break.



SANDERS: To choose a different path, a higher path, a path of compassion, justice, and love. And that is the path that I call democratic socialism.


CARLSON: That was Senator Bernie Sanders today delivering a defense of socialism. Socialism has been tried over the years, you may have heard from Venezuela to Vietnam. It has failed everywhere it's ever been tried.

But Sanders hopes he can convince America to give it another shot. What sort of promises does Sanders say that socialism can keep? Justin Haskins is a research fellow at the Heartland Institute and he joins us tonight. Justin, thanks a lot for coming on.


CARLSON: So you saw Senator Sanders's speech? Essentially he said this time it will be different, will it be?

HASKIN: No, of course it won't be different. That's what every Democratic socialist, authoritarian socialist has ever said in the history of the world. They never come out and say, "Hey, we're going to take away all your rights, we're going to take away all your property and give it to somebody else."

They tell you, "Don't worry, this time, it's going to be different. This time it's going to work." And after a hundred years of trying, we have had 167 million people who have been in prison, exiled and murdered by socialist and communist parties.

There's a reason for that, Bernie, it's because it doesn't work. It never works. It never will work because socialism is completely antithetical to human nature. People do not respond to anything other than incentives or fear. And so if you can't provide people with incentives, then I guess you have to put a gun to the back of their head and force them that way.

CARLSON: It's virtually always been accompanied by violence. And you're saying that's inherent to the system, Bernie Sanders, in his speech today, one part that I was legitimately baffled by promising amnesty to the 20-odd million people living here illegally, basically an open borders promise. How can you have socialism in for the world? How can you pay for that? How does that work?

HASKINS: You can't, it's basically impossible. Not only that, but so many of Bernie Sanders's policies, take gun control for instance, regardless of what you think about immigration, just take gun control, how can you have gun control in the United States with open borders? How do you expect to stop all the guns from flooding into the United States? If you really want gun control, you have to have closed borders.

And so many Bernie Sanders policies don't make any sense. But I think what I believe Bernie Sanders is after truly is just to take away as much power and as much money as he possibly can from the private sector, from people who own businesses, and give it to people who are going to vote for him and people like him. I don't think it's about anything other than that.

CARLSON: I don't think you're going to go broke on that theory. I think you may be on to something, Justin Haskins. I would say. Thanks for joining us tonight. Good to see you.

HASKINS: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, there's no place on Earth really more aggressively left wing than your average American University campus, and that's why most hate crimes on campus are faked. It's also why American colleges have spent tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars promoting the so-called diversity and inclusion agenda.

But a new survey suggests it is all a waste. If anything, all that diversity spending has convinced students that bias and discrimination are everywhere. The survey finds that a majority of college students believe that campuses are biased against gay black and Hispanic students. They believe that college is biased against women, too. Women, of course, are now a large majority of students on college campuses. It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

Jason Nichols is a Professor of African-American Studies at the University of Maryland, and he joins us tonight. Professor, thanks for coming on.


CARLSON: If the majority of college students are convinced that their colleges are hotbeds of racism, something very strange is going on. Can you shed some light on that?

NICHOLS: Well, I think you know, colleges are like a microcosm of society where you have some victimization that goes on, and then you have some people who pays a premium on victimization, but I think it's also more of the former, but I think also on college campuses, I think that though we're spending lots of money on diversity and inclusion, the allocation of those funds isn't necessarily -- the funds aren't used in the best manner.

CARLSON: Well, I believe you there. I believe -- hold on, can you just back up really quickly for -- so you said that there is some racism on college campuses.

NICHOLS: Absolutely.

CARLSON: Colleges. Okay -- but it's exclusively liberal. I mean, there are no conservatives running any college in America other than maybe Hillsdale, but your average college --

NICHOLS: Yes, Liberty --

CARLSON: I mean, 99 percent of colleges are run by liberals. Okay, there are a couple, but, but they're all liberal. And you're telling me they're racist, too?

NICHOLS: Well, again, I think that racism is nonpartisan or bipartisan. I think that you have -- there's certainly liberal racism. There's certainly conservative racism, which includes this crazy victimization that conservatives have.

But you know, there's racism on both sides. It's something that's been in our society for so long that it's infected us. It's like any other disease, you know, and I would say that, when you're dealing with a disease, the worst person with any disease is the person who doesn't know they're infected.

And so I think that, you know, that's one of the things that happens sometimes to us on the left, is they don't realize that they are --

CARLSON: The liberals are -- now, we're singing from the same song sheet. There's nobody more racially obsessed than your average white liberal in America. Have you noticed that?

NICHOLS: So I would disagree with that. I think that people on the right are racially obsessed, but then, part of their obsession is to deny racism. I think a dangerous person with any disease is also the person who denies that they have it, you know, or a person who wants to deny --

CARLSON: So you've got us coming and going. So everybody is dangerous. Everybody is a racist.

NICHOLS; Well, again, these are the problems that we have to fix. We have to fix our racist problems.

CARLSON: These are the problems that we have -- okay, so we do have some good news and we want to announce on this show. We want to welcome a new edition. You just had a door, we want to announce that Jason Nichols and his wife welcomed last night, a new daughter, Maria, here's a photograph of her.

We want to offer our congratulations from all of us here at this show to one of our favorite contributors. That child a day old. And yes, we look forward to meeting her. Congratulations.

NICHOLS: Thank you. Thank you so much, Tucker. I hope you can meet her. I've got to go back to the hospital.

CARLSON: Get some sleep. You're going to need it. You, too. Thanks a lot. Professor Nichols. We're out of time, but we will be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn and totally sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and especially groupthink, which is everywhere.

I want to encourage you again to DVR if you know how to do that. We don't and by the way, the Erik Wemple mug, we are getting probably 50 e-mails a day. Where can I get an Erik Wemple mug? How can I wake up looking at Wemple's face, drink a coffee out of a mug with his image? It is online., you can get it.

Sean Hannity live from New York right now.

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