Rick Santorum's take on possible 2016 contenders

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome back to the special edition of "Hannity," How to save America. Now, while the CPAC speeches, they're drumming up a lot of chatter about potential GOP candidates for 2016, who is actually going to make the run for the White House? Joining me now with his take is former Pennsylvania senator, former candidate himself, Rick Santorum. Rick how are you?

RICK SANTORUM, R- FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm doing great, Sean. Great to be on your show again.

HANNITY: I watched you. I was out on the trail with you. I know what a grind it is. Are you advising people to do it, not do it? It's a tough road.

SANTORUM: It is a tough road. But I'll tell you what, there really is no greater experience in politics than getting out there and having that kind of interaction with voters from all across the country. You really learn how diverse this country is, how great this country is. And, you know, I always tell people you know, if you have a desire to do it, there is no reason not to do it, you know. It really is an amazing experience.

HANNITY: Do you have a desire to do it again?

SANTORUM: I'm certainly looking at it pretty seriously, Sean. I think there are a lot of lessons learned from a couple years ago. And there certainly are a lot problems out there that you detail very well throughout your shows that things are getting worse, not better. And maybe on a little change from the -- from someone who really believes in founding principles of our country is what we need.

HANNITY: Who would be your competition? I think Rand is pretty much in. My guess is that you might see a governor or two, Rick Perry might get back into it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, maybe Ted Cruz may get in, Marco may get in, maybe Bobby Jindal. What do you think?

SANTORUM: I think there is more. I mean, you've got John Kasich in Ohio. There may be other governors, you know. You look at a Rick Scott in Florida to get reelected. There are a lot folks out there that are going to look at this. Mike Pence from Indiana, there's another. There are a lot of really good people out there. That is great. What we found in the last race, and we found in every race, is that the process takes its toll and moves people in and out. And that process is a good one. It really does help get the right candidate in the end.

HANNITY: All right, senator, good to see you. We'll see who is going to win tomorrow's CPAC poll. Good to see you, senator. I know you had a great reaction so far.

SANTORUM: Thank you, Sean.

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