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Well, before you dig in, you better be careful about packing it on, because Thanksgiving really just gets the holiday roll going. Right? You keep eating like crazy, and they will need to put you on wheels to keep you moving by the time the holidays are over.


CAVUTO: I didn't ask your opinion.

SIMMONS: No, I didn't care. That wasn't funny about putting you on wheels.

CAVUTO: All right. Well, look who is here.




SIMMONS: I took a two-year absence because Neil hurt my feelings.

CAVUTO: How did I hurt your feelings?

SIMMONS: Excuse me.



SIMMONS: ... I got thousands of tweets and Facebooks.

But I'm back because I am forgiving.

Hello, Neil.

CAVUTO: Hello. How are you?

SIMMONS: It's so good to see you.

CAVUTO: It's good to see you.

SIMMONS: Let's talk about...


CAVUTO: No, no, no, no, back to me, what you were saying.

SIMMONS: No, we don't have time for you.

CAVUTO: Well, how did I offend you last time you were here?

SIMMONS: We don't have time for you. It's about me.


CAVUTO: Wow. So, whatever I said hurt your feelings?

SIMMONS: No. You know you do. You made fun of...

CAVUTO: Of what?

SIMMONS: Just, you know, the P.E. thing and how...


CAVUTO: No. I said I -- I admired what you were doing.


SIMMONS: No. The numbers just came in today.

CAVUTO: You were trying to get schools to have phys ed.

SIMMONS: The numbers just came in today.


SIMMONS: More obese kids.

CAVUTO: And you want them to be going to P.E. in school.

SIMMONS: we need to -- we need to put P.E. back in the school system.


SIMMONS: I mean, we have to find the money somewhere.

And if that means you have to take a little from here, a little from there, what is going to happen to our kids in three or four years? They are sedentary. They're not exercising. Their parents are not working out. They are getting lethargic.

And here's what happens, the worst part. When you're overweight or you feel different or you don't fit in, you have so low self-worth.

CAVUTO: It's true.

SIMMONS: But when you have self-worth, you inherit the earth.

CAVUTO: So, this has been part of your push.

SIMMONS: You look so handsome today. I can hardly deal with not

climbing over this desk.


CAVUTO: All right. It's good to see you, too.


CAVUTO: This YouTube thing you are doing, do people know about this?

Guys, I want you to look at this. This has become a phenomenon. Take a peek.




CAVUTO: How many?

SIMMONS: Oh, it's on a bunch of sites.

CAVUTO: But it...

SIMMONS: I have this one. And I have a new music video with Steve Aoki, who is the number one deejay in the world.

CAVUTO: What are you trying to do in this one?

SIMMONS: I'm just -- it's just -- now, we live in a world with a lot of stress.

And I think if you can create anything that's going to make people happy...

CAVUTO: But what's the point of this?

SIMMONS: Just to make people feel good and laugh.

CAVUTO: And to talk about...

SIMMONS: Whether they are laughing with me or at me doesn't mind.

But, you know, when the king gets upset, he doesn't call for his wife or the cook. He calls for the court gesture.

CAVUTO: That's true. But, no, you make people feel good. You make them laugh.

SIMMONS: And for 40 years, I have been making people try to it like themselves more. We live in a world where everybody is bullying and...

CAVUTO: What do you think of that?

SIMMONS: It's horrifying.

But, you know, I never told you this story, but when I was in high school, an all Catholics -- all Catholic boy's high school, when I went to the bathroom, they would -- the stall, they would put lighter fluid under and put a flame to it to burn me.

You know, if you are very different -- and it's gotten worse now -- this was in 19 -- in the '50s -- but if you are different in any way now, you were tortured. And we learn that either from our parents or TV or kids at school.

But it's got to stop, because I buried a lot of people this year, people who just couldn't fight the battle of obesity anymore or anorexia or any of it.

CAVUTO: You even said to me that it's really the one accepted form of prejudice that's beyond silly and stupid.

How do you deal?

SIMMONS: Well, there is always prejudice against a lot of people.

CAVUTO: What do you tell them? I mean, a lot of these people come to see you and they want your help.

SIMMONS: I just tell them to be nicer and be kinder and accept everybody.

I mean, you know, God gives us a bracelet, and we put the charms on it, Neil. And they are all not happy charms. We all go through the ups and downs of life. But, at the end of the day, you are really too blessed to be stressed. And when you get another day on this earth, don't fill it with blindness. Fill it with kindness, especially our kids and our seniors and our veterans who are not being taken care of.

I have always been for the underdog. And I travel and teach all over the world. And it's not just here in the United States. It's everywhere.

And the fighting over land, over wealth, over buildings, over...

CAVUTO: What about over health care?

SIMMONS: Yes. We just -- yes.

CAVUTO: You know, that -- you mentioned obesity, Richard.

And part of the strategy behind the new health care law is good behavior, responsible behavior. Make yourself thinner.

SIMMONS: I'm just finding it's so hard to talk to you, because I want to climb on this desk so bad and just get closer...


CAVUTO: Well, I wish you wouldn't.

SIMMONS: Just get closer.

CAVUTO: I wish you wouldn't. I wish...



CAVUTO: I want you to sit down. I enjoy you, too.


CAVUTO: OK. Please?


SIMMONS: I'm sorry, everybody. I know -- I know that, you know, he is happily married.

CAVUTO: You know, I have had -- I have had a number of guests. And, sometimes, they do want to climb on the table to hit me.


I love you unconditionally, even though you have got a -- you know, like, a sharp tongue and you can be harsh sometimes.


SIMMONS: Mother, daughter, mother, daughter!


SIMMONS: Faye Dunaway in "Chinatown."

CAVUTO: Yes, I...


SIMMONS: I don't know.

But I'm on the Thanksgiving Day -- I'm in the parade on the Macy's float. And it's the tortoise and the hare. And it's a 12-foot turtle.

CAVUTO: Really?

SIMMONS: With the hare.

CAVUTO: Is it an obese turtle?



SIMMONS: See how you crossed the line?

CAVUTO: I'm sorry.


SIMMONS: See, look, boy, here you are, and there is the line.

CAVUTO: But -- but you know that they might not get it off tomorrow as planned. There might not be as many...

SIMMONS: Balloons.

CAVUTO: Yes. How do you feel about that?

SIMMONS: But there will still be a parade. And they will still have bands and wonderful people.

And so we can't think about...

CAVUTO: The negatives.

SIMMONS: As Dr. Phil would say...


SIMMONS: ... we can't think about the balloons that don't make it.

CAVUTO: You have a lot of issues.


SIMMONS: We have to think...


SIMMONS: ... about the balloons that are there.

CAVUTO: Right.


CAVUTO: You know the one thing about interviewing you is...

SIMMONS: And now "Planet of the Apes."

CAVUTO: ... like, I never know where it's going to go.



CAVUTO: You know, I knew there was a risk working the day before Thanksgiving.

SIMMONS: Really?

CAVUTO: I just didn't plan it out.


CAVUTO: That's great.

Is this what you show those to try to help, that some day you too could....

SIMMONS: Well, I think most kids don't exercise. How often do you exercise?

CAVUTO: Not enough. You are right, not enough.

SIMMONS: You know what? You sit here. You are on the computer all day.

CAVUTO: You are right. We live a lame existence.

SIMMONS: You need to get up. You need to stretch.

CAVUTO: What is the rule of thumb on that?

SIMMONS: Every day you eat is every day you have to work out.

CAVUTO: Really? So, you -- you work out every day?

SIMMONS: I got up at 3:30 this morning and worked out in...


SIMMONS: ... room.

CAVUTO: Did you really?

SIMMONS: Yes. I mean, how good...


CAVUTO: But you are such a recognizable face. You go to a restaurant and pig out, you can't do that.

SIMMONS: I don't pig out. I went to...


CAVUTO: Yes, you do, now and then. Come on, Richard.

SIMMONS: No, I went to...


CAVUTO: Richard, look at me. You go to a restaurant and wear a disguise and pig out.


SIMMONS (singing): Touch me.

CAVUTO: Someone -- someone is blocking.




SIMMONS: No, what, you have to go on to something more, like calling butter people Butterball turkeys, or having -- putting little wheels on them.


SIMMONS: Do they laugh like this all the time?

CAVUTO: Just when you come on.

SIMMONS: When I'm on.

CAVUTO: Because you are that good.

SIMMONS: Just give me your hand for just a second.


CAVUTO: I don't want to give you my hand.

SIMMONS: Just give me your hand.


CAVUTO: I want you to answer me this.


CAVUTO: You say that you never go to a restaurant and pig out.



SIMMONS: Never. I can't.

CAVUTO: Because you're so -- you can't, right?


SIMMONS: No, no.

I owe it to people to be a good example.

CAVUTO: Are you ever tempted, though, like, oh, today, I'm just...

SIMMONS: Look, I have had eating disorders all my life. When I call

30 to 40 overweight people a day, do you think I can eat?

CAVUTO: Yes, I do.

SIMMONS: I can't.

CAVUTO: Yes, you can.

SIMMONS: No, I starve.

CAVUTO: I don't believe it.

SIMMONS: Well, it's the truth.

CAVUTO: All right. So, through the holidays...

SIMMONS: It's very hard to eat.

CAVUTO: I started this by saying, through the holidays, how do you help people?

SIMMONS: I'm going to my -- my manager lives here. We live in L.A., but his family is here, and there's 30 people...

CAVUTO: Yikes.

SIMMONS: ... for an Italian Thanksgiving, which will be almost recreating the Last Supper.

CAVUTO: Do you watch how they...


SIMMONS: An Italian...


CAVUTO: Do you watch how they eat or do they feel guiltier?


SIMMONS: Have some lasagna. Have some turkey.

CAVUTO: Why are you making fun of my people?

SIMMONS (singing): When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore.


CAVUTO: So, you are set for this -- you're set for this...

SIMMONS: You know, I would sit at your feet and do this interview.

CAVUTO: I bet you would.


CAVUTO: You are set for this dinner tomorrow? Everything is all set.

SIMMONS: Well, you know, I have -- I watch...


CAVUTO: You don't make them feel guilty if they are having seconds, right?

SIMMONS: Well, I actually bring a bathroom scale and weigh them in before.

CAVUTO: I bet you would. I bet you would.

SIMMONS: I carry it with me.



CAVUTO: There is no one there.

SIMMONS: Really? There's a whole bunch of people there.

CAVUTO: OK. Whatever you say.



CAVUTO: So you are doing well?

SIMMONS: You had me on more than the guy who is selling clothes.

CAVUTO: Modell?

SIMMONS: You know, the one who has got all the sporting good stores?

CAVUTO: Thank you. Yes, Mitch Modell.


SIMMONS: So are you cooking or your wife cooking?

CAVUTO: I don't think that's your concern.

SIMMONS: Really? Well, I don't think these notes are your concern.




CAVUTO: Well, I don't need them.

SIMMONS: Really?


SIMMONS: Hi. I'm Richard Simmons, taking over for Neil Cavuto.


SIMMONS: Neil had to go home and make dressing and a turkey, homemade cranberry sauce. And then he is going to play tennis.




CAVUTO: Look, I guess you have got to go. I hear you have got to go. Isn't that amazing?

SIMMONS: Going to take -- I'm going to go see the balloons being blown up.

CAVUTO: It's not going to happen. It's not going to happen.

SIMMONS: It's going on right now.

CAVUTO: But they're not going to be out there tomorrow.

SIMMONS: You know what?

CAVUTO: You realize that?

SIMMONS: Look, negative and positive.

CAVUTO: Absolutely.

SIMMONS: Look at the whole situation.


CAVUTO: Right.

SIMMONS: You want to be positive that some of the floats are going -- the balloons, or are you going to be negative Cavuto?

CAVUTO: You are absolutely right. You are absolutely right.

Are we -- are we OK now? Because you were mad at me, and I don't know what I did.

SIMMONS: Do you want to kiss me and make up?

CAVUTO: No, I do not.


CAVUTO: I just want to say goodbye.


CAVUTO: Why don't you go outside with your imaginary fans out there?

But people do love you.

SIMMONS: Let me just...


CAVUTO: You have had millions of hits on that video.

SIMMONS: Let me just do a little thing from "Phantom of the Opera."


SIMMONS (singing): Let your spirits...


SIMMONS (singing): Let your fantasies unwind.


CAVUTO: Have you talked to O'Reilly yet? Because he could do a "Killing Simmons."

SIMMONS: He doesn't like me. He doesn't like me.

CAVUTO: He doesn't like you?


But let me say just this to yours viewers.

Watch what you are eating tomorrow. The most important thing is your family and friends, not how much stuffing. And listen to this sound when you eat too much and the buttons pop.


SIMMONS: You got it? You know? You just got...


CAVUTO: Yes. It's one day, though.

SIMMONS: Look at the lovers. Turn around. Just look at them. Look.



SIMMONS: Did you see that?

CAVUTO: It's just one day, Richard. I mean, they...

SIMMONS: I don't care.

CAVUTO: I know, one day.


CAVUTO: So, you don't give them any reprieve?

SIMMONS: What happens if -- well, OK.

What happens if somebody in one day puts on three pounds? What is 3,500 calories times three?

CAVUTO: Understood.

SIMMONS: How much? OK. Now...

CAVUTO: So you will be tough tomorrow with...

SIMMONS: Yes, but, no, the part...


CAVUTO: This is a warning to these other 30 people you will be dining with tomorrow. They are going to all be canceling left and right.

SIMMONS: I don't care about them.


CAVUTO: Really?


The thing is, it takes you sometimes a month to lose five pounds.


SIMMONS: Why put on five pounds in one day?

CAVUTO: You're right.

SIMMONS: The food is not going. There is no new food coming from -- there's no...


CAVUTO: I'm going to have a camera on you and follow you and see if you ever pig out, which you should.

SIMMONS: You know what?

CAVUTO: You look great. You can afford it.

SIMMONS: I want to take my clothes off.


CAVUTO: Don't we all?

But look at this. We are out of time. We are out of time.


CAVUTO: No, I want you to stop.

SIMMONS: Don't worry about it.

CAVUTO: I want you...


SIMMONS: Seriously.

(singing): Let me entertain you.


SIMMONS: Thank you so much for having me on Fox...

CAVUTO: Thank you, Richard.

SIMMONS: ... being on the Mr. Cavuto show has really been very exciting.

We have made up, so you don't have to do any more negative tweets.

Bless you and your family and say hello to them. Neil...


CAVUTO: Do -- anything you want to say to my fellow talent here? I mean, I mentioned Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly. Any of those?


CAVUTO: Do you watch us? Do you like us?




SIMMONS: What is that? What is that? What is this?

CAVUTO: Oh, this is for you. I got this for you, a cupcake.

SIMMONS: What is this? What is this?

CAVUTO: This is for you.

SIMMONS: You know what?

CAVUTO: No, it is. It is.

SIMMONS: Just a minute.


CAVUTO: We will be back. We have got to go.


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