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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Police have released toxicology reports in the death of Cindy Lynch. The test results reveal some new information that could explain how the Georgia woman died.


DET. BILL BUTTERSWORTH, THUNDERBOLT POLICE DEPT.: Tests show that Cindy's blood level was at a .30, now this result shows that Cindy was very likely physically impaired at the time of her death.


VAN SUSTEREN: Joining us in Washington are Cindy Lynch's husband, Chet Lynch, and his attorney William Bell, welcome to both of you.


VAN SUSTEREN: Of course, Chet, of course my condolences to you but we've already spoken about that, hard to lose your wife under these circumstances.

LYNCH: It sure is and I appreciate your condolences.

VAN SUSTEREN: The toxicology report that came out, blood alcohol level of point three. That's a huge amount of alcohol.

LYNCH: Yes, it is. I've done a little bit of research on it myself and it's a sad situation that alcoholism can cause what happened here, the tragedy that's transpired.

VAN SUSTEREN: How much did Cindy drink? Describe her drinking habits.

LYNCH: Well you know, Greta, I haven't really wanted to discuss the private issues like that between my wife and I or between her. Cindy had a drinking problem. It's a disease, alcoholism and I really don't want to just get into the details. That's just a private thing that's not going to do Cindy any good now.

I will say this about alcoholism and Cindy had a serious problem with that and I've been trying to get her help. I asked on numerous occasions different individuals, family, friends. And it was hard. I didn't get the help that I needed for that and Cindy was trying.

I think Cindy wanted help but that's a serious disease. If people have got a friend, family and loved ones they really need to take a closer look at it because it's caused a triple tragedy in my family. You know I've lost my wife, you know I've lost her family because of this.

VAN SUSTEREN: They blame you.

LYNCH: Oh, yes. Yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: They still blame you for her death.

LYNCH: And, it's what could have caused, you know, my reputation to be damaged due to the media. I mean, you know, we live in the United States of America and on O'Reilly just a little while ago he stated that you're presumed innocent in the country we live in.

And yet because of maybe the Laci Peterson deal, I don't really know what caused all of this, but I was presumed guilty until proven innocent and it's just a sad travesty.

VAN SUSTEREN: And, in fact, went out and got a lawyer. Bill, I mean what, I mean your job is sort of unique. I mean they're looking for his wife and yet he's also in the midst of hiring a lawyer.

WILLIAM BELL III, CHET LYNCH'S ATTORNEY: He was encouraged to contact a lawyer by friends of his and, as it turned out, Chet actually didn't need a lawyer because there wasn't any evidence of a crime. I think I kind of acted more as a buffer between him and some of the media requests and I tried to help facilitate.

And my first act in representing Chet was to go up to the detectives and say, "I'm here to facilitate and continue the cooperation that he has been giving." And so we all kind of worked together on that end.

VAN SUSTEREN: Chet, is there any way that you can sort of reconcile with Cindy's family? I mean they're still sending me e-mails. They're still convinced you had something to do with your wife's death. I mean, they still believe you did it.

LYNCH: Well, I would hope so on my part. I've made many efforts in the past week or so despite the very point blank things they've accused me of. I mean it's pretty serious. I had a conversation with Connie yesterday, you know, and I offered then, you know, as a family we should come together.

That's what Cindy would want. She would have never desired for what's happened here in any way. It's a shame. You know the facts are all of her family members knew she had a drinking problem.

VAN SUSTEREN: And with that, I'm sorry, we're at the end of the segment but again, my condolences to you. Chet, Bill, thank you both very much. I appreciate it.

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