New documents revisit questions over Rep. Ilhan Omar's marriage

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Konichiwa and welcome to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” The G20 comes to Japan this week. The President arriving with the rest of the world leaders. We will be interviewing him at the end of the week and we'll bring that to when we do.

But first, a remarkable media story we want to bring it tonight. There was joy in newsrooms across America last week when a 75-year-old writer for "Elle" magazine called E. Jean Carroll came forward to accuse the President of sexually assaulting her.

Carroll made serious claims but they were confusing. She says that sometime in 1995 or 1996 -- she doesn't remember the year exactly -- Donald Trump groped her in a New York City department store.

Somehow the two wound up together in a dressing room. Carroll decided to model lingerie for Trump, a full lace outfit, she says, and then the assault took place. That's her story.

Carroll says she was devastated by what happened, but she did not report it to law enforcement for some reason, nor did she write about it though she is a writer during Trump's presidential campaign or for the last two and a half years of his presidency.

Instead, she waited nearly a quarter century to include the story in a book that is literally entitled "What Do We Need Men For?" In that book by the way, Carroll also accuses CBS Head Les Moonves of sexual assault.

She writes that Moonves attacked her in an elevator in Los Angeles after she had finished interviewing him for a piece in "Esquire" magazine. And yet, amazingly, she never mentioned the attack in the story that she wrote about Moonves.

Both Trump and Les Moonves, by the way deny that any of this ever happened, and there's no corroborating evidence that it did.

And yet according to "The Atlantic" and "Huff Po" and Stephen Colbert and countless other arbiters of American news, Carroll's allegation against the President which is a felony is quote, "credible," it's a credible accusation.

Harvard graduate, Lawrence O'Donnell was so impressed by it that he gave Carroll half his show.


E. JEAN CARROLL, ALLEGEDLY ATTACKED BY DONALD TRUMP: I wish. I had said, "I'll tell you my age if you show me your tax returns."

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, MSNBC HOST: Yes, that would have been -- so would you consider bringing a rape charge against Donald Trump for this?


O'DONNELL: Why not?

CARROLL: I would find it disrespectful to the women who are down on the border who have been raped around the clock down there without any protection.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: What do you want to say to Donald Trump?

CARROLL: That terrifies me that you said that. That is -- that --

CAMEROTA: At the thought of confronting him?


DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: This is me talking.


LEMON: I think this is a moment of reckoning for the #MeToo Movement that people need to -- you know -- we should take everyone seriously.


CARLSON: I wish I'd asked for his tax returns. "I won't bring criminal charges because it would disrespect women at the border who are getting raped 24/7," end quote. Come on. This is absurd. These aren't serious statements from a rape victim. They are wacky sound bites from someone trying to sell a book. Obviously.

Last night on CNN, even Anderson Cooper appeared to realize the media were being had in the story. As people tried to interview E. Jean Carroll, she suddenly launched into a bizarre digression in which she described rape as quote, "sexy." Watch this.


CARROLL: So this one incident, this one what? Three minutes in this little dressing room? I just say it's a fight that way, I'm not the victim. All right, I'm not the victim.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: You don't feel like a victim?

CARROLL: I was not thrown on the ground and ravished, which the word "rape" carry so many sexual connotations. This was not sexual. It just -- it hurt. It just was --

COOPER: I think most people think of rape as, I mean, it is a violent assault. It is not --

CARROLL: I think most people think of rape as being sexy.

COOPER: Let's take a short break --

CARROLL: Think of the fantasies.

COOPER: We are just going to take a quick break, if you can stick around, we'll talk more on the other side.

CARROLL: You're fascinating to talk to you.


CARLSON: We're going to take a quick break. Could you imagine if that was you? How is that for the weirdest exchange of the week? You could see Cooper desperately trying to dump out into a commercial break.

When your star witness starts rambling on about rape fantasies, it's time to shut the whole thing down before it undermines your case. And they're making a case.

Asking questions might reveal the truth and of course that is literally the last thing they want to happen, ever.

Chris Plante host "The Chris Plante Show," it specializes in truth. We're always happy to have him on. He joins us tonight. Chris, what do you make of that exchange?

CHRIS PLANT, HOST, THE CHRIS PLANTE SHOW: Well, that was something wasn't it? Did they go to a three-minute break? Because I'm a little curious as to how that all turned out.

It's embarrassing. I mean, these people have no credibility. Honestly, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon for God's sake. Don Lemon theorized that the Indian Airliner that disappeared over the Indian Ocean was sucked up by a black hole and he is still on the air.

Lawrence O'Donnell, I mean, you know, come on -- the woman -- the poor woman, the poor, poor woman. She is a 75-year-old woman. She obviously doesn't quite remember exactly what happened 24 or 25 years ago. She doesn't know exactly what year it was. She knows what department store it was.

I know it's a well-populated department store with a lot of security and a lot of cameras and it seems to me, if there is something happening in Bergdorf's is it probably unlikely, but okay, and as you said, she is selling a book.

She is out making the rounds of the shows after having kept this dark secret for 24 or 25 years. And now she talks about how rape is sexy and rape fantasies and then begins flirting with Anderson Cooper. I think that's going nowhere and it's just getting weirder all the time.

And honestly, look, I mean, Tucker, you know the standard in the media for Republicans is the accusation. You look at Brett Kavanaugh, you look at any Republican. The mere accusation is enough to hang you from the tallest tree.

But at the same time across the river from where I am now in Washington, in Virginia, there's a Lieutenant Governor, a Democrat, Justin Fairfax, who has twice recently been accused very incredibly by very credible women of raping them.

And the other day -- I wish I was making this up -- he said that his career has experienced a great boost from this, his political fortunes are now greater than ever, and he is thinking about running for Governor.

So when you're a Democrat, the media actually says "Hey, two rape accusations, maybe you should be the next Governor," after the guy with the Klan outfit and the blackface.

But if you're Republican, a woman falls through the ceiling tiles after 25 years is selling a book, goes on MSNBC and CNN, flirts with the anchor says that rape is sexy talks, about rape fantasies and this is considered to be good enough for prime time, at least at CNN and MSNBC, which is why no one watches this, just by the way.

CARLSON: It's embarrassing and discredits all involved. Chris Plante, great to see you tonight. Thank you for that.

PLANTE: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: You remember it well, because it was less than a year ago that the press race to believe totally unsupported accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, some of them were flagrantly insane, simply because they didn't like him.

Now it looks like they're doing the same thing again. Heather Mac Donald is the author of "The Diversity Delusion" and she joins us tonight. Heather, thanks a lot for coming on.

HEATHER MAC DONALD, AUTHOR: Hey, Tucker. Thank you.

CARLSON: I can't get past a simple fact, since rape is a real thing, it is an act of violence, and there's actually quite a bit of it in the United States. Some of this downplayed by the way as you well know. I can't get over the fact that people accuse rape 25 years or 20 years after the fact. If you were raped, which is a felony, don't you have an obligation to the rest of our society to put that person behind bars? To protect the rest of your neighbors, don't you?

MAC DONALD: Yes. Carroll's explanation for why she does not want to go forward with a police investigation is completely preposterous and just shows how deeply politicized this is.

She is somehow trying to bring in the Trump created crisis on the border. She says, well, so many women are getting raped at the border as a reason for the police not to look into a rape investigation.

We are living, Tucker, in a world of weaponized feminism. Obviously, sexual assault is real. But this case simply does not stand up to any kind of credible investigation.

I think reporters should be asking questions. This was a woman at 52, who by all her own account in a '95 "Esquire" article has plenty of experience with men, believe you me, and she agrees to go into a dressing room to try on a piece of see-through lingerie because by her explanation, she thinks she is going to persuade Trump to put it on over his pants and great coat.

This is preposterous. This is a woman who now says she wants to live in a world without men. Her book is going around asking women, why do we need men?

She got the inspiration because the women writing into her advice column blamed all of their problems on men. Imagine if a man blamed all of his problems on women, he would be viewed as a whiner and somebody not really in touch with his own situation.

CARLSON: Correctly.

MAC DONALD: But feminism now is being used as a way to take out politicians we don't like and to try to change the culture radically.

CARLSON: So why would the press go along with that? Why wouldn't someone during the course of an interview particularly if you gave over half your show as apparently an MSNBC anchor did to these allegations? Why wouldn't you press the person on the question of reporting the crime?

How could you have let 25 years go by knowing that this guy is capable of rape and she did, by the way alleged rape in her book, you can read the excerpt online, it's rape.


CARLSON: Why wouldn't someone press her on that?

MAC DONALD: We're all in -- the press is in resist mode. The press is also in belief survivor's mode. Again, the feminists have decreed, contrary to the traditions of Western jurisprudence that any female who alleges rape is entitled to unquestioning belief.

This is a complete reversal of the principles that have made Western civilization the beacon of success that it is, but the feminists tell us that those principles have to be junked in order to empower women and to destroy the male patriarchy.

So the press is on board with this. We saw this with the Kavanaugh hearings and the Christine Blasey Ford as you said, Tucker. This is sort of the fumes of Brett Kavanaugh hearings played out again by somebody who aspires by your own book to be the Emma Sulkowicz of her time.

She is jealous of the Columbia students who falsely accused another Columbia student of rape and then carried her mattress around with her. This Carroll believes this was one of the greatest arch exhibits of all time.

So you know, #MeToo want to be who is getting her place in the sun.

CARLSON: Heather Mac Donald, thank you for all the work you've done to try and save our civilization from collapse. Great to see you.

MAC DONALD: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: The press has gone to great lengths, as we said to describe Carroll's bizarre allegations as quote "credible," but they've had almost no time at all to assess would appear to be actually credible claims about Ilhan Omar in what looks like immigration fraud. We'll have more in that story later in the hour.

New investigation has exposed Google's efforts to make sure the 2020 election goes the way it wants -- we know which way that is -- who naturally is doing its best to suppress and hide the story and lie about it. It's just ahead as we continue live tonight from Tokyo ahead of the President's visit to world leaders in Japan. After those meetings will see him here on this program. We'll be right back.


CARLSON: Welcome back to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” live from Tokyo, Japan ahead of the President's visit and our interview with the G20 Summit in Osaka.

Back in America, a tech story that might seem insignificant, but is not. In fact, it may determine what happens in the next presidential election, it very well may. A Google whistleblower has come forward to describe his company's plans to remake the American political landscape. Google, of course, is the most powerful company in the world.

So when an anonymous whistleblower comes forward, in this case, telling Project Veritas that Google is using internal algorithms to shape what Americans see online, and by extension, what they think, you better take it seriously.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Fairness is a dog whistle, it does not mean what you think that it means and you have to apply doublethink in order to understand what they're really saying.

What they're really saying about fairness is that they have to manipulate their search results, so it gives them the political agenda that they want, and so they have to re-bias their algorithms so that they can -- they can get their agenda across.


CARLSON: That's the definition of propaganda, again, being perpetuated by the single most powerful company in the history of the world.

This is not surprising to viewers of this show, James Damore was fired for Google for his political views, his totally conventional, moderate political views and then came on this show to describe the culture at Google. Watch this.


JAMES DAMORE, ENGINEER FIRED BY GOOGLE: There are definitely some political biases within Google that I was trying to shed light on in the document, and that they affect many parts of the business and for example, who they do business with, and what type of content they create, and I really think that those political biases need to be addressed.


CARLSON: It's not just whistleblowers -- excuse me, hidden camera footage obtained by Project Veritas shows a conversation with a woman called Jen Gennai. Her Google title is Head of Responsible Innovations in the Global Affairs Department.

In that video, Gennai says that Google is working specifically on products to make certain that Donald Trump does not win another election. Quote, "We're also training our algorithms like if 2016 happened again ... would the outcome be different? People were not putting that line in the sand ... that they were not saying that what's fair and what's equitable, so we're like, well, we're a big company, we're going to say it."

In other words, we're going to try and affect the outcome of the 2020 presidential campaign. Gennai goes on to blast Elizabeth Warren's proposal to break Google up into two companies. Why? Check out this reasoning, quote, "All these smaller companies who don't have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation. It's like a small company cannot do that."

So using a company's dominance on the internet to sway the outcome of an election. That's their plan. There should be a term for what Gennai is describing. It turns out there is a term, it's a term you've heard constantly from talking heads on television for more than two years. It's called hacking an election. Google wants to hack our election. They're saying that out loud.

As we've been told over and over again by CNN and "The Washington Post" and "The New York Times" and all the other propagandists. Hacking an election is very bad, at minimum it warrants a multiyear investigation by law enforcement agencies. And yet, it's happening now.

The Washington establishment has said they want to prevent election interference. But of course, that's a lie. They just want to make sure they control the elections. That's their only goal. That's what they're not attacking the real source of election interference, which is Silicon Valley.

Google Facebook and their ilk, they have far more political power than Russia ever has or ever will have. No serious person doubts that.

But the people in charge of our country don't care about any of that. Because when Google meddles in an election, Democrats benefit.

By the way, if you want to find that video, you can't access it on YouTube. Google took it down. That's not surprising. You can already be tossed off of YouTube and Facebook if you decide they're using speech they don't, like they'll accuse you of hate speech, whatever that means.

Now they can toss you off their sites just for putting up videos that make you look bad. They probably won't be banning any DNC videos anytime soon, you can be certain of that.

Meanwhile, this week, Ravelry, a knitting social networking website with eight million members banned all explicit support for Donald Trump and only for Donald Trump, and they got away with it. And because they have gotten away with it, other platforms almost certainly will do the same thing.

All of this is going on flagrantly in public, but most Republicans haven't even responded to it. They haven't reacted at all.

As soon as the 2016 election was over, the press and Big Tech openly began plotting on how to control the narrative in 2020, which is another way of saying control the election outcome in 2020, and using the scapegoat of fake news as an excuse to control the public discourse.

Republicans were in charge of Congress at the time, they did nothing. The White House commands a vast regulatory apparatus. They've sat motionless and done nothing. The only Republican is seems even interested at all in the subject and keeping Big Tech in check at all is new senator Josh Hawley, he just introduced a bill that would force tech companies to act as genuinely open platforms in order to receive valuable regulatory benefits. That's the deal. They're violating the deal, nobody else seems to care.

Passing Hawley's bill does not seem to be a conservative priority, though, no one in Congress is talking about it. That's a big mistake.

Successful political parties look out for their supporters and for the public at large and protect them from harm. Republicans, meanwhile, are sitting in a stupefied fog of libertarianism, doing nothing while their ideas are suppressed, and their supporters are silenced.

One day, they'll look up and find they have no supporters at all, who will be the blame for that? Only themselves.

Dr. Robert Epstein is not a Republican, but he is the preeminent researcher into the subject. He's a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, and he is again, the world's great expert on the effect of the tech companies on political discourse. He joins us today. Dr. Epstein, thank you very much for coming on.


CARLSON: Seeing this video tape, reading the quotes from this Google executive, does this confirm what you've said in the past? Are you surprised by this? What's your response?

EPSTEIN: I'm not surprised, in the least. It confirms in glowing terms, or in very ugly terms, if you want to look at it that way that Google not only has the power to shift opinions and votes on a massive scale, but they exercise this power and this is what I measure in my research.

So I can tell you fairly precisely how many votes they can shift, I can tell you fairly precisely how many votes they shifted in 2018.

CARLSON: So why is that not hacking an election?

EPSTEIN: Well, it's not hacking an election right now because Google and similar companies like Facebook are completely unregulated in the United States, so they can do whatever they please.

And if they all work together in 2020 to support the same presidential candidate, which is very likely, and probably it'll be a candidate that I support, by the way, they can shift upwards of 15 million votes with no one knowing that they've been manipulated and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.

CARLSON: So that's it. There's no election at that point. Our democracy is not real if that's allowed to happen, correct?

EPSTEIN: Well, democracy becomes an illusion. Now, there are actions one can take. I've set up so far, the only two big monitoring systems that anyone has built to actually look over people's shoulder as they're doing election related online activities, and to aggregate that information and see what they are being shown by these big companies.

Now in 2020, I'm actually trying right now to raise funds to build a large scale monitoring system to keep an eye on these companies and to catch them in the act, literally catch them, when they are manipulating votes and opinions. And in my opinion, that's the only way we can stop them. There are no laws in place that can stop them at the moment.

CARLSON: Calling attention to it might be the first step and you've done more than anyone who do that. Dr. Epstein, thank you very much.

EPSTEIN: My pleasure.

CARLSON: Dave Rubin hosts "The Rubin Report" on YouTube. The Google whistleblower says that his channel is one of the channels that Google's algorithms worked to suppress. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And right after that happened, a lot of the content creator started to get demonetized and their video started to get deranked. I'm talking about Dave Rubin.


CARLSON: Dave Rubin himself joins us tonight. What do you make of that, Dave, when you hear that?

DAVE RUBIN, HOST, THE RUBIN REPORT: Tucker, I guess you didn't know when you came to my house to do my show, to my little garage studio and you played with my dog and saw my backyard chickens, you didn't know what a crazed right-wing radical I was. So I'm glad that we've gotten that out there.

Look, of course, this is complete nonsense. I mean, we've discussed this many times. I am an old school liberal. So this is not like I'm some far lefty and I'm not some far righty. I'm a pretty moderate guy. I've tried to build some bridges here.

And even that now is becoming too extreme for what Google and YouTube are allowing to happen. One of the things that I've done that I'm most proud of actually is I've had conservatives on my show like you, like Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, et cetera and I've treated you guys with respect and decency. And that really is what the mainstream media and sort of "The New York Times" and CNN crew doesn't want people to see. They just want to create a character of all of you guys.

So that's sort of why they're coming after me, but I will say this, just moments before we started here, I just got notified that Susan Wojcicki, who is the CEO of YouTube, she actually followed me on Twitter.

So I've got over a million subscribers on there and I don't have as much of as an e-mail address of someone at YouTube. But maybe I am starting to make some headway now.

And you know, quickly, to your point on where sort of libertarians are at right now, I think there's an interesting moment here where generally small government people, and I think you're sort of in that group too, you know, our limits are being pushed on what small government actually means.

And for me, I would always prefer a private answer to this and competition. But maybe there has to be a sort of two-pronged approach where politicians are putting pressure and then public people are putting pressure, and we can maybe make these companies sort of be a little more transparent, be a little more open, which really is all anyone is asking for here.

CARLSON: Yes, I'd bring them to heal by force tomorrow. I wouldn't -- I have a libertarian solution, I think, but we're past that time. Would you allow a power company to say we're denying you electricity because you voted for someone we don't like. Of course, you wouldn't allow that.

RUBIN: Well, I think that's --

CARLSON: The utilities exist because the government allows them to exist.

RUBIN: I think that's a totally valid argument.


RUBIN: Yes, I think that's a totally valid argument --

CARLSON: That's just my moral.

RUBIN: Yes, you know, as my friend Eric Weinstein says, it's like one day, are we going to get to the point where our Republicans are going to be allowed to have phones in their homes? I mean, that's sort of where we're heading with all of this.

CARLSON: No, exactly.

RUBIN: My preference would be that these companies through public pressure will move. But you might be right. And I actually, I think that's just an incredibly rich debate that we should be having more often.

CARLSON: Yes, I never thought I'd say that, but they've pushed us all. Dave Rubin. Great to see you.

RUBIN: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: So do you hate fun? Are you not bored enough at work? Do you have a strange desire to inflict suffering upon yourself, but you're somehow unable to fulfill it? Don't worry, we have an answer for you. Eighteen Hollywood actors have banded together to create a 10-act play in which they read all 448 pages of the Mueller report.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Robert Mueller says the report speaks for itself. Tonight, that voice resonates through our cast of remarkable actors.

GROUP: Ten-Acts of Obstruction.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Some people came to a different conclusion, like Attorney General Bill Barr.


CARLSON: The malignant pomposity of the modern left, totally lacking self- awareness. It's really -- it's beyond parody, the play if you can call it that was performed live in New York. But don't worry, in case you're needing help getting to sleep, you can watch the video of the entire hour long performance online. Of course, you're going to want to again and again.

Well, following President Trump's cancelled I.C.E. raids, the left is more brazen on immigration than ever before. They want open borders. They're saying that out loud for everyone, no matter what the consequences. That's next. Live from Tokyo. We'll be right back.


CARLSON: Welcome back to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” live this whole week from Japan ahead of the President's visit here. Right now though, back in the U.S., the President signaled that he might try to enforce the nation's immigration laws. In response, Democrats are outraged and basically have become straightforward about what they really want, open borders.

On "Face the Nation," Senator Bernie Sanders signaled that all deportations are morally unacceptable even for those who've gone to court and been told to leave this country legally. Watch this.


MARGARET BRENNAN, CBS NEWS SENIOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: There are I.C.E. raids set to start. Estimates of some 2,000 people or so who will be targeted. Is this appropriate?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: No, it's not. It is absolutely not appropriate.

BRENNAN: But specifically on this point, the 2,000 that are supposed to be targeted haven't shown up for court dates. So essentially they're not following the asylum process, the legal standards when they're here. So should they be prosecuted? Should they be deported?

SANDERS: I don't like this deportation thing at all, and I think Trump uses this as a beginning to do worse things to come.


CARLSON: What a buffoon he has become. What a buffoon. Not to be outdone, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who was even more blunt about it repeatedly and flagrantly breaking our laws, even after coming here illegally is not a reason to make someone leave, she said, watch this.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., HOUSE SPEAKER: When I saw that the President was going to have these raids, I mean, it's so appalling, it's outside the circle of civilized human behavior to just be kicking down doors, splitting up families, and the rest of that; in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border. We have legislation to go forward to address those needs.

A violation of status is not a reason for deportation.


CARLSON: Google the phrase "out of touch rich person" and her picture emerges, and yet still, her position is not the most extreme in the Democratic Party right now. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, her faction, the House is demanding that Congress cut off funds to the Border Patrol.

In other words, open borders are no longer enough, soon it will be literal, open borders for real. What will happen to the country at that point?

Jason Johnson is the founder of J2 Strategies. He is also a former adviser to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and he joins us tonight. Jason, thanks very much for coming on.


CARLSON: So it's hard to know whether they mean this or not because if you are to take what the Democratic Party and not even the wacko left online, but elected Democratic office holders are saying on television, if you were to take it seriously, what would happen to America?

JOHNSON: It's out of control. It's crazy. You have the leader and make no mistake, Tucker, AOC is the leader of today's Democratic Party. As you know, coming out and labeling detention centers, quote, unquote, "concentration camps." So we shouldn't be surprised when the Speaker of her party and the leading Democratic socialist candidate for President falls in line with AOC.

And I tell you, the more they fall in line with AOC, Tucker, the more out of touch they are with the American public. There's a recent Gallup poll that shows for the first time, immigration and illegal aliens were the highest mention when asked in an open-ended fashion to the American public, what's the biggest problem facing the United States? You know, the only thing to beat it out? Government? That was it.

CARLSON: So this is absolutely destroying America, and there's really kind of no question about it if you just look at the trajectory.

JOHNSON: Absolutely.

CARLSON: The Republicans are doing nothing about it, nothing. So why would any Republican member of the United States Senate for example, who isn't making this a top priority? Why would that person get votes from any conservative ever again?

JOHNSON: Yes, I can't imagine. Look, as you know, Tucker, the goalpost have been moved so much in this immigration debate. A decade ago, we were talking about whether or not to grant amnesty for those in the country illegally.

Now, we have, as you just pointed out Republicans in the Senate, who are advancing a bill, right, after the President requested help with this crisis that doesn't even provide a dime for border security.

And I tell you, we have a senator here in the State of Texas, who is up for reelection in 2020, and they need to pay attention, they need to get out of their D.C. bubble and realize, they're not only out of touch with conservatives, they're not only out of touch with moderate Republicans, they are out of touch with mainstream Americans when it comes to border security and immigration.

CARLSON: That's right. Because it's not a partisan question. It's do you care about America or not? Honestly, that's where we are. Jason, thank you very much. Great to see you tonight.

JOHNSON: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Wind energy is a key component of Green New Deal, but would wind power save the environment or devastate the environment? We hit the road to investigate that question. It's just ahead as we continue to broadcast from beautiful Tokyo, Japan. We'll be right back.


CARLSON: Thanks to relentless flogging by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Green New Deal -- whatever that is -- is rapidly becoming orthodoxy on the left. What would it mean to implement it? Well, even the most basic version of the Green New Deal would require shutting down most existing power sources in this country, and replacing them with so called renewables such as wind.

That sounds appealing, but what would actually happen to the environment, our economy and the people who live here if we tried to do that? Well, to find out, the show recently spoke to commercial fishermen. They described the harmful effect that green energy, wind energy has had on their livelihood and critically on the ocean itself. Watch this.


CARLSON (voice over): Wes Townsend has been fishing off the coast of Delaware for more than four decades. Now, thanks to federal climate policy, this livelihood may become extinct. America's entire commercial fishing industry could go with it.


WES TOWNSEND, COMMERCIAL FISHERMAN: This could be the end of our business. Some we've worked our whole lives for that all of a sudden now, our boats aren't going to be worth anything, our permits aren't going to be worth anything.

GEORGE TOPPING, COMMERCIAL FISHERMAN: It's going to destroy the ocean.


CARLSON (voice over): Wind farms have the potential to gravely harm the environment. Researchers in Britain found that the noise caused by building the wind farms limited the abilities of sea bass coordinate their movement with one another and made them vulnerable to predators.

Marine experts have blamed wind farms for whales found washed up on shore. They also pose serious safety hazards to mariners around the world.


MEGHAN LAPP, SEAFREEZE FISHERIES LIAISON: Navigation is going to become very unreliable. In most countries, they do not allow vessels inside wind farms or in the vicinity of wind farms for navigational reasons.


CARLSON (voice over): In the name of saving the Earth, big corporations are harming the environment. Many have sounded the alarm about this, but so far lobbying dollars from energy companies have prevailed.

Plants have now been approved to install massive new wind farms along the East Coast of the United States, one near Martha's Vineyard could be the largest in the world.

This offshore wind project will take up roughly 1,400 square miles that's larger than the state of Rhode Island.


LAPP: They're being cited on prime commercial fishing grounds without any regard for preexisting uses.

You will not be able to fish during construction and most commercial fishing vessels will not be able to fish after construction either.


CARLSON (voice over): Congressman Andy Harris represents Maryland's Eastern Shore in Congress. He has called for a Federal study investigating the effect of these wind farms.


REP. ANDY HARRIS (R-MD): Offshore wind makes no economic sense without Federal taxpayer subsidies. The bottom line is, it is one of the most expensive ways to generate electricity.


CARLSON (voice over): So the question is, if we're going to install wind farms that will destroy natural fisheries, crush a multibillion dollar industry and create eyesores on beaches up and down the coast, who benefits exactly?


HARRIS: One of the other problems with these Federal tax subsidies is the owners of these wind farms all turned out to be global, international, you know, offshore foreign companies. The bottom line is, we're going to have American taxpayer dollars flowing to these foreign companies.


CARLSON (voice over): Fishermen on the East Coast of the United States have one final hope that President Trump will get involved.


TOPPING: What happened to America first? I thought this President and everybody else said let's put -- let's protect Americans. That's what we are -- honest, hardworking Americans. Let's stop this. At least put a study to it.


CARLSON: Whatever happened to America first? Good question. There's another side of the story. There always is another side to every store. We'd like to hear it. We welcome anyone representing commercial windfarms to come on the show anytime to explain why they're good for Americans, and by the way why they are good for the environment -- for the fish. Good question.

Well, CNN and MSNBC are utterly obsessed with these new and bizarre allegations against the President, why are they ignoring actual allegations -- apparently real ones -- against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minneapolis. That's next.

Plus, the NBA has announced it is banning the word "owners." We will explain their bizarre reasoning just ahead. Live from Tokyo, Japan. We'll be right back.


CARLSON: Welcome back from Tokyo. If you've been watching the news recently, you've noted that CNN, MSNBC, the network news, all spent the last week aggressively covering salacious, but apparently kind of demented allegations against the President.

They have done virtually nothing though on far more believable allegations against Congresswoman Ilan Omar of Minnesota. We are all the way off in Japan and even we were able to cover that.

Newly obtained documents have bolstered the theory that Omar's second marriage may have been fraudulent. Scott Johnson has been on the story from day one, doing the most important reporting on it. He is an attorney in Minnesota. He blogs at Power Line. And we're happy to have him join us tonight.

Scott, thanks a lot for coming on. So explain this to us and how -- you often mentioned that on any -- not on The "New York Times" site, but of Omar and her brother. What is his role in the story?

SCOTT JOHNSON, COLUMNIST, POWER LINE: Well, that's a difficult question. I wanted to take just a step back. The person we're talking about is named Ahmed Elmi and he may or may not be her brother.

But since Omar emerged as a public figure in August of 2016, I and then Priya Shyamsundar and now David Steinberg, have been following a trail of evidence suggesting that Omar entered into a sham marriage in 2009, with Ahmed Elmi, and as I say he may or may not be her brother.

Now, I asked her that in in 2016, when she won the DFL primary here to enter the state legislature and what I got back from her was a nonresponse accusation of bigotry.

Fast forward three years to last -- the last two weeks. Two weeks ago, the Minnesota State Campaign Finance Board, having investigated her 2016 campaign for over a year issued findings including coincidentally that she filed joint tax returns in 2014 and 2015 with Ahmed Elmi -- I'm sorry with her husband number one whom she never really married with the guy who was not her husband while she was married to Ahmed Elmi.

And I say, let that sink in. I have to concentrate when I'm telling you that. She filed a joint tax return in 2014 and 2015 with a guy she was not married to while she was married to another guy, the other guy being Ahmed Elmi, who may or may not be her brother.

Now what's happened most recently this past --

CARLSON: Wait. May I stop you right there.

JOHNSON: Sure. So who may or may not be her brother? Why has it taken us three years looking into this, we still don't know whether this guy is her brother? Has she never responded to that direct question before?

JOHNSON: Tucker, she has issued statements written for her by other people saying -- denying that he is her brother and saying that's disgusting. She has refused to sit for an interview. She has refused to produce any papers to anyone.

And most recently "The Star Tribune" this past Sunday, which did a serious story, not a perfect story, but a serious 3,000 words story into this whole chain of events leading to the Campaign Finance Board investigation and findings that are referred to, to which she refused to sit for an interview. She refused to produce documents. She refused to say word one except a statement issued by her congressional spokesman, accusing "The Star Tribune" of colluding with me and Power Line in anti-Muslim bigotry, which is farcical. They have treated her like a hometown hero until last Sunday.

CARLSON: People show up in this country as refugees and the first thing they learn -- the first thing -- is how to accuse the country that welcomed them in of racism. Who came up with the system?

Anyway, Scott Johnson, thank you so much.

JOHNSON: It's a new assimilation.

CARLSON: For all the work that you've done on this, and -- yes, the new assimilation. Exactly. It's unbelievable. Good to see Scott. Thank you.

Well, Adam Silver, who is the NBA Commissioner has just announced that from now on the league will no longer use the word "owner" to describe those who own NBA franchises. Those companies now can't be owned. They'll be run by Governors, since the concept of owning a team is supposedly disrespectful, because the league has so many black players. Does that make sense? It doesn't matter. Al Sharpton is happy with it. Watch.


AL SHARPTON, ACTIVIST: I think that it is understandable, given the history of the country, and many of the NBA players are descendants of people that were then slaves. When we hear the term "owner," it's a much different connotation than other people because some of us have now done our ancestral research, and found that our great grandparents and grandparents did have owners.


CARLSON: No word on how much money Sharpton is getting from the NBA, I am willing to bet money that's quite a bit. We don't know. Lawrence Jones though is the editor-in-chief of and he joins us tonight. Lawrence, thanks a lot for coming on.


CARLSON: So NBA players, some of the richest people in America, now we're finding out are actually oppressed by the term "owner." Do you think not using the term owner will make this a much better country?

JONES: No, it's not going to make this a better country. I think most people -- reasonable people -- will understand that people that put in the lead word, buy shares, and companies become the owner of these companies.

I mean, we're talent just like NBA players and we have ownership at Fox News. It's just part of what comes when you know, you work for another company. I would like to quote Tyler Perry, he says, "Own your own business. Own your own way."

Many of these players have their own businesses that they call themselves the owners because they put all the money in and they should. But I think this goes to the other natural conversation, a lot of these players want black owners, and there should be, but you've got to put in the work here and I think there's a lot of rich black folks that are willing to buy these seats.

Hell, I want to be an owner of an NBA team one day, and I think that's where the conversation needs to go. Not this stupid conversation to suggest that just because you own a brand, which is what the NBA is saying. They own the copyright of the logos, the franchise, and they pay players to go out there because of their talent and ability. And these players exercise great judgment by hiring agents to negotiate hefty contracts as they should.

So this this is not a slave term. This is just a basic business term.

CARLSON: Well, of course, they own a company with employees. That's not the same as slavery in which people aren't paid in human beings are owned. And that's why it's immoral. It is the opposite, of course of slavery. They're being paid for their work.

JONES: That's exactly right.

CARLSON: So wouldn't the NBA owners be brave enough to stand up to this nonsense and say, you know, knock it off? This is a company, I own the company?

JONES: Well, because, again, this just shows you the amount of influence that players have on that. I mean, can you -- can you -- let's just go back historically. Can you imagine a slave having that ability to go tell the masses on the plantation that they couldn't do that? That's how ridiculous their analogy to slavery that it is.

These players, again, like I said, they have a lot of influence. They have million-dollar -- millions of dollar contract. And again, the argument is for black ownership, I'm all for it. But that's not the argument here. This is political correctness gone wild.

CARLSON: You know that's not the argument.


CARLSON: It's totally nuts. Lawrence, great to see you tonight. Thank you for that.

JONES: Thanks, brother.

CARLSON: That's it for us tonight from beautiful Tokyo in the Two Rooms Bar and Grill. We are traveling to Kyoto tomorrow so we will join you from there. We'll be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink.

Happy Wednesday morning from Tokyo. Sean Hannity right now.

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