Never Underestimate the Power of a Slight

This whole Obama thing does remind me of a basic truism in life, really.

Never underestimate the power of a slight.

I know a very, very big Republican cabinet official who refuses to grant me any interview any time because one time I had the audacity to cancel his appearance on my show after I discovered that the exclusive chat I had been promised wasn't exclusive at all. He had appeared everywhere and seemingly with everyone else earlier.

I knew a CEO who so bristled at my line of questioning that he personally called my boss to get me fired. Actually, several guests have done that.

A top senator so insulted by my badgering over how he arrived at numbers for his program that he just refused to do my program ever again. His name rhymes with Schumer.

Sometimes I'm surprised by this stuff. But mostly, I am not.

I've discovered, the bigger the ego, usually the bigger offense to the slight. And the bigger the revenge.

I guess it's human nature. I can't tell you the people who go after me. And yea, a lot of times it doesn't thrill me.

But it's the business. It's life. I go on. Even when the attacks turn personal. Even when some go so far as to call me fat. Can you imagine???!!

But I'm always, always ready for that one.

And here's what I say: It's true, the camera really does add 50 pounds.

And then, I get some dinner.

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