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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Back in Union, Missouri. Right now, we are at the sheriff's office. The FBI has set up a command post in a mobile unit right outside this building. There is a race against the clock to find Ben Ownby. He is 13, an A student. On Monday, he stepped off a school bus, and that is all anyone knows. He just simply vanished.

Just a short time ago, we went to the scene with Ben's family, and we also talked to the one witness, the very last person known to have seen Ben before he disappeared.


VAN SUSTEREN: Now, this is the area where Ben lives. Just so we get some idea, he — in the morning, it's routine, he gets picked up by the bus for school?


VAN SUSTEREN: Where does the — where's the bus — point to me where the bus picks him up.

BAILIE: Just right up here, about 25 yards.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. And this is in Beaufort.


VAN SUSTEREN: Is this the area he grew up in?

BAILIE: Yes. He's lived here his whole life, this area.

VAN SUSTEREN: So he knows the neighbors, or at least you see him - - probably have seen these people here across the street in this — is this a doublewide, or at least that...

BAILIE: For him to tell you their name, I doubt if he could.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where is it that — when he comes home at night, where does the bus drop him off?

BAILIE: The bus drops him off right at the top of the road here.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is he the only one who gets off at this bus stop?

BAILIE: I believe Mitch, Mitch Hults, gets off with him.

VAN SUSTEREN: How old are you, Mitchell?


VAN SUSTEREN: Where are you in school?

HULTS: Union High School.

VAN SUSTEREN: You take the bus?


VAN SUSTEREN: Let's talk about Monday. You know Ben.


VAN SUSTEREN: How long have you known Ben?

HULTS: Ever since he went to school.

VAN SUSTEREN: And he's 13, so you've probably known him five, six, seven years?


VAN SUSTEREN: What happened Monday when you got off the bus? Anything (INAUDIBLE) Tell me what happened.

HULTS: Well, he got off the bus. He got off first. Then they drove down and dropped me off.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ben gets off the bus first.


VAN SUSTEREN: The bus drives another 50 feet, drops you off.

HULTS: Drops me off, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: You go to your truck.


VAN SUSTEREN: So when you're in your truck, you can't see Ben.


VAN SUSTEREN: What did you see?

HULTS: I seen a white Nissan truck sideways in the road. Then whenever I pulled down in Wild Rose, that truck turned around and took off, coming down Wild Rose. And it turned around right here in this neighbor's driveway. And I pulled on up here, and that's the last time I seen the truck.

VAN SUSTEREN: So, you were following it at some point.

HULTS: Yeah.

VAN SUSTEREN: How fast was it driving, faster than you were?

HULTS: Oh yeah.


HULTS: Yeah.

VAN SUSTEREN: Kicking up stones?

HULTS: Yeah.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did it make it all the way to your house?

HULTS: It made it all the way to this guy's driveway.

VAN SUSTEREN: Which is sort of the dead end of this road, almost.

HULTS: Yeah.

VAN SUSTEREN: Then what happened?

HULTS: Then I pulled up in the driveway and he backed up and took off.


HULTS: Fast.

VAN SUSTEREN: Lloyd, at the top of the lane, leading down to the house, there's this new construction here. Someone moved into this house?

LLOYD BAILIE, BEN'S UNCLE: I know that they were moving in it. Steve talked to them.

"STEVE": I talked to the lady that moved in. Yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: When was the house completed? Look like there's some yard work to do, but…

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Within the last couple of weeks.

BAILIE: Couple of weeks, yeah.

VAN SUSTEREN: It seems to me that the police would want to talk to all the people working on this house because they're the ones who have seen Ben's routine. You know, there are a lot of people pouring the cement, building the sides, clearing the lot, who everyday could see Ben get off the bus alone, as Mitch takes off at 3:30 or 3:35.

At that bus stop, there's a new house that was built in the last six months. Do you know which one I'm talking about?

HULTS: Yeah.

VAN SUSTEREN: When you and Ben would get off the bus, were workers there in the past six months? Do they work as late as 3:30, 3:35?

HULTS: Yeah.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ever notice anything peculiar or anything unusual?


VAN SUSTEREN: Did they pay attention to you getting off the bus?


VAN SUSTEREN: I heard someplace that you took a polygraph?


VAN SUSTEREN: When did you do that?

HULTS: Yesterday.

VAN SUSTEREN: And what was the result?

HULTS: One-hundred percent.

VAN SUSTEREN: So, basically, in about 200 yards, in broad daylight he vanished. Just when someone wasn't looking, just completely gone.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Virtually in a blink of an eye.


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