McSally: Sinema is in the liberal witness protection program

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham. And this is "The 
Ingraham Angle," live once again from Arizona tonight.

We're just four days away from the critical midterm elections. And there 
are only two things that currently hang in the balance. An economy as 
evidenced by today's job reports. It's a roaring, my friends, and an 
immigration policy that makes sense.

And my simple message is this. Let's not stop success, America. Since we're 
here in the Grand Canyon state we thought it was really important to talk 
to some of the voters here. So I'm talking about people of different 
political affiliations, different races different, walks of life to hear 
firsthand what really matters most to them ahead of Tuesday's elections.

Now these are the voters who are going to decide in the neck and neck 
Arizona race now between Martha McSally, Republican, and Democrat Kyrsten 
Sinema. We're going to McSally just ahead.

But first we want to hear from the voters themselves.

We started this evening with the pressing issue of immigration and how 
illegals have affected this border state.

Raymond Arroyo joined me for the questioning of this group. Here's part 


INGRAHAM: I want to bring with an issue that is front and center right now 
and that's the issue of immigration. Now there are multiple caravans 
barreling toward our southern border, and as border state here in Arizona a 
lot of the migrants could end up in your own backyard.

So, show of hands here. How many of you think we should welcome all members 
of the caravan despite evidence that there are criminals within the group? 
Raise your hand. All members of the caravan.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't think there's criminals in the group.

ny criminals?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No. I don't think there are criminal, there are women 
and children who are trying to get away from fear and military dictators 
and all kinds of other problems in their countries and they're looking for-


INGRAHAM: Actually, Griff Jenkins was our correspondent down and he's been 
with the caravan for a number of days. He interviewed various members of 
the caravan and this is what he found out on Sunday. Let's watch.


GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Are you willing to break the law to 
get back to the United States?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She says he wants to apply to pardon for the felony 
he committed.

JENKINS: Can you ask him exactly what happened?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A third-degree felony.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Attempted murder.


ARROYO: Dan, your reaction.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My reaction is that most of these women and children 
and families were coming here for asylum and they are doing it the right 
way. That you have to go to a port of entry, you have to turn yourself in 
at a port of entry and you have to apply for asylum.

Now if they don't fit asylum then they have to go back. But if they meet 
the criteria for asylum, they're not breaking the law, they should be 
entered, let them.

INGRAHAM: Now listen to what President Trump has to say about the way 
women feel about this caravan.


country and women don't want them in our country. Women want security. Men 
don't want them in our country, but the women do not want them. Women want 

ARROYO: Terry, I saw you nodding your head or shaking your head a minute 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't care if nobody is a criminal. Have some 
respect for this country and do it the legal way. I'm a lifelong Democrat. 
I switch over for Trump just to vote for him. I've always felt this way. If 
we these people come in this way it's going to set precedents.

There is suffering everywhere in the world. Where do we draw the line? 
Charity starts at home. Let's take care of our own, first and foremost. 
Then we do it the legal way, not illegally.

INGRAHAM: Laura, I see Roy sitting next to Terry chomping it a bit. Go 
ahead, Roy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I mean, to hear Trump say that women don't want the 
caravan to come in. I'm not sure number one the women don't want to be 
around Donald Trump. But first and foremost, I will say that, you know, 
let's got to the process. Let's process each case by case. If was a proper 
system of immigration in place then we can properly vet those that will try 
to enter the country and decipher who's a criminal and who was seeking 

ARROYO: Julie, you wanted to say what?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There is a system how to come to this country. I am 
an immigrant and I did it the right way. You file your paperwork, to get 
approved. You come here. It's as simple as that.

INGRAHAM: Well, here's problem is that right now our system is being 
gamed. That's what a lot of people view that the asylum system, it's a good 
thing that allow people to come in for asylum for certain credible fears.

Fear of religious persecution, fear of ethnic cleansing, true fears of 
persecution for, you know, political outlook. But what's happening for most 
of these migrants. And we had the Mexican ambassador and the Guatemalan 
interior minister on the other night on the Angle and they both said that 
most of these migrants overwhelmingly their economic.

They're coming because hundreds of millions of people around the world. 
America is a great place to live. It's better than most countries in the 
world, and so they want to come there.

Let's go to Sergio.

INGRAHAM: Laura, I want to, you know, what the media isn't showing is that 
their passing live feeds of what's happening in Mexico with this caravan 
and the caravan is assaulting police officers and they're throwing rocks 
and they're leaving trash and they're tearing apart the country of Mexico.

You have people there, their own Mexican residents that are living there, 
that are saying go back to your countries, stop tearing up ours.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But there was also a feeling in there, you have a good 
and being welcome in different parts of the community.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But they're taking this mindset and they're coming and 
they're bringing it down to this border.

ARROYO: Yvonne on the top there.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm an immigrant to this country and I came here 
legally. It took me 10 years to get my citizenship and I also worked in the 
healthcare industry. And you know they look at this caravan. This is an 
organized group. I really felt an invasion of our country.

I mean, this is an organized caravan. They have people that have trucks, 
they are hauling these people on the freeway, you know, and then they look 
at the caravan, they are finding that 80 percent of it are men and less 
than 20 percent are women and children.

INGRAHAM: Again, the officials that are monitoring this, the Mexican 
officials, the Guatemalan officials both that we've talk to and that we've 
interviewed have confirmed them. They are overwhelmingly able-bodied 
working age men, women and children being put in the front. And the 
description of one of -- from one of the officials was almost like a human 


INGRAHAM: That's a fact. That's not a political opinion no matter what 
people think about immigration, that's fine, but it's not political 
opinion. That's a fact.

And I have a question, how many of you here and you're all of different 
backgrounds and political persuasions, object to the use of the word 
invasion? Raise your hand. So that's about half, about split.

How many of the people who object to the use of the word invasion are 
Democrats? Raise your hand?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They are coming here with their own flag, flying their 
own flag. They drew a Swastika. I mean, American flag and burned it in 
front of the Honduran--



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's an invasion. I'm sorry. It's an invasion.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are people that fly the Confederate flag today.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm sorry. If that -- let's stay with the equal 
immigration. I'm sorry.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, no. But there are people that fly--


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you want to come to this country, don't burn our 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are people that fly the Confederate flag, so 
you're talking about they are burning our flag.


INGRAHAM: OK. All right.

ARROYO: Am I going to have to separate you two?

INGRAHAM: All right. Back row. Hold on. We got to give everybody and 
everybody a viewpoint here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, in terms of being organized, how is that different 
than caravans of boats that came over with what we call pilgrims which were 
simply European refugees, how is that any different when we're talking 
about caravans and invasions but we're not talking about what is the 
original in the invasion of this or where we sit?

We are in an invaded land that we invaded. Well, not I, not I, right. But 
(Inaudible) like me invaded this land.

INGRAHAM: Well, I think how many here believe that in part, these caravans 
have a political motivation in their organization? Raise your hand.



ARROYO: Certainly--

INGRAHAM: We're going to get to that. Let's watch. Remember, everybody has 
to get a point.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I wanted to say something here.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just wanted to mention harking back to what you said 
regarding gaming the system and what that gentleman said is probably true. 
We've been gaming the system ever since we arrived by the Mayflower. That's 
why I believe we have laws and that's why I think we have the system.

I think we do need comprehensive immigration. I got here in 1969, I've been 
here in the same story over and over and over again. So, I think that we 
need to take the rule of law and we need to enforce it. And when you said 
welcome I'm not sure what that means. We're a welcoming country that can 
vet each and every individual and use the power of the United States of 
America to keep us the United States of America.

ARROYO: There was an important thing we learned at the very beginning. 
This is a half Republican half Democratic group, only one person said they 
wanted to welcome that caravan.


ARROYO: It's very interesting the way these Arizona voters are breaking 
out. This is similar to what I found when we were in Texas last week.


ARROYO: Very similar. Now as you know, President Trump has moved or vowed 
to move 15,000 troops to the border.

INGRAHAM: Already moved the initial to Texas, the Texas border which is 
where most of these migrants will arrive within the next month.

ARROYO: And President Obama is now responding. We want to play this for 
you and get your reaction. Watch.


our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the 


OBAMA: And the men and women of our military deserve better than that.


ARROYO: Is this a political stunt in your mind. Raise your hand if you 
believe it's a political stunt.


INGRAHAM: Hold on. Raise your hand if you believe there is no reason to 
have the U.S. military on the border and it's purely politics.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is politics.

INGRAHAM: All right. Hold on. We got to give everybody here a voice.


INGRAHAM: yes, sir?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. It is purely politics and I believe this rhetoric 
is dangerous. I want to go back to the word invasion. We are the greatest 
country in the entire world and we are scared of a caravan from her folks 
were coming to seek asylum. I thought that we can have better use of our 
troops' time and resources.

Here in Arizona at any given time where I live in my community we have over 
500 homeless youth. One in four children go hungry. I don't feel this is a 
great way to utilize our nation's resources. And so, again, we have to be 
very careful when we use the word invasion. I don't see this as an 

INGRAHAM: How many people here are aware of the percentage of drugs coming 
into the country that come through Arizona. Let's have some gases. What 
percentage of drugs come through Arizona?





INGRAHAM: Bingo. Forty percent of the drugs coming into the country come 
through our southern border. The poorest nature of our border.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But I also don't trust some current law enforcement we 
have. I don't feel that they need babysitters. We have thousands of border 
patrol agents.

INGRAHAM: I have another question for the crowd and then we got to move on 
to another topic. Another question for the crowd, OK. Here's another 
question. Do you prefer our military to enforce the borders of other 
countries which they're doing in Syria and Iraq, on Afghanistan, and mostly 
in the Middle East or enforcing if necessary the borders of the United 
States? First question, do you want the military enforcing the borders of 
other countries or the border of the United States? let's go to--


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm with the -- totally OK with the military 
protecting our borders, provided that we were being attacked. I feel like 
that the nation is crippled in fear right now. I need to party in. Sorry.

Everybody is like, just polarized because everybody really bad for 
everybody is good and there is no in the middle, like Ricardo said the 
caravan there's a lot of people who are at the border already who walked 
whatever that are really seeking asylum. So we can't want everybody 


INGRAHAM: Does asylum mean--

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: -- anyone or the other.

INGRAHAM: -- seeking a job in the United States? Is that asylum?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. But it's where--


INGRAHAM: Because that's what most of the people at the caravan want. So, 
they want to have--


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And I agree. I believe the caravan is like probably a 
little different. But the--


INGRAHAM: No, that's actually not. The caravan is overwhelmingly -- the 
caravan according to DHS, according to the Mexican and Guatemalan officials 
there's a lot are great people, a lot of great people there. But 
overwhelmingly when you -- when they're interviewed, overwhelmingly before 
their, you know, their coach they're interviewed their said they want to 


INGRAHAM: And they want their family members are here. I -- and I mean I 
think a lot of people understand that. It's very different from a 
systematic, ethnic cleansing, systematic persecution, the Christians in the 
Middle East are being beheaded, buried alive with their heads. That's a 
different type of situation. So, we got to be careful with their 

Another issue which is as a nation gripped right now is the issue of race. 
I want to play for this group all of your different backgrounds what is 
being said lately about President Trump. Let's watch.


obviously a racist, he's obviously a demagogue.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, ANCHOR, MSNBC: The rhetoric of this racist, heartless, 
soulless man will lead to more violence. Yes, I said that, and a lot of 
Americans believe it too.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: To make it appeal to fear and hate is what it is and 
it is racist. The president has always used fear to his advantage.


ARROYO: Show of hands, how many people think those media appraisals are 
accurate. One, two, three, four. Who feels they're unfair? Why? Juttia.

JULLIA LUNARIO, DEMOCRAT: I don't see the president as a person that is a 
racist. He has shown that he has had many people of difference backgrounds, 
ethnic everything and I don't think race is the issue. It is, I don't like 
you. I don't care because--


ARROYO: What did I do to you, Juttia?

LUNARIO: -- because who you are. It doesn't matter of your background 
whether you were English, German, white, Asian, it doesn't matter. It's 
constantly used to make this man look bad. Use something different. Try 
something new.

INGRAHAM: How many people here believe that the charge of racism is used 
too casually in the United States? Raise your hand.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, racism is (Inaudible)

ARROYO: Clyde?

CLYDE BOWEN, REPUBLICAN: Well, I just think that what you're seeing is the 
last gasp of desperate group that needs -- that needs votes because that's 
all the Democrats have. And you notice they are very quiet about Louis 
Farrakhan. I went to the same school as he did in Boston and I know quite a 
lot about that gentleman and nothing is said about the things that he has 
said such as the Jews bring termites.

And going back -- I'm sorry. Going back to the original time that he first 
got started. So, I would say that they're just using that and I'm not 
saying that. And yes, we've got a president that's kind of a newbie of 
being a president and he is himself and he is a human being.

But I would just say that they just using this is race baiting and race. 
And if you crack a history book, you would see who very surely is the 
person who as the guy who in many of the situation concerning race with 

ROY TATEM, JR., DEMOCRAT: If you crack a history book you'll see today was 
287 years of slavery based on race. It wasn't based on anything else.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And propagated by the Democrats and propagated by the 
Democrats from day one.

TATEM: Here in America. That is not race. We're not talking political--


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, in '13, '14, and '15--


INGRAHAM: And the party -- and the party that--

TATEM: We're not talking about politics. We're talking about base on--



TATEM: Hold on, hold on, we're talking about base on race. I let them. 
They're already talk. Can I make my point?


TATEM: We're talking about base on race. African-Americans have been 
enslaved. African-American after slavery in 1865 was subjugated to a 100 
years of Jim Crow lynching, disenfranchise men base on race. So, they only 
say that the only people that are playing race identity politics have no 
merit. There's a huge merit.

INGRAHAM: Sorry, Roy.

TATEM: No, no, there's a huge merit to--


INGRAHAM: Sorry. OK. Well, she hasn't spoken out.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Also, the Jewish community, too. You cannot--


TATEM: I'm not talking about -- we're talking about race.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't -- she asks a specific question.


TATEM: We're talking about race.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Laura ask a specific question--

INGRAHAM: OK. One at a time.

ARROYO: OK. Roy, let's give her chance to response.

TATEM: I'm not negating it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She ask a specific question about whether Trump and 
everybody, is he racist. He is not. It is an excuse. There is no proof. 
There is no background.

TATEM: Do you know?

INGRAHAM: Well, let's just -- let one person speak, guys

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's actually -- yes. My good friend Mary Anne 
Mendoza knows him. Yes, absolutely. Don't -- its not personal.

TATEM: You're racist.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Roy, this is not personal.

TATEM: You're racist--


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're make a convoluted argument when you start 
bringing slavery.


TATEM: I'm not making a convoluted, I'm giving you the background. I'm 


ARROYO: OK, one at a time.

INGRAHAM: OK. Guys, economic to opportunity in the United States we're to 
get into this what happened economically and whether that has an effect in 
making people see things may be a little bit differently, especially Latino 
communities, African-American communities, Asian communities and how 
prosperity is rising across the board.


INGRAHAM: Up next, Trace Gallagher is going to highlight some of the 
tightest Senate races and then we're going to talk to Arizona Republican 
senatorial candidate Martha McSally. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: All right. We're just four days away from the midterms and some 
of these races are in dead heat including right here in Arizona. In 
moments, we'll talk with Republican Senate candidate Martha McSally.

But first, Fox's Trace Gallagher joins us now with an important update. 

the Fox News polls over the past two months, the Indiana Senate races is 
seen a significant shift in the numbers.

In September, GOP challenger Mike Braun was up by two points over 
Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly. In early October, that flipped and 
Donnelly was up by two. Now Donnelly has increased the lead to seven 
points, but don't write off Mike Braun just yet because according to the 
Real Clear Politics average Donnelly is up by less than one point. Meaning 
this race still appears to be a dead heat.

In the show me state Senate race no matter what poles you look at it is a 
tossup. The RCP average has Republican challenger Josh Hawley leading by 
two points over Missouri Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill and that's 
within the margin of error.

The Fox News poll has them deadlocked at 43 percent each. And it's been 
that way for the past month. And we should know that polls also show 
Missouri Democrats appear to be more interested in the election than 
Missouri Republicans even though 54 percent of likely Missouri voters 
approve of the president's job performance.

The Florida Senate race seems to change with the seasons. For most of the 
spring Democratic incumbent Senator Bill Nelson held a very steady leave 
over Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott. Then came summer and Rick 
Scott took the lead, but now leaves have changed and so have the polls.

According to the RCP average, Bill Nelson is back on top by two points. It 
appears Rick Scott could use a heat wave.

Finally, the Arizona where Fox News poll showed Democrat Krysten Sinema and 
Republican Martha McSally dead even at 46 percent each. That's a bad trend 
for Sinema who was up by two points in early October and up three in 
September, although the Real Clear Politics average still has Sinema by 
just over half point.

But all of these polls were taken before Green party candidate Angela 
Greene dropped out and endorse Krysten Sinema. And we should note Sinema 
was a green party activist but has tried very hard to distance herself from 
her past. Laura?

INGRAHAM: All right. Thanks so much, Trace. And joining me now to discuss 
that latest toss up that Trace just mentioned is a woman vying to become 
its next senator, Republican Martha McSally, of Arizona.

Congresswoman, thanks for being here tonight. I want to start with 
immigration. We just completed a focus group so important for the voters of 
the state. How is your view on immigration different from your opponent's?

REP. MARTHA MCSALLY, R—ARIZ.: Well, it's like night and day. I 
represent a border district. I chair the border security subcommittee and 
I'm leading working with President Trump to make sure we build the wall, 
secure the border, close these crazy loopholes that are being taken 
advantage of every single day, end chain migration, to visa lottery, and 
you know, move forward in a way that is protecting Americans.

My opponent was actually an activist helping people cross illegally in her 
past and even though she had amazing political makeover trying to fool the 
voters here, she's voted to support sanctuary cities. And on really 
important vote here that's meaningful in Arizona is she voted against 
Grant's Law. This was named after Grant--


INGRAHAM: Grant Ronnebeck.

MCSALLY: Yes. And the Angel families have endorsed me just ahead a press 
conference the other day. She refused to meet with them. Grant was shot 
point-blank by somebody who shouldn't haven't here and should have been 
held until they were deported. And that law actually protects people in our 
community and she refused to vote yes on this. So, she's extreme and out of 
touch and out of the mainstream--


INGRAHAM: Well, she's trying to be a centrist on this. I want to play 
something for you because she's basically saying I'm just as good as Martha 
McSally on issues like sending troops to the border. Let's watch.


KYRSTEN SINEMA, D, ARIZONA SENATE CANDIDATE: Here in Arizona it's not new for us to 
have military deployment to the border to provide a support role for our 
customs and border patrol agents who were down there. So, we wish them well 
and tell them to stay hydrated.


MCSALLY: Give me a break. I mean, she has no idea what she's talking 
about, and she is in the liberal witness protection program right now 
because border security is so important to all Arizonans. You know, 
thoughtful Democrat and that's not an oxymoron because, you know, that 
there are still some who care about safety and security, independence in 

Look, she's extreme on this issue. Look, I am totally support, 
wholeheartedly support President Trump sending our troops in a support role 
to secure our border. They support natural disasters. This is a disaster 
going on in the border.

INGRAHAM: She basically says the same thing.

MCSALLY: Yes. Stay hydrated, right. You know, give me a break. So, look, I 
welcome to our community. They're coming to Davis-Monthan in Fort Huachuca. 
I know they are going to do a great job. You know, I served in the 
military. They are serving and sacrificing. Border security is national 
security and this is--


INGRAHAM: Some of our focus group that we just did claim this is all big 
political stunt.

MCSALLY: Absolutely not, no, it's not. Look, we have cartels that are 
trafficking people and drugs through our communities right now. I represent 
ranchers on the border, they've endorsed me, so are the border patrol 
agents representing 15,000 agents. They know the dangerous activity that's 
happening every single day on our border.

INGRAHAM: Birthright citizenship important issue a lot of Arizona 
hospitals affected by this migrant families, women come, have their 
children automatic passport, automatic American citizenship. Your view.

MCSALLY: Yes. And then we see a Chinese are coming over. There's a whole 
fraudulent way for them to do that. Look, I appreciate the president is 
bringing this up and the abuses of it. If we actually secure the border and 
we actually crackdown on illegal immigration and close these loopholes, we 
wouldn't even be having these conversations.

So, once again, you know, he's highlighting things that are being abused. 
You know--


INGRAHAM: Fourteen amendment covered or not in your view?

MCSALLY: I'm not a constitutional expert. I just think if we secure our 
border and close these loopholes then we would stop his from happening 

INGRAHAM: The migrant lawsuit against President Trump and the 
administration. It's a, you know, six kids are in it. Six kids and a number 
of Honduran nationals saying what the president said, in part, I'm 
mentioning our show. "The legal problem with Trump's plan to stop caravan 
persons from entering this country that plaintiffs are seeking asylum."

And goes on to say, "and Trump simply cannot stop them from legally doing 
so or using the military or anyone."

MCSALLY: You can't make this up. I mean, this is just another example of 
people trying to take advantage of the weaknesses in our laws that we in 
Congress need to fix. My bill which you also very strongly supported, often 
called the Goodlatte bill, that it was the Goodlatte-McSally bill, McCaul 
and Labrador. We work really hard on this and with President Trump to close 
these loopholes, to make sure that people can't just show up and demand to 
be in our country and be released into the interior of the United States.

This is happening every single day here in Arizona. Hundreds of little mini 
caravans are taking advantage of this and now they're trying to sue the 
president? This has to stop. We must secure our border now.

INGRAHAM: Are you worried about this Green party Cook now endorsing 
Sinema. It was pulling about 6 percent. But she's a centrist, but suddenly 
the Green party person likes the centrist as well?

MCSALLY: Well, Sinema was actually the Green party activist and first ran 
for office as Green party ran of Ralph Nader's campaign. So, it actually I 
think is, you know, a completion of her being identified for who she truly 

This, Angela Green, the Green party candidate was true to herself as a 
liberal. And the fact that she is getting behind Sinema hopefully should 
have people wake up and realize Sinema is not a moderate. She's an extreme 
liberal. She's out of the mainstream and this just brings it back to full 
circle of where her roots are.

INGRAHAM: Why is this race so close?

MCSALLY: Money. Chuck Schumer, George Soros and others have poured tens of 
millions of dollars into Krysten Sinema to present this image to the 
Arizona voters that she's actually right of center. It's not true. It's the 
biggest political cover-up in Arizona history.

I just ask people across the country here are listening. If you want to 
help us make sure we keep this seat. You know, we pick up North Dakota, we 
don't want to cancel it out in Arizona, right. This is for everybody, not 
just in Arizona.

Please go to We need people to contribute. But we 
need people to get off the sidelines in Arizona. So, tell your friends and 
family to get out to the polls to make sure that we hold this seat. This is 
about the direction of our country.

INGRAHAM: One to 10 how important is the Trump factor here in Arizona. 
He's very popular.

MCSALLY: It's very important. I look at John Junior was out yesterday. You 
know, President was here a couple of weeks ago. I flew at Marine One. I'm 
working very closely with him on so many things. We're building our 
military, securing our border.

Look at the economy. I mean, it's amazing. We want to keep things going and 
that's what this election is about.

INGRAHAM: Congressman, best of luck.


MCSALLY: Thanks a lot. We really appreciate it.

INGRAHAM: Close it hard for a strong close. And if you like what you saw 
from the first part of our focus group, stay right there. Up next, the 
Trump effect.


INGRAHAM: Illegal immigrant should they get free healthcare in the United 
States? Raise your hand.


INGRAHAM: Free healthcare for illegal immigrant?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, you'll have to pay through our--


INGRAHAM: Free college?




INGRAHAM: As you'd expect, President Donald Trump looms large over these 
midterms no matter what party you are supporting. What did our focus group 
think about the so-called "Trump effect?" Watch.


INGRAHAM: It's 29 percent approval rating now among African-Americans in 
the latest poll for this president, 29 percent. It was 11 percent, and 
this is not a conservative poll. This is I believe the Harvard-Harris 
poll. So that's a significant increase. Why do we think that's happening? 
And do we think Democrats are freaking out about that?


ROY TATEM JR., DEMOCRAT: I see more reports over a long period of time. 
Statistics show that people no longer report, or are no longer on the books 
when they are unemployed for a long period of time. And many African-
Americans have experienced long-term unemployment, so they aren't even 
being counted.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think the unemployment rate of the African-American 
community is the lowest it's ever been.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But he said it's not real, the number is not real.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's what he said.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He has done more for the Latino and black community 
than Obama ever did, and I voted for the man. He has done more --


INGRAHAM: Guys, guys, we have to move on from this topic. But, is -- to 
close this out, do charges of racism encourage more speech or limit speech? 
I get the sense that people kind of pull back when the charge is made, that 
people pull back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We just witnessed neo-Nazis marching in 

INGRAHAM: Tristian?

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You wanted to say something, 

INGRAHAM: Tristian?

TRISTIAN ROPA, DEMOCRAT: I don't feel like people are pulling back at all. 
We just recently with these last three events that happened just recently. 
And I don't like to point out this political did this. That's useless and 
divisive. But we should acknowledge that the guy that sent all these 
bombs, he did have that van and he was a devout supporter. And then with 
the shooting in the synagogue, he was a devout supporter.

INGRAHAM: No, he wasn't a -- no, no. He was not.

ROPA: Thank you for correcting me.

INGRAHAM: And Steve Scalise was almost killed and he was a Bernie Sanders 


INGRAHAM: You guys can't dominate.

ARROYO: We are listening to Tristian.

INGRAHAM: We have Tristian is a young person.

ROPA: And thank you for calling me out on that, for real. Thank you. But 
still, the climate that we are in right now, people are really willing to 
do and say these things. And it's not a right or left thing. It's all 
over the place. I feel like conversation is -- there is a lot of 
conversation and sometimes it gets really messy. And honestly, that's sad.

ARROYO: How many people here, so of hands, will race affect your vote in 
this midterm election? Is race important to you and the way it's been 

INGRAHAM: And your vote.

ARROYO: And your vote.

INGRAHAM: OK, we have got to move on guys. I want to get into the idea 
that this election -- many people are saying it's a referendum on President 
Trump. So regardless of which party you are voting for, is there anyone 
here only voting on Tuesday as a pro or anti-Trump sentiment? Raise your 
hand. Is it about Trump for you on Tuesday? Raise your hand. OK.

ARROYO: As a Democrat.


ARROYO: You're not a Democrat.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She's an independent.

ARROYO: You're an independent.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You're paying back now, aren't you?


INGRAHAM: The current economy today is at the strongest it's been in my 
lifetime. There's never been a better time to be a small business owner, 
to be entering the workforce for the first time, never a better time. 
Today the news came out, 3.5 percent, wage increase which is the largest 
we've had since 2009. Unemployment is down to a 1967 low which is 
fantastic across all economic strata. How many of you here today give 
Trump credit for this economic revival on the wage increase? Raise you 

You haven't spoken, another young person. I want to hear from the youth.

TEANA LONG, DEMOCRAT: I go to school up north. I'm in a small town. And 
the wage increases have really affected our small town, because, like I 
said, it's very small. So it's really hard not only to find jobs because 
small businesses can't afford to pay its workers, but it's really hard -- a 
lot of companies are going out of business and we are losing a lot of 
really valuable companies that are really important to our market.

DEBE CAMPOS FLEENOR, REPUBLICAN: I am a small business owner, Latino 
owned, woman owned, and actually the taxes from Trump have done very well 
for our small business.

INGRAHAM: Tax cuts?


INGRAHAM: What have they resulted in?

FLEENOR: Right here, $1,200. So that's pretty good. It gives me the 
opportunity to pay my employees the wage increase that was forced upon me, 
instead of cutting hours.

INGRAHAM: How many Democrats here, those of you who are Democrats, are you 
concerned that the House of Representatives being turned over to Democrats 
would upset the economic recovery? Raise your hand. Even if you voted 
Democrat, are you concerned about the economy being adversely affected?

PILAR RUIZ, DEMOCRAT: I am. From southern Arizona, I'm a neighbor with 
Raul Grijalva, district three. And that is one of the poorest districts in 
the country. And he is a Democrat and I am a Democrat, but you know what, 
for me it's not always about party line. It's about what are you doing for 
the people. And him and his daughter have hurt southern Arizona, Adelita 
Grijalva, more than any other politicians in Arizona in my opinion. So 
that regards, I don't want that man in office. We need Republican in 
district three to win that race because -- I know it's not going to happen 
but it needs to happen because that district is extremely poor. There is 
no economic growth. There is no nothing.

INGRAHAM: How many of you here will miss Jeff Flake? Raise your hand. 
How many of you here will miss Jeff Flake in the U.S. Senate?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Only his sanity.

INGRAHAM: He has about an 18 percent approval rating, but that's OK. 
While we are talking about Arizona, this is what Kyrsten Sinema, of course 
the Democrat who wants to be your next senator, said about the state she 
hopes to represent. Let's listen.


KYRSTEN SIMENA, (D-AZ) SENATE CANDIDATE: So all around the world people 
know what's happening in Arizona, and not in a good way. We're not famous 
in a good way. We're kind of like in a Lindsay Lohan kind of famous way.

The states are the laboratories of democracies, and in my state of Arizona 
it's clearly the meth lab of democracy.

Republicans get a free ride when they call the Tea Party something other 
than what they are. And we have to say no, no, Tea Party Republicans, all 
the same thing. They're all crazy.


ARROYO: To the Democrats in the room, put your hands up. If that offends 
you in any way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It depends. I couldn't really hear it very well. I 
have a lot of disagreements with Kyrsten Sinema over the years, and I'm not 
a good friend of hers, but she is 10 times better than McSally on issues 
right from the top to the bottom.


INGRAHAM: Now, the further removed we are from the Kavanaugh confirmation 
fight, the more the baseless charges against him unravel. Ann Coulter is 
here, she will be with us later, to tell us about another criminal referral 
involving a Kavanaugh accuser. And up next, when Hollywood comes out to 
stump for Democrats, does anyone care? And wait until you hear what our 
focus group tells us. Don't go anywhere.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It probably will put a fire under me, especially with 
all the misogyny going on.



INGRAHAM: The Democratic candidates are bringing out the big guns. 
Celebrities are making ads, knocking on doors, as White House pushes back.


OPRAH WINFREY, TALK SHOW HOST: You get a vote, and you get a vote, and you 
get a vote.

WILL FERRELL, ACTOR: Hi. It's Will Ferrell. I'm here in Kennesaw State. 
Of course home of the owls. We're trying to get people to vote here for 
Stacey Abrams.

MIKE PENCE, U.S. VICE PRESIDENT: I would like to remind Stacey and Oprah 
and Will Ferrell, I'm kind of a big deal, too. This ain't Hollywood. This 
is Georgia.



INGRAHAM: OK, so does trotting out Hollywood heavyweights actually move 
voters? We asked our focus group. Take a look.


INGRAHAM: How many people here in Arizona would you have your vote 
affected one way or the another by a celebrity's endorsement? Raise your 
hand. No one, either side.

ARROYO: Alex, you are one of the people they are targeting, young people. 
Your reaction to that?

ALEX PHILLIPS, REPUBLICAN: As much fun as I had seen Kanye West and Donald 
Trump in the White House --


PHILLIPS: -- with the hats on, I'm not going to base my political views 
off that. You can get your mileage off of it, but at the end of the day 
you should probably not make that the be-all, end-all.

INGRAHAM: Take a look at this brand-new political ad directed by a 
brilliant film director and actress, Jodie Foster.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If somebody asked you what do you care about, what 
would you say?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Losing your health care?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What really, honestly matter to you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If basic human rights matter, then vote.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If women's rights really are human rights, then vote.





ARROYO: To the ladies here, would that ad in any way motivate you to go to 
the polls? Show of hands. Yes, if it would. In the back, why?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If I wasn't going to vote or had no motivation, it 
would probably put a fire under me, especially with all the misogyny going 

INGRAHAM: What is the most important issue for all of you, both parties, 
no parties, on Tuesday, the most important issue?

PATRICK BRAY, REPUBLICAN: I think for Arizona in general right now, I 
think the top issue is clearly immigration. And it's driven by the caravan 
that is on his way here. And I think we talked about it, but there's a 
twofold there with immigration. There is the regulatory system that's 
broken, but there's a border security issue that's also broken, and that's 
why you have to see the military making sure we send a clear signal that we 
are just not going to let people in our back door.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Health care for all. That's the biggest issue. People 
need -- how many -- 35 million people are without health care.

INGRAHAM: Should illegal immigrants, should they get free health care in 
the United States? Raise your hand.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Absolutely. Well, you'll have to pay for it through --

INGRAHAM: Free college?


INGRAHAM: All right, let's go. You better make a lot of money.

ARROYO: How many people support that idea, free college, free health care 
for illegal immigrants.

INGRAHAM: Do African-Americans or veterans all get free college? We have 
300,000 veterans living on the street, homeless veterans on the street 


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are 60 percent taxes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Medicare for all is not free. I'm on Medicare.

INGRAHAM: There won't be any Medicare dollars for you, my friend.


FLEENOR: -- of us are working to pay taxes. We are supporting those 
people whether they are illegal or whatever. I can't work anymore. I 
can't pay any more taxes. And 47 percent are on the dole. And how much 
greater does that number need to go before we become a socialist --

INGRAHAM: Hold on, guys. While we're talking about that, birthright 
citizenship, should children born -- neither parent is an American citizen, 
neither parent is here illegally as a worker or anything like that, but 
just illegal immigrant in the United States has a child. Should that child 
immediately become an American citizen?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Of course, it's the 14th Amendment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's in the Constitution.

INGRAHAM: So all -- so 300,000 of the illegal immigrants should 
automatically become --


INGRAHAM: All right, it got really raucous there. We could have done a 
whole on this. I want to do more of these, so much fun.

Another Kavanaugh accuser, by the way, facing potentially severe criminal 
punishment over a false claim against the now associate justice of the 
Supreme Court. Ann Coulter is here next to break it all down, and what it 
could mean for the midterms.


INGRAHAM: Brett Kavanaugh might be sitting on the Supreme Court, but the 
fallout from his confirmation battle is far from over. Just hours ago, 
Senator Chuck Grassley made another criminal referral to the Department of 
Justice concerning an unnamed accuser who made rape allegations against 
Kavanaugh. The unidentified woman admits she, quote, "just wanted to get 
attention," and that it was, quote, "a ploy."

And joining me now with her reaction is bestselling author and commentator 
Ann Coulter. Ann, the convention here is that Republican enthusiasm over 
the Kavanaugh confirmation was waning. What do you think with stories like 
this in the last few days before the vote?

ANN COULTER, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: Liberals are crazy, and it's good 
for voters to be reminded of this. We've been going through a two-year 
tantrum. But this one really takes the cake. That letter she wrote reads 
like, Penthouse letters, the detail of this gang rape. And first it's just 
written anonymously. The handwriting could have been written by a man. 
It's sort of suspicious, a lot of capital letters. It's like a hostage 

And then this woman in Kentucky claims that she was the one who wrote it, 
gives her name. The Senate Judiciary Committee does a little research and 
finds out she doesn't live either in Washington, D.C., or Oceanside, 
California, which is where the original anonymous hostage letter claimed to 
come from. She's from Kentucky. She's and several decades older than 
judge, not justice Kavanaugh, and has a history of being a liberal 
activist. Her quotes to the committee were hilarious. It was just, yes, 
well, it was in the news. I wanted to get attention. He had to be 

INGRAHAM: Ann, isn't this good, though, to make these people pay? And it 
reminds me of this leak that came out of the Feinstein office. I've been 
talking about this since it happened. This must be investigated and it 
must be pursued. Republicans are going to hold onto the House, unless 
something really wacky happens. This can't be dropped by Lindsey Graham 
when he takes over the committee. I think you've got to go in. I want 
everybody's emails, I want everybody's texts, and I want to know who leaked 
that Blasey Ford letter. I want to know who did that. It was a travesty 
what happened to him.

COULTER: Yes. What often happens in these cases is our side, OK, he's on 
the Supreme Court, let's move on. Let's be good guys, because that will be 
repaid by good behavior from the left. No, we will never get good behavior 
from the left. And whether it's a Duke lacrosse or that UVA gal or 
mattress girl up in Columbia, there have just been all of these fake rate 
allegations, which happen to be the fake allegations made against judge, 
now Justice Kavanaugh. And the false accuser doesn't get prosecuted. In 
the Duke lacrosse case, she went on to stop her boyfriend to death.

No, there has to be some sort of repercussions of making false allegations 
of rape. This was a very serious allegation, not particularly plausible. 
But of course these cases need to be pursued.

One other thing, I think this is why contrary to what everybody else will 
be telling President Trump, the next nominee he gets to the Supreme Court, 
I don't care whom he is replacing, it has to be a man because we now know 
what the left's playbook is. They did at 29 years ago to Justice Thomas, 
they did it again to now to Justice Kavanaugh. People are going to say, 
pick a woman, pick a woman. What, because liberal love women so much? 
They love you and me, Laura, they love Sarah Palin.


COULTER: But if they have another false allegation, I don't think anybody 
is going to buy it in the next few years. It absolutely should be a man.

INGRAHAM: I think it should be the best, I don't care what your gender is, 
the best and most conservative, judicially conservative pick, whoever that 
is. But doing the bean counting, Ann, never works for conservatives. 
You've been way ahead of the curve on that issue, and obviously immigration 
and so many others.

Thank you so much, Ann Coulter, here on the "The Laura Ingraham Show and on 
the "Ingraham Angle," of course. I still have radio on the brain.

When we come back, a preview of my Monday night closing argument, next.


INGRAHAM: Martha McSally, good luck. You're going to be singing the 
national anthem tomorrow at the ASU football game. I'll be there. I'll be 
watching. And her opponent Kyrsten Sinema is going to be taking part in 
the coin toss.

And on Monday, I'm going to deliver my closing arguments to all you voters 
across the country.

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