Jill Stein: The Cold War is used to stifle dissent, differing opinions in Democratic Party

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening and welcome to "Tucker Carlson Tonight." An awful lot has been written about the internal divides, the fracturing within the Republican Party. It's not all spin by the way.

Some of its very real.

In a minute, for example, we will talk to one Republican senator who is gravely dissatisfied, angry really with Lindsey Graham's leadership of the Judiciary Committee. He says he is doing nothing to get to the bottom of Russia-gate.

So the divides are real. At the same time, though, you almost never hear anything about what is happening within the Democratic Party. Maybe that's because outwardly Democrats seem united in their loathing for Donald Trump.

But inside the party, Democrats may in fact hate each other more, even more than they hate Trump. How vicious and crazy has the infighting within the Democratic Party become? Let's put it this way.

Late last week, Hillary Clinton publicly accused the Democratic presidential candidate of being a Russian agent. Watch.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: I'm not making any predictions, but I think they've got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary, and they are grooming her to be the third party candidate.

She's a favorite of the Russians.


CARLSON: Well, later a spokesman confirmed that Hillary was in fact talking about Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. Now keep in mind that Gabbard is a sitting Member of Congress. She is an Iraq War veteran. She is currently a Major in the U.S. Army Reserves. And yet Hillary said she is a traitor to this country. And she's not the only one in American politics betraying our country. Jill Stein, too.

Stein of course spent decades working as a physician in Boston before embarking on a second career as a left-wing activist. Last cycle, she ran for President on a platform that includes a Green New Deal, Medicare-for- All, amnesty for the undocumented -- the normal list.

But according to Hillary, Jill Stein is also a Russian agent. Watch.


CLINTON: They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far, and that's assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she is also a Russian asset. Yes, she's a Russian asset. I mean, totally.


CARLSON: "Stein is also a Russian asset," end quote. She and Tulsi Gabbard, they are Russian assets. Now, some of the left are denying that Hillary Clinton said that. She certainly did say it. You just heard it.

The tape is online, you can listen for yourself.

And then she kept going. The President of the United States, Hillary Clinton explained is being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin himself.


CLINTON: Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin's dream. I don't know what Putin has on him. Whether it's both personal and financial, I assume it is.


CARLSON: Well, in case you're trying to keep track at home, in a single podcast, Hillary Clinton accused three separate people one to her left, one to a right one within her own party, all of being Russian agents.

Now, she offered precisely no evidence for these charges, serious though they are. The one thing that all three of these people have in common is that at one time or another, they have all opposed Hillary Clinton's political aspirations.

And according to Hillary, that means by definition, they're traitors.

Now remember, as you watch this that Hillary Clinton is supposed to be a very impressive person. Her fellow liberals have told us that since she graduated from Wellesley College more than 50 years ago, and then went on to Yale Law School, famously and married Bill Clinton.

She is then, is now one of the best and the brightest. She is the adult in the room. That's what they always tell you. And yet now we learned they were lying about Hillary all along. She's not impressive. She's silly.

She's reckless. She's not even very smart.

Like dumb people everywhere, she has got a weakness for bizarre conspiracies. That's the real Hillary Clinton. And yet amazingly, her fellow liberals are still defending her.


SUNNY HOSTIN, ABC HOST: Hillary has been dead on with so many things. She told us about Russia. She told us about the probable interference during the debate. She was Secretary of State. She has deep knowledge about world issues. I thought, where's the lie?

You have her being touted by people like Fox -- Fox News personalities like Tucker Carlson.

ADRIENNE ELROD, PRESIDENT, ELROD STRATEGIES: The Russia propaganda machine has been propelling her, lifting her up since she announced her candidacy.

KIMBERLY ATKINS, WBUR SENIOR NEWS CORRESPONDENT: She never denied being a Russian asset. That's just one asset that was missing from her response.

If you think that would be the first, you know, and the first line or two, it was not there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To your point, Hillary Clinton didn't name names, but there's Congresswoman Gabbard going, me, me, me, me.


CARLSON: She never denied being a Russian asset. That's the new standard.

So she must be guilty. That's what they're telling you on MSNBC.

Julian Castro, who as of tonight is still an actual presidential candidate essentially agreed.


QUESTION: Do you agree with former Secretary of State Clinton that she could very well be a Russian asset?

JULIAN CASTRO (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm going to focus today on my campaign and what we're doing.

QUESTION: Just to confirm you did not say no, you do not think that Tulsi Gabbard could be a Russian asset.

CASTRO: Oh, I have -- I'm going to leave others to comment on that. I have -- I have no comment on that.

QUESTION: At the very least you think it was appropriate for Hillary Clinton to insert herself into the election in this way?

CASTRO: I have a lot of respect for Secretary Clinton. And I'll just leave it at that.


CARLSON: What a robot. Maybe that's why the room is empty behind him, but we're not going to lie to you. It's not just Democrats who have gone off the deep end with this stuff.

Remember Evan McMullin, he is that guy that Bill Kristol convinced to run for President back in 2016. McMullin, we were told is a serious principled conservative, unlike everyone else. And yet it turns out, he agrees with Hillary. Here is his take on all this, and we're quoting, "I believe it's true. Tulsi Gabbard is with the Russians and the Russians are with Tulsi Gabbard. She confirms it every time she opens her mouth." End quote. And yet no evidence whatsoever.

So then Trump weighed in and keep in mind, Trump is not on the same side as Tulsi Gabbard, much less Jill Stein. But yet, he weighed in and he said, no, he didn't think that two of his political opponents were spies.

Well, this sent Washington into conniptions. Neocon buffoon, David Frum declared that the denial itself proved conspiracy, quote, "Trump last night defended Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard against charges of Russian influence.

He wasn't supposed to do that. He was supposed to pretend they were not all on the same team."

So it was all a setup according to David Frum. Is that Tulsi Gabbard at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City?

This is lunacy, by the way, but it's not accidental lunacy. It's lunacy in the service of a purpose. So last Friday, we had Congresswoman Gabbard on the show, and we asked her, what is this about? And she explained it about as well, as anybody ever has. Watch this.


CARLSON: I've never heard anybody at Hillary Clinton's level say something like that.

REP. TULSI GABBARD, (D-HI), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: And the reason why she is doing this is because ultimately, she knows that she can't control me.

And that if I'm elected President, if I am the Democratic nominee and elected President that she won't be able to control me, she won't be able to manipulate me. She won't be able to continue to work from behind the curtain to continue these regime change wars that have been so costly.


CARLSON: In other words, it's about power. And that shouldn't be a surprise to you and me or anyone because in Washington, everything in the end is about power. And for generations, a small group -- a bipartisan group incidentally has run the country and they've run it into the ground, if we're being honest about it.

They've mismanaged the economy, in case you haven't noticed. They've wasted American lives in pointless wars abroad. They forced weird and irrelevant gender theory on a baffled nation, while hundreds of thousands of Americans died of drug ODs, and they paid no notice at all to that, because they didn't care.

We've never had a worst set of leaders in this country. That's what all the drama is about. That's what the volatility comes from, because our leadership is terrible.

So it's not surprising that this group, the ones who wreck the country, don't take criticism well. Don't like the program? You must be a spy.

Jill Stein knows the drill. They've done it to her for years. And she joins us tonight. Dr. Stein, thanks very much for coming on. I should say at the outset, I don't think we agree with each other on very much, but we're still very happy to have you on the show. Because I think you've been maligned.

And I wonder if you've thought about why they're doing this to you. You're not a Russian agent. Why are they calling you one?

JILL STEIN, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, you know, clearly this is a ludicrous, unhinged conspiracy theory, with no basis in fact, which is intended to distract from the many reasons that the Democrats lost the 2016 election, including that they neglected Wisconsin, that they elevated Donald Trump as part of the Pied Piper program to get a beatable candidate for Hillary to run against, that they didn't run on change.

You know, Hillary ran as kind of the symbol of the power structure in America.

CARLSON: That's true.

STEIN: The economic and political elite. So, you know, it's no surprise but, you know, going deeper, and I think Tulsi has mentioned this as well.

You know, this is really -- Hillary's rant is Exhibit A, for the way that the Cold War is used to stifle dissent, to crack down on people that are not toeing the line in the mainstream of this incredible military industrial complex, which is kind of jerking us all around and dictating our foreign policy.

And also yes, it's a feeding that war machine, instead of really addressing the crises that we're facing, the D.N.C. is really painting its progressive competition as the enemy, as if they were trying to lose the election again.

CARLSON: So I wonder if you -- everything you've said makes total sense.

Amazing that 28 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, they're still running the Russia play. But what kind of effect has it had on you? I mean, it's not like Hillary Clinton is saying, well, I don't agree with her views on healthcare. You know what I mean? Or like her global warming plan makes me nervous.

She is saying you're betraying our country. So you live here? What effect has that had on your life? Some people must believe that that you are a Russian asset.

STEIN: Yes. And you know, I mean, this has been -- the rumors and the lies have been thoroughly debunked, including that I was investigated, you know, by the Senate Intelligence Committee, to whom I gave all my relevant communications, e-mails, documents and actually interviewed with them as well.

And I came out, you know, completely there was no there, there. So these lies and rumors have long been put to rest. A lot of it is based on a very deceptive photograph, where I was actually attending a communications -- a media conference with the BBC, with China Broadcasting, with the largest broadcaster in India.

You know, this was a legitimate media conference, and I was there to share my message, which was peace in the Middle East, a nuclear weapons ban and a global climate Green New Deal. That's what I was there for. And they just happened to show that photo of this head table where Putin marched in for a moment without any -- without a translator.

CARLSON: And you're having lunch with Putin.

STEIN: And then suddenly, yes, suddenly I am Putin's best friend. Well, how about all the photos of Hillary and Putin whispering to each other?

CARLSON: Well, I know the whole thing is --

STEIN: In which lots of money changed hands. You know, lots of money.

Very big money.

CARLSON: But she is rich and you're not. She can defend herself, you can't, which is why we wanted to have you on tonight just --

STEIN: Well, I really appreciate it.

CARLSON: Oh, well, we appreciate it. Thank you.

STEIN: Thank you.

CARLSON: Richard Goodstein is a lawyer, a former adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton -- not, we don't think a Russian asset, but we'll find out tonight. Are you or have you ever been a Russian asset?

RICHARD GOODSTEIN, LAWYER: You know, I was sure that this segment was going to be about the exoneration of Hillary around e-mails by the State Department. I'm shocked that we want to talk about this.

CARLSON: But, Hillary Clinton just accused a military veteran, a sitting Member of Congress of being a Russian asset. Now, I know we're pretending that she didn't say that, but she actually did say that. She said it flat out and they haven't denied it and Bernie Sanders just a few minutes ago, denounced Hillary for saying it, and I'm thinking, what the hell is this?

Tulsi is not a Russian asset.

GOODSTEIN: But well, I'll tell you what I think. First of all, I bet I know Tulsi Gabbard better than most people in the Clinton orbit.

I've been an early promoter for her. I was gaga for Tulsi Gabbard shortly after she entered the House, big fan. What's inexplicable though is, she's the only Democrat that interviewed for Donald Trump -- with Donald Trump for a job. She's the only Democrat that met with -- twice -- with the war criminal Assad. She's the only Democrat that says that the Democratic Party is the warmongering party, certainly the people running for President.

I mean, you go down the list, she is super fluent in Syrian and Russian talking points. It's odd.

CARLSON: So she met with the person who saved the Christian population of Levant, okay, that would be Assad, and she criticizes the Democratic Party.

So that means she is a Russian asset. Maybe it means she disagrees with you.

GOODSTEIN: Look, I think Jill Stein probably takes credit for almost single handedly tipping the election for Donald Trump and the fact that in Michigan and Wisconsin, her votes were the difference. Hillary wins without Jill Stein.

CARLSON: That may be right. I mean, look, I'm not here to argue you know, the electoral outcome. What I'm saying is that you should -- if you disagree with someone, address the substance of the argument the person is making and not accuse that person of betraying his or her country, which is what Democrats are now doing. And it's one of the lowest thing I can imagine.

GOODSTEIN: Yes. What I think troubles Democrats is what they hear the rhetoric from Tulsi sounds like straight out of the Russian playbook. And even her --

CARLSON: The Russian playbook?

GOODSTEIN: She's the only Democrat who --

CARLSON: Tell me one thing -- hold on -- that's such a serious thing to say, so give me one example ...



... of something that Tulsi has said that is out of the Russian playbook?

GOODSTEIN: She is the only Democrat who put out a statement saying that Mueller concluded that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. That's not what Mueller said. He said he couldn't establish it because frankly, all the witnesses were off the record, were a bunch of liars.

CARLSON: Hold on. So she said something that you disagree with about the Mueller investigation so she is a Russian asset?

GOODSTEIN: What I am saying, that's what the Russians --

CARLSON: Do you see how crazy this is?

GOODSTEIN: It is not crazy. That is what the Russians want everybody to believe.

CARLSON: But maybe she has concluded that, like so I for instance, I for instance would argue that Assad has, you know, obviously, is a war criminal, as you just said, and that's true, in some ways.

But it's also true that the United States doesn't have an interest in staying in Syria. Does that make me a Russian asset?

GOODSTEIN: Are we only kind of partially interested in war criminals? I mean, like --

CARLSON: There are a lot of war criminals. What I am interested is keeping American servicemen from being killed. And I'm also interested in the Christian population in the Middle East, because I'm a Christian.


CARLSON: So it's really simple. He saved the Christians of the region and I think that's worth acknowledging.

GOODSTEIN: And what's happened now as a result of what's happened over the past week is all of these people from ISIS who were in captivity are now set loose and when Donald Trump says we are 7,000 miles away, so were the people that took out the World Trade Center.

So congratulations, they are on the loose. Nice going.

CARLSON: They took out the World Trade Center. Huh?


CARLSON: Okay. We're unfortunately on that cliffhanger. We're out of time.


CARLSON: We will be back. At the start of this year, Senator Lindsey Graham took over as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and from the beginning, Graham promised to use his powers as Chairman, which are substantial to get to the bottom of the Russia investigation, how did it start? As well as the other efforts by the American bureaucracy to control American politics. Here's the promise.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): We're going to call them all before the committee. Did they try to invoke the 25th Amendment to take the President down? Did they get a warrant against an American citizen using information they know was flawed? Did they tank the Clinton e-mail investigation because they're afraid that if they indicted her, she would lose the election they wanted her to win?

You're going to get answers to that the best I can give them to you.


CARLSON: So that's a general promise, but Graham got much more specific.

He said he would find the truth with a series of actions. He said he would probe whether or not top D.O.J. officials plotted a bureaucratic coup to overthrow the elected President.

He said he would subpoena Andrew McCabe, as well as Rod Rosenstein if necessary. So far, Graham's tenure has been defined by total inaction.

He has subpoenaed neither McCabe nor Rosenstein, nor has he launched an investigation. Now, his inaction extends to that Ukraine saga as well.

State Department official Kurt Volker reportedly has given closed-door testimony that undermines the current impeachment narrative.

Two weeks ago, Graham said that if Democrats didn't release a transcript of Volker's remarks, he would summon Volker before the Senate to testify.

We're still waiting for that to happen, too.

We've asked Senator Graham repeatedly to come on this show to explain this, among other things, we've never been successful in getting him here.

Instead, tonight, we're joined by Senator Rand Paul. He serves with Senator Graham. He represents the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He's got a new book out, a fantastic new book called "The Case against Socialism."

Rand Paul joins us tonight.

Senator, thanks so much for coming on.

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: So I don't want to single out, I don't want to be, you know, unfair to any particular senator. But I would tell you that I hear a lot from our viewers, you know, what is the answer? How did this start?

Lindsey Graham is the Committee Chairman. He claimed he would get to the bottom of it. Why hasn't he?

PAUL: Well, not just any senator can do this. So I can't call a committee hearing and drag these people in. Senator Graham has the power. He is the Chairman of a powerful committee, the Judiciary Committee. And yes, I've encouraged him publicly and privately to do this.

I'd like to see John Brennan come in. I want to see Brennan testify, and I would ask him very pointedly, did you talk to the British Intelligence agencies? And did you set up spying by foreign Intelligence agencies on the President or the President's campaign? Because I think he did and I think that's against the law.

And I've talked to people who are convinced that these people while they may be deceitful, they're sort of, you know, so officious that they probably have paperwork they filled out and those phone calls probably have a record, but I think he did call the British agent and I think he did get them involved.

But I also think it'd be interesting to know, Christopher Steele and that Steele dossier, did he talk to Russian agents? That's been the rumor for over a year now that he was getting information from Russian agents.

So everything that Democrats have accused President Trump of doing, you know, investigating a political rival with a foreign country. All of those same questions should be asked of the Democrats. Did they do that to Trump?

CARLSON: Well, that's exactly right. And we're being told we have no right to know the answer after two years of sitting patiently and listening to this nonsense about Russia.

So Lindsey Graham is at the center of this. You want to give him the benefit of the doubt. But the question remains, why hasn't he done this?

It's within his power to do it. He hasn't done it. What's the answer?


PAUL: You know, I think we'll have to wait and see. I think he does want to get to the bottom of this. But you're right, he needs to go out and exercise his power. We've been waiting a long time on this.

Some people and I'm not going to say Senator Graham, but there are other Republican senators up here, whose allegiance is more to the deep state than it is to the President.


PAUL: I do think the Senator -- I think that Senator Graham does like the President and wants to get to the bottom of this, but a lot of us want to see it get started. We want to see subpoenas, and we don't want to see everything being done in secret on the House side. And then they parse out what they want to parse out.

Most of those people that are testifying over there could equally be asked to testify over here. But really, I want to see Brennan come in and I want to see him under oath.

CARLSON: Well, of course.

PAUL: I want to see him under oath.

CARLSON: So, I see a pattern here though and again, I don't want to be mean to Senator Graham, who I've known for a long time and I think is smart and capable. And maybe that's my frustrations because he is smart, he is capable.

When he goes on cable news, not on this show, but in others, and he makes these claims, I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that. I'm fighting for you. And then he doesn't. Here's another example.

Here is Lindsey Graham, promising us, voters in America, he is going to get to the bottom of the raid on Roger Stone's house. Watch.


GRAHAM: Our job is to provide oversight to the Department of Justice as the Judiciary Chairman. Somebody needs to watch those who watch us.

Mueller, do your job, but these tactics are unacceptable, given the level of threat here. I'm sending a message to them.

You're accountable to the Congress and we're going to find out --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You will get this.

GRAHAM: Well, they better answer my letter. If I were them, I would.


CARLSON: Okay, so he didn't in the end, get to the bottom of the raid on Roger Stone's house. Why shouldn't we feel aggrieved?

PAUL: Well, he needs to use this clout and the only way he can do it, sometimes they give the argument they say, well, we only want to do it if the Democrats will do it in a bipartisan way.

But it doesn't have to be that. A simple majority can vote to do anything in the in the Judiciary Committee, and I think every one of his members will vote with him to have hearings.

But yes, I think there should be very high profile hearings on this and there's a lot to investigate how they originally got the FISA warrant? I want to know that because I don't want anybody else in America to be abused by government the way the President was.

CARLSON: Well, of course not.

PAUL: This can happen to anyone.

CARLSON: So I'm wondering if this has something to do with another issue unrelated directly to these issues, which is Foreign Policy. Senator Graham as, you know, is really probably the most aggressive neocon in the Senate.

He has butted heads with the President over this. They're currently arguing about Syria. I wonder if his disagreement with Trump on foreign policy questions has caused him to slow walk some of these investigations.

PAUL: Well, there is an establishment both in foreign policy and also in the Intelligence Community and the Intelligence Committee truly is the deep state. The deep state has an enormous amount of power to look at individuals.

And so when Senator Graham and I have fought these fights in the back, in the past, I've always fought for having warrants where a real judge in public has to -- you have to present probable cause.

Lindsey has always fought for allowing these to be done secretly. These FISA warrants, even allowing Americans to end up -- Americans be caught up in these.

And so this is something that there may be a concern that if we look at the Intelligence state -- the deep state -- that as we find out things that some of their power may diminish, and so there might be a philosophical difference that he wants them to maintain their power. He wants to maintain the Intelligence Community's enormous grip on things.

CARLSON: Yes. It may be, and I bet you, the voters of South Carolina disagree with him on that. And --

PAUL: I think voters want to know what happened, what they did to the President.

CARLSON: Yes. Senator, thanks so much. Great to see you tonight. I appreciate it.

PAUL: Thank you.

CARLSON: So if you watch television, you know the world is on the brink of Armageddon. Democrats and their servants in the media tell you that constantly. So why do they fly in private airplanes? Nothing is worse for the environment, but they do it anyway and they're doing it more than they ever have. We will investigate it.

Plus, Mark Steyn responds, just ahead.


CARLSON: Well, the Democratic presidential race is setting a lot of records. For example, no contest in American history has been this focused on climate change. Almost every candidate has a plan to spend billions or in some cases, trillions of dollars in some form of Green New Deal.

But this newfound climate activism comes with another odd trend, a taste for private jet travel. It's never been like this in any presidential race.

In the past three months, the Democratic field has spent $2.2 million flying private. In Joe Biden's case, flying private amounts to more than five percent of all campaigns, it's almost like he is running for President and so he won't have to fly commercial.

Daniel Turner is the Executive Director of Power the Future. He knows a lot about this subject and he joins us tonight.

Mr. Turner, thanks very much for coming on. So you hear people -- not enough -- but occasionally people like me say it's an outrage that you on the one hand demand sacrifice from the population in the name of climate and on the other, fly private. Put some flesh on those bones. Why is it ridiculous for a climate change activist to fly private?

DANIEL TURNER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, POWER THE FUTURE: Yes, every one of these candidates who is running for office has embraced the Green New Deal and a tenet of the Green New Deal is the abolition of fossil fuels.

They have said that they want to render jet travel obsolete, so they want to bring us to a place with the economy where oil and gas are no longer allowed to be used as resources. And you would think that they would reflect that in their personal life, right?

You would think they would start to, at least in their campaign, put your money where your mouth is, this is a very simple expression, right? And the fact that they are doing this, it's just so -- it shows what a bunch of lies they are peddling.

CARLSON: But they are harming by their own logic, if you believe that carbon is a pollutant, and they all do, they're really harming the Earth.

TURNER: Yes, according to their theory, right? According to their logic, they are doing a tremendous amount of damage, just because they don't want to drive from Des Moines to --

CARLSON: But how much damage -- give us some perspective.

TURNER: Well, there's the statistics that the average flight from private jet from London to New York is what the average American would spend in carbon for an entire year, right?

CARLSON: One flight?

TURNER: One flight.

CARLSON: One way?

TURNER: On a private jet. So that's why when you have these Global Climate Summits because they're always in exotic and fun resorts and all of these people take private jets. That's why it's so funny that they can't ever carpool together or jet pool because they are spending so much carbon which is their enemy, right?

So their philosophy says one thing, but then their life, the way they're living --

CARLSON: I don't understand, so if you really believed a third of what you said --

TURNER: Exactly.

CARLSON: Then you wouldn't charter a plane to fly from Nantucket to Martha's Vineyard, I think Hillary once did.


CARLSON: Or you wouldn't bomb around the country in one of these little planes, would you?

TURNER: No, and Joe Biden spent almost a million dollars, right? Pete Buttigieg spent almost half a million dollars. Now, here's a fun fact.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both say they want to make fracking illegal on their first day in office, right? By an executive order, they want to make fracking illegal.

Half of our oil comes from fracking. If we got rid of half of our oil, and there are millions of men and women who work in this field, besides their jobs being eliminated, what would that do to air travel? The cost of all goods and services, the cost of food et cetera?

So they embrace a political perspective that would destroy the economy and raising prices, but then on the other hand, they will jump on a private jet.

CARLSON: Of course because that's what they're like, and by the way, I don't even do that. I'm not a climate activists at all. I'm the opposite.

I don't even -- I fly coach. I did today. Because -- I feel guilty because it's wasteful.

TURNER: They'll never take coach.

CARLSON: No. Ever. Because they really -- because the core goal in all of this is to lord it over you, it is to control you.

TURNER: And there are men and women in small towns who work in oil and gas and coal and these noble professions who are constantly denigrated by these candidates. They're the ones whose jobs are on the line and yet they do not practice what they preach. They're not worthy of our vote.

CARLSON: That's for sure. Daniel Turner, thank you for that.

TURNER: Thank you.

CARLSON: It's succinct and powerful. Be sure to check out Daniel Turner's great new piece going up on foxnews.com's opinion section later tonight.

Well, the Democratic Party's taste for private jets is a little strange.

As we've said, they've used up all those private air miles to fly around warning the country of the existential threats of climate change.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-VT), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Climate change is real. It is an existential threat to our country and the entire planet.

SEN. CORY BOOKER (D-NJ), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: NATO was about the common defense, the biggest existential threat is climate.

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDAT: Climate change. It really is the existential threat.

CASTRO: We're going to have to address the most existential threat for our nation and the world -- Climate Change.

BETO O'ROURKE (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: On climate change, the greatest existential threat that we face.

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We are facing a climate crisis. It represents an existential threat to who we are as human beings.


CARLSON: The greatest existential threat says Beto, what does that even mean? That kid went to Columbia? He can't even speak clear English.

Anyway, is it an existential threat, whatever that means, or is it not? Or the top Democrats just see their own comfort as more important than the planet.

Author and columnist Mark Steyn joins us to sort out this quandary. Hey, Mark, what do you think?

MARK STEYN, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST: Hey, Tucker. Well, you know, what's interesting to me is that they always talk about the interior of the country as flyover country, which is basically the bit between JFK and New York and LAX on the West Coast, but in fact, it's actually gotten worse.

It's now become private flyover country.

CARLSON: That's true.

STEYN: It is non-commercial flyover country for these guys. And they say oh, well, it's because of the campaign. You find you're having lunch in New Hampshire, and then you're doing a supper event in Iowa. But that's not actually the case.

Since the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders has spent 400 grand on private flights. In other words between the 2016 and the 2020 campaign, he spent 400 grand flying around on private -- well, he has -- I mean, presumably, by some miraculous arrangement, 400 grand has been arranged there.

CARLSON: Wait a second. Bernie -- are you sure? Bernie Sanders, the one who hates rich people and hates billionaires?


CARLSON: That guy?

STEYN: Yes. Yes. And he actually flies around -- well, he doesn't fly around. He flies around like a head of state and it gets to what you were saying at the top of the show.

We have the worst elites, one of these elites got right in the last quarter of the century. Well, one of the reasons is they don't live among us.

Bernie doesn't actually want to find -- you said you flew in coach on an American Airline, which is a miserable experience thanks to government regulation, and Bernie doesn't want to have to endure that and he doesn't want to find himself in row 73 on the center seat between you and Sean Hannity. That's his worst nightmare.

He doesn't want to. He doesn't -- and one consequence of this is, they're not actually living where the American people live anymore. They're flying. And these are candidates nobody's ever heard of.

There was some guy I can't remember his name. If you'll excuse me, I'll look him up. Steve Bullock. You know what Steve Bullock's polling, Tucker? He's at naught point three percent in the polls. At that number, he doesn't have name recognition in his own house.

And yet he is flying commercial. This is simply the fact that they do not want to live as the people they purport to rule.

CARLSON: His wife doesn't recognize him.


CARLSON: It's so good. Mark Steyn, it's always great to see you. Thank you.

STEYN: Thanks a lot, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, Ronan Farrow's new book as you know, because we've covered it on the show shows the lengths to which NBC News went to protect Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer, but those may not have been the only sexual misconduct allegations the network suppressed. New allegations out tonight, which we will unpack, just ahead.


CARLSON: The sexual misconduct allegations that derailed Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer weren't really secrets exactly. A lot of people knew, they just didn't say anything. Why?

Well, thanks to Ronan's Farrow's new book, "Catch and Kill," we know why, because powerful people protected them. People like Noah Oppenheim and Andy Lack at NBC News both assiduously protected Harvey Weinstein. If you can even imagine protecting Harvey Weinstein.

And apparently, it wasn't limited to them. In an article for "The Daily Beast," Sil Lai Abrams says that even after the Weinstein story broke, NBC suppressed her own allegations of sexual assault.

Erielle Davidson is a writer at "The Federalist" which you should read, she joins us tonight. Thanks so much for coming on.


CARLSON: So outline what these allegations are, and I should say their allegations and you know, I don't know the truth, but I'm interested. What are they?

DAVIDSON: So these are definitely allegations and we have to be really careful when we talk about sexual assault in general.


DAVIDSON: Exactly, but what I will say is that this is really catching on the momentum of Ronan Farrow's book "Catch and Kill."


DAVIDSON: This is an entirely brand new story that NBC essentially buried sexual assault allegations, and they learned of them and did not pursue them. They did not expose them. There was actually a point in which they had an opportunity to air an interview with the new accuser, and they opted not to.

CARLSON: So that would be on Joy Reid's show on MSNBC.


CARLSON: And so the accuser says that she was ready to go on the show.


CARLSON: And that Joy Reid's staff told them that it was canceled.

DAVIDSON: Right. Well, actually NBC dragged their feet in the mud for about three months. So essentially, Abrams approached Joy Reid with these allegations said, I want to come forward with them. I want you to talk about them. Joy Reid said, okay, let's do it.

They did the interview in January of 2018, and then this is what's kind of weird, Tucker is that in April of 2018. They told Abrams, they said, you know what? You're going to have to take your story elsewhere. We're not going to publish. We're not going to go forward with this interview.

CARLSON: Interesting.

DAVIDSON: And, yes.

CARLSON: So that the channel that leaked the "Access Hollywood: tape and pretended that Trump was a Russian spy for two years suddenly found itself worried about journalistic ethics, it was going too far.


CARLSON: Is that what they're saying?

DAVIDSON: Well, essentially, the standards are, it seems to me at least that there are different standards being applied for different allegations.


DAVIDSON: So if you recall, when a Kavanaugh accuser came forward, Julie Swetnick, NBC had no problem giving her an exclusive interview, even though NBC could not actually corroborate her story.

Meanwhile, Abrams comes forward to NBC and says I have a story for you, and they don't go forward with it.

CARLSON: And she says that she has been sexually abused, assaulted, harassed by a famous entertainment executive.

DAVIDSON: By a famous entertainment executive, but also by a host of "Extra." This was the issue, it's the host from "Extra" who was actually within the NBC family.

"Extra" premieres on various networks that are owned and operated by NBC.

So it goes to show that NBC is comfortable airing allegations if they're against the right type of people. But if it's against someone within NBC's family, like AJ Calloway, they're not willing to go forward with this.

CARLSON: That doesn't sound like journalism to me.

DAVIDSON: No, it's not and it's really one of those issues where you say this is incredibly damaging for NBC's credibility.

I mean, going forward. When we go to the news, we hope that they're going to actually report the news, that they're not going to pick and choose heroes.


DAVIDSON: But that's exactly what seems to be happening here.

CARLSON: Of course. And the people who run that place, are still there.

DAVIDSON: Absolutely.

CARLSON: Amazingly. Talking about no accountability. Erielle, thank you for that. Great to have you on.

DAVIDSON: Thank you for having me.

CARLSON: Of course. Well, there are new developments tonight in the second life currently being lived by Congressman Ilhan Omar. It's interesting. We've got details.

Plus, Bret Baier has a new book out about a critical moment, maybe the pivotal moment in the Second World War. It's a really interesting read.

Bret is here for his first interview about this book. That's next.


CARLSON: As a member of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's four-member squad, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is one of the chief moral scolds at the U.S. Congress. She is always totally outraged about something that you did.

But a new report offers details to know on her double life with a married campaign aid, we thought you ought to know about. Chief Breaking News Correspondent, Trace Gallagher has more. Hey, Trace.


Unless D.C. consultant Tim Mynett was hired by Democratic Congresswoman Ilan Omar to pick up her groceries, takeout or trash or keep overnight watch on her home, it appears they are dating or as "The Daily Mail" says when it snapped a few rolls of film, the couple is more or less living together whenever she's in D.C.

When Tim Mynett filed for divorce last summer, his estranged wife said his affair with Omar dated back to when he worked on her campaign. Mynett repeatedly denied that.

And when Omar filed for divorce two weeks ago, she too denied the relationship. But now the couple is reportedly considering their own marriage once their respective divorces are final.

Of course, there might be a few legal issues along the way. Conservative watchdog groups have filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission because Omar's campaign reportedly paid Tim Mynett and his firm $230,000.00 for things like fundraising and travel expenses. The question now is whether that money was used to fund the affair, which is not allowed.

Then there's Ilhan's Omar's relationship history. She married Ahmed Hirsi in a religious ceremony back in 2002. They separated in 2008, then legally married last year.

Of course, Omar is also accused of marrying her biological brother so he could obtain American citizenship. And in early October, Omar denied splitting with Ahmed Hirsi until of course she filed for divorce a few days later -- Tucker.

CARLSON: Thanks, Trace. When he is not hosting "Special Report" at 6:00 p.m. Eastern on this network Bret Baier is a passionate reader of history.

He has already written books on Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower.

Today, he has got a new book out, maybe the best of all. It's called "Three Days at the Brink: FDR's daring Gamble to Win World War II." We're proud to have Bret Baier on tonight for his first interview on this book.

Bret, congrats on this book.


CARLSON: It's been sitting on my desk for weeks, so I've read almost all of it and it's like your other two, it is packed with all kinds of details.

Even if you think you know a lot about this period, and I thought I did earlier, I mean, there are many things I didn't know. FDR is a great golfer. I didn't know that for example.

Anyway, I would recommend it strongly. But why are these three days, the Tehran Conference at the Soviet embassy in Tehran, Iran, in '43, why is this a pivotal moment?

BAIER: Well, "At The Brink" part is because the Allies were literally at the brink. They could have lost World War II. November 1943 is when this conference happens and Hitler is on the march in Europe.

The U.S. has had minor success in the Pacific against the Japanese, but that could go the other way, too. And FDR and Churchill realized that they really need to get Stalin on board.

He has taken massive losses in Stalingrad and the Red Army has been fighting Hitler for a long time. There's a chance though, in FDR's mind that Stalin could go the other way and side with Hitler, and then the war is off.

So Stalin says you have to come to Tehran. That's the only place I'm going to meet. Six thousand miles away, FDR travels across the ocean, U-boat and infested waters. And Churchill, Stalin and FDR meet for the first time at the Soviet Embassy and they plan Operation Overlord, which we now know as D-Day that changed the war and change the world.

CARLSON: So to travel, just the logistics of it must have been remarkable to travel in the winter of '43 at the height of the war, from Washington to Tehran, I mean, how hard was that?

BAIER: And it was a secret effort, obviously, because there were assassination attempts all over the place.

FDR gets on his presidential yacht, the Potomac, and they meet up with the USS Iowa, the Naval Destroyer, it was the newest in the fleet, he is put on there, you know, he's in a wheelchair. They get him on an elevator onto there, onto the ship, and they start the trek over.

It is escorted by other ships. While they're over -- heading over, they try to do an exercise to show the President of the United States how good they are at the U.S. Navy and the next ship over, the William S. Porter simulating an exercise accidentally has a firing mechanism in one of the torpedo tubes and fires a live torpedo at the USS Iowa.

CARLSON: Oh come on.

BAIER: The captain turns the USS Iowa towards the torpedo and the thing misses the bow just barely and explodes, about a thousand feet off. And FDR is thrilled, he claps. But the captain realizes that he could have lost the President and all of his Joint Chiefs of Staff on that one ship.

That's just one of the little nuggets in this book.

CARLSON: That's just remarkable. Very quick. I have to ask you. Do you think that FDR understood who Stalin was? Do you think that is the rap historians have laid of FDR - that he was naive about Joseph Stalin? Do you think that's true?

BAIER: I think he knew what Stalin was, a ruthless dictator, but he bent over backwards to try to make this alliance happen. Churchill was far more skeptical of Stalin.

FDR had a little bit, towards the end, a god complex that he could solve everything. And he believed he could keep Stalin in a corner and contain him even after the war.

What happened was after the Yalta Conference, he goes back to the U.S. and dies and Stalin is emboldened. And that's the beginning of the Cold War.

He essentially takes over Eastern Europe.

CARLSON: Yes, he left Truman to deal with it. Bret Baier. Fantastic.

This is a great book, and I think anyone watching gets a sense of it.

Thanks for coming on tonight.

BAIER: Thanks, Tucker. Thanks for having me.

CARLSON: You should watch Brett's "Three Days at the Brink" Special. It aired on Fox yesterday, but a director's cut version is now available at Fox Nation, so you can check it out there.

Well, next, we want to talk about an obscure Twitter account called Pierre Delecto. The account is very concerned with defending Mitt Romney and attacking his enemies. Why do you think that is? We will tell you after the break.


CARLSON: Sean Hannity interview the President today for the hour as Larry King used to say. That interview is amazing, I've heard. It starts in just a minute.

But first tonight, we'd like to tell you about an obscure Twitter account from a man called Pierre Delecto. Now if that sounds like an adult film actor, we didn't choose the name.

But if you look carefully at Pierre Delecto's Twitter account, you will find that peer director really concerns himself with defending the fragile honor of the Senator from Utah, Mitt Romney.

In May, for example, Jennifer Rubin at "The Washington Post" essentially called Romney spineless, but Delecto shot back, "Jennifer, you need to take a breath. Maybe you can acknowledge the people who agree with you in large measure, even if not in every measure."

Then two weeks ago, our own Brit Hume suggested Romney was quote "an unreliable ally." And Delecto jabbed back. "Loyal to principle trump's loyalty to party or person, right Brit?"

So if you're wondering who this Delecto character is, we have an unshocking surprise for you. Peter Delecto is, in fact, Mitt Romney.

What tweets did Pierre Delecto like? Well, mostly ones by Mitt Romney or quoting Mitt Romney or praising Mitt Romney as a paragon of virtue.

He also liked tweets bashing Donald Trump or attacking people Mitt Romney secretly dislikes like Newt Gingrich.

In real life, Mitt Romney won't call for overthrowing President Trump by the 25th Amendment, but as Pierre Delecto, he likes to tweet suggesting that would be a very good idea, indeed.

In other words, it's exactly the kind of account this Pierre Delecto account you would expect Mitt Romney of Utah to run. It doesn't express any daring or interesting ideas. It doesn't display any secretly concealed wit. Instead, it is a relentless slog. It is a triumph of bourgeois passive aggression.

It is exactly, in every sense, what you would imagine. Of course, it is.

That's it for us tonight. We'll be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. The show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink.

See you tomorrow.

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