Is America's coronavirus lockdown over?

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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Last week was a victory for mayhem, leftwing violence disguised as justice, and the media gets the assist with the disguise.

I remember dystopian science fiction movies I'd watched as a child, "Soylent Green," "The Omega Man," "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," and wondered how could that happen? Is it caused by overpopulation, lack of resources, Cocoa Pebbles?

I assumed our society was too rich and resourceful for anything like that to happen. I was wrong.

To say these are weird times is like saying Rome around 476 A.D. was weird times. The purge occurred and sorry, Hollywood scriptwriters, it didn't come from some autocratic right winger. No Stephen King, Cher and anyone else snorting horse tranquilizers behind a gated community who thought Trump was Hitler, it was actually your side.

The purge happened when leftwing Dems endorsed the envy of those who would ruin us.

Cuomo, de Blasio, Newsom, CNN. The purge was sponsored by its leftist enablers. Yes, the ones in charge educated in the finest universities where the logic of coercive power and grievance is the language of success. They run the mob.

Before, if a young person wanted success, you'd focus on hard work. Now, you focus on grievance. What's he got and why don't I have it? I'm going to take it.

And as the violence unfolded, we saw the disconnect between the horrifying actions and its coverage.

In the daytime, you saw camera crews in front of peaceful crowds working from the same damn script. But at night after they said, well, we really nailed it, chaos reigned. And that's where the lone non-journalists on Twitter did the work.

They filmed the beat downs of the terrified, the torching of buildings owned by minorities, the attacks on police. The stuff CNN and "The New York Times" wanted to keep hidden in the darkness.

If you paid attention early on, you knew the madness was growing because you saw not just the violence, but the encouragement of violence, the desire to save your hide by supporting the mob.

Which brings us to some comic relief.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're on your side. We're on your side. Holy [bleep]. We're on your side.


GUTFELD: We're on your side. Never send a candy ass appeasement signal to people who hate you. That video should be in the Smithsonian, label it "Emasculation Studies."

In second place, you've got sports reporter Chris Palmer. He tweeted, "Burn it all down," as low income housing was torched. Then he called the cops when looters reached his gated community. What a loser.

All of this is brought to you by liberal government and the media that cradles it.

First, the media shows only protests, hiding the violence since the harm undermines their narrative. But in an honest moment, you can get them to admit that when violence comes, it was okay.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Too many see the protests as the problem. No, the problem is what forced your fellow citizens to take to the streets.

Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful?


GUTFELD: Who says protests have to be peaceful? Say that to the black man who watched his business burn down or the immigrant facing his boarded up deli.

Cuomo's social justice karaoke won't feed their kids. Then there's his brother who tweeted this as New York City burned, "There are those who want to intentionally blur the lines between peaceful legitimate protesters and looters. The President is among them. They want you to watch the videos of the lootings not the video of Mr. Floyd being murdered. Don't fall for it."

So, as New York implodes, its Governor thinks the biggest problem is people seeing the implosion, the death, the mayhem, the desecration of Mr. Floyd's memory.

Like this video of David Dorn, a retired 77-year-old police chief who bled to death after being shot by looters. I'm sorry, I meant un-peaceful protesters. Please don't watch because you might blur the lines between peaceful protest and looters.

But who is blurring the lines? It's those who accuse you of demeaning protesters when you are pleading for help to stop the violence and that allows cities to burn because it makes it impossible to stop the mob if you continue to deny it exists.

Take this bozo.


MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO (D), NEW YORK CITY: We do not need nor do we think it's wise for the National Guard to be in New York City.

People who could be very, very unnerved by the dynamics that our police officers have learned to work with and deal with. That is a dangerous scenario.


GUTFELD: What does that even mean? Plus, he hates the police he is talking about and man, do they despise him? Because he'd rather stay on the mob side than protect their victims. And so by not admitting there's a distinction between protest and pandemonium, it leaves the citizens with no recourse, but to protect themselves. Appease to keep the peace.

The left did more to end gun control than the NRA could ever do. I saw my neighborhood destroyed, then it got peaceful. It's the curfew the media said. No, it's because there's nothing left to steal. The victim was left bloody and unconscious, pockets out with nothing left to loot, as the looters were sprung the next day, and why? The government fears the media more than the mob.

So you become the scapegoat, the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter. Credit decades of grievance politics, decades of cities run by corrupt Democratic machines, decades of media fanning racial division, decades of romanticizing radicalism and smearing the American system, decades of hating you.

And now, it came to fruition, The Purge, and it went off without a hitch, as it will next year and the year after that until we say stop. And by we, I mean Americans, not black, white, or Asian-Americans, all Americans, because this isn't a race problem, it is our problem.

And when we make it our problem, we can solve it. As it stands, the new explanation is systemic racism, a phrase the system uses to keep the discord in place.

Think about it. Discrimination is illegal. Every company has a diversity office. They die to hire a qualified minority.

We've had a black President two terms. We've seen the lowest unemployment among minorities in recent history. There's actual prison reform and help for historical black colleges. We have minority-majority police forces in big cities.

This is the most racially diverse country and the most successful and we just spent 10 days mourning the unjust death of a previously unknown black man that climaxed in televised memorial services.

Would a society rife with structural racism do that? Sure, racists exist, but the structure is designed against that not for it, it's illegal, at least today, and it keeps getting better.

The problem with blaming structural racism is this. Even if you want to help, you can't. It's too amorphous.

Could it be there are people who prefer it that way? Because if you say progress is being made, then what happens? Well, people no longer need the leftist demagogues, the race baiters, the media who divides us, and if the divide disappears, well then, you immediately double the power of everyone else.

Blacks and whites become one and that's got to scare a lot of the leftwing elites, but the division sea, it keeps everyone busy. We're all fighting amongst ourselves while CNN and "The New York Times" are raking it in. What if we change that? We can dream.


GUTFELD: Let's welcome tonight's guests. From draft picks to politics, former NFL player and 2020 congressional hopeful, Burgess Owens.

He is so intellectually nourishing they named a sandwich after him, author of "Don't Burn This Book," creator and host of "The Rubin Report," Dave Rubin.

She is lean, mean and probably on nicotine. Host of "Sincerely, Kat" on Fox Nation, Kat Timpf.

And finally, he considers the Grand Canyon a pothole. My massive sidekick and host of "Nuff Said" on Fox Nation, Tyrus.

All right, Burgess, I'm going to go to you first because you are a Raider, so you should know something about pillaging. What are your thoughts on the last couple of weeks?

BURGESS OWENS, FORMER NFL PLAYER: Well, I'll tell you, Greg. I have never heard a summary so spot on. You hit all the notes. Anybody who has listened to what's happened right now can understand what those last few minutes what we're up against.

And I'll tell you the upside of where we are. Again, there's a lot of bad things that's happened. But we have a conversation as a country that we would not have had before now.

First of all, and this is across the board, I love the fact we've now talked to black business owners. We've now talked to good hearted democratic business owners. Those who truly want our country to be great.

And we say, you know, guys, we can see now what happens when we have dictatorial governors and mayors who want to cut down your business and stop your business because they want the economy to suffer.

We also see what happens when we have mayors who tell us not to have guns. They take away our guns, then they run. They run like little cowards when it comes down to evil showing up at their door.

So, it shows that our Second Amendment is so, so important. And so we are having the conversation, I believe, at the end of the day, and particularly with this, we will talk about this later on, our economy kicking back in the steamed way the way it is right now.

We have a great time again, a great chance to have the next four years be a remarkable Renaissance for our entire country and I look forward to seeing that for sure.

GUTFELD: I hope -- I hope you're right. What do you say, Tyrus? What are your thoughts on the ugliness that's transpired so far?

GEORGE "TYRUS" MURDOCH, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: Obviously, we've seen the worst of America. We've also seen the best and the brightest and it was universally accepted that we were out all outraged, and for me this was a human being thing more than it was about a race thing.

Yes, there's some racial issues, but the greater good is that we all want to work together. We all want to have positivity and we were all outraged by what happened.

I'm mad as hell about what happened to the murder of George Floyd. But I'm also mad as hell about the police chief that was shot in St. Louis. And I want the same justice for him that we're getting for Mr. George Floyd. All four officers have been arrested. Hopefully, we'll have a fair trial. We'll get some good jurors in there and justice will be served.

And I want the same thing for what happened in St. Louis and the other, I think it's nine or 10 people that have been murdered as a result of the protests. Just like you have to take responsibility for the lawlessness of those four police officers, which led to more lawlessness, the protests lead to more lawlessness.

You joined the protest. You saw the buildings burning down, you didn't drop the sign and grabbed a bucket of water. You're just as culpable. We need to take responsibility for that.

We have a right to be mad. We also need to respect each other.

GUTFELD: Dave, did you notice the contrast between the mainstream media and the new media and how the mainstream media lagged behind everything that you saw everywhere else?

DAVE RUBIN, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR AND AUTHOR: Oh, yes. Well, the mainstream media has been about five years behind on all of this, and since Burgess was nice enough to give you props for your intro, I'll do the same.

I mean, that thing was on fire like a target in Minnesota. I mean, you really nailed it, man. But that's the point that we can have an honest discussion about policing, we can have an honest discussion about racism and the rest of it, but not if it's all beneath this veneer of systemic racism, which doesn't exist.

I am a hundred percent sure that everyone on this panel, the five of us and virtually everyone watching this show, if you pointed to a law that is in the United States and said there is a law on the books that is prejudice against people because of their skin color or their religion or gender, any of those things, of course, we would absolutely be against it.

But the simple truth is that we don't have a systemic problem with racism. We have what you said, there are racists. There are racist and by the way, there are always going to be racists, bad people exist, bad ideas exist and the best thing that a society can do is exactly what the United States has done better than any other country in the history of the world.

We've said, hey, come here, bring your traditions, your food, your ethnicity, your languages, all of those things, and fold into the fabric of the United States. We've done that so well. And the people that are burning buildings down and the people that are quite literally killing retired police officers and the rest of it, they are anarchists who are trying to take out the system.

And I think suddenly, good people who have not realized how precious this thing is are kind of waking up to it.

GUTFELD: Yes. All right, Kat, you get the last word.

KATHERINE TIMPF, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: No, I just -- I really appreciate it. You know, listening to Tyrus and talking to him this week. It is what he said, hey, you know, I'm mad. We have a right to be mad. And just going back to watching that clip of Chris Cuomo.

In terms of politeness, I don't think people are saying they do need to be polite because anger is totally warranted here and there does need to be reform and things do need to change.

It's fine to be pissed off and you should be pissed off. But when it comes to peaceably -- I mean, who ever said they had to be peace -- The Constitution literally says that for one thing, okay, I think a lot of people would say, hey, everyone has a right to be mad. I just don't like seeing my city engulfed in flames.

And I thought it was crazy to see Andrew Cuomo saying, oh, people are conflating. Stop conflating the protesters with the looters, because if you think about it, that's actually what Chris Cuomo did, right?

Because he was calling them all protesters and he talked about Grand Rapids, that 22-year-old chick who is, you know, being charged with inciting a riot because she's on Facebook Live encouraging people to loot and saying, hey, I'm out here, I need a gold bracelet. I already have some silver ones.

He is conflating that with these people who are out there peacefully protesting with a very, very important message. And he's clearly was trying to be super woke here, but he is not thinking it through. I don't think people are furious about peaceful protesters or even protesters who are mad. People are mad about the arson and the looting.

GUTFELD: All right, we've got a lot more to cover up. Next, the pandemic lockdown.



DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The numbers that you're looking at don't include all of those states that are closed. They haven't even opened yet. We're going to be stronger than we were when we were riding high.


GUTFELD: Instead of mobs, it's now jobs. I wonder is the rebound better than a V?


TRUMP: This is better than a V. This is a rocket ship. This is far better than a V. A V is wonderful. A V is this that we are talking about. Will it be a V? A U? An L? They had no idea.


GUTFELD: That was so many letters, Pat Sajak asked if he wanted to solve the puzzle.

Meanwhile, will all the looting bring the return to commuting? Yes, this week made one thing fairly clear, the lockdown seems to be over, right?

Yes. Who knew Antifa could cure the coronavirus. By waiting several nights before imposing curfews when this all started, government officials everywhere basically conceded, quarantine rules no longer applied.

In New York, "The Daily News" called out the governor and Mayor to ditch the plan to reopen in phases, quote, "End it. Sorry, but your precious metrics and thresholds are as aflame as the average NYPD cruiser."

It's true. And at least some places are starting to catch on, even in Michigan with the strictest rules lifted -- were actually lifted this week.

So Dave, to quote one of our friends, "Is this the beginning of the Golden Age?"

RUBIN: Ah, you're bringing Scott Adams into it. I think it might be. I think the roaring 20s when we get -- when we get through all of this, I think it is possible that there will be such a desire to be out and about to help small businesses, to go out to restaurants and drink and go to sporting events and hang out with friends.

Tonight, you know, Greg, I'm in Los Angeles. I don't want to get myself in any trouble with my authoritarian Mayor and Governor here. I am having friends over. That might be a violation of some sort of lockdown or something else.

But you know, we are entering one because think about it, right now, if you walk or if you're walking down the street and someone is walking at you, and they've got a mask on, you have to look at them and go oh, is that a rioter who is here to burn down my local 7-Eleven or is it someone for coronavirus?

I mean, that is dystopian level stuff. The movie "Scanner Darkly," it's a Philip K. Dick movie with Keanu Reeves, I mean, about masks. We're entering a weird time, and I do think after this, it is going to be rough.

And of course, we've also got to get through an election. You know, we've got one of those coming in November. But if we can get to the other side in one piece and show people that destruction is not the way, yes, the Golden Age is on the way.

GUTFELD: Yes. I just know that when you said you're having friends over, it is a euphemism for something else and there's going to be an exchange of money.

All right, Burgess, isn't it weird how our economy somehow just rolls on? It's like, it's got to be like the most non-fragile system ever created. A pandemic, riots -- anything could happen and it just kind of -- what is it about the system that keeps chugging?

OWENS: Well, you know, first of all, this is a good opportunity for us to see how -- how it is when you when you bet against the American people and that's what the left has done.

Unfortunately for them, we're not like the cities they have overseen for the last decades. We're not hopeless, we're not helpless. We're not going to sit back and wait for somebody else to come up with solutions.

We are innately, we are eternal optimists and we believe in freedom. We are not going to sit around and be totally, you can't go out and go to church and build out businesses. At some point, we will rebel. We will go out and do what we need to do and then force them to prosecute us.

So, what I'm excited about is that we have a chance now -- first of all, the last few months we've talked about what drives the engine of our country, which is a small business ownership. When was the last conversation that we've had the chance to talk about what truly makes our country the greatest in the history of mankind?

The middle class was driven by small business ownership. And I'll tell you what. We can now go back and say, we appreciate you guys. We appreciate what you go through. We now know that what you do is not easy.

We know it takes risk takers, it takes those who want to serve our country and we appreciate that more than ever, and I'll tell you, they have become frontline heroes. Those guys are going to bring us bring us back. They are going to go through this whole thing that these leftists have put on top of us, because they truly believed that they could make us so miserable and so hopeless, that we would give up the way we have done in the black community for the last couple of decades. And that's not the American way.

And now we're going to go back, build out businesses, talk to our black business owners, say, guys, this is what we need to continue to do and know who was against you. The leftists. Not those who have been told to propaganda throughout all the years is those who themselves your friends, they are elitists, they're Marxist.

And it's time for us to let them go. And let's move on and get our country back where President Trump is running it. We have a House that is in place. We have a Senate with a stronger backbone.

And I'll tell you what, the next four years, guys, I can't wait. We're going to be so excited about what we do as we come together with everybody starting to win again big time.

GUTFELD: All right, you know, Kat, I guess what drives me crazy were the political leaders that were so sanctimonious, telling people like you to stay home. And the moment people came out about a specific issue, they didn't say anything.

So, if you were like -- if you -- I know you were dying to go to mass, Kat. You're dying to go to mass, but you couldn't go. But everybody could go out once there was this injustice.

TIMPF: Yes, it's actually worse than that. It's not that they were silent. It totally flipped from if you go outside, you are murdering people to if you don't go outside and don't get out there, you are a racist, right?

And it's just -- I just wonder, do they believe in anything or is it all just virtue signaling? Because I want to be clear and say that I absolutely stand with all of the people who have been peacefully protesting. It's a very, very important issue and I think that that's great.

However, you'll recall, I've also said, hey, don't be a jerk and say to people and be all tone deaf saying just stay home when people are losing their livelihoods that they've sacrificed their lives for and worked so hard to achieve.

So that's what's sort of irritating because you just -- you don't want to stand for anything, except for what's most popular. It's this whole Instagram meme politics. I don't think people do any of their own research. They are just like, okay, what am I going to throw up so that I don't get cancelled?

GUTFELD: Yes, I hear you. You know, Tyrus, I think this COVID thing, by a percentage of total weight, lost. I think I beat you because you've lost a lot of weight. I've lost a lot of weight, but you weighed more than me. So, I think I won.

MURDOCH: Well, in all fairness to you, Greg, muscle weighs a lot more than, you know, brains. So, you know what I'm saying, so it's kind of not -- it's not -- it's not fair. You know, you overthink something, you've got to eat a meal.

So, you know, it is what it is. But you know, you hit on it. You hit on it. I was trying to be serious this week. I was going to be serious.

But, we've seen a lot of -- we've seen a lot of party over principle. We've seen a lot of politicians show that they care more about their party than their people. Because literally, I've been doing all of this at home, I don't go to the gym. And I'm chastising and getting in arguments with all people playing golf in my neighborhood, you know, and like, you know, what are you doing? You're not doing what you need to do.

And all this time, if I acted offended, I could have went to the gym. Now, I'm happy that I've been home with my family every day forever. I'm ecstatic, but I just find it so, so shocking that when you see something happen, the right thing to do would have been one to get the National Guard involved because you're protecting people because we're in the middle of a pandemic, that should have been principle over party.


MURDOCH: And it's not and the first rule of a politician is protect people and property. So, they should resign because they didn't do those things.

GUTFELD: Yes. By theory, I've got to go, but my theory is if Hillary was President, all the mayors that said no to the National Guard would have said yes, because she would have made them and they liked her.

Up next, the difference between Trump and Biden, you'll see after the break.



Today, around the world, massive crowds flooded the streets demanding justice for George Floyd and other victims of police brutality.

On a hot and humid day, black, white and brown poured into the Nation's Capital chanting "enough is enough" and "no justice no peace."

Protesters gathered near the U.S. Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial just before rallying just inches away from the White House.

Similar scenes taking place in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and smaller towns across America.

In London, thousands knelt in silence and chanted Floyd's name. Marchers clashed with police and some injuries were reported. Hundreds marched in Paris defying a ban on large protests. They also remembered a black man who died while in police custody several years ago. His death compared to Floyd's.

Stay with Fox News as we continue to update you on the nationwide protests throughout the night. I'm Ashley Strohmier. Now back to THE GREG GUTFELD SHOW.

GUTFELD: Will it be words or action to lead a country in traction?

Trump and Biden, two candidates and the difference between their messages is wider than Kim Kardashian's yoga pants.

Trump's campaign is shaping him as the law and order candidate and probably the economic rebound candidate, too, while the media fixate on Trump's threat to call in the military, Trump also said this.


TRUMP: Those who threaten innocent life and property will be arrested, detained and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

One law and order. And that is what it is. One law. We have one beautiful law. And once that is restored and fully restored, we will help you. We will help your business and we will help your family.


GUTFELD: All right, one law.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden emerged from the basement, went to Philly and said this.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESUMPTIVE DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: We've got to now vow to make this at least an era of action and reverse the systemic racism with a long overdue concrete changes.

I call on the Congress to act this month on measures that will be the first step in this direction, starting with real police reform.


GUTFELD: Okay, let's set aside the fact that Congress can't solve the riddles in "Highlights Magazine," let alone systemic racism because Biden had more to say later in the week.


BIDEN: Do we really think this as good as we can be as a nation? I don't think the vast majority of people think that.

There are probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the people out there who are just not very good people.


GUTFELD: Do the math, that's like, I think 30 to 40 million people he just said, eff off.

So those are the choices. One craves law and order, and one just hates you. So Tyrus, let's talk about Biden. Is that his deplorable moment?

MURDOCH: I think no. He has had a couple of them, but it's like his best moments, because that's the only time he is allowed to free think, or he's, you know, but, you know, to break it down.

Both have embraced their parties in a typical Republican fashion, Trump is going to go with law and order. And you know, which I'm right kind of good for myself.

And the stark difference between the two of them is one of them can repeat himself and the other one cannot. Trump will come back to it and say it again. Biden, it is one time. You're not getting not getting a repeat. I don't know why, but for some reasons you ask him the same question twice, you get three different answers.

GUTFELD: And I love it. It's so true. Kat, what's Joe Biden's real story in terms of prison and police reform?

TIMPF: Yes. So, I can't believe he even has the guts to go up there and start talking like this because his decades' long record on criminal justice is atrocious.

He didn't just support, but he co-authored the 1994 Crime Bill that created a lot of the mass incarceration we saw in the 90s, which obviously had a disparate impact on black men. He was defending it up until 2016.

It wasn't just that, he also co-sponsored the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, which instituted mandatory minimums for drug offenses and created the distinction in sentencing for powder cocaine versus crack, which again, disproportionately longer sentences for who? Black men.

And ironically enough, more than a thousand of those sentences got reduced recently because of the First Step Act, which was signed by President Trump.


TIMPF: Okay, I mean, Joe Biden is on record giving George H.W. Bush crap for not putting enough quote "violent thugs" in prison. He used to brag about how his stance on criminal justice is a "Lock the SOBs up," okay, I get changing your mind on things, but this isn't like he didn't address the problem before, and you know, now he is.

He created the problem. He said we need to overhaul the system. You did this. Like how dare you and as a libertarian, I mean, criminal justice reform has been a huge issue for me for years and years and years. Right? And I love hearing people talking about it. But please cut the crap, Joe. Cut the crap.

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes. Well, I think it's your crack cocaine habit that really got you involved in this issue, Kat.

TIMPF: That's true.

GUTFELD: She makes a great point. I mean, when this comes down to like a debate or anything, Trump authored the prison reform act that released people that Joe put in jail.

TIMPF: That Joe put there.


RUBIN: It's all bananas. Joe has been in politics forever. Chuck Schumer has been in politics forever. Nancy Pelosi have been in politics forever.

Obviously, either all of their policies were racist, or they just don't know what they're doing. But either way, it's time to go guys.

When Biden says 10 to 15 percent are just bad people. He might actually be right. But it's probably the 10 or 15 percent that are his diehard supporters. I can't even find any of his diehard supporters on Twitter. There's just nobody.

But the point is that these -- look, these guys who get everything wrong. We know this is how politics works, right? If you get everything wrong, and you keep getting it wrong, what happens? You get reelected.

Trump just threw that chessboard up in the air, and you know, remember Trump's line, guys. Remember Trump's line to the black community when he was trying to be elected the first time, what do you have to lose? And what's Biden's line? It's you ain't black if you don't vote for me. So, figure it out yourself.

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes. Speaking, Burgess, you know, you are running for office as a Republican. So according to Joe Biden, you aren't black and you, I'm looking at you, you are black. So, what do I do?

OWENS: For all my life, that's what I've been told. That's what I've seen. But here's the deal. He's talking about the folks that are bad news and he is -- I think, he might be a little bit off on the numbers, but they are the white woke leftists with their skinny jeans and man buns. And I would call them Antifa and they're all Democrats. So, he got that part of it right.

And I'll tell you what they are dealing with that they just don't know how to deal with. We have a President who is not politically correct. And it's so refreshing because it drives them absolutely nuts.

He doesn't hold back. He tells exactly what he feels and thinks and just like the old Reagan days. We need -- we love leaders who are optimistic and positive.

I think of all the coaches I had, the ones that the most effective were just they got -- it was the attitude of -- and as you remember, Greg, just win, baby. It doesn't matter about all of the obstacles. Just win baby. Do what you've got to do.

And we have a President who is doing that. And not only is he saying he will do it, he is talking to the optimism that that they cannot stand it here. But then he gets results like we just had today and that's what our country needs. I'm so excited about it when we keep this thing going.

GUTFELD: All right. Up next, space, the ultimate social distance.


GUTFELD: The only people feeling mirth are the dudes leaving Earth. Talking about perfect timing. Remember, when we fired a giant rocket with two guys strapped to the front? It feels like ages ago.

Last week Elon Musk's SpaceX in partnership with NASA successfully launched a manned crew -- sexist -- called Dragon Capsule, becoming the first commercial vehicle to transport humans to outer space.

Dragon Capsules. I used to take those in the locker room at the gym, and I didn't even work out.

It's also the first time American astronauts have launched from American soil since 2011. Meaning, the last time Tom Arnold got a check.

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley docked with the International Space Station after a 19-hour trip. Now, with other aerospace competitors, the privatization of space travel is coming.

Elon Musk says space tourism is around the corner. I doubt he can top the thrill ride I designed.


GUTFELD: Well, that was something. All right, Kat, thoughts on space?

TIMPF: Well, okay. I love to see this commercial flight obviously because people always want to say that you can't do things without government or, you know, that they would have to do something like that.

And I just wanted to say, hey, we were able to go to space without it, but a lot of people were making the joke of, you know, oh, they're lucky they got to go to space and I get that things, you know, have been very bad here on Earth lately, but at the same time, I like won't even go to Brooklyn because it's too far. So, I don't see myself in space.

GUTFELD: You know, the way I see it, Dave, is that Earth was like one of those bars where it looks like there's two groups about to get in a fight. And the astronauts were like the couple that were tourists and they see there's a fight and they ran out.

RUBIN: Yes, I'm with the tourists on this one. Listen, we all know that -- we all know that Elon Musk is pretty red pilled these days, so I'm guessing -- I'm guessing that he watches the number one late night show in cable news, which is THE GREG GUTFELD SHOW.

So, Elon, I want to be very clear about this. Let me go, I don't need to come back. I'll go. You know, every science fiction movie, it's like, oh, but am I ever going to be able to come back? I don't care. Just take me. Let's do this. Let's roll.

GUTFELD: It sure beats the traffic in LA. Burgess, it does make you feel good to see this happening now with the private and NASA together.

OWENS: It does. It does. And I'll tell you, we also have noticed just, you know, the side of President Obama. You know, everybody knows he is a community organizer. Few people knew that he was also had a little entrepreneurial streak in him.

He is the first to take Uber international. He had a chance to Uber from his point where our astronauts in Russian satellites, $8 million per ride. So, he kind of gave an idea today that there is a new way of getting Uber thing done.

I'm excited. This is a thing that our kids need to see. I remember growing up and the things that kids love is just the idea of the unknown and to be able to grow into in a society where we are truly pushing the boundaries and gaining control of space. We're going to have a great new group coming along later on once we get the educated to do that as we were.

GUTFELD: All right, Tyrus, you have gravitational pull. What are your thoughts?

MURDOCH: I volunteered my family to go. I think they should go. I think they'll have fun.

I'm just kidding. You know, I'm just mad because they're using all the cool names, SpaceX. Team Dragon.


MURDOCH: You know, I want to -- I'm going to go on Team Laser on SpaceX. I love the cool names. I love the names and then you look at it and it doesn't look very dragon-ish to me. Put some paint on there, some -- well, maybe not flames, but like you know some teeth.

You know, like the cool planes from World War II that had the dog faces on them and stuff like that. Spice it up. Great names though. Phenomenal names.

GUTFELD: My favorite story is up next.


GUTFELD: He wins the prize for fast Levi's. U.S. Olympic hopeful runner Johnny Gregorek -- no relation -- ran what is believed to be the fastest mile ever while wearing blue jeans.

What's the biggest difference between a blue jean event and an Olympic event? The belt.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The world record is 4:11, Johnny has not yet once adjusted his pants. They seem to fit very, very well.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, they're just staying up there on the hips. The belt is helping.


GUTFELD: Wow. Johnny, finished in four minutes and six seconds crushing the previous record. He did it to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness in memory of his brother who Johnny said loved anything silly. Good work, Johnny. Congrats.

Burgess, you played pro football. Isn't this guy way more impressive than playing in the NFL? He introduced a constraint that didn't exist.

OWENS: My point. My point, exactly. You know, we can look at the creative American people. Who in a million years would have ever thought there would be a record ever based on how fast we run in blue jeans?

But here's the other side of it.


OWENS: This shows the heart of America because we figured out a way to find another way to support a cause that he was excited about. That's what we do.

We come up with these crazy ideas, some kind of way, we make money to put into causes. We don't need to put in our entire own pockets. Either way, it works out. Capitalism works big time. And here's the exact good example of it.

GUTFELD: Right. Tyrus. The discomfort that this idea creates in your brain, because we've all had to run in jeans to catch a bus or find a bathroom. It is psychologically so profound, like running in blue jeans, especially tight ones. Yes.

MURDOCH: You know, I wear baggy jeans, Greg. So, I don't know the issues that you have.

A couple of things looking at this article. The jeans were a hundred percent cotton, is that okay? Are we cool with that? And was this opened up -- was this opened up to the guys who wear jeans because at my gym, it's usually the older guys who wear jeans and lift weights and squat and I'm sure they would like a chance to challenge because apparently, a new generation is just finding out you can do a lot in jeans.

But the West was won on a pair of jeans. So, I think there's a certain population that might want to get in this dance -- or get in this pants. But I'll stick with that.

GUTFELD: You know, Dave -- yes, you know Dave, I am more -- I'm interested in this, but I'm also interested in jorts, running in jorts.

RUBIN: You've always had an interesting taste in fashion, Greg. I've got nothing on this other than God bless this guy. We live in such a bizarro world right now and everybody is freaking out all the time and there's a lot to worry about.

We've got a guy running in jeans. I don't care if he's wearing underwear or not. I hope, he is okay. I hope he raised some money. It's a great story.

GUTFELD: Yes. Kat, I've got to say, I've thought about this forever. I thought of a tennis match where both players are wearing overalls and flannel underneath and hiking boots and the only refreshment is hot coffee and sticky buns.

So -- and it has be like in a hundred-degree weather and they're just -- believe me, I have friends that I've discussed this with for 30 years.

TIMPF: Yes, I mean look, I'm very impressed by Johnny and he didn't even have to run the fastest mile in jeans for me to be impressed. He didn't have to run in jeans for me be to the impressed. The fact that he put on jeans.

I've been quarantined for almost three months now. I have not put on jeans and I don't know if they would fit if I tried. So, I'm just like living in sweatpants in denial.

So, the fact that even wore jeans, I think is very impressive.

And then also raising money is an important cause. Mental health -- very important and it has been getting kind of swept under the rug a lot lately with the coronavirus. So, way to go, Johnny.

GUTFELD: That's true. I think we have the title for your new book, "Sweat Pants and Denial" by Kat Timpf.


GUTFELD: Speaking of books, don't forget about mine. It's "The Plus: Self- Help for People Who Hate Self-Help." Basically, it's how to do positive things if you're not a positive person like me. It's in stores July 28th. You can preorder your copy now. It's available at and all major book retailers.


GUTFELD: We are out of time. Thanks to Burgess Owen, Dave Rubin, Kat Timpf and Tyrus.

I'm Greg Gutfeld and I love you, America.

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