Has the left become too radical with late-term abortion legislation?

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right, Tucker. How are you? And a great show as always.

Welcome to “Hannity.”

Big breaking news night. We begin tonight, “Hannity Watch” on the extreme radical left. It's really important as we begin, you ask yourself some questions.

Do you want the government to have more control over your daily life or less? Do you want the government to take more of your hard-earned money or less? Do you want the government to be more involved in your business or less involved? Do you want the government to have more control or total control of your health care or less? And do you believe the government has a duty to protect your borders from, let's see, heroin, fentanyl traffickers, human traffickers, cartels, gangs, and the criminal elements, not the good people that want a better life cover that come to our borders, and access our country illegally?

Because now, it is perfectly clear that the lines have been drawn. Nearly every single elected Democrat, almost all of those to run to challenge President Trump in 2020, they want more and more total control of your life. They don't trust you, the American people. Remember, they think we are irredeemable deplorable, that we cling to our god, our guns, our bibles, and religion, and we are the smelly Walmart people. Now, they want control of everything.

It's actually beyond radical and extreme, it's scary. It's a failed ideology that's been tried over and over. It creates dependency.

They made promises that never come true. Never comes close to what they promise. And even worse, the people that are promising this great stuff, keep your doctor, save money, they really only want power for themselves.

Now, socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and far left Senator Ed Markey are now set to unveil what they call their so-called green new deal legislation. Now, this bill will dictate how you heat your home, cook your meals, and even how you commute to work.

In fact, according to previous proposals, Ocasio-Cortez wants this country -- by the way, we just became the number one producer of oil on the planet, surpassing Saudi Arabia and Russia. All fuel and gas, fossil fuels, we will not have them in ten years. That is not just socialism. That is authoritarianism.

She literally wants to nationalize enormous, profitable, private industry, kill it off completely. That means all the millions of high-paying career jobs in the oil and gas and energy sector, guess what? Gone. It will force every American to pay drastically more expensive for all forms of energy, the lifeblood of our economy.

But according to Ocasio-Cortez, if the federal government doesn't take dramatic, authoritarian action, the world is going to end in 12 years. Well, that only gives us two years of our plan. Why bother?

Anyway, she actually thinks the future of humanity is at risk because of energy independence. We have more energy. We can help our allies, our friends, create millions of high-paying jobs for Americans, and we've tried your way before. It doesn't work.

Take a look.


REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, D-N.Y.: I do not think that for the future of humanity and for our country to continue to prosper, that we cannot have a presidential cycle work climate change is not being asked about that almost every debate.


HANNITY: Got only 12 years left. Actually the future humanity faces far more risks from the authoritarian far left socialists. Look at Venezuela. Oh, they have a lot of energy, but they don't have any money or food and poverty is rampant.

Let's see, Cuba, they didn't do too well there either. Former Soviet Union, oh. Communist China, how is that working out?

Look at what life is like and literally any country that nationalizes private industry and imposes a strict government controls over private businesses. And that is not stopping Democratic presidential hopefuls like, oh, Elizabeth Warren from declaring that capitalism can be good but only if the government has more control, and only if she and her fellow Democrats have a chance to impose even more rules and regulations. Take a look.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS.: Let's be really clear. Capitalism without rules is theft. Encouraging companies to build their business models on cheating people, that's not capitalism, that's not competition in the marketplace. That's not producing consumer surplus.

So what I believe is capitalism with serious rules. And that means rules for everybody gets a chance to play.


HANNITY: Excuse me. A lot of people risk a lot of money to start businesses. No help necessarily. They create goods and services that people want, need, and desire, and they even buy it or they don't play. That has created a standard of living that is the envy of the world, while the unimaginable in most places on this earth.

Now, Warren is proposing, let's talk about stealing, a brand-new wealth tax. That's after you pay your federal income taxes, your state income taxes, your Social Security tax, your Medicare tax, sales tax, property taxes, in some case like New York city income tax, well, then Senator Warren come after you pay all of that, and you saved a little bit, she wants to come back again and take more. That would be a government license to steal, Senator.

And, by the way, after you die, the federal government wants half of what you say -- you pay to die in America. Isn't that great? And states like New York take 10 percent of what you have left.

Why are all these people leaving New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California? Hundreds of thousands. It's a mass exodus in these high tax states.

But you look at states with low or no income taxes -- take Florida and Texas, no state income tax, nearly 400,000 new residents last year alone. These people are leaving. Just keep your bad politics wherever you came from.

Now, of course, the federal government, with a vast amount of money, look at Kamala Harris' Medicare-for-all proposal. Study, George Mason University, OK, that is $3.2 trillion a year. For ten years. Let me give you perspective. The federal budget in 2018 was $4.1 trillion, basically the entire budget. Open your wallets, watch out, socialists like Kamala are coming.

Now, keep in mind, that proposal would literally kick 177 million Americans off their private health care plans and also completely kill off another private industry. If you work for an insurance industry, bye-bye. Kamala Harris wants you gone. Jobless. Out of work. He doesn't care.

By the way, what happens when Medicare for all feels like Obamacare? Uh- oh, what then?

Now, Democrats are trying to sell these big government programs. They own compassion. They are the most compassionate. But don't be fooled. A government power grab, plain and simple, this is what it's about.

I don't trust -- they don't trust you. They therefore want the government to control every aspect of your life. They want to use your money, wondering what it's really about, to buy votes, bribe people to vote for them with your money, and get power.

So, let's recap the modern-day Democratic Party. The authoritarian control of your health care, your businesses, you money, and your personal decisions.

President Trump put out a great tweet today. Democrats are becoming the party of late-term abortion, high taxes, open borders, and crime.

And speaking of which, we have an update on the disturbing story at Virginia from last night. Democratic legislator there named Kathy Tran proposed that bill that would make infanticide legal. Remember, she testified. Her law would allow a healthy baby's life to be terminated for any reason, even in the ninth month of pregnancy, even when the birth process started.

And the Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, supported the bill, then he took it a step further, saying a baby's life would only be saved -- it would be comfortable -- it would be there, outside the womb, but only saved, resuscitated if the family wanted. He said the infant would be resuscitated only under those conditions, while the baby's alive, viable, living, comfortably? Seriously?

After facing serious backlash, well, guess what the great governor of the commonwealth of Virginia did? He doubled down on stupid, and even played the victim card. We'll show you those disgusting comments coming up.

Now, thankfully, President Trump is working hard. He doesn't get the credit from the media, to preserve core constitutional rights and principles for all Americans, including newly born children, the most innocent among us. Top Democrats are now seething with anger over the president's nomination of originalist justices.

Many doubters, remember, 2016, you were worried. I told you. I know this man for two decades and he would govern as a conservative. I think I've been proven right. And I told you so.

As I warned you, Obama was a rigid, radical ideologue whose policies would fail. They did.

And now, President Trump is fulfilling those promises. We see the economic numbers. We see more peace around the world. We see him checking off the list of what he said he would do. And now he's also appointing strong, qualified justices.

So, let not your heart be troubled. President Trump will keep his commitment. For those of you that doubt, I say it's 99.9 percent to 0.1 percent. He's going to get the money for the wall one way or the other.

And he announced today that he's sending more troops down to the border was thousands and thousands of new migrants and multiple caravans are marching through Mexico right to our southern border yet again. One contains upward of 12,000 people.

Now what if they go to a point in our border where there is no secure wall or entry point? What does a border patrol going to do to stop 12,000 people? They decided to rush across at once? No wall to stop them?

I said that while will protect people, rightly so, on both sides. And have a nice door in it. You know, unfortunately, take a little more time, we vet people, make sure they can provide for themselves, because the costs are out of control.

It's not just the risks associated with migrant caravans. So many instances of life and death. Let's take a look at the most recent week we had. Two previously deported sex offenders from Mexico apprehended trying to illegally enter the U.S. at the Del Rio sector in Texas. They were caught.

On Monday, border patrol agents apprehended a violent MS-13 gang member. Thankfully, that person was caught. Also on Monday, agents arrested a man who was convicted of child molestation in the U.S., along with the ducting and kidnapping. Guess what? They got him, too.

And just today, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced the single largest fentanyl bust in history. Our guys at the border, the ones that Kamala Harris said -- isn't there a perception that ICE is like the KKK? Well, they captured over 250 pounds of this deadly opioid inside a load of Mexican produce heading to Arizona.

Now, just a stark reminder of just how many deadly drugs come across that southern border, destroying American lives, especially fentanyl, often used by drug dealers to put into heroin, other addictive substances, look at the numbers. 2016, fentanyl responsible for 46 percent of all opioid-related deaths. It's a key reason that more than 42,000 people die from overdoses, involving opioids in 2016. That was an increase of nearly 10,000 over the previous year.

In fact, annual fentanyl related deaths have dramatically increased since 2010. Much of this coming from China, and then smuggled by the cartels through the southern border. By the way, enough to kill all the residents of Florida, Pennsylvania, Utah, and pick another state, 54 million people. That is how much they got today of fentanyl our border.

Millions of people could be killed. It's why the president is pressing the president of China and he's getting results. Let's take a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: One of the things that we discussed in Argentina was fentanyl. This is not a trade deal. This is a fact that president she was extremely good when he said that they would criminalize fentanyl because fentanyl is killing a lot of our great American people.


HANNITY: Border security is about stopping these evil cartels, the flow of drugs into the country. In other words, it's about life and death and saving the lives of American citizens. Hundreds dying every week from heroin and fentanyl. It's about stopping human trafficking. It's about protecting people on both sides of that wall with the door, and creating a safe, secure system of immigration. We get to vent anyone and everyone coming into the country for our safety and also make sure they are capable of taking care of themselves.

Democrats, they only want to play cheap political games, rather than address the humanitarian crisis, life and death and safety and security crisis. Nancy Pelosi said again today that funding for a wall is a nonstarter. She offered to dollars so far.

Take a look.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: There's not going to be any wall money in the legislation. All of that, two things, cost-benefit analysis. What's the best way? What you get for your dollar in order to protect the border?


HANNITY: What are Nancy and Chuck and the Democrats standing for anyway? If they really cared about cost benefit analysis, you'd be in favor of the wall. We run those numbers many time on this show.

So, why do Democratic leaders insist on obstructing the president's efforts to keep Americans safe? What are they insist on derailing negotiations? That's what they cared about DACA, Dreamers, and when Obama was president, they wanted to buy a wall, pay for a wall. Why do they insist now on stopping the rank and file members for coming to real solutions and negotiating in good faith?

Only because they are consumed by anti-Trump hatred, every second, every minute, every hour of every day. They'll stop at nothing, just destroy him. Years, they supported everything President Trump is offering. They didn't mean it or they hate him more? They hate him more.

That put your community at risk, your friends at risk, your family at risk, selling out Dreamers, DACA, that's all they claim to care about.

All right. We turn to another brand-new update from our "Hannity watch" on my deep state tonight. It looks like be hate Trump media caught another collusion hoax yet again today. Now, remember when nearly every media outlet widely speculating, Donald Trump Jr. called his father with a blocked phone number ahead of his 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the Russians? When they talked about immigration and adoption?

Now according to reports, fake news, never happened. I have one question for anyone who works at fake news CNN. Do you ever get tired of just being wrong and embarrassing yourself so often?

All right. Here with reaction, a lot of news tonight, FOX News contributor Dan Bongino. FOX News national security analyst Sebastian Gorka. FOX News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera.

All right. Enough fentanyl they got today to kill 54 million Americans, Geraldo. We are losing 300 people a week to this opioid crisis -- cartels, gangs, drugs, human trafficking. Don't you think that is enough to build the wall? Go have your door, Geraldo.

GERALDO RIVERA, CORRESPONDENT: I think that Nancy Pelosi is being very spiteful and being unreasonable not to allow the president of the United States and his professional to repair, replace, and yes, to expand the over 600 miles of border fencing that we already have. Now, having said that, the big fentanyl paused as he reported correctly, Sean, came through a port of entry, hidden in produce tractor trailer, so a wall would not have stopped this particular shipment.

Having said that --


RIVERA: -- you have to protect the whole border.

HANNITY: Right. It's clear -- Dr. Gorka, it is clear that all the talk about Dreamers, DACA, furloughed employees, it's all B.S. They lied, they hate Trump more than they actually care about the Dreamers and child separation.

They won't to meet with Angel Moms and Dads. That's permanent child separation. Why?

SEBASTIAN GORKA, SALEM RADIO'S AMERICA FIRST HOST: They will not even comment. Nancy Pelosi still hasn't commented on the murder of Ronil Singh, a legal immigrant, by an illegal alien. So, it has nothing to do with their morality she would have us believe. We know this because they actually voted for it in 2006. They voted on border security.

Let's be very clear. This is just politics. This is about votes, this has nothing to do with securing the nation.

We need to remind Nancy Pelosi, there is only one person in America who is responsible for the national security of America, and it's not Nancy Pelosi. It's not Chuck Schumer.

Nancy is one of hundreds of representatives who just happens to be speaker of the House, an internal decision of the Congress, of the party.

There is one person responsible for our safety, Sean, and it's the president. President Trump takes admission very seriously and on February 16th, I expect him to declare a national emergency and to build the wall.

HANNITY: Agreed.

And, look, he is sending troops down today, Dan Bongino. Let's go back to my hypothetical before. And, by the way, it's not beyond possibility, the president sending troops in light of three caravans, one with as many as 12,000 people.

What if they all decide, we are going to brush an open section of the border? All at once? Then we are going to have troops there, Border Patrol, ICE there, they rush across the border, what do we do then? What's going to happen under that scenario? Because I don't want anybody on either side getting hurt there.

DAN BONGINO, CONTRIBUTOR: No, Sean, no to nobody does. And what you would have, to answer your question, is an entirely preventable conflict which again nobody wants.

Sean, let's use Nancy Pelosi's own word. Cost-benefit analysis, has she actually done one? Has she spoke into the experts on the ground? I know you have. Who have clearly stated, were they constructed walls, San Ysidro, Yuma, they've seen dramatic reductions in illegal immigration drug trafficking.

She is just making that up because they have a literal vitriol hatred for Donald Trump and refused to give in any political victory even though, Sean, they know it's the right thing to do. That is the disturbing part.

HANNITY: And I got to tell you, Geraldo, the president's tweets today -- let's think about that for a minute, the party of late-term abortion, the party of open borders, high taxes, socialism, and crime, because they're not -- they don't seem to care. For Nancy Pelosi not to meet Angel Moms and as, that is unforgivable. How many more people have to die --


RIVERA: I get it, Sean. I get it.

HANNITY: OK, go ahead.

RIVERA: I think that when you -- I've been t following the trial of El Chapo going on in federal court in the Eastern District of New York, Brooklyn. He gets drugs and here through tunnels, through drones, through fast aircraft, through, you know, helicopters, fastballs, submersibles. You know, a wall is not going to stop that --


HANNITY: What if the 12,000 people rush --


HANNITY: That's my stop. It will stop the ebb and flow --


HANNITY: Geraldo, I want to do all of the above. What if -- what if 12,000 people rush the border at once, in a section that has no wall? What do we do then, Geraldo? Tell the president what to do! Tell the military and the ICE, what do they do then?

RIVERA: First of all, to allow the 12,000 to reach the border intact I think would be a problem we would have --

HANNITY: OK, that's Mexico. What if they rush the border? What do we do?

RIVERA: I don't think it's physically possible.

HANNITY: You are out of your mind.

RIVERA: I don't like answering hypotheticals. I think you've got to -- the president has to declare victory.

HANNITY: Face reality! That is a real possibility.


RIVERA: I think Dr. Gorka is unfortunately correct when he suggests it is more likely than not that the president will declare national emergency in February --

HANNITY: Good. Do his job, commander-in-chief.

RIVERA: And will build the wall. Now whether --


HANNITY: Dr. Gorka, respond.

GORKA: If you -- if you live in a house, then you know that walls work. The idea that Chapo has a helicopters, therefore we don't build a wall, every nation has the right and every chief executive has the duty to protect its citizens. You do that by building a wall --

RIVERA: Just don't make it a panacea. Don't make it a panacea. A 30-foot wall, 31-foot ladder --


GORKA: Nobody is saying that. But why did the Democrats said they wished to do this 12 years ago? Why did they say that? Why are they liars now? Why are they hypocrites?

It's time to build the wall. End of story.

HANNITY: All right. Last word, Dan. We go to break.

BONGINO: Yes, Geraldo, it's disingenuous to say that, because they fly drugs in and drive them through ports of entry doesn't mean that we don't build the passive security mechanism like a wall that we don't have to monitor all the time.


RIVERA: I would spend a tremendous amount of money on the ports of entry. Let's spend money on the ports of entry. They are coming through these trucks -- --

HANNITY: Geraldo, do all these --


BONGINO: So, we just ignore? That doesn't make any sense. Geraldo, that makes no sense. Imagine having the Secret Service? Hey, listen, this door is trouble, we're going to --

RIVERA: Twelve thousand rushing the wall is to scare people. That's scary image.


HANNITY: If it happens, it will be a humanitarian disaster. Wake up.


GORKA: Where do you live, Geraldo? In a tent?

HANNITY: All right. I got to go. Thank you, all.

All right. We are going to take ourselves. We're going to go right to the caravan. You judge yourself. Griff Jenkins has a live report.

Also, we have Congressman Dan Crenshaw at the southern border, and wait until you see our villain of the day, a prominent Republican.


HANNITY: All right. We're going to report. We'll let you decide. We have the very latest on multiple migrant caravans, making their way to our southern border.

Fox News Correspondent, Griff Jenkins.

Griff, you've been with them. What, this one is particularly large but there are three. What is going on?

GRIFF JENKINS, CORRESPONDENT: Yes, hey, Sean. Good evening.

I'm in Queretaro, Mexico, 140 miles north of Mexico City, where the caravan that we began traveling with in Honduras on January 15th is about 2,825. Let me take you just for a little walk and show you.

Now, we are outside of the stadium where they let the migrants come for the night. They are setting up, trying to figure out where they will go next, Sean. This is a very important stop. It's the pork in the road for the traditional 2,000-mile trek from Mexico's southern border to the U.S. and southern border because if they go north, they will go into Texas, in Eagle Pass, Laredo or McAllen, Texas, where the president was.

If they go west, like the previous caravan, they'll head towards Tijuana. That's significant. You mentioned numbers, Sean. We got to talk numbers, because this one is roughly 3,000 people.

But that's in addition to the 12,600 migrants given a fast-track temporary asylum and work visa for up to one year. They are down at the southern border getting their papers, even though Mexico stop that program, they will make their way north towards the U.S. border.

And then you have two more caravans, they are advertising on social media. One is on February 7th. The other on February 16th. Meeting in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the exact location that these migrants met on the 15th of January when we joined them so many weeks ago. And then you add to that number, the 2,000 to 3,000 that are in Tijuana from that caravan last October that we followed.

You are talking about a very significant number, Sean. You are talking upwards of 15,000 to 20,000 total people of caravans and we have to talk about one last thing, and that is why this is happening. The biggest full factor, as the Border Patrol will tell you, the magnet is the new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the new president of Mexico, inaugurated last December, is absolutely pro-immigrant.

He is helping these people, he obviously let them walk through gates, I walked with them. He's giving them this visa program, but they've now stopped. But it hasn't been totally done away with.

The spokesman for the secretary of foreign affairs writing in "The Washington Post" today that Mexico's position will, quote, no longer be migration deterrence and blockage. So, they've opened their arms wide to help the migrants. If you talk to the local immigration officials in Tijuana or here in Queretaro and you talk about--

HANNITY: Hey, Griff, real quick.

JENKINS: --you hear a lot about concern for the growing numbers of caravans that are coming. Sean?

HANNITY: Griff, I don't know if you can hear me, but if you can, so Geraldo says "Oh, it's impossible." I was with the President. Literally, you could walk in one minute from the Rio Grande, from Mexico to the United States, no barrier. What if all of those people went to that part? Is that a possibility or a plan?

JENKINS: Well, listen, you know, I talked to as many of these migrants as I can and their plan is to get into the United States. Most of them tell me openly that they are going to do it illegally either at an open point or through a coyote that is going to take them through a traditional crossing because they know their chances are very, very slim. 95 percent of these immigrants know they are going to qualify for credible fear for asylum in America.

There are a few Nicaraguans who are fleeing the oppression of Daniel Ortega; they may have a case. They haven't been to America but many of these have been to America or deported, and say they are going to cross illegally anyway they can. The rivers in McAllen is an easy place, and then of course in Tijuana, we have seen the people go under the fences hundreds at a time.

HANNITY: But then all across the border, you are going a great job. I think we'll see on Fox and Friends, you approval (ph) this morning. Thanks for being with us and we'll be watching you in the morning.

Also at the border tonight, Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw; he is at our southern border. He was in Brownsville, Texas to see first-hand the situation on the border. Congressman Crenshaw joins us. He's in the border. And McAllen, Texas where we were, and also Former DEA Special Agent Derek Maltz is with us.

Congressman, let's - just tell everybody. I've been down there 14 times. I know what I've seen. Tell everybody what you see.

REP. DAN CRENSHAW, R-TX: Here's the big takeaway here. So, the Rio Grande Valley is actually responsible for about 40 percent of total illegal immigration in the entire country. So, it's a huge spot for this. Now, it's divided into the two spots, where there is the Brownsville are and then there is the McAllen area. The Brownsville area has about 35 miles of pretty secure fencing. It's border security the way that we would like to see it. It is a good mix of technology and secure fencing.

In the McAllen are, you have exactly the opposite. Okay. You have wide open areas. Now, so what do we see? We see about 6 percent of illegal apprehensions happen in Brownsville and 94 percent occur in McAllen. So, do walls work? The answer is very clearly yes; that's exactly what we are seeing.

And as we are driving over here, you can see Mexico right behind me. So driving over here, we are seeing groups of migrants being caught as they are crossing the border and a lot of these have kids with them which means they will simply be let go into U.S. population.

HANNITY: And what do you see? Derek, give the experience, give the picture so people really fully understand, is this a national emergency?

DEREK MALTZ, FORMER DEA SPECIAL AGENT: Yes, of course, Sean. I mean we have a situation.

CRENSHAW: Yes, we'll--


CRENSHAW: I'm sorry.

HANNITY: Derek, go ahead.

MALTZ: So, Sean, so basically we had all that fentanyl seized yesterday, that could have killed 57 million people. That's half the viewers at a Super Bowl, right? So, the American public has to realize one kilogram could kill 500,000 people. Plus, if you look like in New York, they seized another 70 pounds of this poison. That could have killed 15-20 million people. Thank God our brave men and women in law enforcement are out there, under staffed, under paid, getting all kinds of pressure, getting shot at by these people in America. So, thank God President Trump is standing up for our national security.

HANNITY: Hey, Derek, let me ask you a question. What if - that can kill 57 million people, that - the largest haul of fentanyl that they got just this week. What if a terrorist organization ever got a hold of that and say wanted to lace our food with it?

MALTZ: Absolutely. What about the airplane, the seizure in New York, right, was done by my old unit, the New York Drug Task Force, that was coming in on planes, right? So, it's not just coming in on the southern border; these billion dollar a year operations, they have to get their products into America. So, yes, if it gets into the plane's ventilation system, if it gets into the food supply - so this is the thing the public doesn't realize, Sean. This is not a political issue. This is the security of our country and our kids.

HANNITY: Right. Let me go back to Dan really quickly, you know, I know you are strong on the issue. Lindsey Graham, he is holding the line. Many Republicans will. But, there is always those that have no backbone. I have no respect if the Republican Party doesn't back the President when he uses the military or the emergency option - I don't care which option - as commander-in-chief, that's his job. He swore an oath to protect our constitution, our rule of law.

CRENSHAW: And more importantly, you know, I am a member of the Homeland Security Committee. This is not even the President's plan. This plan has been on the books for years. It has come from border agents on the ground. It comes from experts in the Department of Homeland Security. It is walls where it makes sense. This is the places that our men and women that are on the frontlines have been asking for. This shouldn't even be a partisan issue.


CRENSHAW: I mean this is very obviously getting our men and women the equipment they need.

HANNITY: Just a few years ago, when Obama was President, they sounded just like Trump had said. Thank you both. Great reporting. Now, the less barbaric abortion, late-term abortion, infanticide agenda exposed; Michelle Malkin, Herman Cain next. Also today's villain of the day is a prominent Republican; straight ahead.


HANNITY: We have some breaking news from The Hill tonight. It looks like Spartacus Cory Booker running for President. Okay, not a big deal - another left-wing radical extremist, great, join the club. Democrats, now disturbing - this disturbing push for radical abortion laws. This is now New York, Rhode Island, New Mexico, California. New York passed this barbaric law, an equally disturbing proposal from the State Democratic Delegate Kathy Tran that we've showed you last night defeated thankfully. In Virginia, Democrats voting for it, the governor is supporting it.

Tran actually submitted a bill to save, get this, at the same time she had her abortion bill, she submitted a bill to save the cankerworms. I had to look it up today; never heard of a cankerworm; turns out to be some type of caterpillar. Save the caterpillars, but the woman who has started the birthing process and is dilating, no, we're not going to save the kid.

Wow, unbelievable! Here is reaction. Syndicated columnist, author Michelle Malkin, America fighting back Chairman Herman Cain rumored to be a Trump Administration official soon, which we will ask in a minute - Michelle, your reaction to all this, especially the governor's statements.

MICHELLE MALKIN, CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, you know, you're hearing a lot of backtracking now, a lot of hemming and hawing from some Democrats who tell us that this issue is "complicated." But there's nothing complicated about it. These radical Democrats are all for sanctuaries except for unborn babies in the womb and a mother's womb should be the ultimate sanctuary and safe space. Maybe because the Democrats are all for illegal alien sanctuaries, what Republicans should do is start declaring all maternity wards and anywhere a woman could have a child be a sanctuary.

The idea that you have these spreading laws and unfortunately, I live in Colorado, where we have a similar law to New York and Oregon and California, as you mentioned, Sean - and now, late-term abortions make up 3 percent of all abortions in Colorado. It's unacceptable and I think it is very, very important that Republicans seize and keep the moral high ground and keep the pressure on the death lobby.

HANNITY: Well, we'll say this.

MALKIN: Governor Northam in Virginia accepted $2 million from Planned Parenthood. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and outrageously, taxpayer funding still goes to it.

HANNITY: And wasn't the founder Sanger of that a virulent racist, Herman Cain, if I remember correctly?

MALKIN: Yes, Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist.

HANNITY: Margaret Sanger, that's correct. Let me read--

MALKIN: That's right.

HANNITY: Herman, if I may, this is what the governor said. If a mother's in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. He goes, the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physician and the mother. A viable child living on its own, kept comfortable, and we'll have a discussion? He doubled down on stupid today and still he says people are taking it out of context. What part are we taking out of context?

HERMAN CAIN, FORMER REPUBLICAN PARTY PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: They're not taking it out of context. The line between life and death is murder. That is the word that people need to keep in their heads. The law passed in New York is a law that permits murder; you cannot explain it away. The proposal in Virginia would allow murder; that's what this is. And if you're going to draw a line between life and death, then you are talking about murder pure and simple, murder on infants, that's why they call, infanticide.

HANNITY: Herman Cain, are you joining the Trump Administration?

CAIN: There is no complexity about it; it is very simple. There are a lot of people being considered for a lot of positions, Sean.

HANNITY: 999, are you - you are ducking my question.

CAIN: There are a lot of people being considered for a lot of positions.

HANNITY: I thought we were friends all these years.

CAIN: I'm - we are and I'm going to quote Larry Kudlow who I respect. There are a lot of people being considered--

HANNITY: Yes, okay.

CAIN: --for a lot of positions and I would be honored--

HANNITY: I would support you.

CAIN: --to be considered for anything.

HANNITY: Michelle, we give you the last word today. Good to see both.

Michelle, you get the last word.

MALKIN: Oh, thanks!

CAIN: Murder.

MALKIN: I would just say the other thing I'd ask about this is, where are all the medical professionals? I am the proud daughter of a neonatologist who saved thousands of babies and it is the death lobby that is stubbornly anti-science and pro-death.

CAIN: Sad.

HANNITY: United States of America, we're better than this. When we come back, outrageous hypocrisy from the left when it comes to sexual harassment with your tax dollars being used. Ari Fleischer, Kayleigh McEnany, and later we reveal the villain of the day a Republican, prominent one; straight ahead.


HANNITY: A very disturbing development in the halls of Congress and it deals with you and your money. The all-talk no-action House Democrats say have shot down a Republican proposal to, get this, forbid federal workers disciplined for sexual misconduct from getting a pay raise.

So, the Democrats want decades old uncorroborated claims against Brett Kavanaugh, they believed everything against him, that disqualified him, but yet federal workers disciplined for real sexual harassment get a raise. Remember, Congress has paid out over $17 million in sexual misconduct and discrimination settlements on Capitol Hill over the last 20 years.

If they want to use our money for this, okay, tell us who it is.

Former White House Press Secretary and Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer, and RNC National Spokeswoman, Kayleigh McEnany. Ari, really, they want to pay this money. Okay, it's our money, we get to know what you did.

ARI FLEISCHER, FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Yes, this is a classic example where common sense has no room in Washington. And the reason these things don't pass, Sean, is because if the idea comes from minority party, Washington is so broke that the minority party can't possibly have a good idea, so the majority squashes it, and that's what you have here. I'm sure if this was an idea the Democrats had, they would have run with it, they would have loved it. Republicans couldn't have voted against this. Only Democrats could and they did.

HANNITY: Kayleigh McEnany.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, RNC NATIONAL SPOKESWOMAN: It's very simple, Sean, don't listen to their words, watch their actions. They pay lip service to the "Me Too" movement, but look at how every single Democrat voted which is against this bill. And their rank hypocrisy goes very deep, you look at Kamala Harris propping up a top staffer with a $400,000 sexual harassment payout. And when the media found out, that's only when she fired him.

And you look at Keith Ellis over at the DNC with the domestic abuse charges propped up and elevated at the DNC as the number two, and now the AG of Minnesota. The hypocrisy is rank, especially when you consider Kavanaugh and the way they treated Clarence Thomas and so many other Republicans.

HANNITY: Donald Trump Tweeted today, Ari, Democrats are becoming the party of late term abortion - now it's five states, high taxes, open borders and crime. Is he wrong, or right?

FLEISCHER: He is missing one piece, abolish ICE, don't forget that too and tax wealth. Yes, he's absolutely right, and these are the issues that are going to really propel Donald Trump. And if he's going to win reelections, it's because one of the reasons is that Democrats are going off the cliff so far to the Left.

This used to be a Democratic party that had some centrists left in it, some blue dogs left in it. They are all gone. And the Democratic Primary is likely to be the worst thing to ever happen to the Democrats who want to win the White House in 2020. You can't win America if your ideas are that extreme.

HANNITY: You know, I believe Ari is right, Kayleigh. And what's happening is, 2018 they hit the agenda. Now they are trying to outdo each other and be the most extreme, the most radical. It's a radical, extreme socialist party now.

MCENANY: That's exactly right. They used to conceal their agenda. Consider the fact, Obama - when he defended his President vote to give infants care on the other side, if they exited the womb, he defended that. He said, I didn't vote that way. He was ashamed that he voted President and was accused of that.

Now, you have governors openly pontificating about infanticide, policies that only 10 percent of the nation or less supports. (inaudible) 10 percent or less of the nation supports. You can't win with 10 percent of the vote. Whoever emerges from this primary is going to come out badly hobbled and can't win a national electorate.

HANNITY: Ari, the President holds strong to his promises. I told people in 2016 that doubted, I'm telling he is going to govern as a Conservative. Put myself out there on a ledge, where I usually am, and--

FLEISCHER: I remember.

HANNITY: --and turned out I think to be proven right and then some. And then these Republicans, they backed off healthcare, they still got the mandate taken away, but I'm afraid they are not going to support this President on controlling the border. I hope I'm wrong, but past history has taught me otherwise.

FLEISCHER: Well, I think the fact of the matter and the President said this today in an interview with The New York Times, I don't think you are going to see this negotiating committee, the conference committee, that's working on the wall and funding come up with anything.

I think Nancy Pelosi has already stopped it. She put it firm (ph) on it and won't go forward. Democrats don't want to compromise. Pelosi can't compromise, even though she has a wall on the border between California and Mexico, she doesn't want it to spread beyond that.

And so, if they can't compromise, the President's got to act. And I think he will, Sean, and it's going to be a real test, because there will be people who say you can't use your emergency powers to do this.

HANNITY: How about the military?

FLEISCHER: He is going to do it.

HANNITY: He's the Commander-in-Chief.

FLEISCHER: (inaudible) outsider. He is going to do it because he is fed up, he's heard enough, and he made the promises you pointed out, and he's acting to fulfill that promise. It's going to be a donnybrook. But frankly, I'm not going in his direction on that. I've thought about this a lot. I am uncomfortable with emergencies. Clearly, I don't want the other party to do it too. But--

HANNITY: It's a real emergency.

FLEISCHER: --refusal to compromise.

HANNITY: Any Republican, Kayleigh, that doesn't support the President on this, I'm putting their picture and their phone number up on the screen, because if they don't stand up for this, when we have fentanyl, heroin, cartels, gangs - and by the way, I know that's only 2 percent. The other people not obeying our laws coming illegally, but they want a better life, very different.

MCENANY: That's right.

HANNITY: We need to protect the American people. Any republican that doesn't support this, frankly, I am finished.

MCENANY: They need to stand on principle, they need to stand by this President who has acted brilliantly in exposing the irrationality of Nancy Pelosi and her unwillingness to give border security.


MCENANY: This President has exposed her. Republicans need to stand by him.

HANNITY: All right, thank you both. When we come back, our villain of the day is a prominent Republican and your emails straight ahead.


HANNITY: I love that animation. Villain of the day, prominent Republican, actually he's a former friend of mine in many ways. Multiple times on this show, now he is accused of some very rude in-flight antics. According to a passenger on Alaska Airlines, on a flight, former Ohio Governor Kasich, she says stole his First Class seat, after refusing to be downgraded to Premium Economy when he was bumped out of First Class to make room for a pilot.

Now, this passenger Tweeted out that picture. She's telling the truth, we haven't really gotten a good response from Kasich, and she had to take another flight. It's kind of mean. I expect more out of you, John, like maybe you could have answered my questions before the last election.

All right, only he knows what that means. To our viewer male, which Far Left Democrat policy scares you the most? One of you replied, the Green New Deal. Another answered, the better question is, which one doesn't scare you?

We are going to put - just go to hannity.com, you can send us even videotapes, maybe wire, emails, we are going to put them up every night for @seanhannity on Twitter. We'll do it tomorrow night.

Let not your heart be troubled. Why? Because Laura Ingraham is standing by with all the news of the night. Laura?

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