Gutfeld: Trump impeachmentitis is spreading

It's spreading: impeachmentitis. The symptoms: exaggeration, insinuation, hyperventilation.


REP. AL GREEN, D-TEXAS: I rise today Mr. Speaker to call for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America. For obstruction of justice.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS: It's a big question, did President Trump try to block the FBI's Russia investigation, commit an impeachable offense.

GAYLE KING, 'CBS THIS MORNING': We keep hearing that I-word a lot. Is impeachment now on the table?

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: The ground has completely shifted on Capitol Hill. So, yes, you're going to have hearings, I think we know what the summer is going to be. It's going to be the summer of Comey.

DAVID GERGEN, CNN ANALYST: I was in the Nixon administration as you know, and I thought after watching the Clinton impeach, I totally never see another one. But I think we are in impeachment territory for the first time.


So, it's war, "Mean Girls"-style: A slumber party of un-sourced gossip followed by hysteria every single day. Now, Trump could be better but he's 70 and never had a boss who could fire him. But there's also never been a president more hated within The Beltway. After the election, the first word out of Hillary's mouth wasn't goodbye, it was resist and now they're all onboard doing her job.

But what does it really change? Nothing. It only makes the game more interesting. Our government has always done stuff that the public doesn't see. Problem is, Donald Trump doesn't hide it making him a leaker's dream. And so, we have this orgy of cable news air burning.

But how is this worse than the IRS scandal? You think Obama never slow-walked anything? You think he didn't tell the Russians to chill until he won? You think you didn't give Manning a pass? Give me a break, that's so much worse.

Oh, but Greg, that shouldn't excuse Donald Trump! Yes, it does. When those drooling defenders of Obama's errors now scream for Trump's head you bet it does. So, it's a pure media play like a 24 hour Super Bowl and it would end until there's a loser which won't be the media or the pollsters because like roaches they survive everything.

Electing Trump, a disruptive force, was revolutionary. So now, what you are seeing is the counterrevolution led by a frantic force that slept through the last nine years. The whole thing is silly and overwrought. It's like a "Twilight" movie with old, ugly people.