The great thing about a good economy: Everyone gets a piece of the pie. And that includes Fruit Pies, CupCakes, Donettes and Ding Dongs. Yes, Hostess -- which makes all of those wonderful products -- is giving workers one-time payments of 1,250 bucks, but it's also offering a year's worth of free food -- which is one multipack of their favorite item a week. I'd eat that in an hour, but why look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when the gift is for your mouth?

And these free snacks, they really are a perfect symbol. No one's getting free kale under Trump. But here's your Ho-Ho. And like clockwork, Hostess cited Trump's slashing of the U.S. corporate tax rate. And remember: This is Hostess, who filed for bankruptcy under President Obama and even shut down under that president. But now the tax change gives the company that chance to increase compensation, sharing the company's success with its workers. That's good news, even if it makes you fat.

Now, I know the response we're going to get from the Pelosi-bot: This is just crumbs. And she'll be right for once. There will be crumbs, literally, from all the free food given by a company that found new life in a climate that makes such deeds possible.

It's actually a bigger story, one of peer pressure profit sharing. One company looks at another company giving bonuses and says, "Hmm. I think we better do that, too." And if Pelosi or Debbie Wasserman Schultz can't see the goodness in that, then they're the real Ding-Dongs.