Gutfeld on the Hawaii governor's terrible excuse

So right after the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency sent a fake missile alert, scaring the crap out of everybody, one question remained: Where the hell was their governor? Because even though David Ige knew the alert was wrong just two minutes later, he didn't tell the public for 17 long minutes.

Why is that? Surely, he had a perfect reason for leaving everyone in a panic. Was the surf just too inviting to leave?

Well, finally he confessed: He didn't know his Twitter password. So think about that: Here's a state governor who thinks he can only communicate by Twitter, which raises the question, is the state run by teenagers? No, it's worse. It's run by Democrats, which basically are teenagers with power.

I mean, there are other options to communicate by. There is something called TV and radio. And there's the handy telephone. He's the Hawaiian governor, he could have called Magnum P.I. But he couldn't even calm a panic without his Twitter password. Maybe he should've put it on a Post-It note and left it on the computer like that other guy did in Hawaii.

Look, we've all forgotten passwords. That's why I keep mine simple: gregheartsunicornsforeva. But you don't need a password to stand in front of a camera and repeat "False alarm, go back to bed." But apparently, Hawaiian governance is amateur hour. A state run by Democrats who not only have a hard time logging onto Twitter but also reality.

Which reminds me, maybe think twice about ripping Trump over his tweets. At least he knows how.