Gutfeld: Mark Zuckerberg's naïve response to terror

After every terror attack comes that naive response to evil, this Time it is from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg who says to fight Islamic terrorists, we must create a world where everyone feels cared for and loved. And who would be against that? Oh yeah, Islamic terrorists, you butthead.

Look, it is fine to say this tripe as long as there are others who are at work right now killing terrorists. Naive pacifism is the barnacle of the boat of vigilance. It depends on the commitment of others to kill. If we all thought like Zuck, we'd be... screwed.

My solution? The math of terror is simple. They work 24/7 and must only succeed once. Free from the duties of building and preserving civilization, their world is more agile than ours. For a peaceful America, fighting terror is like a whale trying to swat a hummingbird. They are free to act, and we just react. But the only thing as agile as terror is our creative innovation unleashed in the marketplace.

What has solved history's great horrors, from tyrants to disease to poverty, is American ingenuity. Terror like everything else evolves, picking soft targets as others harden. So the solution is an innovative private industry that hardens everything. In this changing world, as old jobs disappear, terror control provides the West with new meaningful work based on turning sitting ducks into well-armed lions. A chain of vocational schools that saves civilization from heathens. Maybe Zuckerberg should start it. After all, you can't update your status when you're dead.