Gutfeld: Look who supports a ban on Muslim migration

According to a large poll in 10 European countries, most support a halt in immigration from Muslim countries. I guess Islamic terror isn't simply the concern of Trump voters but citizens in Poland, Germany, the U.K. -- crossing borders and political lines. I guess that makes them all deplorable.

Now, majority opinion doesn't make the opinion right. Millions still prefer Justin Bieber over The Ramones, and that's wrong. Still, the poll makes sense. When massacres increase along with rising levels of migration, liberal politicians must realize their role in this.

When you call people bigoted for worrying about their own safety, you don't persuade, you inflame. Would it hurt to discuss small steps first -- like a temporary halt -- to simply check things out? That's common sense. But today, common sense is seen as mean and safety is always trumped by sentiment.

So who suffers? Believe it or not, the innocent migrant. Migration is not a right but a compassionate act that those lucky enough to be born here should welcome. But by not admitting that the fusion of terror, technology and infiltration has changed immigration forever, and then not prioritizing the safety of its citizens, our world leaders screwed the migrants over.

Their PC paralysis due to Islamophobia-phobia prevented them from accepting that bad eggs exist. So now we must temporarily treat everything as rotten, a tragedy that flowed from the top, not the bottom.