Gutfeld: Is merit racist?

A math professor at Brooklyn College claims that merit-based education, meaning rewards linked to hard work and talent, is a tool of evil whiteness.

In an article, Laurie Rubel says colorblindness also holds back minorities, because it doesn't admit that racial strife still exists. According to Campus Reform, the teacher recommends injecting social justice issues into actual math lessons.

So I came up with an example: See, Sally is carrying six ski masks to an Antifa rally. She encounters four evil white males who steal two of them. How many ski masks does she have left? Answer: You're racist.

But even social justice might not be enough here. Enlightened teachers may still think effort leads to reward, which again, is very evil. Anyway, such conclusions turn a real problem into a bigger one. To deem achievement-based reward is a racist suggests that certain students can't handle actual effort and that becomes part of their identity: the kid who can't do what other kids can.

I don't know. I don't think colorblindness or merit-based reward holds back students. It's teachers who seek to reduce education to mere identity politic algebra. This is no help for students once they hit the real world, where results matter, especially if you're looking for a raise.

Facts have no feelings and the more you focus on identity, the less you focus on other things that really matter more. That math is so simple even I can do it and I majored in sleep.