Gutfeld: Impeachment and the anti-Trump hotel

Even after last week's failed "Screaming at the Sky event to Protest Donald Trump's Election," the emotionally wounded can't move on. Here's Maxine Waters leading an "impeach 45" chant at the virtue-signaling sob fest that is Glamour's Women of the Year Awards. Not invited.


REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: Impeach him! Impeach him! Impeach 45!

AUDIENCE: Impeach 45!

WATTERS: Impeach 45!

AUDIENCE: Impeach 45!

WATTERS: I didn't hear you. Impeach 45!

AUDIENCE: Impeach 45!

WATTERS: Thank you.


GUTFELD: Ah, adorable. It's their "Lock her up."

Anyway, sullen Democrats started introducing new articles of impeachment. Gutierrez, Cohen, Green, Espaillat -- the four crybabies of the apocalypse -- they want Trump gone, but they can't exactly say on what grounds. Can you impeach based on hurt feelings? Poor guys. They need help.

Here's a solution: A new anti-Trump hotel is opening in D.C. It's called Eaton Workshop. Sounds depressing, like a prison yoga class. The place is built around liberal activism and civic engagement. It's supposed to foster a culture of inclusion, of course without the right. How diverse. There will be fireside chats, lectures, organic mattresses and something called sound baths. I don't know, maybe a real bath might be better.

Look, I don't know if the world's first politically-motivated hotel is a good idea. I'd put bars on the windows on the higher floors, because I'd jump. Seriously, feeding more leftist identity politics to people already full of such division can't be good. Unless of course, you're not staying at that hotel but somewhere else, like here.

Come on, even a lefty would take that over an organic mattress any day.