Greta: Yes, Donald Trump helped Sgt. Tahmooressi

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record." Wednesday night, sometime after "On the Record" ended, and after I left the set, I began to get tweets and emails telling me that Donald Trump gave me a shoutout at his town hall meeting.

Now, that could be good news or bad news, since we all know Donald takes no prisoners and his language can get pretty blunt. So, I took the bait, though, and did ask some emailers how it was. Now here is what Donald said:


DONALD TRUMP, 2016 GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We don't have a good relationship with Mexico, right? Do we have a good relationship -- remember Sergeant Tahmooressi right? He kept him in jail. We couldn't get him in. We had a president who didn't even want to make a phone call. He was in that jail rotting in that jail and I helped him with Greta and some people, and I helped him financially and finally, he got out. But he was in there so long. She was terrific, by the way, without her you probably wouldn't even -- he'd still be there.


Dodged that bullet - all nice from Donald. But in all seriousness, Donald Trump did help out Sergeant Tahmooressi. He sent him money to help jumpstart his life.

Tahmooressi rotted in a Mexican prison for 214 days. President Obama wouldn't even pick up the phone to help. And it wasn't just Donald Trump who helped. Many of you, the "On the Record" viewers also stepped up. You signed petitions. You made phone calls. You tweeted and posted on Facebook.

It just goes to show we can all get things done if we all work together. It was my honor to help that U.S. Marine. That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.