Greg Gutfeld on a new campus bias study

GREG GUTFELD: Ah, my head. All right, a new study found that among campus administrators, liberals outnumber conservatives by 12 to 1. 


GUTFELD: Yeah. Knock it off. To put that in perspective, North Korea has more diversity. The result is a student body going deeper into debt and only exposed the one kind of thinking, the kind that makes kids dumber, so they don't notice it's also making them broke. So let's try some college-level math. The number of college administrators has doubled in the last 25 years. The only thing growing faster is Jesse's hair. 


GUTFELD: And it's his real hair, by the way. Meanwhile, student debt now tops $1.5 trillion. That's 37 grand per kid. Now what do you get for that? A stupidity farm kept afloat on the backs of students and their parents. And because they're not learning anything of practical value, it's true, students won't realize this, of course. $1.5 trillion, it's basically our own Venezuela, a third world socialist sinkhole existing within the United States, immune to market forces and common sense, and you and your kids are paying for this crap. If you're 23, you won't be able to afford a home and you can't get married until you're done paying for the promos new butt lift. It's not a bad thing. What a bargain. You're getting poorer and dumber all for the same price. How stupid can you get? Go to college and for a mere 37 grand, you'll find out.