Fair and Balanced

A lot of fuss is made when liberals appear on a business block. It's as if they have nothing to offer in a serious debate on economic issues.

We can respectfully disagree, but I don't think we should be disagreeable.

That's why in our business block of shows you'll notice something: There's always a bull to counter the bear and a bear to counter the bull; a conservative to take on the liberal and a liberal to take on the conservative.

That's fair and balanced business news. We preach it, we practice it and, so far — good and bad — the nation seems to like it.

Debate means hearing positions you may not like, but hearing them argued out just the same.

Some networks throw in a token liberal or conservative and say they're balanced. But balance is something you work at: every segment, every show, every day and every week.

Again, some of you might not flip over Gregg Hymowitz or Bob Beckel. Others of the more liberal slant might not love Jimmy Rogers or Tobin Smith. But they are together here, arguing here.

Some positions you like. Others you don't. But I think you're better served hearing them thrashing things out than you would be if we ever left any of them out.

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