DOJ's Black Panther Woes

There is now powerful evidence that the Justice Department's voting rights section under President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder has been seriously corrupted.

It was one thing when former Justice attorney Christian Adams testified to that effect back in July. Adams said, among other things, that the department had dropped a Philadelphia voter intimidation case it had already won against the New Black Panthers Party because the accused were black and the victims were white.

But Adams was dismissed as a Republican activist. Now though, his former boss, Clinton-era appointee and former ACLU attorney, Christopher Coates, has supported the Adams testimony and taken it farther, much farther.

Coates told the U.S. Civil Rights Commission Friday his Justice Department superiors had made clear they did not want the voting rights laws enforced when the victims are white. He said he was even called on the carpet by a top civil rights division official, Loretta King and ordered to stop asking job applicants a particular question. That question was whether the applicant could enforce the laws equally against whites and blacks.

Coates was then actually ordered by the Justice Department not to comply with the Civil Rights Commission's subpoena. He testified anyway, he said, to correct false statements made to the commission by administration witnesses. That suggests possible perjury, but no one should expect this Justice Department to investigate that?